Friday, June 22, 2012


Maraniss Bio Deepens Obama Birth Mystery..’..there was no Obama family..Obama campaigned on a lie..MSM covered for him every step of the way’

Coburn: There's 'Fire, Not Just Smoke' at Center of Fast and Furious Cover-Up

King Barack..Can the President Rewrite Federal Law?  Obama thinks his word is law

CBS News Obtains Emails Proving DOJ Intended To Use “Fast And Furious” To Advance New Gun Control Laws

Obama Defiantly Breaks The Law & Our Constitution..'Last week, Barack Obama engineered an illegal amnesty of the often defeated Dream Act that allows nearly one million illegal alien offspring of illegal alien parents to enjoy complete immunity from our laws.  In time, those same children will be able to “chain migrate” millions upon millions of their families into the United States'

Executive Privilege: The Fish Stinks From The Head Down..This shameless abuse of power is just another in the long line of examples of President Obama’s total disregard for the Constitution'

Is Obama making himself ‘legal’ in removing 800,000 illegal immigrants from deportation? Patriots on the hunt for Obama’s elusive birth certificate should be looking for his DNA, the only irrefutable proof of who and what Barry Soetoro, posing as Obama, really is

Elena Kagan: The ObamaCare Recusal That Wasn't..’When the U.S. Supreme Court releases its decision on the fate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Justice Elena Kagan will cast a vote that should not have been counted.  Not only had she e-mailed her excitement of ObamaCare's passage, but she has shared in the Obama administration's strategizing on the legal defenses for ObamaCare’ OUTRAGEOUS, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, & UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Washington Times: Obama's A Domestic Enemy Of The U.S. Constitution

Why Is Romney Vetting An Ineligible VP Prospect? 'Why can't anyone  read and follow the  Constitution? With one unconstitutional person in the people’s White House now, why would Romney or the Republican Party be flirting with their own unconstitutional VP selection.  Barack Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and neither is Marco Rubio’

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Rating Tanks..50% To 43% Over Last 11 Days Abysmal Leader-in-Chief, Abject Failure-in-Chief

Hollywood Beginning to Wonder If Non-Stop Obama Campaign Fundraisers Will Lead to Backlash COUNT ON IT! Wouldn't Go 4 Free!

Mooch To Attend Fabulous Fundraiser At Home of Hollywood Star..'Gays and Hollywood, Obama’s top two meal tickets'

Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to record 3.66%

Obama’s spending grows ‘exponentially’ – in Kenya!

Genetic Engineers Produce Damning Report Exposing Genetically Modified Foods..'GMO food and agriculture now looks less like an impressive, modern technology, and more like a dangerous and foolhardy con trick designed to secure ownership of the world’s food supply for highly unscrupulous and unethical corporations'

UN Official Tells ACLU Conference Obama Has Committed “War Crimes” With Drone Airstrikes…

Catholic Bishops Call On Catholics To Observe Two Weeks of Prayer As “Fortnight of Freedom” To Stop Obamacare…

AP Poll: 7 Out of 10 Say Economy Heading in Wrong Direction

Jimmy Carter, World Chaos, and the Muslim World Takeover: ‘Jimmy Carter, Baptist Sunday School teacher and peanut farmer, unleashed this horror on the world’

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