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Top 10 FBI News Stories week ending April 23rd



Subject: $100 bill

It's a slow day in a little East Texas town. The sun is beating down, and
the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and
everybody lives on credit.............

On this particular day a rich tourist from back east is driving through
town. He stops at the motel and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he
wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the

As soon as the man walks upstairs, the owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill at the
supplier of feed and fuel.

The guy at the Farmer's Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.

The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel

The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the rich traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, picks up the $100
bill, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and
leaves town.

No one produced anything. No one earned anything.
However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future
with great optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States Government is conducting business today.



Although the FIRST video narration is in Persian, the visuals of this palatial restaurant is well worth the look.

The video does not always load easily and often states "the embed has been...." and requires a click on the start video arrow in the bottom left hand corner - or a double click on the screen or on the YouTube logo in the bottom right hand corner.

It cost millions and several years to build and the likelihood of ownership by one of the top Mullahs, who have invested so heavily in property and luxury hotels on the other side of the Persian that they are the main land owners. Perhaps in partnerships with the ruling Sheikhs.

While on this subject, the human slave/sex trade auctions  that used to take place nightly in the Mullah owned Dubai luxury hotel basements seem to have moved to Iraq into brothels!

Orphans, abandoned women forced into the streets without any means of earning a living or girls sent by their indigent families into the care of deceiving Mullah clerics promising to care for them,   who used to be kidnaped and sold in the Dubai hotels are now being simply shipped to Iraq into bordellos or for enslaved prostitution by the Iranian Mullahs in partnership with Shia Iraqis (mostly under Moqtada al-Sadr's initial control) and shipped throughout the country. Including Sunni Kurdish areas, where Turkey has a strong presence.

The level of misleading superstition of Iran's totaly totally uneducated Shia mullahs (except in reciting the Koran and preaching death to everyone but themselves) has recently appeared with a formal edict by one of the SENIOR Mullahs in Iran saying that earthquakes are caused "women failing to wear their hejabs/scarves to cover their hair appropriately". Seriously, not a joke.

This was too much even for the most hardline Ayatollah Janati, who mocked the religious edict as an emotional reaction!

Meanwhile, President AhmadiNutjob is floating his idea of moving FIVE MILLION people (out  of Tehran's 12 or so million population) out of the city BECAUSE of earthquake danger.

Which five million would he select? Is he worried about saving his pals from an earthquake or an attack by Israel and/or the West on nuclear facilities built under population centers, many under government office buildings?

And here comes a clue. To prevent a sudden elimination of governance should a major attack take place on Tehran, he has already moved one government ministry (US Department equivalence) some 40 miles west to Karadj and built a small town with residential sections for employees.

The five million would firstly,  probably be a removal of central government to distant suburbs. While Karadj is a separate city, population expansion has almost joiuned it to Tehran.

Then, speculating  (intel take note), moving the population located above underground nuclear sites. (Sorry if I have just condemned them to now reconceal this possible original motivation).

In closing, Oba-Hussein's almost frantic efforts to please his Moslem backers all over the world with PRO-ISLAM edicts and actions and official high level administration appointments including - or specially - in Homeland Security policy levels, are inviting the Islamic fanatical aspects into our daily lives. Based on equally superstitious, violent - not peaceful - aspects of Mohammadanism.

Imagine havng to follow Sharia edicts like in Somalia, where musin has been banned from the airwaves and as of a few days ago, rfadioj stations are forbidden to have ANY music - nor can music be played anywhere in the country without the risk of death. As is the case with en tertainment movies

Note: music  CD's have been banned in Islamic Iran for decades but the freedom seeking populace has resisted the laws.

Meanwhile in Moslem Pakistan, a Pakistani Christian couple has  been condemned to 25-years in prison for touching a Koran with unwashed hands!!! And have been sent to prison and have started serving their sentences.

This is what Oba-Hussein is promoting and encouraging in the USA with his import of tens of thousands of Palestians with your tax money and unlinking, ever more unrealisticaly and defiantly, Islam and terrorism - despite every piece of evidence to the contrary .

AND in a "reverse profiling" policy where it is forbidden to accuse Islam of ANYTHING - ignoring live video evidence - or any evidence that does not suit Islam's promoters. 

Fine examples of Islamic Sharia law infiltrating our society and justice system under Oba-Hussein, the usurper of the White House and in my opinion increasingly clearly a Moslem himself with Marxist-Islamist mindsets, which are being intentionally used (not just moronic ignorance) to destroy America.

You may not be there yet but will be when the effect of the loony-tunes Bills and policies being passed without being read or really knowing what is in them come into force and ouch! They will hurt. Perhaps fatally to your well being and ability to survive in his vefsion of Communist America. Nor were you in Iran and totally in the loop  around the time of  the Khomeini/Soviet take over of power to see what is happening to us here today, with Marxist-Islamist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is a replay of Ayatollah Khomeini's tactics and strategy.

You are all watching Oba-Hussein's powergrab of civilian and soon enough military America (with his million person Civilian Security Force reporting DIRECTLY to him) but apparently unable to recognize what you are seeing - for the first time ever in  your lifetime of in the USA ever.

Talk about sedition! It's not Glenn Beck who deserves that accusation.

Perhaps as a larger segment of America wakes up and takes an interest in their own future, evaluates and analyzes just what is being done to them and the consequences, cases like Blagoyevich's will be allowed to go forward and elicit sworn testimoney nobody has been permitted to even approach.

Let's also see what convicted felon Reznik has testified to the FBI on Obama matters. And will it count as he is a convicted felon and can be ruled to be unreliable legally.

By the way: did anyone see an Illinois Congressman today ask for the National guard to be called up in Chicago to help police fight crime in a city suburb?

This is the breeding ground for the whole senior Oba-Hussein administration and their mayor Daley thuggery is part and parcel of their mindsets and tactics. With additional radical, weird philosophies added-on.

As an ironic commentary, Voice of America (VOA), despite being labelled Mullah Voice by Iranians, has been jammed by the regime inside Islamic Iran, so not even pro-Mullah merssages are getting through and Hotbird satellite, used by Persian radio and TV broadcasts, initially lost picture capability and as of late April 23rd night audio also disappeared.

Wake Up America and listen to Rick's suggestion:

Friday, April 23, 2010



Includes three links to detailed examples of indelible Islamic incursions in Sweden , France and England (Londonistan) on Western cutures, jointly part of Eurabestan.

With Marxist-ISLAMIST Oba-Hussein imposing Islam on us as fast as he can, (on  behalf of his various Moslem puppet masters as much as for his own  beliefs) what you read there is already decaying our civilization.

This has little to do with whether you like or dislike Islam but whether you prefer to retain your existing/previous culture instead the cancerous one taking over your mind and body by threat, force and intimidation rather than a free choice that would relate more closely to a "religion" instead of a barbaric 7th century ideology, a "Mohammadan-ism", stealthily hiding under the guise of a religion.

Very similar to the Tudeh, finally banned Iranian Communist party admitted after the fall of the Shah, their intense efforts for political freedom were not to give the freedom to benefit the populace but to allow them to impose their Soviet philosophies onto Iran for Soviet Russia's benefit!

Islam is not for you to choose of your own free will but for them to IMPOSE to suit their "old testament" mindsets. And kill or enslave you if you refuse - or unable to buy your way out with their "jaziyah" (right to live) tax. RELIGION?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Under moron ideologue Oba-Hussein, America is being assailed in every which way and direction.


By: Ken Timmerman

In an interview with Newsmax on Thursday on Capitol Hill, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, laid the blame for the Iran sanctions delay squarely on the Obama White House.

Congress today voted to set up a conference committee to craft strongly bipartisan Iran sanctions legislation that the Obama administration has succeeded in stalling for nearly 12 months.

“We keep running out the clock, and we let Iran run out the clock. And as we run out the clock, centrifuges are spinning in Iran, and they are ever closer to nuclear capability in Iran,” the Florida representative said.

She added that the Obama administration is bent on negotiations: “They want to see if we can get China on board, if we can get Russia on board, if we can negotiate with the Iranians. They don’t get the picture. This is a real problem, not just for Israel. It’s a national security problem for the United States as well.”

The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs committee, Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., first introduced legislation to impose sanctions on companies supplying refined petroleum products on Iran in April 2009. But at the request of the White House, Berman postponed a vote on his own measure for nearly six months. His bill finally passed the House last October in a 412-6 vote.

In the Senate, the delay tactics were controlled by Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., who stalled a similar measure until the end of January this year, when it passed the full Senate by unanimous consent.

Iran imports roughly 40 percent of its gasoline and other refined petroleum goods. Many Iran experts believe that a cutoff would bring unbearable pressure on the regime and force it to negotiate on its nuclear program.

And yet, despite the overwhelming support for ratcheting up the pressure on Iran, the Obama White House continues to stall.

“The White House wants to continue to use this carrot approach instead of using the stick approach, where this would give us great leverage,” Ros-Lehtinen said.

“To have sanctions would give us the ability to cut off the economic lifeline to the thugs in Iran who are making life impossible for all the states around, even the ones who pay lip service to Ahmadinejad. Those states do not want Iran to be a nuclear superpower, either,” she added.

In a speech on the House floor, Ros-Lehtinen reminded her fellow lawmakers that Lt. Gen. Burgess, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Gen. James Cartwright, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified last week “that Iran could produce enough weapons-grade fuel for a nuclear weapon within one year.”

But even this urgent warning “may be too optimistic, given the Iranian regime’s long history of deception,” she added. “There is mounting evidence that Iran has been working on a nuclear warhead for many years.”

Similarly, a report released by the Pentagon on Wednesday warned Congress that Iran could have a missile capable of launching a nuclear warhead against the United States within five years.

Ros-Lehtinen told Newsmax that Congress should send a bill to the White House that includes “no carve outs, no presidential waiver,” to make sure that the sanctions it calls for are enforceable.

But just as previous administrations, the Obama White House is insisting that legislators insert language that would allow the president to “waive” application of the sanctions if he determines that doing so will run contrary to the foreign policy or national security interests of the United States.

Newsmax asked Ros-Lehtinen to respond to hints dropped last week by former Israel Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh that Israel would be “compelled” to attack Iran by November, if the Obama administration didn’t impose “crippling” sanctions on Iran.

“I would hope all options are on the table,” she said. “But with this administration, I’m not sure we can give Israel any kind of assurances that all options are on the table. We have got to protect Israel, because Israel protects the United States. We always talk about how we give cover to Israel. But Israel is a strong ally. Because of Israel, we sleep soundly at night.”

One scenario being floated in national security circles in the event of an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran is a shift by Obama to condemn Israel as an aggressor state at the U.N. Security Council.

Newsmax asked Ros-Lehtinen if Congress would step in to counter such an order from the president.

“It's very important for us to give all of the support that Israel needs in terms of financial support, in terms of military support, in terms of the hardware we're talking about,” she said.

“But a lot remains to be seen. We've just heard the speeches where Israel gets blamed for not having a Middle East peace plan. My gosh, why don't the other actors get held accountable for their incitement to violence and their violent acts?

We're blaming the wrong folks. Israel wants a partner for peace, and it lacks one at this time.


First, brainwash our children

Then, entice the "lame-stream" Media/Press into his bed and attack any opposition.

Also build up your enemy list to "get them later"


In a report on its web site dated April 2010, entitled “Meet The Patriots,” the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) profiled “36 individuals at the heart of the resurgent [patriot] movement.”

by Chuck Baldwin

(In reading the list, I counted only 35 “patriots” and 5 “enablers” for a total of 40. I’m not really sure how the SPLC came up with “36.”

Perhaps their ability to count is commensurate with their ability to appreciate patriotism and liberty.) The SPLC (founded by Morris Dees) sees itself as America’s guardian against “right wing militias” and loves to label conservatives and libertarians that it doesn’t like as “extremists.”

The SPLC is one of the most ultra-liberal organizations in the country and should be dismissed as a group of paranoid leftists, not worthy of thought or mention.

The sad truth is, however, our CURRENT federal government has chosen to exalt the SPLC to the position of being its “go to” source for information regarding “potential domestic terrorists” and similar characterizations.

As a result, the information and reports disseminated by SPLC wind up in police reports and bulletins all over the United States.

As an example, the SPLC had its fingerprints all over the infamous MIAC report. One could even question whether the SPLC is merely a front organization for Big Brother. (Shades of ACORN)

Therefore, it is highly likely that the report negatively profiling 40 American patriots will find its way into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fusion centers and be distributed to police agencies all across the country.

So, should the 40 people who find themselves targeted by SPLC expect some kind of government/police attention? Are we really that close to Nazi-style persecution in America?

If the SPLC has its way, the answer seems to be a definite yes.

I remind readers that in the book, Nazi Justiz: Law of the Holocaust (page 3), there were five steps to Hitler’s plans for the destruction of European Jews.
Step 1: Identification/registration of the targeted group as a public menace.
Step 2: Ostracism of the targeted persons.
Step 3: property confiscation.
Step 4: Concentration of members into geographical locations.
Step 5: Annihilation.

(NOTE the ONE MILLION person Civilian Security Force Obama has in the works which reports to the PRESIDENT not the Constitution as does the military.

"We cannot rely on the millitary to protect us", Obama said.

HIs personal army of civilians have to be as well funded and equipped and armed as our regular armed forces!!!!)

In this latest report, SPLC seems quite willing to accomplish steps 1 and 2.

Here are the 40 names that are targeted in the SPLC report (and guess who is listed at the very top? Yours truly):

1. Chuck Baldwin, Pastor, Radio Broadcaster, Syndicated Columnist, 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee.

2. Joe Banister, former IRS special agent, tax protester.

3. Martin “Red” Beckman, tax protester

4. Catherine Bleish, head of the Liberty Restoration Project.

5. Chris Broughton, Second Amendment advocate, member of “We The People” group.

6. Bob Campbell, head of American Grand Jury.

7. Robert Crooks, Army veteran, retired commercial fisherman, anti-illegal immigration proponent.

8. Joseph Farah, CEO of World Net Daily

9. Gary Franchi, producer of “Camp FEMA: American Lockdown,” national director of

10. Al Garza, head of the Patriot’s Coalition, an anti-illegal immigration group.

11. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI agent.

12. John Hassey, “The public face of Alabama’s militia movement in the late 1990s,” says SPLC.

13. Alex Jones, Radio Talk Show host.

14. Devvy Kidd, “prolific columnist, blogger, and public speaker.”

15. Larry Kilgore, telecommunications consultant, former US Senate candidate from Texas, pro-secession advocate.

16. Cliff Kincaid, syndicated columnist and author, editor of AIM Report (Accuracy in Media’s publication), founder and president of America’s Survival, Inc., a UN watchdog group.

17. Mark Koernke, associated with the now-defunct Michigan Militia.

18. Richard Mack, former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff, author, and public speaker.

19. Jack McLamb, former Phoenix, Arizona, police officer, author, and public speaker.

20. John McManus, former member of the US Marine Corps, president of the John Birch Society.

21. Daniel New, father of Michael New (the Army medic who refused to wear a UN uniform), author, public speaker.

22. Norm Olson, founder of the now-defunct Michigan Militia.

23. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.

24. Stewart Rhodes, Army veteran and Yale Law School graduate, founder of Oath Keepers.

25. Jon Roland, computer specialist, founder of the Constitution Society.

26. Luke Rudkowski, founder We Are Change.

27. Robert “Bob” Schultz, founder of We The People.

28. Joel Skousen, editor, World Affairs Brief.

29. Jim Stachowiak, Radio Talk Show host, “Longtime militia organizer,” claims SPLC.

30. John Stadtmiller, founder, Republic Broadcasting Network.

31. Orly Taitz, California attorney, a leader in the push to make President Obama disclose his US birth certificate.

32. Amanda Teegarden, executive director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise.

33. Mike Vanderboegh, anti-Obama health care activist.

34. Paul Venable, former candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives.

35. Edwin Vieira, Jr., attorney, author, proponent of constitutional State militias, lecturer.

36. Michele Bachmann, US Representative from Minnesota.

37. Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel TV host.

38. Paul Broun, medical doctor, US Representative from Georgia.

39. Andrew Napolitano, attorney, former State judge in New Jersey, Fox News Channel legal analyist, lecturer.

40. Ron Paul, former member of the US Air Force, medical doctor, US Representative from Texas, 2008 Republican candidate for President.

See the SPLC report at:,0

The SPLC, no doubt, sees each person on the above list as being a leader of the “radical right,” a “conspiracist,” and “antigovernment.”

But understand, the SPLC makes its living off of big-government, leftist ideology. To say it is a shill for Big Government Liberalism is an understatement. The SPLC is so radical it makes the ACLU look conservative!

Again, this SPLC report would not even merit a mention (much less an entire column) except for the fact that the SPLC has become a source of information fuelling anti-freedom hysteria for countless bureaucrats at the DHS.

Add this to the previously exposed MIAC and DHS reports, and the Army major’s report blaming “millennialist” Christians for much of the ills of the world, and a disturbing trend is quickly developing: so-called right-wing ANYTHING is being targeted and demonized as a “public menace.”

But the lists that you and I are not seeing are even more disturbing.

Joel Skousen quotes (Radar Magazine’s) Christopher Ketcham’s The Last Roundup as asking if the federal government is “compiling a secret enemies list of citizens who could face detention?”

He goes on to say, “A number of former government employees and intelligence sources with independent knowledge of domestic surveillance operations claim the program that caused the flap between [former assistant attorney general under John Ashcroft, James] Comey and the White House was related to a database of Americans who might be considered potential threats in the event of a national emergency.

Sources familiar with the program say that the government’s data gathering has been overzealous and probably conducted in violation of federal law and the protection from unreasonable search and seizure guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

“A veteran CIA intelligence analyst who maintains active high-level clearances and serves as an advisor to the Department of Defense in the field of emerging technology tells Radar that during the 2004 hospital room drama [between former Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Attorney General Ashcroft, in an attempt by Card to coerce a very ill Ashcroft to authorize President Bush's secretive domestic spying programs as his assistant--and acting--attorney general had refused to do so],

James Comey expressed concern over how this secret database was being used ‘to accumulate otherwise private data on non-targeted U.S. citizens for use at a future time.’”

The report further states, “According to a senior government official who served with high-level security clearances in five administrations, ‘There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated.

The database can identify and locate perceived “enemies of the state” almost instantaneously.’”

At this point, Skousen noted, “And that is precisely why the census bureau took a GPS coordinate on every front door in America, secretly linking this to dissidents and their known addresses.”

This database of Americans who are perceived to be potential “enemies of the state” goes by the code name “Main Core.”

And according to the report, “One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect.

In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

“Officials at the Department of Homeland Security begin actively scrutinizing people who – for a tremendously broad set of reasons –have been flagged in Main Core as potential domestic threats [sound familiar?].

Some of these individuals might receive a letter or a phone call, others a "request" to register with local authorities.

Still others might hear a knock on the door and find police or armed soldiers outside.

In some instances, the authorities might just ask a few questions.

Other suspects might be arrested and escorted to federal holding facilities, where they could be detained without counsel until the state of emergency is no longer in effect.”

The report also noted that former Assistant Attorney General James Comey “had concluded that the use of that ‘Main Core’ database compromised the legality of the overall NSA domestic surveillance project.

‘If Main Core does exist,’ says Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counterterrorism officer and an outspoken critic of the agency, ‘the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is its likely home.

If a master list is being compiled, it would have to be in a place where there are no legal issues – the CIA and FBI would be restricted by oversight and accountability laws – so I suspect it is at DHS, which as far as I know operates with no such restraints.’ Giraldi notes that DHS already maintains a central list of suspected terrorists and has been freely adding people who pose no reasonable threat to domestic security.”

So, is there a secret list of 8 million “unfriendly” Americans kept by DHS (if there is, dear reader, you are probably on it!)?

Does anyone reading this column doubt that our CURRENT federal government is more than willing and capable of doing such a thing?

All of us are quite familiar with the government’s “no fly” or “flagged” airline passenger list. I can personally attest to the authenticity of this list, as airport officials in San Antonio, Texas, told me that I’m on it. I also made it to the “list of three” that were named in the MIAC report (the other two were Ron Paul and Bob Barr).

 And now I am on the SPLC list of “patriots” (not a compliment in the SPLC lexicon). Wow! I never realize how popular I was! (With the exception of Ron Paul, I’m probably on more lists than anyone in America.)

Who would ever have thought that the day would come in America when to speak up for freedom, constitutional government, and the principles expressed by our Founding Fathers would land one on a government watch list?

Well, that day is here, my friend! No doubt, the major media and federal government – in order to further ostracize patriotic, God-fearing Americans – will use the SPLC patriot hit list as a vehicle to carry our country further down the road of oppression.

But what the radical left fearmongers at the Southern Poverty Law Center fail to realize is that the more they try to marginalize and ostracize American patriots such as you and me, the more they isolate themselves from America’s future, because millions and millions of hard-working, God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans are not going to sit back and let Morris Dees and his cabal of Big Government elitists destroy the principles of freedom in our land.

So, people such as Morris Dees can put us on as many lists as they like; we will never let liberty die! And the more they try to demonize us, the more people will want to join with us. You see, freedom burns deep and strong in the hearts of real Americans. And that’s something the SPLC can’t extinguish–no matter how many lists it makes!

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John G. Is 63 years old and owns a small business. He's a life-long Republican and sees his dream of retiring next year has all but evaporated. With the stock market crashing and new taxes coming his way, John assumes now that he will work to his dying day.

John has a granddaughter.. Ashley is a recent college grad. She drives a flashy hybrid car, wears all the latest fashions, and loves to go out to nightclubs and restaurants. Ashley campaigned hard for Barack Obama. After the election she made sure her grandfather (and all other Republican family members) received a big I told-you-so earful on how the world is going to be a much better place now that her party is taking over.

Having lost both roommates, Ashley recently ran short of cash and cannot pay the rent (again) on her 3 bedroom townhouse.. Like she has done many times in the past, she e-mailed her grandfather asking for some financial help.

Here is his reply:

Sweetheart, I received your request for assistance.

Ashley, you know I love you dearly and I 'm sympathetic to your financial plight. Unfortunately, times have changed. With the election of President Obama, your grandmother and I have had to set forth a bold new economic plan of our own..."The Ashley Economic Empowerment Plan." Let me explain.

Your grandmother and I are life-long, wage-earning tax payers. We have lived a comfortable life, as you know, but we have never had the fancier things like European vacations, luxury cars, etc.. We have worked hard and were looking forward to retiring soon. But the plan has changed. Your president is raising our personal and business taxes significantly. He says it is so he can give our hard earned money to other people. Do you know what this means, Ashley? It means less for us, and we must cut back on many business and personal expenses.

You know the wonderful receptionist who worked in my office for more than 23 years? The one who always gave you candy when you came over to visit? I had to let her go last week. I can't afford to pay her salary and all of the government mandated taxes that go with having employees. Your grandmother will now work 4 days a week to answer phones, take orders and handle the books. We will be closed on Fridays and will lose even more income to the Wal-Mart.

I'm also very sorry to report that your cousin Frank will no longer be working summers in the warehouse. I called him at school this morning.. He already knows about it and he's upset because he will have to give up skydiving and his yearly trip to Greenland to survey the polar bears.

That's just the business side of things. Some personal economic effects of Obama's new taxation policies include none other than you You know very well that over the years your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in cash, tuition assistance, food, housing, clothing, gifts, etc.., etc. But by your vote, you have chosen to help others -- not at your expense -- but at our expense.

If you need money now sweetheart, I recommend you call 202-456-1111. That is the direct phone number for the White House.. You can also contact the White House here: .

You yourself told me how foolish it is to vote Republican. You said Mr Obama is going to be the People's President, and is going to help every American live a better life. Based on everything you've told me, along with all the promises we heard during the campaign, I'm sure Mr. Obama will be happy to transfer some stimulus money into your bank account. Have him call me for the account number which I memorized years ago..

Perhaps you can now understand what I've been saying all my life: those who vote for a president should consider the impact on the nation as a whole, and not be just concerned with what they can get for themselves. What Obama supporters don't seem to realize is all of the money he is redistributing to illegal aliens and non-taxpaying Americans (the so-called "less fortunate") comes from tax-paying families.

Remember how you told me, "Only the richest of the rich will be affected"? Well guess what, honey? Because we own a business, your grandmother and I are now considered to be the richest of the rich. On paper, it might look that way, but in the real world, we are far from it.

As you said while campaigning for Obama, some people will have to carry more of the burden so all of America can prosper.. You understand what that means, right? It means that raising taxes on productive people results in them having less money; less money for everything, including granddaughters.

I'm sorry, Ashley, but the well has run dry.. The free lunches are over.. I have no money to give you now. So, congratulations on your choice for "change." For future reference, I encourage you to try and add up the total value of the gifts and cash you have received from us, just since you went off to college, and compare it to what you expect to get from Mr. Obama over the next 4 (or 8) years. I have not kept track of it, Ashley. It has all truly been the gift of our hearts.

Remember, we love you dearly....but from now on you'll need to call the number mentioned above. Your "Savior" has the money we would have given to you. Just try and get it from him.

Good luck, sweetheart.
Love, Grandpa

Oba dance





As Oba-Hussein messes up the USA financially and morally, as he messes up our foreign policy, as he bows deferentially to other Heads of State, as he IMPOSES his Marxist-Islamic concepts on us against the will of the plurality fo the people, in contravention of our Constitution, which he shreds with disdain, as he disrespects our allies and supports our enemies, his eligibity rises closer and closer to the top of many American minds as an escape from this Chicago style thug and his equally thuggish Senate and Congressional leaders, who trample on "we the people" in a flagrant  abuse of power.

HIs choice of "czars" with whom he surrounds himself and "rules" speaks volumes about who he is and how he thinks.

Passing major legislation by brute force without having even read it, says it all about all of them!


How 'bout that Arizona legislature? Demonstrating that the best political myths have half lives that rival some radioactive isotopes, the state House of Representatives advanced legislation that would require future presidential candidates -- say, Barack Obama in 2012 -- to prove that they are citizens before their names can appear on the state's ballot.

The proposal, which must still be considered by the state Senate, would require national political parties to submit "documents that prove that the candidate is a natural-born citizen, prove the candidate's age and prove that the candidate meets the residency requirements for president of the United States as prescribed in Article II, Section 1, Constitution of the United States."

It goes on to give the Arizona secretary of state the discretion to keep a candidate's name off the ballot if he or she has "reasonable cause" to believe the candidate doesn't meet those requirements.

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Chilling video produced by a Muslim group called Revolution Muslim ( ) in which they argue that death is an appropriate response for any who blaspheme Mohammed by the written or spoken word. Shows pictures of Stone and Parker of South Park, Theo Van Gogh, and other "blasphemers." Includes the line "It is clear that the harming of Allah and his messenger by poetry and defamation, the blood of such a person is not protected by any means."

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A relatively new organization "shir zanaan-eh Iran" = Lionesses of Iran has formed to help and guide Iran's browbeaten, suppressed and oppressed women in the face of the horrible servitude itno which they find themselves thrown - as are may of their children.

Divorce in the Mullah regime is a matter of throwing the woman out of the house with a thrice stated "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you" and her belongings thrown into the street behind her! NO! This is not an exaggeration.

Meanwhile the husband dotes on his new young wife,who replaced her. Or on his third or fourth wife he has introduced into his home to pleasure and serve him.

Just the capital city of Tehran has over 300,000 homeless street women who have nowhere to go, no jobs and join some 700,000 homeless children who also live on the streets.

Orphanages that existed under the late Shah were all closed down decades ago as a useless expense.

The Lionesses are an activist/feminist group which wants to return some power to Irfan's women, who traditionally have been the "power behind the throne" but are now abused sex objects/property of the husband.

One directive the Lionesses are suggesting to frighten Iranian men into behaving in a more "civilized" fashion is to suggest that if the husband decides to take a second or third or fourth wife or abuses his first wife, for her/them to boil a large pan of water and pour it on his genitals when he is asleep.

They propose that this only be done if the pouring person/team has somewhere to which to flee as retribution, including a severe beating or even being killed could follow this act.

However, the uncivilized husband will either remember the lesson for life or even bephysically  "emasculated" forever.

The Lionesses are gathering funds/donstions and offering shelter and living costs inside Iran to women who fight back in this way and are structuring helping them out of Iran and into host countries, which will give them amnesty.

Last year, AntiMullah suggested to abused wives  add saltpeter to the food of husbands who go gadding arond with other women or remarry younger wives.

Within two weeks you could not buy saltpeter in Tehran stores! The shelves had been cleared by women but mostly by the male dominatged government trying to prevent this mode of retaliation being available to women.

Monday, April 12, 2010


As it becomes more and more apparent that Oba-HUSSEIN espouses and protects Islamist and Socialist-Marxist principles, mindsets and causes, his ineligibility may be the fastest way to take corrective action and while acknowledging that people voted for him and their vote should be respected, even if their stupidity should be bewailed, the statistics have changed to where charts show he no longer holds that kind of popularity.

Less than half the voters still favor him and his drop from some 70% approval to less than 46% yesterday, shows how much "buyers regret" has set in with regard to his thuggish policy and methods of getting things passed AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. (He works for "we the people" and is not our dictator).

Bumper stickers coming out now are much angrier than they were.

Here are some of them:


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It's not just AntiMullah, which wonders about Oba-Hussein being an America destroying MORON!! See the catastrophies he has created with the list of countries below!


Sarkozy "Appalled" by "Insane" Obama

I've been wondering how the rest of the world, sans our constitutional viewpoint, views Obama. Now at least we know how French President Sarkozy sees him.

While our media still touts him as brilliant, articulate, and persuasive, the EU Times is reporting adjectives like "dangerous" and "insane," along with concerns that he is unwilling to listen to reason or logic. Sounds to me like Sarkozy is getting to know Barry pretty well.

French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today authored by France’s Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) and recently“obtained” by the FSB shockingly quotes French President Nicolas Sarkozy [photo top right with Obama] as stating that President Barack Obama is “a dangerous[ly] aliéné”, which translates into his, Obama, being a“mad lunatic”, or in the American vernacular,“insane”.

According to this report, Sarkozy was“appalled” at Obama’s “vision” of what the World should be under his “guidance” and“amazed” at the American Presidents unwillingness to listen to either “reason” or “logic”.

Sarkozy’s meeting where these impressions of Obama were formed took place nearly a fortnight ago at the White House in Washington D.C., and upon his leaving he“scolded” Obama and the US for not listening closely enough to what the rest of the World has to say.


Apparently, as this report details, the animosity between Sarkozy and (Moslem/Islamist) Obama arose out of how best the West can deal with the growing threat posed by rising Islamic fundamentalism. Both Sarkozy and his European neighbors had previously been supported in their efforts by the United States in forming an alliance to strengthen the integration of Muslim peoples into their societies, and has including France and Belgium moving to ban the wearing of burqa’s.

European fears over their growing Muslim populations appear to be valid as the growing immigration and birth rates of these Islamic peoples are warned is causing the “Eurabiazation” of the Continent and within a few generations will see them become the majority of nearly all of the EU Nations.

The greatest threat to these Western Nations posed by the Muslim peoples becoming the majority of their populations lies in their likelihood of destroying the Global Banking System which according to their faith is firmly rooted in “satanic” evil and “must” be replaced by an Islamic one.

[Note: Islamic banking refers to a system of banking or banking activity that is consistent with the principles of Islamic law (Sharia) and its practical application through the development of Islamic economics. Sharia prohibits the payment or acceptance of interest fees for the lending and accepting of money respectively, (Riba, usury) for specific terms, as well as investing in businesses that provide goods or services considered contrary to its principles (Haraam, forbidden).

Obama, on the other hand, doesn’t share the views of his European allies and has, instead, embarked upon a course of embracing the Muslim peoples of the World and to the shock of all has overturned the Bush era ban on the radical Swiss born Muslim Cleric Tariq Ramadan from entering the United States, and last year ordered the US government bailed out General Electric Capital Corporation to become the first Western multinational to issue an Islamic bond, and this past week commanded that all of his governments security documents eliminate the words “Islamic extremism” and “jihad”.

Sarkozy in these reports further warns that by Obama’s “unrestrained” and “destabilizing” actions an already tense Global situation is growing ever more catastrophic as America’s once stalwart allies are being cast aside in favor of a New World Order where instead of the United States securing its vital energy future through conquest and war it will now do so by appeasement to some of the most violent and radical regimes on Earth, and as we can see exampled:

In Egypt…where the 30-year reign of the stalwart US ally President Hosni Mubarak is being allowed by Obama to fall so that this most vital of Middle Eastern countries can be ruled by the former head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, who allowed through his appeasement the Persian Nation of Iran to gain the knowledge, equipment and expertise needed to build an atomic bomb.

In Turkey…where Obama in failing to stop, like all American Presidents before him, his Congress from passing a law blaming that critical Eurasian Nation for the 1915 Armenian genocide left Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan no choice but to recall his ambassador to the US.

In Kyrgyzstan…where Obama failed to stop a revolution against the American installed President thus allowing Russian Prime Minister Putin to achieve his goal of revolutionary change for that critical Central Asian Nation and putting in jeopardy the United States war in Afghanistan as the new Kyrgyz government prepares to throw the Americans out of their country thus depriving them of their main air supply route to their already undersupplied troops battling the Afghan Taliban.

In India…where by Obama’s failing to support the Indians fight against Pakistani backed Muslim terrorists has caused the second most powerful Asian Nation to turn towards Iran rebuffing all Western attempts to isolate them and instead of their participating in Obama’s Global Nuclear Summit have, instead, agreed to attend the Iranians.

In Pakistan…where just this week Obama gave this vital American ally a “public slap on the wrist” by denying to them the same nuclear deal he had previously given to India thus insuring the Pakistani military will cease their support for American troops in Afghanistan battling the Taliban.

In Afghanistan…where Obama has engaged in a public war with his ally President Karzai who because so enraged he threatened this past week to change his allegiance from the Americans to the Taliban.

In Israel…where Obama has so demoralized and demonized their once most reliable ally that Prime Minister Netanyahu has just announced he will not attend Obama’s Global Nuclear Summit because of his fears that the American President will not keep Egypt and Turkey under control thus threatening the Israelis nuclear supremacy over their Middle Eastern enemies who have sworn to destroy them.

In Brazil…where Obama has ordered his Defense Secretary Robert Gates to sign an historic defense agreement with this South American nuclear power whose President, Lula da Silva, has praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, slammed Israel, and has announced his intentions to visit Iran next month.

To all of these actions (and too many more to mention in this short report) Russian Military Analysts warn that Obama has pushed our world towards total global war more than any single leader since Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler, to which Russia and China are, likewise, preparing to confront to stop the Americans.

Most unfortunately for those Americans living under the Obama regime is that their attempts to stop the radical socialism he has pushed upon them from destroying their once great Nation has failed as new reports from the United States are showing that in under two years Obama and his cohorts have succeeded in making nearly 50% of these people support the other 50% who aren’t working.

(And which really should surprise none of them as during his campaign for the Presidency he openly vowed to “redistribute the wealth”, but which history has always shown makes everyone a pauper, except for the elites that is.)

For any of the few Americans left daring to oppose Obama we had previously warned about the massive death camps he is preparing for them, but which these most strange of peoples continue to deny the existence of in their naïve belief that if they choose not to believe a thing it makes it not true. (If this behavior sounds familiar it is only because Obama and his cohorts have, literally, used the same playbook used by the Nazis against the once free German people.)

And for those even daring to expose the truth of what is being done to the American people Obama took the unprecedented step this week of authorizing for the first time in American history his secret government intelligence services to assassinate one of their own citizens without benefit of trial leaving every human rights organization in the World in shock, including Tina Foster of the US-based International Justice Network who said, “I am in shock that they would do this. It is shocking that our Government would go to these extremes, even depriving someone of their life without a legal process.”

Now, if Sarkozy’s grim and dire assessment of Obama is true or not, it is not in our knowing, nor do these reports say. But, it is important to note that nearly all of the longstanding allies of the United States Obama has turned his back on are, admittedly, some really bad (to say the least) leaders who no one in their right mind would want to live under.

And too Obama’s apparent appeasement of Islamic terrorists there is growing evidence of his maybe throwing all his marbles (so to speak) in “one fell swoop”, and as evidenced by the 195 smart, guided, Blu-110 bombs and 192 massive 2000lb Blu-117 bombs he last month authorized Florida based Superior Maritime Services Concord to “immediately” ship from California to the massive US Air Force base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, which is in striking distance of Iran and if all of them were dropped on the Iranians would, literally, destroy them.

In finding the deliberately hidden clues as to what will happen as The Great Game nears its inevitable climax all caution must be taken, including to whom you might tell your most secret of thoughts, and as evidenced in the United States this past week should NEVER be voiced to your children, and as we can read as reported by the Info Wars News Service:

“A family in Williamson County, Austin have lost custody of their 7-year-old son as part of a Child Protective Services investigation because the parents taught their children to mistrust the government, an action that deemed them to be “unsuitable parents,” according to charges leveled by police officers in CPS documents.”

And to those still mocking the truths of these times, who continually fail to see what lies before them, we can only say you’re being the good and obedient lemmings you were brought up to be. So go back to sleep and dream the sweetest dreams you can, because before you know it you’ll be awakening in a living nightmare as those as ignorant as you, throughout all of history, have learned to their peril and loss.

To everyone else in America we can only advise you to begin stocking up for the End of the World….you won’t be alone.


While Moslem groups like CAIR or NIAC insist that any activity that contravenes their cultural desires couched in the name of Islam is against-Islam, they feel free to trample rough shod over the cultures and logical customs and decisions of their host countries. And whine when they are not immediately accomodatged. Or try to sue to IMPOSE their Moslem ideas on a Christian country and population, in which they are a NEW FOUND miniority and not a long standing presence.

This pressure on indigenous cultures to change their ways to meet Islamic mores becomes an invasion as the new sector of generally immigrant additions grows and bullies freedom loving nations into rejecting their own customs and bowing to  the new bullies, who insist on their own minority ones becoming dominant.

In the name of freedom (as we know it), the New Moslems curtail and destroy those very freedoms under which they operate - for everyone else but themselves. They demand freedoms for themselves that neither their customs (they barely qualify, if at all, as a "religion" in the face of their all inclusive socio-political structure) will allow for anyone else, except themselves.

As an example, imagine what if, in a similar fashion, Hispanic, Russian or other ethnic gangs in the USA insisted they were to be treated differently because of their ehtinic origins and customs.

Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs. Female staff who follow the Islamic faith will be allowed to cover their arms to preserve their modesty despite earlier guidance that all staff should be "bare below the elbow". The Department of Health has also relaxed rules prohibiting jewellery ... The rules were drawn up to reduce the number of patients who were falling ill, and even dying, from superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Islam appears to be putting the mental comfort  of their adherents over that of their patients! So they fall ill and die - so what ? They are for the most part  unbelievers and should not even be allowed to exists let alone receive  "hygienic" healthcare.

Obeying Allah supercedes any of that and as has been stated by senior clerics, if any scientific discovery is not in the Koran (written 1,400 years ago) then it is a lie since Allah has mentioned everything that exists inside the Koran.

The riposte that not ALL clerics or proponents of Islam think or speak in this manner in no way reduces the weight of this as those that do, the most fanatical and recently called jihadis promote this attitude and are the most strident and VIOLENT. Those that do not preach that way are the tiny MINORITY.

The "silent majority" of Moslems in Western countries, who in truth do not act, nor generally think in this way are of little import since they can neither influence their religious leaders nor dare to stand in opppsition as this immediately brands them as apostates and worthy of death!

Inside Moslem countries death or decades of prison quickly follow - read the Moslem news media - but we are still able to avoid most of this savagery in the West - though "honor killings" are on the rise.

Quite recently in Pakistan, a Chrisitian Pakistani was sentenced to 30-years in prison on a trumped up charge of insulting the Koran. The point is not it was trumped up within Pakistani jurisprudence but that you COULD be sent to prison almost for life for insulting the book.

Imagine being condemned to ANY prison time for insulting the BIBLE! Yet this is a common enough charge in Moslem countries, with a potential DEATH sentence in some circumstances and coming to your neighborhood if you allow Sharia law to permeate your system of jurisprudence. Not for insulting YOUR own bible but someone else's Koran. (Note Gitmo accusations).

Perhaps believably denied to a naive populace within the broadly Christian minded societies of the USA and the West, but for those who have travelled inside or lived in Moslem countries or follow jihadi influence in their own or other nations, Islam being a "religion of peace" rather than "body pieces" is a joke.

There is more blood being shed around the world in the name of Islam, or for Islamic tenets than for other reasons. Anti-Russian Chechnya, Chinese Moslem regions, Taleban, Indian and Pakistani massacres, Iraqi Sunni and Shia clashes as well as Somalian or other North African Islamic movements like the Salafis all have underpinnings of Moslem efforts to impose their Islamic views (often conradictory among themselves) on local peoples and regions.

If they were not militant and attacking those around them, how many of these would be under direct attack themselves and - as often claimed "defending themselves"? Rarely does any Western group prevent a Moslem from practising Islam in private as other religions tend to do - except when the "practise" involves IMPOSING their views, sometimes violently,  on others who neither grew up with Islamic agendas nor beliefs.

A Moslem in New York is suing a hotel chain for saying it will only hire "clean shaven" employees for a public view position. Would a lazy, unshaven Christian be hired? No. So where is there any discrimination? Yet the Moslem insists HE should be hired - against any other policy considerations - though nobody else would be.

That is typical Islamic discrimination against all but themselves. All stays peaceful as long as you concede to their demands. By "their" read the fanatical, jihad leaders, who have found they can bully host governments into ceding to them. As the Moslem second-generation minorities acquire host country nationality and voting rights, as increasingly the case in England and some other European countries, this bullying approach has entered the political arena with a vengeance.

Regular mass car burnings in Paris or concentrated Moslem enclaves in Sweden, where schools with hundreds of students do not have a SINGLE original ethnic Swede in them.

Without the "cover" of "religion" the thuggish activities would be subject to legal penalties in most countries.

For example a Moslem throwing a shoe as an intended insult is now ALLOWED in England as a sign of Moslem protest and will not be a crime. Not as part of an Islamic or Koranic law but an Islamic "custom". Even if the "shoe" is a ski-boot and sends a politician or policeman at whom it is aimed to hospital? Recently a thrown stick came under this Islamic "protection" guideline.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


With information from and about Islamic Iran often coming fast and furious, through a variety of channels, the results sometimes end up like the children's game we used to call "telephone". Several children would line up and someone would whisper a sentence in the first one's ear. That child would urgently pass on what they heard to the next and so on down the line. No repetitions allowed!

What was originally said and what the end result became was usually unrecognizable and hillarious.

And then there was the kid who would purposely mishear - repeating "disinformation".

With all the blocks and filters the Islamic regime puts up to prevent electronic  sharing of information and the risk of a death sentence for doing anything which disspleases the Mullahs, including speaking out or passing something to the West, what reaches most of us is often distorted.

But as the saying goes "if there's smoke there is  fire" so we often share what we hear with a clear caveat.

Here is what we have been getting this week.

1. The White House apparently hired an Iranian as a senior advisor on dealing with the Islamic Iran problem - purposely overlooking or simply ignorant of their being a paid Mullah Regime OPERATIVE.

Looking at the radicals and anti-American mindsets Oba-Hussein-Khomeini has brought into his White House and his pro-Islamic Iran regime stance against the people of Iran, I would submit the hire was with full knowledge of the advisor's allegiance.

With the same arrogance that trained  infiltrator Akbar Ganji was embraced by the CIA with Communist  Noam Chomsky's full assistance and had our secrets shared with him, Oba-Hussein probably thought that with his messianic influence he could turn the Mullah agent and get good information from him.

Luckily, after it was discovered the new advisor was sharing everything he saw and heard with the Mullah regime and was advising them on how to handle Oba-Hussein rather than the other way round, ALLEGEDLY a moment of sanity sparked and he REPORTEDLY was fired.

For those who observe, there is an almost daily new action to protect Moslem interests and increase their influence  in America and for anyone who still says OBA-HUSSEIN is not behaving like a good  Moslem, you live in La-La Land or in outer space. 

Of course,  since so much of his funding comes from Arab Moslem countries, including Islamic Iran, he could well be encouraged to be their paid puppet Dhimmi rather than deep Islamic beliefs since those can conflict with his Marxist tendencies.

Note, however, "Marxist-Islamist" has become a real political category since Ayatollah Khomeini did to Iran what Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is doing to the USA - both using the same Soviet playbook. Ayatollah Khomeini with directives and guidance from the Soviet Embassy in Tehran 1978/79 and Oba-Husssein from a collective of Communist and Socialist groups and organizations in the USA or soon to be USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Islamic Jihad groups and Islam itself -  which in so many ways resemble dictatorial Communism, other than their "man in charge" is called Allah and not a Kommisar also push for power and influence, which Oba-Hussein gladly gives them in his mission to CHANGE the USA into the USSA even if he destroys us in the process.

2. In an effort to protect their Kharg Island oi/lshipping facilities and tanker loading terminal,s and jetties,  which provides export access to open water even if or when the Persian Gulf is blocked, the Mullahs have sold the island! Not the land but everything on it for a reported $12.5 Billion, to an as yet undeclared FOREIGN country. Russia and China come to mind.

They hope in this way to discourage or prevent any attack on their oil lifeline, since this would involve the BEST "interests"  of that nation and bring pressure on Israel or the West.

3. After waiting in vain, for Prince Reza Pahlavi, heir to the Persian throne to do something to get the country back into sane hands and remove it from oppressive and murderous Islamic regime control, a former member of the late-Shah's twin sister, Princess Ashraf's Secretariat (Jahanshahi or Javanshiri ??) is setting up a government in exile. Finallly!!!!

Apparently with an operating  budget of $100 million with which to achieve this.

Two things come to mind here:

a) Mullah Rafsanjani, the world's 14th richest man and provider of funding for the Green revolution which overstepped original intentions and went against Islamic jurisprudence (the Mullah regime set up by Iran's Khomeini, of which Rafsanjani is and always  was, a key player) has recently come under vicious attack from the ruling Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the former Revolutionary Guard commander, President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad.

Below the surface, the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard has taken over Islamic Iran, though in the process a new recent  directive will PRIVATIZE many business corporations and take it out of the Ivisible RGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

Here again the action is a defensive one as the West is moving to sanction the IRGC, which currrently owns and runs almost every major industrial project in Iran and has already blocked much of the  IRGC available banking channels. If disperesed to private "ownership", which will be selected IRGC  approved persons, disqualifying their transactiopnhs could become too hard to handle.

Rafsanjani children including his fiery daughter, have been arrested and  the regime has announced they will soon be putting Rafsanjani himself on trial for his support and part he played in the anti-Mahmoud Ahmnadi-Nejad election protest by the Green movement.

I would posit the funds for a government in exile may originate with Rafsanjani, who now has his life at risk. An almost certain death sentence since the regime stripped him of his 'ayatollah" title which would have prevented him bein hanged. As was the case with Khomenei.

For background read the articles beneath the blinking eye graphic in the left hand columnn of our Main Page. More specifically "The Mullah threat not Sinking In" and "can the USA avoid attacking Iran".

Back in 2006 AntiMullah proposed a governmenbt in exile and a "Sandblasting Operation" as pasted below:

For some time now, nobody in power in the USA, nor in Europe seems to be able to think outside the box or even to set in motion anything to remove the clerics, who now threaten civilization, not just the USA and Western culture.

But I'm not here to criticize, only to propose a viable solution with a still familiar yet creative box.

Specially in the light of a battered, no longer effective student or any other anti-Mullah movement in or out of the country nor any charismatic figure behind which those inside Iran can rally.

Proponents of using the Ukraine "Orange" revolution methodology have gone on record to suggest using "green" - THE COLOR OF ISLAM - as the Iranian Orange, so even ideas with some potential merit, though only if tailored down to minutia to fit the country and culture instead of a general concept that worked in a totally different environment and level or repression, appear to be "mis-thought" out in advance.

The recent "selection" of Ahmadi-Nejad as President of Iran has opened a door that wasn't there before - for removing the Mullah regime in several steps - (brevity for this posting prevents expanding much on headings but others can sit and expand on the concept portrayed here. I'd be glad to participate with any serious authorities who can get something done):
1. Get Rafsanjani out of there before they kill or arrest him for corruption, then isolate or kill him.

Canada where he has large development interests offers other advantages, too, to center his forthcoming activities. (Tactical rather than strategic). (Ignore Rafsanjani's call for unity inside Iran, he has no choice but to say this to stay in one piece).

2. Offer him support to contest the "election" result he recently lost and for him to form a "government in exile" to oppose the current regime (from his base in Canada). he is enough of a pragmatist to become a player with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow offered him.

3. Link him up with the Mojaheddin Khalgh - MEK (currently designated a terrorist organization based on Clinton trying to appease the clerics) and thus provide Rafsanjani with a double approach and a motivated strike force for later entry back into Iran. A less than happy but still a practical "coalition" for both parties that can be expected to be conditionally accepted on a pragmatic basis. Neither of these two can expect Western support otherwise. (Again details, advantages and drawbacks of the coalition require more space than can reasonably be used in this posting).

4. In return, promise USA (and to the extent possible Western) support if they quickly identify and REVEAL and once in power, drop all plans for nuclear sites and ambitions. (MEK will happily continue to do so). Russia will be miffed financially. But the nuclear advancement will stop, specially with MEK to ensure Rafsanjani plays it straight. And the consequent in-fighting that will scuttle covert plans.

5. After they do get into power, they will soon try to destroy each other as a matter of course - (or can be easily incited/encouraged to do so). Rafsanjani mullahs, even with the Reformists, cannot be the future of Iran, Neither can the MEK, which can muster an estimated 100,000 followers - boots on the ground inside Iran. Individually neither group has enough strength, together they can rapidly sandblast the country clean for future generations and democracy. Neither truly supports the other to establish a durable co-operation.

6. In about two, maybe three years, vacuum up the debris and have a clean slate for future democracy in Iran with neither weakened "coalition" partner able to stop it. Probably the least blood shedding of any scenario and done by supporters of Rafsanjani and the MEK, neither of which are needed for the future of the country and thus do not need to keep their hands free of blood as would a Monarchy, or any other democratic movement.

Please notice simplicity of language (no effort to be erudite or a guru) and intentional lack of detailed exposition. Including how best to persuade 70-year old Rafsanjani to come on board (I doubt he will put up much resistance other than demanding monetary returns on projects he presently has for his family and heirs) and the MEK has already asked for a chance to govern Iran for six months before holding elections as their pre-condition. I'm providing the strategy concept not the detailed tactics - though I could help furnish some of that, too. If nobody will think outside the box, here is a sufficiently "familiar" box within which to think and be successful.

Even with this premature heads up to the enemy. Want to bet they'll take the gamble to get into power despite knowing what the aftermath plan is? The only serious fly in the ointment at this point might be the risk of President Putin of Russia deciding to later provide full Russian support for the Marxist Mojaheddin (and Fedayeen or various similar Iranian groups) and impede Western efforts to pull them out by the roots.

The Soviets provided enormous support in 1979 to the MEK, which was the real instigator of the Khomeini revolution. (I was there at the time "before and after" till I was helped out). By contrast the Ayatollahs and the fervent military Ahmadi-Nejad secular colleagues won't be removable in a matter of two or three years and Iran will have nuclear weapon capability, which will make future chances of removing them even more remote. Not so with operation "sandblast" outlined above.

UPDATE: The above needs a tweak or two to bring it up to date BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST STEP is really to get an agreed CONSTITUTION FOR IRAN - without any religious ASPECTS in it. Remove religion and religious powers that have previously been incorporated even 100 years ago in a revision for a Constitutional Monarchy from any text for the New Iran.

But I digress.

Efforts to form an exile government , under way in France, may be analyzed as an indirect slap in the face to Reza Pahlavi though he is probably involved behind the scenes with his rather ill Aunt's efforts.  He has been working hard in Paris to form coalitions and may need to stay out of any exile government to avoid tainting it with a purely "royalist" stamp thus to the possible exclusion of other political groups.

Or an obstacle could be Reza Pahlavi's father-in-law, who was a member of the National Front, student opposition to the Monarchy and currently works closely with the Mullah regime and has huge construction projects INSIDE IRAN with Mullah regime partners!

Thus everything that goes on around him reaches the Mullahs in Iran within  MINUTES!!

Specially with Colonel Oveissi, brother of the late, very loyal  Imperial Guard commander General Oveissi  esconced there and recent new owner of a shopping mall. Neither he nor his family has nor had the money to make such an investment and the funds reportedly came from the Mullah regime which has apparently bought him.

Keeping RP's retinue of tainted people out of proximity of the new exile government may also make good intelligence and counter-inteligence sense.

RP's wife Yasaman (Jasmine) will accompany Empress Farah to a $300 a plate fund raiser for children, in Los Angeles on March 14th at the  Beverly Hilton hotel, but warnings have reached us that the Mullah regime has hired and bribed regular press  photographers to take a mutlitude of photos of the guests so that they can be identified as royalist supporters and new dossiers opened on any who have not previously been tagged.

Here again, this could be an effort to prevent the fund raiser being a success by scaring off potential guests, specially Persians who have family  back home or may later wish to travel to Iran and then  be arrested for anti-regime activity. The Mullahs could not care less that the funds would go to help children.

They are eerily afraid of the royalist movement and their ability to legitimately replace them.