Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This solitary, weeping Japanese woman and the destruction seen behind her represent the tears, misery  and unbelievable hardships we are about to face in America as we run out of money, as nobody buys our debt and we have nowhere to go to fund our country.

Obama, not Bush, exploded any problems he was handed, out of all proportion - as like a drunken sailor Obama spent money we did not have (maxed out and overdrew our credit cards and bank acounts beyond repair, to put it into man in the street terms) to satisfy his inexperienced, self-indulgent, fanatical ideology - and long standing hate of  capitalist America.

He is a man-child thug suddenly given a huge toy with which to play without any touch of responsibility for what he does nor any oversight he cannot by-pass in Chicago gangster fashion. Nor any experience on the subject of governance, never having to budget, operate or make a success of anything as small as a hot dog stand.

When faced with any challenge he simply avoids dealing with it till someone else does so, enjoying himself without any pang of conscience, playing golf or taping a feckless SPORTS video or not changing a pre-planned teleprompted speech on gender to address Japan beyond a couple of sentences and going through with a South American trip which PLEASES him but has no significance in the solution to current world disorder/disaster, which he wants to avoid and thus uses any excuse to do so and "vote present" (actually absent) instead of taking a stand.

Meanwhile you and I and America are being flushed down the toilet by his inadequacy - intentional or otherwise.

Question: has he already damaged us past the point of rescue by responsible adults? Even if they were allowed by this narcissist to enter his play room instead of locked out in favor of weird czars, Moslem terrorists, Trade Union advisors like Trumke and puppet-masters like Soros? And mindlessly cheered on by a left-wing Lame-stream Media, who are cutting off their noses to spite their face.

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