Thursday, December 16, 2010



Alan Note: I have had and still have numerous Moslem friends and acquaintances and can state that there are exceptions to the general rule but they are sadly the exceptions that PROVE the rule.

They are mostly what we call "Shahanshahi Moslems" - meaning practitioners of Islam under the rule of the late-Shah. During his decades of being in charge of Iran, where Islam played a prominent part of society and even was woven into the Constitution. But with one HUGE difference!

You were not OBLIGED, by him nor his government, to conform to the strict, outdated (1400 years old)  tenets of Islam, you were not obliged to pray five times a day, you were not forced to go to a mosque - UNLESS you wanted to do. In which case nobody stopped you or commented negatively.

Just as you were allowed to be a Sunni rather than the national Shia Moslem, a Zoroastrian of pre-Islamic eras, a Christian, a Jew, an Assyrian, an Armenian (generally Russian-Orthodox) or whatever religion you wished to follow.

In fact ethnic religious minorities like some mentioned above were allocated Senate seats and Parliament seats (proportionally to their numbers in the population) to give them a say in their country.

You were NOT permitted - by civil, family laws and criminal laws - to behave with the Islamic savagery that was quite usual and NORMAL and quite acceptable 1,400 years ago - just as parts of the Old Testament of the Bible in Christianity which had built in savagery NORMAL in those ancient days, but now have NO PLACE in the modern societies of the Western world.

Since Islam fails to be purely a religion but an administrative system with courts and laws of civil and criminal justice, the clash we face is not a clash of religions or philosophies but a clash of CULTURES.

To call Islam a religion would be the same as calling England a "religion" because it has the Church of England as a component of the nation. Islam (for better or worse) is a complete system with religion a COMPONENT of it.

It can no more claim religious protection and demand accommodation than an Englishman could come to the USA and demand similar protection as an "Englander" - based on the existence of the Church of England in British life.

If the Shananshahi Islam of Iran under the monarchy - which jihadists and the Islamic regime deny is a true Islam - were to appear, I would bet that it would be welcomed and treated with compassion instead of what is going on now which inspires major discomfort and conflict by inflexible and openly savage mindsets.

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evilislam said...

The brilliant idea of Islamic Revolution in my country Iran was this Bastard's idea after all and when you listen to this Filth now you think to yourself how well Shah of Iran could see today's domination of the West by Evil Islam but?