Thursday, December 02, 2010


Sorry about rather poor editing yesterday but very long days into late nights and early morning on other matters and early starts shortly thereafter have ended up with some sleep deprivation here. There is so much on hand  still to post and good information Emails to read among the 500 or so we get a day.

I have to earn a living to pay for "living" (no, not the Jaziyah tax Islamists want to impose  on us to allow an infidel to remain alive under the sharia laws they are trying to impose on us with Oba-Hussein's wholehearted support - but to pay bills.

Assignments, some of which require travel,  take time away from the website effort.

Thanks to the thousands who visit daily from some 127 countries in over 40 browser languages for their patience and for encouraging us with their visits to strive harder to keep them informed.

Gratifying to see how many agree with our analyses and opinions. I should be catching up tomorrow, oops, it's already today, so later today.

Be well, be happy and thrive.

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