Saturday, May 14, 2011


20,000 Iranian IRGC (Revolutionary Guards), GHODS (Special Forces) and Intelligence agents sent to keep "order" to Syria have so far murdered over 800 dissidents in just a matter of weeks and last week BEAT UP and ARRESTED some TEN THOUSAND Syrians with wide sweeps of the streets in the same fashion the Mullahs killed thousands of students in Iran's street protests in 2009.

Obama refused to get involved then and knowing the Syria's Bashar Al Assad is being helped by Iranian Mullahs,  AGAIN REFUSES to criticize Syrian murderous actions which exceed those of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. In those places he sided with the dissdents! But NOT in Iran or Syria!

Selective (pro-Moslem Brotherhood) decisions that have no more basis in anything but his strategy to destabilize America's allies - but not our enemies - like Iran or Syria! Or the Libyan rebels who for the most part consist of terrorists.

The second video shows animals as weird as Oba-Hussein and his administration!

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