Friday, December 17, 2010


VIDEO: POLITICAL abuses on an Islamic Iranian family distorts the childhood of a young girl who has known nothing but the regime imprisoning, oppressing, torturing various members of her immediate family, including her mother while pregnant with her.  The  child speaks ELOQUENTLY enough to be 17 not seven with a vocabulary way beyond her years.

She repeatedly states "we are a political family" as she lambastes the cruel regime.  (Farsi language video but bears watching this already "adult" seven year expound her distress at the lack of freedom and democracy).

How lucky our saddest children are here in the USA by comparison though the plight of too many here are heart wrenching as they also suffer in other ways.

And like the little Iranian girl,  grow up with wounded souls which too often turn for relief to drugs, crime or helplessly struggle to fit emotionaly into their surroundings.

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