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Mr. David Usborne;
More than one month has gone since your news reporting/ article about the death of Prince
Ali Reza Pahlavi appeared in the Independent of January 6th 2011.

I have sent you two letters questioning the motive behind your hostile and inaccurate reporting.
I have pointed some of the factual errors in that article yet I have not received any reply

I have also made several telephone calls to the chief editor's office at the Independent newspaper, your foreign news desk and foreign editorial desk. I spoke several times to Miss. Enjoli Laston who asked me to write a letter and leave a contact telephone number. Miss. Laston promised that  someone will either write or telephone me.

My second letter of 18th January 2011 was again addressed to you with copies to your editorial team requesting a reply either from yourself or from any member of your editorial team. On 26th of January, I decided to make my final telephone call before writing this letter. I was connected to someone with the name of Paul Peachey who twice put the phone down on me.

I than decided to contact Miss. Denise Thompson in the chief editor’s office. She promised to investigate why I have not received any reply.
Later that day on January 26th 2011, I got a short formal E-mail from Mr. Imogen Haddon but none of the points in my previous E-mails were addressed.
Your article which offended me and many more people started with vindictive and hatful remarks.
You even seemed to find the Late Prince Ali-Reza's neighbours as well as the neighbourhood which he lived in, the type of car he drove or the secured window shutters of his apartment as topics for your sarcastic insults.

Here are the points in your news article which are misleading as well as misrepresentation of
the truth:
You wrote: "but to those who are within Iran's borders, the passing of the former Prince might
barely be worthy of comment". You than continue to say that: "If the family is honest with itself, it might want to consider this as possibility. The man who was once prince was driven to despair because he knew that he and all the Pahlavis remain despised in Iran today, not by the Ayatollahs who overthrow their father but by Iranians at large. If the Iranian exiles feel nostalgia for the days of the Shah, they are alone".
I don't know how you came to these inaccurate conclusions. That is if you did not make a
conscious decision to misinform your readers. The outpouring of your never ending animosity not only towards a young scholar who was only 12 years old when he left Iran and had nothing to do with the decision makings of the previous governments under his late father but indeed your hatred towards the dynasty that transformed Iranian's way of life is very apparent.
As for your comment that the death of the young prince was barely noticeable in Iran & whether
Pahlavis are despised by all in Iran or whether the Iranian exiles are alone in supporting the Pahlavis - the following are some facts that you should consider if you and your editorial team want to be honest with yourselves.
1: According to the Time Magazine of January 10th 2011, the death of the young prince was
received in Iran with great sadness. Al-Arabia reporting the reaction to the news from Iran by
saying that: 32 years after the fall of the Shah, the Pahlavi family remains as Iran's number one
family. Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times and others had similar stories all disagreeing
with your nonsense and lies.

On Monday January 24th VOA had a report on its web site confirming that inside Iran the people showed their sympathy in many different ways including throwing flowers in to the Caspian sea, where the ashes from the remains of the late prince (according to his will)
are to be scattered. We have confirmation from inside Iran.
2: For the past two weeks, the Iranian exile TV channels and radio stations received endless calls from all corners of Iran many to upset to speak. The Internet sites from both inside and outside Iran were full of sympathy messages for the Pahlavi family. Just one visit to YOU TUBE and the social networking sites such as Facebooks will reflects the mood of the Iranians.

The death of the young Prince resembled the tragic death of Neda in the hands of the Murderers goons of the British backed Ayatollahs on 20th of June 2009.
Visit the YOUTUBE links below on the reactions to Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi's death in Iran
& else where. The links below will contradict your baseless claim that Pahlavis are despised by
all Iranians inside.
Memorial Leaflets Displayed In Public Places In The North Western City Of Rezaiyyeh
shortly after the death of the Prince was announced. 
Or click here:
Leaflets Displayed In Public Places in support of the Pahlavi kings as well as
the writings on walls: (Long Live the Shah, In Farsi: (Javid Shah), ). Friday February
11th 2011.
Worldwide candle light vigil and memorial services for Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi:
Barbara Walter's On the Effect On Iranians After Prince Ali Reza Committed Suicide:
Brave lady speaks, Another Example Of Public Support For The Shah. This clip is at
least two years old: (she bravely repeats "Javid Shah = Long Live the Shah"

3: On the morning of January 6th, I had at least 12 telephone calls from inside Iran from distressed people who knew me, questioning me about the details of this tragic news and saying how fast the news was received inside Iran and how the mood of the people changed from shock to sorrow.
You wrote: "If the members of this diminishing family abhor what Iran is today-an unforgiving
Islamic theocracy built in part upon hatred it has bestowed on the US and its western allies - they know that it was they who ripened Iran for the event of 1979 that made it so. It was the megalomania of the Shah that enabled Ayatollah Khomeini to lead the revolution and mark the end of centuries of monarchic rule in Persia with celebration".

4: The abhorrence displayed in response to the crimes of the Mullahs by the Pahlavi family is shared by all Iranians but the excesses of this brutal regime cannot be blamed on the late modernizer Shah of Iran.
The Pahlavis have transformed Iran making that country the envy of the enemies such as you in Britain while bringing the respect and the admiration of the world at large.

People were going to Iran not leaving it yet since the Shah left, 7 million Iranians became refugees all over the world. We lived 52 years under the Pahlavis not knowing what war, sanctions, rationing, exile,, mass execution public stoning were.

Iran's currency was the 9th in the list of the world currencies. Iran under the late Shah had the 5th strongest army in the world but never saw a need to go to war with any country.

Iran was loaning to the World Bank and investing heavily in some of the world's best industries.

During the late Shah we had shortage of workers not work.

Iran Air was another success story surpassing the entire American and the European airlines. For at least ten years Iran Air was the second best airline after the Australian Qantas
Air Lines. (Iran Air was ranked second best only to Qantas as the world’s safest airline and
the reason for Iran Air becoming the second was due to the fact that Qantas was in business much longer than Iran Air. See the link below for details).

Iran's universities were attracting foreign students and Iran became a progressive & promising country like never before. That was not what the greedy mean British could tolerate as Anthony Parsons the former British Ambassador to Iran once said:

"The Shah's attempt to modernize Iran was wrong & Iran's place in the world should not be higher than its neighbouring Afghanistan".
5: The Shah's fast race to make Iran the second Japan of the Middle East, a country politically and economically independent and His Late Majesty's government’s refusal to renew the expiring 25 year old oil contact of 1954 with the western consortium (which funnily enough was due to expire in 1979!!!) prompted the USA & Britain to take action against the modernizer monarch. So in a sense yes, it was the Shah's ambitious plans for the advancement of Iran which caused his downfall.

Contrary to your claim, the west never supported the Shah. The disgraceful & unforgettable treatment of the western media, specially the British & the Americans before, during and even after his fall is testimony to this claim.

32-years after his death, you have not stopped your campaign of terror and demonization of the
late Shah and his family, while allowing the Mullahs daily crimes to go virtually unreported.
In support of this compelling fact that the Mullahs were supported by Britain, let me remind you of Dr Shapour Bakhtiar, Iran's last legal Prime Minister under the Shah who in a meeting with a group of Iranians in Los Angeles in 1984 said: "Khomeini & the Mullahs are tools and the elements of Britain in Iran, used by that country any time they want to harm and punish the Iranian nation".
Dr. Bakhtiar himself paid the price for candidly exposing the Mullahs and their British backers. He was butchered to death by the Mullah's agents at his home in Paris on 6th of August 1991.
See Dr. Bakhtiar's comments in LA in 1984, on the subject of British support for the terrorist Mullahs. (YOUTUBE Min: 2.34 to 3.05):
You wrote: “Ali Reza knew that the efforts of his brother in Washington D. C. were misbegotten”
6: But how much did you know about Prince Ali Reza personally and how many times did you
speak to or interview the late Prince to come to such conclusion? I do not think you have ever met the Prince. Are you not misleading your readers by acting as if you knew the Prince personally and that you were qualifed to speak on his behalf or even about him?

You wrote: "The crimes of the kings of Iran have blackened the pages of history, it is the kings
of Iran that have constantly ordered massacres of their own people".
7: You must be in full agreement with Khomeini when you quoted him and I guess you could not find anyone more honest more credible & more trusted than that mass genocidal murderer when referring to the topics such as human rights in Iran.
In my E-mail of 11th of January 2011, I have asked you to give us two examples of the Shah's crimes yet it seems that you are no different to snakes spewing your venom and disappearing fast.

Khomeini’s remarks were idiotic and preposterous & your reference to his baseless and unfounded lies is shameful.

Perhaps you did not bother to research enough about the life of the late Shah or little you know that your systematic character assassination was leveled at a benevolent king who twice pardoned his would be assassins. Parviz Nikkhah was one of them who in April of 1965 failed to carry his assassination attempt. The late Shah pardoned him and other co-conspirators in the failed assassination attempts of 1949 & 1965.
It is also very obvious that you did not bother to research about the life of Khomeini either. Or else you would not have used the vindictive lies of such mass murderer who had no regards for human rights as evidence for your character assassination of the late Shah of Iran.

(Note: formatting of text in archival articles has been removed to reduce files sizes, so reading them is a long SINGLE paragraph, which contains all the information but not separated into paragraphs as was the original. The content value makes this annoyance well worth accepting)

Or perhaps you are aware of Khomeini & his successor’s crimes but used his shameful lies regardless.

You conveniently and shamefully have repeated the untrue remarks made by Khomeini who remains as one of the worst killers in Iran's entire history. Did you not know that it was Khomeini who in 1989 and in a the short period of two to three weeks ordered the mass execution of more than 18000 to 22000 MKO members held in Iran's prisons?

Read what a lunatic Khomeini was through his own writings and books and realize to what  extent you are comparing a Monarch, who loved his country to a man who when asked three times what he felt about returning to Iran, responded ON CAMERA with "nothing".

Did you not know that since the beginning of this year OFFICIAL figures alone that more than 195 people were executed in Iran? Did you not know that according to Mr. Kenneth
Timmerman and others monitoring the events in Iran, in the past two weeks alone one Iranian was hanged every 8 to 10 hours ?
You wrote: and ended your spiteful article by the following remarks: "Ali Reza Pahlavi saw no
end to this new Iran. That is the legacy of his blood. Only through death he could escape it".
You must be a mind reader even though you never talked to the late prince to come such harsh
conclusion on his behalf. In my E-mail of January 18th, I particularly requested a reply from you and again you declined.
What kind of demon has possessed your life to be so evil and unjust toward anyone meeting such tragic end? What Christian value & teachings allows you to be so hateful towards a young scholar who did commit no crime and wished no ill even for his worst enemies?

What personal gain is contained in insulting not only the grieving Pahlavi family but indeed offending millions of Iranians? I feel powerless to describe your pettiness. Whether you wrote what you wrote because of the never ending British grievances towards our sainted monarch or whether you were commissioned by the Islamic Republic to be so nasty, or whether you wrote that article because your hatred for the Pahlavi dynasty is institutionalised in Britain, the Islamic Republic of Iran could not have done a better job than what you did for them.
8: As for whether the Shah & the Pahvis are despised by the Iranians at large or not, one thing is already well established. Take a trip to the heavenly Mullah's Iran that Britain & America imposed on 75 Million Iranians in 1979.

Whether you travel in a taxi, shopping or waiting in a train & metro station you cannot help but constantly hearing the following comments: "GOD BLESS HIS SOUL" (in Iranian: AAN KHODAA BIYAAMORZ) and "MAY LIGHT SHINE ON HIS GRAVE" (In Iranian: NOOR BE GHABRASH BEBAARAD). These are amongst many tributes that one hears everyday
in Iran.

The uttered tributes are most certainly not reserved for Mosadegh or Khomeini but indeed for
the late modernizer Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi the father of modern of Iran.
If you did not already know and would like to know who really is despised by almost all Iranians
inside Iran? I must inform you that Britain for its involvement in the overthrow of the Shah & imposing their bulldozer Khomeini is the most despised country in Iran.

We Iranians will never forget or forgive your active role in chopping Iran to pieces during the Qajar dynasty, the stealing of our oil, your unwarranted invasion & occupation of our defenseless & neutral country during the two world wars.

The overthrow of Reza Shah the Great in 1942, the separation of Bahrain in January of 1970 and the overthrow of the modernizer Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi in 1979. Your continued support and appeasement of the Mullah's murderous regime as well as your commitment to oppose regime change in Iran in the past 32 years and your contributions to our sufferings are amongst the many reasons why the Brits are the most undesired people in Iran.

As for how true or false is this claim your rude awakening will come in that trip.

Shortly I will be lodging a complaint to the British Press Complaint Commission
Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London.

Below are the links & information on the rate & the 
causes of suicide in the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Suicide Is The Second Leading Cause Of Death In Iran:

Do Countries With Sharia Law Have A Higher Suicide Rate?:

Women, Main Victim of Suicide in Iran:

220 Women In Iran Province Committed Suicide:

Suicide Rate Rises Among Women In Iran Provinces:

Every 8 to 10 hours, one  Iranian is hanged in Islamic prisons but the real number of executions, which include being taken out into the desert and cruelly shot - slowly, painfully, starting at the feet, aiming at breaking bone, up the legs, knees, all the way up - expressly AVOIDING any lethal spots to prolong the torture adds hundreds to these "OFFICIAL"  figures.

Plus add what goes on - unreported in over 100 "unofficial" prisons, which report to no central authority but whose existence has been confirmed by the Director of Islamic Iran's Prisons to explain why he does not have control of all prisons.

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