Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In a support protest of the temporarily "suspended" stoning execution of Sakineh by the Islamic regime in Iran implementing their medieval so-called Islamic "religion" (somewhat like an even more brutal implementation of  Biblical Old Testament customs) this scene was set up to depict reality.

In trying to do this, they made a mistake. The rocks shown are far too large and potentially individually lethal!

The rules of stoning demand that rocks should be big enough to inflict pain but NOT to kill. Death comes eventually by repeated impacts on the victim's head weakening the skull and finally creating a set of mortal brain injuries.

WAKE UP AMERICA! This is part of the Islamic MEDIEVAL "religious" sharia law you are allowing into our country under the guise of tolerance of religion, while it is, as many experts (and a Tennessee candidate for office)  are saying, "an ism" like fascism. communism and not a religion but a complete system of social life including a political and militant and even military aspect that makes it an "ism" rather than a worship of a deity.

Part of this "religion" is to defeat and subjugate all non-Moslems worldwide. And if takes killing MOSLEMS to achieve this, so be it.

They are infiltrating us using "taghiyeh" (permitted lying to protect or promote Islam) and our own emotional weakeness to confront what pretends to be a religion and not to offend it. Like trying NOT to use surgery to confront cancer.

There are a myriads Moslems, living in the West,  who are NOT involved with the Moslem extreme fundementalist and live their lives in an integrated fashion, to the extent of not even practising their Moslem religion of birth. They are allowed to do so by an exemption in sharia which says that if they have to avoid open practise of Islam because of where they are located, they are free to do so.

Yet they are also constantly vulnerable to physical and emotional attack by fundementalists for not adhering to sharia laws.

There are 12 women on death row in Islamic Iran facing execution by stoning and Sakineh, who has a temporary reprieve because of the international outcry, now faces hanging to remove this thorn in their side.

So being hanged for ALLEGED adultery (religious courts in Iran are kangaroo court charades, specially with women defendants) is part of the Iranian regime Obama is so intent on supporting while they slaughter their populace.

Many wonder if he "ignorantly" misunderstands what he is doing to destroy the USA and much of the global economy or is gleefully and successfully doing it on purpose, in support of his Moslem beliefs and to repay those who put him in office like George Soros, Islamic Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Increasingly, opinions appear to think he is simply in for the ride in the White House, enjoying the feel of power, the perks of holding a series of parties with top tier entertainers and sports figures every week, a string of "family vacations" or date nights that cost taxpayers for his pleasure jaunts, where his DOG flies in a separate aircraft to join him and he plays golf instead of dealing with various crises!

His abuse of office by using Executive Orders to by-pass the Constitution and Congress may soon appear with his Executive Order to legalize some 12 million illegal immigrants inside the USA using a rule intended for special INDIVIDUAL hardships cases.

With 75% of Americans AGAINST an Amnesty program of any kind  before we close our borders and an average 60%  AGAINST his several policies like HealthCare and other Bills he forced down our throats through his ONE PARTY Congress and Senate majority, this could be a final straw that would bring such a reaction from the populace, that it would spill out and flow into our streets in mass protest.

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