Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Until we remembered that Congressman Anthony Weiner married Human Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s VERY personal Girl Friday, we wondered at the the sudden influx today of thousands of visitors to AntiMullah via her name as the key word.

Weiner called her the most fascinating and smart woman in the world!

In 2007 she clearly was a security danger as she had Al Qaeda family roots and Saudi support as a very special insider joined at the hip to Hillary during the latter’s presidential campaign.

Well worth reading again.

Here are a bunch of archive stories on Huma Abedin and Saudi presence in the White House that are worth a review. Some archived articles were condensed by Google to save storage space so have lost their formatting but retain their plethora of details.

This search result on AntiMullah revolves around Huma Abedin but also pulls in Hillary.

One interesting one has the names of all the people reportedly ordered killed by Bill Clinton.

Enjoy, reminisce. Some good stuff! (with videos and lots of photos):

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