Friday, July 13, 2012


PROLOGUE - OBAMA makes Koran DESTRUCTION/burning a military CRIME!!! Check out the printed instructions at the link below. 

And he claims NOT to favor Islam over other religions/beliefs or power/political  groups? He has fooled "we the people" so often he thinks he can slide even this bare-faced lie past us.

WISE UP AMERICA, you  seem to be waking up but still stuck on stupid!!!

Alan note:

Temporary Marriage in Shia Islam allows a man to "marry" woman for a determinate time of as short as a few minutes, half an hour or as long as it lasts based on a "sigheh" contract. Used for both temporary and long term marriages.

Children, if any,  of such unions belong to the father who is supposed to support them but usually has little or no financial responsibility for the "wife" beyond a "bride price" (if any) that can apply in this and long term marriages. The bride price is payable in advance but certainly if/when the man divorces his wife - temporary or long term.

The bride price can be a cash payment the way a prostitute gets paid in Western cultures. In longer term marriages this usually consists of a specific number of gold coins, some identified jewelry, including but not always a diamond or other ring, a chunk of crystal sugar and a copy of a Koran.

There are close to ONE MILLION homeless abandoned children trying to survive in the streets of Tehran, Iran - quite a few of them children of such temporary marriages.

PLUS several hundred thousand abandoned women, thrown out of their homes by husbands who want a younger wife, and triple state "I divorce, I divorce, I divorce you" and  throw the hapless helpless woman out into the street - and that's that. 

If she has no family or relatives or anyone prepared to take her in, she is homeless and destitute. Specially if she is from a distant town or village and cannot make her way back there.

Other women in this sad group are daughters thrown out by fathers who cannot afford to keep and feed them. They are beaten into abandoning their abode and try to survive in the streets, where they are quickly picked up by pimps or rapists, many of whom are part of the morality law enforcement forces with arrest power. And forced into prostitution to have food to eat or to sexually amuse their jailers. 

NOW THE ISLAMIC REGIME is taking over as NATIONAL and International level pimps who turn these abandoned women into "short term" temporary wives for one and all who can pay something to the "agency" they have now approved and promote on a regime OFFICIALLY approved website.

Younger ones are exported to the United Emirates across the Persian Gulf and sold as sex slaves. Again on a short term or permanent slave basis to visiting Arabs in the basements of luxury hotels owned by senior Islamic regime clerics or businessmen.


Controversy has arisen over an organisation that has registered with Iran’s Ministry of Islamic Guidance as one that will introduce widows and divorcees to men seeking temporary marriage.

Minutes after the centre launched its website, thousands of Iranian bloggers and Facebook users used phrases such as ‘running a brothel’ or ‘pimping with a touch of class’ to describe the situation. Others said the centre was trying to find lovers for women who had undergone the menopause, or was turning Iran into an Islamic sex resort.

“Once we were told that the Islamic Revolution would turn Iran into an Islamic Japan. Instead it’s turning it into an Islamic Thailand”, was one comment.

According to the organisation’s website: “The Ministry of Guidance has authorized this site to arrange temporary marriages. Those who wish to use our services can rest assured that their identity and details will remain confidential and will not be shared with any government agency. All ladies offering temporary marriage on this site are divorcees or widows.”

In a telephone interview with the Ghanoon website, the organisation’s director said that his only intention was to seek the blessing of Allah, and had no regrets.

In a follow up, the Islamic regime is now allowing marriages to take place with girls as young as eight or nine, though six - based on the age of Mohammad's wife Aesha when he took her to his home, is often the case.

Meanwhile the ISNA news agency reported that the vice squad’s cyber affairs department suspect another temporary marriage organisation of being behind the website, and are condemning the ministry for licensing it.


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