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If This Were Still America, Obama Would Be Forced to Resign..'When taking office, the President does not swear to create jobs. He does not swear to “grow the economy.” He does not swear to institute “fairness.” The only oath the President takes is this one: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States'

The U.S. Plummets to 18th (from 7th 2yrs ago) in New Economic Freedom of World Rankings

New Ad Pounds Obama’s “Outreach” To Muslim Brotherhood

Romney Tells the Key Truth Needed to Comprehend the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Obama’s Foreign Policy Fraud Has Come Undone..'The attacks have exposed the naked failure of Obama’s foreign policy. The sight of American embassies burning across the Muslim world has done what the deaths of thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan and a near civil war in Iraq could not do. Obama has lost the wars, he has lost the peace and now he has also the lies'

The Death Of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens Is The End Of Obama’s Arab Spring Credibility

All the President’s Press..'Why Romney was right to weigh in on Mideast unrest'

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Dan Bongino, US Senate candidate..’When Govt Gives People Victimhood Status, We Are Imprisoning Them In a Lifetime of POVERTY and a Lifetime of Excuses That They Did Not Ask For..SHOW THEM THE WAY OUT…NOT A & B Tax C to Pay D..Forced Charity is Not Charity, It’s THEFT!’ Another Conservative ROCK STAR!

A Golden Opportunity for Mitt Romney..Obama CREATING DEPENDENCY for votes’

How Mitt Romney Should Handle the ’47%’ Remark..'Romney should revise and extend his comments to hammer away at the Obama record of hostility to free enterprise, and the consequences that hostility has imposed on the hard-working, free-enterprise-supporting American public. “You didn’t build that!” and “Government is the only thing we all belong to” should get prominent replays'

NBC News: Obama Admin Lying About Security At Libyan Consulate

Shock Claim - Team Obama Libya Storyline A Complete Fabrication: There Was No Anti-Movie Demonstration..'The whole thing was only an attack…every single thing we’ve been told about a spontaneous demonstration against the Mohammed movie is a complete fraud…never happened…made up'

Four Reasons Why the Obama Administration Can’t and Won’t Protect the US..'..things are beginning to unravel for the Obama Administration. 

 The center can’t hold. The media have done everything in their limited power to keep his administration from imploding. Now there are events happening around the world that are beyond their control.  
They’re still lying for him, and Obama’s administration is also still lying trying to tell us that some cheesy film is responsible for all the bloodshed in Muslim countries. 

Alternative news sources have exposed the incompetency of Obama’s presidency — from foot-in-mouth-disease Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy ineptitude'

Steve Emerson on SUN explains the riots and real motives..'..Arab Spring' has not supported democracy, but has enhanced radical Islam..'

Obama: The Muslim Court Jester..'Since taking office in January of 2009, Obama has turned the office of President of the United States into the laughing stock of the rest of the world. If they aren’t laughing at us, they’re hating and despising us. 

They see Obama as a spineless fool dancing around the Oval Office with his jester’s hat and bells

How much longer can we survive with the world’s village idiot at our helm?'

Pro-Obama Professor Harassing Students to Vote for Obama..’The GOTTAVOTE pledge states the following: “I Pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.” What is a mathematics’ professor doing talking about politics in a class where she’s supposed to be teaching algebra? 

 She mustn’t be very good at math or she would have pointed out how impossible Obama’s arithmetic is, and you don’t even need algebra to do that. Maybe it’s the re-implementation of ‘New Math.’

Inarticulate Republicans Let Democrats Get Away With Lies..’Why lose to a lie because you didn't bother to explain the truth? Some of the time that was spent at the Republican convention trying to "humanize" Mitt Romney could have been better spent debunking the Democrats' talking points’

"Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Partners In "Taqiyya"..’Islamists come together in the time-honored Muslim tradition of telling lies about their beliefs to conceal their true motives. This form of concealment is known as “taqiyya.” Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is engaging in taqiyya as it prepares to lead Egypt’s newly elected parliament and to assure Egyptian citizens and the world at large that they are peace-loving advocates of universal human rights. Obama is part of this taqiyya hook, line and sinker…spreading it throughout the U.S.. the left is buying it at a high cost’

Obama to Embassies: ‘You’re on Your Own!’ 'It is time for us all to stop believing the Obama lies.'

Conservative Rock Star Allen West weighs in on Obama excuses on Benghazi attacks and Romney controversy

Regulatory Tsunami To Hit Business If Obama Wins Second Term..'Using official government sources, the National Federation of Independent Business calculates there are more than 4,000 federal rules in the pipeline, and that just the 13 biggest ones would, if imposed in an Obama second term, cost businesses a total of more than $515 billion over four years

That tally doesn't include more than 100 still-to-be-written regulations needed to enforce the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, or the mountain of regulations required by ObamaCare'

Gallup Poll: Romney Was Right, 47% Do Support Obama..’Because of Obama Admin & Dem Policies’

Mitt Goes There: Obama Supporters Fail to Take Responsibility For Their Own Lives (Video)

Dhimmitude, Obama-Style..'The only religion for which liberals make excuses is the most non-liberal one -- Islam. While they interpret Christianity in the worst possible light -- the Obama administration places Catholic and Evangelical opponents of gay marriage in the same moral category as racists -- they cast Islam in the rosiest one. 

It is a "great religion," pronounced Hillary Clinton last week, even as its adherents set fire to embassies and cheered the killing of U.S. diplomats and Navy Seals'

8,786,049: Yet Another Record for Americans Collecting Disability Obama Election Insurance Policy?

Consequences of an Interventionist Foreign ..Surprise, Surprise..consequences of trying to rule the globe

Glenn Beck on Libya U.S. Consulate Attack: ‘You’re Being Set Up, America’

Did Obama send a ‘gay’ ambassador to Libya?

GM Lies Down With Dogs, Wakes Up With Fleas..Still, it's funny to hear a company that took $50 billion from taxpayers now complaining about the problem of being run by the government. 
GM could have entered bankruptcy and voided its absurd union contracts, which paid workers $70 an hour. That would have preserved the rule of law, the rights of bondholders, shareholders and nonunion workers equally. 
Instead, taxpayers will lose money, and GM may once again go bankrupt without necessary changes being made — thanks to its embrace of Big Government. 

There's an old saying that covers this: Lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas. It seems Government Motors is scratching’

More reasons to vote for Romney: He gets that the Palestinians would rather destroy Israel than have peace

Liberals Side With Muslim Thugs Against America 

Gay Marriage: The Hidden Agenda..How do you go about destroying society? Karl Marx provided the answer: Destroy the Traditional Family

Do Straight People Pick Up on Gay Jokes Drudge Report Makes at Obama’s Expense? 'clues that Obama is gay TOTALLY there' 

Hey, Corrupt Media: We Can Play That “Gotcha Video” Game Too

Good News For Romney: Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Still Want ObamaCare Repealed

Obama Has Two Of Everything.. 'the only person to ever have been born in two hospitals, the only born human to ever have two birth certificates, the only man to ever have been born in two different countries, the only non-imprisoned person to have two Social Security numbers and now the first being to have been born to both a married mother and a single mom..with Christian and Muslim faiths'

What's Yours Is Mine..'Obama urged progressives to “trick” the public into allowing economic redistribution'

Complete Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney on “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael
Arpaio investigator: Hawaii still covering up for Obama

Obama's Rumsfeld: Hillary Clinton Should Resign

Chicago Teachers’ Union Defeats Merit Pay and Basic Evaluations and Gets Guarantees of Jobs for Life Regardless of Performance 

Ambassador Stevens  the Scorpion..'The globalist table is being set. The plans are order from chaos - engineered chaos. The “New World Order” has been defined, and its plans are in progress. Barack Hussein Obama has been selected as the one to usher in the new age of global governance. 

 Backroom deals have been made by those who believe they will have a seat at that table. However, most will not sit at that table. Like the frog, they will take their final breaths underneath a scorpion 

 What Does A Police State Look Like? 'So, what does a police state look like? A police state is place where massive amounts of government corruption and/or incompetence are covered up by an equally corrupt and/or incompetent media. It is a place where a film-maker’s first amendment rights are secondary to the sensibilities of murderous mobs “offended” by that film'  

 Cover-Up?: Libyan President Indicates U.S. Knew Date And Time Of Embassy Attack In Advance... 

 This Is What Savages Look Like..'Obama wants you to think that some movie on the internet that no one has seen caused this? This man, and his American crew, were MURDERED BY MUSLIM SWINE'  

Obama, the Final Straw

“The Muslim Brotherhood is the sworn enemy of the United States of America, and so is anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood..

Obama is a treasonous snake and so are his supporters.. The Obama Administration Needs To QUIT PLAYING GAMES! There Was NO PROTEST In Benghazi – It Was a Terror Attack!

Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose..'Middle East is harsh place 4 aging schoolboy leftist like our president. In the real world, stupid ideas such as the one dominant in Obama's administration, that jihadis really want peace-such ideas have very bloody consequences. 

 The tragic deaths of our diplomats in Libya are only the beginning. Iran looms over us all' 

White House and Press Create a Fairy Tale Version of History..'mendacious officials, media and our enemies have created a false storyline about the uprisings in Cairo and Libya' 

Despite Four Previous Benghazi Attacks – US Refused Even “Standard Security” at Consulate (Video) 

 A Plan to Stop the Islamization of the World is at Hand 

 Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch 

Libyan president: 'No doubt' attack 'preplanned'  

Pretext to Murder..'low-budget film about Islam..Muhammad not..behind..violent attacks on U.S. embassies abroad..' '

We have not entered into a war in the last 100 years that was not plotted and planned by our own government'

Call_to_Champions ;utm_medium=email George Will: Fed on its way to becoming the 4th branch of government 

It HAS BEEN, in Tandem with MEDIA, 4 Far 2 Long! Ollie North: I’m giving all my grandsons guns 

 Obama ‘going against wishes of most Americans..“If they can redefine marriage, then they can redefine anything they want,” he said. Look at the word ‘gay’, he said. “They can’t find a word of their own that defines what they are, because there’s nothing normal about it. They have to hijack a word that they want their lifestyle to mean, and make it their own”

 Obama Lied About OBL Raid 

Emails Reveal Justice Dept. Regularly Enlists Media Matters to Spin Press Dictatorship in the Making?

College Professor Tries To Force Students To Vote For Obama By Making Them Sign Pledge Can’t Fix ‘Stupid!’

VT Obama Ballot Challenge Filed: Process Server Threatened With Arrest And Imprisonment

Another Tough Day In America: Criminals Rewarded, Heroes Jailed, Dollar Destroyed

Terrorists Filmed Carrying RPG’s During US Consulate Attack – Obama Administration Calls This a ‘Protest’

SHOCK: Obama To Apologize To Muslims For Mohammed Movie By Freeing Blind Sheikh Who Bombed World Trade Center

White House media ignores Obama’s Muslim outreach meltdown Media’s Dereliction of Duty Exposed For All The World To See!

Romney Gets Real: Obama Supporters 'Dependent On Government'..'47% pay no income tax..will vote 4.. Obama “no matter what”

Tickerguy’s Presentation To The Republican Liberty Caucus

Research Needed: Let’s pool together articles showing how media manipulates the poll samples to help Obama

Romney Says Obama Supporters See Themselves As “Victims” Who “Believe They Are Entitled To Healthcare, Food, Housing”

For Barack Obama, 'Defending Islam' Now Supersedes Our Constitution

For Every $1 Added to the Economy, Obama Added More Than $3 in Debt & Govt Spending Why Does US Have ANY Credit Rating?

Ask Dems 2 Watch! The Hope and the Change Movie Coming to TV through November 6th (on six channels!) go to to find out how to see it

Obama's Foreign-Policy Denial Problem..'Rice is as full of crap as are Hillary Clinton and Obama himself..Three Strikes and you're out Obama. Romney got this one right, as have those of us who have called this incident a military terrorist incursion into United States territory, targeting both property and person. 

 It was an invasion, albeit a limited one, and a military action. Add those two together and you get what this was: An Act of War undertaken as a direct and proximate result of this Administration's willful and intentional malfeasance and misfeasance in foreign affairs. Obama, you did build this and now you own it'

Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose..’The Middle East is a harsh taskmaster. It is no place for an aging schoolboy leftist like our president. In the real world, stupid ideas such as the one dominant in Obama's administration, that jihadis really want peace -- such ideas have very bloody consequences. 

The tragic deaths of our diplomats in Libya are only the beginning. Iran looms over us all’

Media Fiddle While Mideast Burns..'dangerous ineptitude of U.S. foreign policy has been fully exposed. But instead of reporting this meltdown, the media use it to further hurt the candidate they oppose'

Denial is Now National Suicide..'The Democrats and Europe's socialists have built secret alliances with radical Muslims around the world, taking billions of dollars in oil money, and whipping up phony campaigns against "Islamophobia." 

Huma Abedin walking next to Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, is just one small public expression of the left-Islamist alliance in the world. Open your eyes, and you'll see the new Red-Black Axis all over the place, like ugly on a pig. It echoes the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938. The radical left always finds fascist allies because they have a common enemy: Us'

Libyan reports shred White House claim that Benghazi attack was spontaneous, driven by anti-Islam film

The Drums Of War..'I presume that we all know that we were "sponsors" of the "Arab Spring", right?'

Egyptian Cleric: Muslim Brotherhood’s Goal Is Global Dominance By Islamic Caliphate

Allen West: U.N. Ambassador Rice “Asinine, Naive, Inept, Incompetent..Ignorant” 4 Claiming Attacks Because Of Mohammed Movie

The Magnitude of the Mess We're In..'The next Treasury secretary will confront problems so daunting that even Alexander Hamilton would have trouble preserving the full faith and credit of the United States'

Credit Where It’s Due: Obama Built This Fire 

Eric Bolling: Obama 'Answers To The Koran First And The Constitution Second'

GM WANTS OUT OF GOV'T; OBAMA SAYS NO GM Made Their Bed..Now Sleep in it!

Obama Uses Mideast Chaos To Attack Our Constitutional Rights Is Chaos Govt-created?

Hillary Cheered Broadway's Book of Mormon, Condemns Innocence of Muslims Clinton's Lib Loon Hypocrisy on Parade!

Terrorists Filmed Carrying RPG’s During US Consulate Attack – Obama Administration Calls This a ‘Protest’

Obama HIV Positive??? Larry Sinclair, Donald Young..why won't media DO ITS JOB?

One Election Away from Tragedy..'Unconstrained democracy always destroys itself'

Mass. GOP Wishes Happy Birthday To Occupy Wall Street And Its “Matriarch” Elizabeth Warren Brilliant!

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Dan Bongino, US Senate candidate..’When Govt Gives People Victimhood Status, We Are Imprisoning Them In a Lifetime of POVERTY and a Lifetime of Excuse That They Did Not Ask For..SHOW THEM THE WAY OUT…NOT A & B Tax C to Pay D..Forced Charity is Not Charity, It’s THEFT!’

Another Conservative ROCK STAR!
Obama is a secretly practicing Muslim!

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