Saturday, October 23, 2010


Saturday, October 23, 2010
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Was Non-Muslim Woman Target of Chemical Bomb Set Off By Muslim Teen Outside Mosque?

Back on September 23, I reported on a Muslim teen who set off a chemical bomb outside a Maine mosque. All of the islamic supremacist groups were ready to pounce on this "hate crime" until it was discovered, yet again, that it was a Muslim (most of these "attacks" on or near mosques are committed by Muslims). Then the story disappeared.

Had it been a non-Muslim playing with acid bombs outside a mosque, the American people would have been herded into Muslim Brotherhood CAIR camps. But because it was a Muslim boy, no harm, no foul.

Not so fast. Bombs, Muslims = jihad.

Creeping has this creepy update on police and FBI indifference or incompetence. Or is it submission? Via Taqiyya, She Wrote (hat tip Armaros)

Debbie’s story is rather interesting, since she was not only there when the bomb went off, but was possibly targeted.

Debbie is an employee at the Back Bay Grill. Debbie’s explanation is rather different from the news accounts and the D.A. to say the least,

“At about 7:45 I decided to go get my phone charger from my car. The Mosque (The Islamic Society of Portland) back door and parking lot is directly behind the Back Bay grill and it was filled with people and cars.”

“As I walked I saw a van loading up with women and children. The Kids ran in front of me in an obvious scurry and closed the vehicle door.”

Building on left-Islamic society of Portland, building on right-Back Bay Grill

Then she explains about the blast,

“I took several more steps and then the chemical bottle bomb exploded directly in front of me. It stopped me in my tracks. It was exceedingly loud. A child that sounded like it came from the van full of children shouted, in a proud- sort of accomplished way, “He did it! He did it!”

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