Sunday, September 16, 2012


It’s looking like the ambassador had a meeting with Libyan army people 3 days before where they warned him that he wasn’t safe and that something might happen.

Also in the middle of the attack at the safe house Libyan military called and said they could have armed troops on site to help but the embassy people or ambassador told them they didn’t need help.

Ambassadors and diplomats are so stupid. They live in a world of words while other more dangerous people live in a world of physical action.

The ambassador and Hillary both signed off on preventing the inside embassy people from carrying ammo.

The plot thickens: reportedly Chris Stevens was a Muslim

AND HE WAS GAY! (Lots of them are. Their view on this is that anal sex is OK - not gay,  but oral sex is a gay act and not to be tolerated)

Also, Iran sources say that the little or unviewed video being blamed for all this was shown repeatedly INSIDE IRAN on orders of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamnei. Urged on by Obama?

Have you noticed now this has knocked the Iran sponsored Syrian genocide off the news? Redirecting everyting onto the USA? 

Without resistance or opposition from Obama and his servant Hillary.

ALAN NOTE: the attackers here were almost certainly instigated and manned by supporters of  Ghaddafi, opportunely wreaking their revenge on Ambassador Stevens, who was a key actor in the removal and abuse, including rape, of their former Head of State and tribal leader!

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