Saturday, July 14, 2012



Obama now clearly coming out as USA Enemy #1 selling us (and the world) out to Islam, blocking jobs and revenue from oil and gas reserves ever happening in the USA and now GIVING BRIDGE BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION JOBS (many thousands) in the $BILLIONS TO CHINESE COMPANIES .

The main excuse being that we cannot provide enough welders locally !!!! So hire welders if you have to not throw out the baby with the bathwater by giving away the whole set of multi-billion dollar projects!

Apparently also giving illegal waivers, contrary to regulations for these Chinese companies to use Chinese steel - so often of inferior quality - that these bridges will quite likely fail to stand for an adequate period of time.

Just like the Obama regime buying CHINESE computer components for American military helicopters. The Chinese could not resist the opportunity to harm our military operations and  the DOD has encountered failures and discovered built in redundancy in many  mission critical  items.

The above sources, sadly increasingly including Obama, are among the ENEMIES of the USA. Including TERRORIST ones he protects.

And destroying decades of successful programs to take people off welfare and back to work, put in place under President Clinton, who said THAT TO RECEIVE WELFARE, you had to offer to work for it and to get up an look for work.

To get votes, Obama now wants to offer ILLEGAL waivers through HSS for States not to demand this. And thus "buy" votes for his re-election. He stabs our poor in the back by radio advertisements for people to get on food stamps and for his regime to throw parties using food stamps! Anything to get them dependent on his self-serving generosity.

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