Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Don't be lulled by this being in Sudan. This is a show of Islamic not Sudanese behavior and punishment, which prevails throughout Islamic countries.

This is what Obama and Eric Holder are protecting and promoting in the USA! Pretending to support freedom of religion and our Constitution while smoothing the way for Islamic sharia law (what part of any religion but Islam imposes whipping of women as part of their theological philosophies?)
The Jesuits and similar mindsets hundreds of years ago were harsh but evolved with civilization and stopped their savagery and brutality as mankind moved forward.

Islam has remained frozen in the dark ages of 1,400 years ago and INSISTS on imposing - TODAY - those outdated and savage customs of the culture in those long abandoned times by modern societies.

And criticizing us for not following their lead and trying to take us over and reverting us to mindless savagery.

Did you read about the Pakistan doctor arrested for BLASPHEMY because he threw a business card of a visiting salesman into his trash basket! The man's first name was Mohammad, who then went to the authorities and complained that the man had disrespected the Prophet!

In another instance, a Christian woman has been thrown into a basement in a prison and told that she has to remain there for the rest of her life - OTHERWISE,  if she leaves - no one would stop her - she will be KILLED for polluting the Moslems who pass in the same air she has walked through, or where she has trodden and thus must DIE!

In Iran, when Reza Shah Pahlavi took over as Monarch, Jews were not allowed to leave their homes if it were raining outside as the rain running off them would similarly pollute where Moslems might want to walk and make them "unclean"! The Monarch put an end to that.

But our HIDDEN pro-Islamic regime in the USA under Oba-Hussein (no friend of the country) delights in using Islam as yet another tool to destroy the USA. There is not a single Moslem country that does NOT believe he is a fervent "closet" Moslem and revel in this conviction and laugh at "we the people" for being so easily fooled by his "taghiyeh" (lies allowed to protect/promote Islam).

There are terrific Moslems everywhere but as you can read in the psychological profile they have built in challenges in trying to accept or conform to Western mindsets. There are many who have changed themselves in order to live among Westerners and Islam allows them to drop many of the outward trappings of Islam in order to blend in while they still devote themselves to Allah in their hearts. This INCLUDES not having to wear Islamic clothing.

Putting to the lie that Islamic tenets and customs HAVE TO BE  allowed in other countries to respect Islam. They can dress, behave and live like the rest of us in public without breaking their laws! BUT - their fanatical, jihadist fellow Moslems prevent them from assimilating - at least outwardly - as they lose power and control over them.

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