Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Apparently there are also some other groups of buildings which have the Star of David on their tops.

The introduction statements to the video below about what goes on in Islamic Iran and how the government treats the populace - listened to carefully - could well describe the Obama Administration policy without the bloody violence. YET!

Events in play right now in the USA - unless the new Congress can defuse them - and sadly they are already appeasing the Democrats - will go up in a bomb of dissent by  "we the people" in America similar to what is in going on in Iran.

As affording food becomes next to impossible, as food stamps that about 20 million Americans use to eat (some unjustifiably) get reduced then cut off, as low rent housing assistance disappears and people find not only getting food for their families but the ability to have a roof over their heads also becomes outside their abilities - AND ALSO BEYOND THE ABILITY OF THE GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE - then misery results in angry chaos.

Aimed at whom? At the current administration, the Oba-Hussein regime, which will not hesitate to try to suppress it and meet resistance from the people. So think carefully, Specially those who are enabling the destruction of America to past the point of rescue - by any regime. Certainly not by the moronic, insane one currently in charge of us.

Anyone who lived through the 1979 Marxist-Islamic Iranian Revolution will recognize how the Oba-Hussein regime following the same path but still not at a point to have to use will face the same pitfalls - AND IT WILL INCLUDE ALL OF THEIR ENABLERS, who will not be immune from the catastrophe for  very long.

They think in some deluded fashion that if they are part of the top power structure, they and their families will survive. Forgetting that in Soviet Russian restaurants ther was a time when bread served with meals was rationed! Even for tourists.

Soviet Russia had drained and brain-washed their populace for some decades and so the people did not have the strength, weapons and energy of a still healthy American population taht will rise up. Thus will be much harder for Oba-Hussein to deal with. Actually impossible. He does not have a decade, he has at most about two years. Or much less if the 25th Amendment, Article 4 is applied when more people on both sides of the aisle realize he is not capable of carrying out the duties of his office - mentally. Or discover he has no right to be in that office in the first place. This permeates more and more as the fallacy of his health care becomes increasingly apparent.

The SEIU is dropping children from their members health plans. The military is asking military personnel, including privates and low ranks, who earn less than the civilian poverty income levels and had health care as a benefit.

Large corporations are writing off BILLIONS of dollars as they calculate Obamacare will need these losses accounted in advance!

A financial tsunami is buildling upo in Europe and about to sweep into America, exacerbating the crisis Obama creates as part of his "god damn America" mindset with which he grew up.

BUT - BE HAPPY DON'T WORRY - we may not be around to suffer after the end of 2012 or early 2013, when natural disaster may destroy our planet, so stressing out may be meaningless.  Thinking about it in that fashion also helps reduce the emotional stress as it becomes a fairly short term period to  suffer the potential agony.

The ending may not be the most desirable but a tortured prisoner in Islamic Iran yearns for the relief of a merciful death. So might we!

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