Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As you may have noticed there were a couple of days where we did not post much or anything new. Just so you know, we respond to assignments and sometimes just do not have the time or perhaps energy left or both every day. 

This is the exception rather than the rule and since there is almost always a depth of articles on the various sections for our visitors to catch up on, we are glad to see that the statistics show no or very little change in numbers coming to the site.

And we also have to catch up on other matters like taking care of our obligations when we fall behind.

The gist of all this is to say a big thank you to the ever expanding and loyal number of our visitors from all over the world who arrive in nearly 40 different browser languages.

Not everyone agreeing with us, either. Many telling us this within the multitude of daily Emails we receive. And sending us news and information for which we are very grateful as our own sources may have missed something.

We have our opinions based on our experiences but try to share information (non-profit, non-commercially) to educate and inform. We report YOU decide. Unfortunately we receive far more information than we are able to share with you. (Some of it not even shareable).

Be healthy, happy and thrive!

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