Saturday, April 09, 2011


So far they appear to number a mere thousand or two rag-tag fighters with "flickering" ties to Al Qaeda and anti-USA terrorists as their leaders. All 30 or so of them. Wow! Thank you Obama.

And Egyptians are miserable with what has followed after Obama removed American ally President Mobarrak and handed the country to his buddies the Moslem Brotherhood and have started demonstrating in Tahrir Square against their worse plight than before. Thank you Obama.

Are we destroying Libya (forget Ghaddafi as a person for a moment) in order to oblige them to spend money on making infrastructure and equipment repairs and replacement using Western manufactured goods and services? Like Jimmy Carter and European countries set in motion by destroying the monarchy in Iran? And made staggering amounts of money out of the Islamic regime?

As does the USA with Obama giving special waivers to American companies to trade covertly with Iran despite the official sanctions and embargos. He exempts his friends from laws and our Constitution like a robber thug. Or more precisely a low life hoodlum who cares nothing about anyone but himself and his self-satisfaction.

And Obama's Socialist buddies are openly preaching revolution and rebellion inside  the USA!!!

Presumably, thus,  it will be OK FOR US TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST the oppression which quite likely will be rained down on us by Socialist or Marxist-Islamic Obama forces in the near future as his grip on America slips and he has to take ever more draconian and un-Consitutional actions to retain power.

Note: audio synchronization not good in all parts of the video.

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