Saturday, September 08, 2012


Time to get grounded in reality for Election 2012: 'The carnival known as the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is over..staged antics almost hid the hideous truth: Last night was the least attended DNC in American history..For the sake of your children and grandchildren, don’t buy into the propaganda going the Internet rounds that “Obama will lose in a landslide.” 

 Dead dogs, dead people, suppressed Vet votes, intimidation at the polls and other forms of election cheating; the regime’s ability to spread propaganda through social networks and a mainstream media peopled by ‘journalists’ like Chris Matthews, all but guarantee otherwise..

We’re down to a life and death situation. If Obama wins re-election by whichever means, it’s the certain death of America. 

Rule Number One: When it comes to Obama and his czars, it’s not what you see that matters but what they are hiding out of sight.. Most vital for you and your family. 

Going to ground means accepting the possibility that Obama will be re-elected and preparing yourself to somehow survive another four years of his Marxist tyranny..This is not politics as usual. This is no ordinary election. This is survival'

Clint Eastwood Won - The empty chair is now an iconic symbol of Obama's failed presidency.

Clint Eastwood: “Obama Is The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On The American People”

Obama: “You’ll Love Me Even More” When I Talk About Raising Taxes On Small Business Owners

Obama's cold leftovers from 2008 are hard to swallow at DNC in 2012..’There is nothing sadder than a politician without his balloons.. So, let’s get this straight: 

You build a small business from scratch, and you didn’t build that. But Obama blows through $5.4 trillion of your money in four years with nothing to show for it, and you do own that?

Best Tweet Today from @imadreamkeeper2 ‘Don't know about you...but I think I'll vote with the God side’

Carly Fiorina Nails It: It’s Democrats, Not Republicans, That Most Americans See As ‘Extreme’

Backward: For Every Job Obama “Created," He Destroyed Four

Sheriff Joe's Lead Investigator Just Back From Hawaii: Only "president" Ever To Have 3 Aliases

Choom Gang Economic Theory 'When I read the other day that food stamps are being used to buy pop tarts, cookies, honey buns, candy bars, corn dogs, taffy, and cheesecake, it finally clicked: liberal economic and social policies reward stoners' #.UEoy0fM9Tpk.twitter

Zogby: Obama’s Speech ‘Designed to Preach to the Choir’

Obama’s State of the Union speech fizzles out Democratic convention; Update: No mention of unemployed?

Fraud: 9th Circuit Refuses To Prohibit DNC From Sending Obama's Fraudulent Certifications

Bill Clinton vs Valerie Jarrett Backstage At DNC..’Bill’s speech was double the time they gave him. Had Obama waiting. Kept the current POTUS waiting for almost an hour. Handlers not happy. Jarrett pissed. They do that little shake at the end when Obama walks out. 

Backstage, Bill says something like, “He wanted to break my hand.” He’s laughing it off. Knows what he wanted to do was done. Obama storms off. The two were all smiles onstage. Backstage, they parted. 

Bill’s getting congratulated and Obama is gone. Told somebody, was seeing a woman so assume Jarrett but didn’t ask for clarification, took Bill aside and was shaking her finger in his face for a moment. Bill leaned down and whispered something to her and she walks off. He goes back to smiling and the handshakes. 

Classic Clinton. The smiling assassin. And what is the feedback today? That Obama’s speech was not as good as Clintons. That he isn’t Clinton. Look up the Bentsen reference. That’s what we saw Clinton pull off this week'

Fact Checking Last Night’s Speech: Obama Finally Produced Something Shovel-Ready

Workforce participation rate for men 69.9% - lowest since 1948

Romney: 'If last night was the party,' jobs report is 'hangover'

..Only 96K Jobs Added. Update: Unemployment Rate Would Be 8.4% If Labor Force Had Stayed Same

No Wonder The Democrats Do Not Want The States To Require I.D. In Order To Vote! Hidden camera in MN voting

Fact Check: Top Ten Clinton DNC Falsehoods

Barack Obama’s War On America’s Fresh Water Supply

'Washington Post' Catches Democrats Rewriting Civil Rights History exposes the fraud of Obama's Hawaiian newspaper 'birth announcements' Orly Taitz on NASDAQ

Mafia Hit-Man & Teamster Boss Helped Joe Biden Become U.S. Senator:

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