Sunday, June 24, 2012


Obamacare Has Literally Replaced the Constitution..'The legal system that prevails today is administrative law: rule by government bureaucracies that cannot be fired'

The Punk President and His ‘Gangster Government’ Go All In

Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible..’Democrats have finally admitted what the rest of us have known for quite some time. Barack Obama is NOT qualified to hold the job won for him by the national media in 2008’

What Happened At Obama’s Eligibility Hearing?-Pt 2  ' incontrovertible fact; Obama chose to create phony technical grounds to dismiss this lawsuit rather than throw down his so-called long form birth certificate he released in April of 2011 and other bona-fides as absolute “proof” of his right to hold office'

Pro Obama Biographer Admits Obama Family History Based On Myth

Private Attorney General discloses DOJ and DHS corruption to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Obama’s Green Energy Stimulus: $1.6 Million Per New Job Crony Capitalism Obscenity on Parade

Fast and Furious...'The One is in it for The One. The president invoked executive privilege because he is protecting himself’

Government Gun-Running: Executive Privilege. Private Sale: Jail Without Bond. Chilling Disparity

David Brooks: Obama’s use of executive privilege politically ‘stupid,’ ‘a winner’ for the GOP

Movie seeks president’s real roots Not those of Imposter/Composite-in-Chief Obama!

Obama's Catch-22 Either way the White House LIED

Obama’s Great American Novel..We’re too busy inventing ourselves to be interested in the truth  ‘The question now is whether the United States itself is merely the latest chapter of Obama’s fake memoir?’

Gallop: 18% GOP..11% Americans think Obama is a Muslim..34%..Christian..66% otherwise..44%..don't know Obama’s faith

Pelosi whinnies from the pastures: Obama regime will be recognized as largely the work of the unholy trinity of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid with the sideline help of Obama czars

House Could Send Holder to Jail Without Approval of Senate or U.S. Atty..’no better place for Eric Holder, who as the nation’s top cop has broken more laws than Bill Clinton ever did’

Pelosi: Obama Should Unilaterally Eliminate Debt Ceiling By Declaring It Unconstitutional…  Supreme Lib Loon at Large!

Genesis 47:13-27  Recent Virginia Church Service-Stimulus Sermon…The Pastor of this predominantly black church in Virginia deserves a high five. This Pastor is obviously a leaderPerhaps we should each decide who our real leader is…it’s amazing to see that very little has changed in 4,000 years

Obama’s Claim of Executive Privilege: It’s Frivolous

MUST WATCH Afterburner with Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious

Boehner compares federal government to a ‘cocaine addict’  [VIDEO] Figuratively & Literally?

Krauthammer — The Immigration Bombshell: Naked Lawlessness

Pelosi: Obama should unilaterally eliminate the debt ceiling Quick! Someone DRUG-TEST her!

Hah! GOP Sends Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren a Free Account For Her Birthday

Fast and Furiously Diverting Attention from the Economy: Perhaps the president can issue another executive order--banning the release of economic data until after the election

Emails Show White House Helped Steer Obamacare Lobbying Dollars To Firm Founded By Top Obama Adviser David Axelrod JAIL THESE FELONS!

GOP Lawmaker: Pelosi Is “Mind-Numbingly Stupid” and May Be Mentally Ill (Video) All of the Above!

Watch White House tout ‘Fast & Furious’ in 2009..Sign petition to indict Eric Holder

University sponsors ad campaign dissing whites..for being “privileged” in society and calling that unfair

It’s an Obama World… US Military Recommends Disciplinary Action For Soldiers Who Burned Defiled Korans

Abortion is the Ultimate Child Abuse: Pro-choice is nothing more than allowing people the choice to legally kill

Obama: Candidate of the 1%..Anyone with even a modicum of curiosity can figure out where Obama's loyalties really lie. And it's time to use that against him

Obama Attorney’s Desperation Leads Him to Tell Florida Judge Obama is Not the Democratic Nominee

UN Climate Change Document Outlining Agenda Calls For Economic “Contraction” In Major Countries… Exhibit A?

Rush Limbaugh: Obama the Great Hardly! Weenie-in-Chief Such a Lightweight!

Old Glory Defiled at VA Clinic..The rot is eating our country right down to the marrow

Chaplains Forbidden From Mentioning Jesus

Juan Williams on Brian Terry’s death: “Hey, people die!” Another Lib Loon Moron at Large

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