Sunday, March 25, 2012


The best we can do is share the blame for where we are - with ourselves!

Though to so many of us, we are not part of the simple-minded "us" in question, even those multitude of the many who have buyer's regret since naively voting for the challenges THEY now face along with the rest of us.

To ALL of them, I ask that YOU now become an ardent political activist to prevent his re-election by persuading others NOT to repeat YOUR mistake and theirs.

Consider it a form of redemption for "past sins" of " naive ignorance" - some might call "innocent stupidity". NOW, three years later, THEY can no longer claim "innocence".

Most likely they fall into the category of "give me free stuff", who should be the immediate target of your activism, informing them that Obama's fiscal and financial policies CANNOT continue to provide these to them.

Even if they do not care a hoot about our country, they will go down the tubes with the country if they vote for him.

Logic and reason rarely overcome greedy emotion but it often can, so make the effort!

He has spent all of his "private cache" (as one of those "idiots" publicly stated they thought is where he was getting money to give them free stuff) and is reaching beyond his ability to borrow to keep satisfying them with "free stuff".

He can run away to Kenya and live on his REAL private cache, like the millionaire he is, but he CANNOT take all of them with him so they will suffer PAINFULLY if they let him do what he is doing.

They should "kindly" retire him BY YEAR'S END, to live happily ever after, somewhere other than the WHITE HOUSE, and let new people try to repair the damage to where there will be enough jobs, so they will not need the free stuff.

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