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Phone reports from Iran indicate the people are now in a deeper crisis mode than ever as shortages hit and fuel for vehicles becmes harder to find and food items are either no longer easily available or cost so much they are way beyond most family income or budgets.

Rumors abound that president Ahmadi-Nejad will be removed from office but in reality the most likely action will be that General Jaffari, commander of the paramilitary Revolutionary Guards, which is the core influence/power in Iran right now, will implement a coup and take over running the country.

Other reports indicate that INSIDE Iran there is a new surge of support for HIH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi (already called Reza Shah II by many of his supporters) though there is a huge ambivalence about restoring a monarchy in the Iranian populace.

There may be some support for him emerging from a formerly hostile but now confused Obama administration.

Reza Shah Kabir, a highly lntelligent military officer with incredible loyalty from his Cossack troops and founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty is credited, even by enemies, as the person who put Iran back together into a centrally governed country instead of a hodgepot tribal leader controlled patchwork with only lip service to the central Qajar government, where the 16-year old Shah lived mostly in France and the country was mostly influenced in the north by the Soviets and in the south by the British.

Word coming out of Iran is that foreign companies are being hit by the sanctions, causing them to lay off workers, adding to the unemployment numbers.

People are suffering more which is unifying the call for the end of the regime

The Coming End Of Islamic Fascism In Iran

Reza Kahlili

Crucial signs that freedom is not only possible but imminent.

Alan Note:  Reza KAhlili which appears to be an (intentional?) transposition of the "a' and "h" of a more common name of Khalili, to protect anyone else of that fairly common Persian name, was a high level Revolutionary Guard officer.

Failing to save a friend and her daughter from a firing squad and seeing them  being led to execution after a night of being gang raped and wishing for death, he realized the revolution did not bring trhe promised changes.

(Neither have Oba-Hussein's similar promises of "hope and change" for America. Just like Khomeini, his actions destroy our country and our people - without the bloodshed - which could well take place if ever his push comes to shove).

The final straw that broke his back was when he unknowingly accompanied a colleague to what proved to be the stoning of a young woman. Having maintained his cover as a CIA agent, he could not restrain himself at this horrible sight and burst out in a stream of criticism.

His colleague, who was a fervent supporter of the Islamic regime. accused him of being a traitor and he realized his goose was cooked until a group of locals. also horrified by the brutality of the stoning fired shots at the Revolutionary Guard vehicle, missing him as he drove off but killling his colleague. so his secret remained safe for a while.

He has written an excellent whistle-blower book in English called "A Time To Betray".

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 began with Ayatollah Khomeini promising Iranians full freedom and a government by the people and for the people. In his speeches leading up to the Revolution, the Ayatollah proclaimed that, "A nation that doesn't have freedom does not have civilization.

A civilized nation is one that is free." He also said that, "There should be freedom of the press and people should have the right to their opinion" and "In our government, clergy will not govern but help you with your spirituality. In our government, women will be free, and officials can be publicly criticized."

People, joyful of his positive messages, turned their backs on the Shah--who had brought them peace, respect, and luxury--in the hope of the political freedom that was nonexistent during the Shah.

Sadly, this joy quickly turned to horror. Instead of the freedom he'd promised, Khomeini snatched back the liberties women had begun to gain under the Shah, reducing them to second-class citizens without the right to inheritance, child custody and divorce.

Khomeini and his cohorts forced women to wear the Islamic hijab--whipping them if they didn't--and reverted to stoning woman for adultery. The Islamic regime claimed that anyone speaking against them was mohareb, an enemy of God.

Because the regime purported to be representatives of God on Earth, they ordered the execution of all opposition. Teenage girls were raped before their deaths because the regime felt this would prevent them from going to heaven. Boys were rounded up and hanged from cranes.

(Alan note: the regime's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei has SELF declared himself as the living "12th Imam on earth" and "stand-in of the Prophet in our times"!

However, his request to several of the most senior Ayatollahs in Iran to declare his bloodthirsty and rapist middle son Mojtabah as an ayatollah was soundly rejected by the clerics, who do not even accept Khamenei's own fraudulently acquired title of Grand Ayatollah).

Still, this was not enough. The regime insisted on exporting their religion to the world, expanding their terror network by helping establish Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, killing Americans and Israelis, destabilizing the Middle East and effectively destroying any chance for a negotiated settlement between Palestine and Israel. They fought a war with Iraq where more than half a million Iranians lost their lives and tens of thousands more were maimed before Khomeini bitterly accepted peace.

Things got progressively worse. In the late 1980s Khomeini issued a fatwa to kill all opposition in jails around Iran. A Death Commission carried out mock trials behind closed doors, interrogating prisoners about their associations, affiliations, and allegiances with a series of questions designed to elicit an answer that assured the death sentence.

The fatwa led to the execution of thousands of innocent men and women of all ages in a very short period. Another fatwa by hard-line clerics in the 1990s led to the murder of dozens of dissident intellectuals, journalists, poets, writers and political activists.

Hundreds of students were killed and hundreds more tortured in response to their attempts at generating an uprising. The nightmare continues to this day.

The Islamic regime has taken hundreds of thousands of lives while making a mockery of terms like compassion, love, mercy and justice.

However the revolution that the overwhelming majority of Iranians once embraced now faces resentment and disgust. The people want to be free from the tyrannical rule of the mullahs.

As remarkable as it might seem, there are signs that such freedom is not only possible but imminent. Today the divide within the regime's establishment is sharper than it has ever been. There is dissent in the Revolutionary Guards.

The very force that has kept this regime in place is now in disarray. Mohammed Jaffari, the chief commander, has replaced many of those who served him. Some others have been arrested, while others, having lost their sense of loyalty to the regime, have defected.

Meanwhile, the hard-liners are at each other's throats.

The Parliament, Ahmadinejad's government, the Guardian Council, the Assembly of Experts and the Supreme Leader's office are all in a struggle to stop the dissension within their forces that started after last year's fraudulent presidential elections.

Ayatollah Khamenei has lost all credibility, and the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic which they claimed for so many years is now completely lost.

(Alan note: as with early days of Khomeini, where Palestinians brought in by Arafaart manned the firing squads, a task which Persian prison guards refused to do, today Khamenei is also using imported Palestinian felons to torture and kill Iranians and offering the same bonus as Khomeini did - their choice of female or male prisoners to satisfy their lusts.

This  pimping by the Supreme Ruler to try to maintain a loyal Suppression Force even includes allowing false arrests (with total immunity) of cute girls or women in the streets by the Basijis, who then brutally use them a as sex objects without fear of recriminations.

Some are released later with life long traumas while others disappear forever.

Oba-Hussein-Abdullah, our American usurper, is and has been buddies with this ilk, protecting them against the victim populace which perhaps fits right in with his own Chicago gangland thuggish mentality).

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