Sunday, March 25, 2012

BACKGAMMON (game not food)

Background: Centuries ago one of the Shahs of India sent the game of chess to the Shah
of Persia to show how the latter would be defeated by the might of Indian forces and their wise strategies and tactics.

In return, the Shah of Iran sent him the game of backgammon to say that thought and planning alone do not suffice for victory and that luck and ever changing circumstances have a major role.

تخته نرد : کره زمين
Backgammon Board = Planet Earth

30 مهره : نشان گر 30 شبانه روز يک ماه
30 play pieces = thirty monthly nights and days

24 خانه : نشانگر 24ساعت شبانه روز
24 slots = 24 hours of night and day

4 قسمت زمين : 4 فصل سال
4 sections = four seasons

5 دست بازی: 5 وقت يک شبانه روز
5 rounds of play = five periods of a day and night

2 رنگ سياه و سپيد : شب و روز
2 colors of black and white pieces = night and day

هر طرف زمين 12 خانه دارد : 12 ماه سال
12 slots in each sector = 12 months of the year

زمين بازی : آسمان
Playing Field = sky

تاس: ستاره بخت و اقبال
Dice = star of luck and fate

گردش تاس ها : گردش روز ها
Dice spins = rotation of days

مهره ها: انسان ها
Play pieces = people

گردش مهره در زمين: حرکت انسان ها
Circulation of pieces = people in motion   (زندگی ) Life

برداشتن مهره در پايان هر بازی : مرگ انسان ه
Taking an opponent's pieces or end of each game = death

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