Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Allah on Earth" Aircraft Grounded

For some time, sycophants around Iran's Supreme Ruler, insisted that as "Allah on earth" Khamenei should not be lower than President Bush, who flies on his personal Air Force One, while Khamenei has to make reservations on public airlines. They finally prevailed on him to buy the Sultan of Brunei's personal royal jet (an Airbus) that had been offered for sale. Though Brunei is a Moslem State, special prayer and Islamic ritual sections had to be installed on the aircraft for "Allah on earth", so it was sent to France for reconfiguration. After the changes were made and the plane was ready, it was belatedly discovered that because some 20% of the aircraft used American manufactured parts or components, under the US embargo of sale of American goods and technology to Iran, the aircraft could not be delivered to Iranian Khamenei - Supreme Ruler or Allah on earth notwithstanding. It now sits at Toulouse airport in France, paying considerable parking fees, till someone can figure out what to do with this celestially owned aircraft!