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This article is getting so much attention from all over the world that it merits being put back on the top of the page. STYLISHLY "ISLAMIC" WOMAN IN IRAN BEING ARRESTED BY THE MORALS POLICE FOR APPEARING IN THE STREETS LIKE THIS! AND REFUSING TO GIVE HER PRESIDENT A KISS - LIKE THIS OTHER PERSON

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Hope to post Farsi language translation soon.

Women of Iran, do not get discouraged by Nancy Pelosi being a traitor to all women, or Condi Rice appearing also be about to betray the 150,000 of you arrested for "poor dress" as per Islamic sharia law.

Shot across the bows of Iranian women by Ahmadi-Nejad. Clearly he and his regime has been listening to and frightened by exhortations on an Iranian program for Iranian women to arise and confront his regime.

Can you imagine the effort needed to arrest 150,000 people in about one or two days? Specially all of the same gender? Or the anger and fear behind this move?

Here is my message to Iranian women as I said on the Iranian program - except more organized:

1. You do not have to hit the streets and be arrested and beaten up or raped and abused to effectively counter the Mullahs.

2. You ARE far more powerful than you believe. You can make life a living hell for the men. With some caution as the Mullahs have made divorce so easy for the men.

Ending up abandoned and penniless on the street does NOT help the overthrow of the Mullahs, so be smart, not reckless.

3. Protest the misreatment of your sisters to your men. Aggravate them, make their home life miserable till they pay attention. You know how to nag and embarrass them - specially referencing their manhood and pride.

4. Women are the keepers of family secrets, all those that appear at home when the men return from work or their outside duties. They may not tell you everything but they do talk or you overhear their conversations with colleagues.

4. As long as the men can operate and do harm to your sisters (and brothers) in the DARK of secrets you help keep, then they are immune. And you are an accessory to the crimes they commit.

Yes, if ever they are tried for their crimes YOU will probably be at their side for hiding their crimes. When the current regime goes away, as it will. YOU will not find a sympathetic or forgiving situation for not speaking up to defend your sisters.

You could well hang in a noose alongside your husbands, your men folk whose secrets you keep, which allows them to do unspeakably horrible things to your sisters and brothers.

5. You want America and theWest to help free you but they want to see some movement from you to tell them you deserve the help.

Again, you do NOT have to come into the streets and get hurt to show your active desire for freedom. Just stop hiding the truth and let it cross the borders to the West.

6. Make notes of everything you see and hear. Whether it is the car number plate of a government official, where he or she works, possibly one of your neighbors, their direct phone numbers, their office address, their home address, the streets they take to go t work and return home.

EVERY personal detail about them and their families - even if those are YOUR family. This may end up being the only way you can save your family in the long run.

The USA has several naval aircraft carrier groups near Iranian shores - with hundreds of aircraft and thousands of Marines. These were not brought close for fun. So choose which side you are on. Or want to be on.

7. While collecting information, talk to women in your neighborhood you believe will think as you do or feel as you should. Some stupid ones will betray you if you are not careful, so be wise but also take small risks.

8. Finally find ways of getting all personal information you collect to us in the West. Hakhah TV, KRSI (Radio Sedaye Iran) and, we will pass them on.

You can do this through various channels, short Emails (only text not pictures, save the pictures for later when things change and such proof is needed) giving this bit by bit to family members outside Iran, occasional phone calls to anywhere outside Iran which can pass the information on to us.

The fight for freedom cannot be all free from any danger. It is not without risk but freedom is not free.

Remember that if you can help drag the horrible regime acitivities into daylight, if those who do all these horrible things find everything they do appearing in detail all over the Internet, all over the world, they will first hesitate and later be afraid to go on doing harm.

YOU will have played a major role in saving your Sisters and helpng overthrow the insane regime of Ahmadi-Nejad and his Passdars and his Hojatieh ayatollahs who care nothing about your lives or your survival.

Your death, if in their crazy minds it helps bring back the 12th Imam (Imam Zaman) then you better die fast or they will kill you. They offer you no safety now, no future. Only continued death, oppression and misery. Rape and beatings as part of the misery for the women of Islamic Iran.

Do not blame anyone else but yourself if YOU do not do something, even small things like the ones suggested here, to earn your freedom.

If the man in this video can do something that he does, you can, too.

Your resitance movement will not get results overnight but as it builds in woman power, the power of the crazy ayatollahs will equally become less and less.

This formula or template is meant as a general guide to how to think. You have to adjust it to each individual home, family and neighborhood. Only you know how best to implement it. How to make it the most effective. How to expand it. How to get the results all freedom loving women in Iran yearn for.



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VERY COSTLY "FREE" SPEECH [live links at link, also internet radio] Wednesday, April 25, 2007Storm Track Infiltration: WordPress Hosting Terror Sites Ain’t free speech wonderful in time of war! Or is it sedition? The Jawa Report did a little digging and found out that terrorist & jihadist websites are hosted by San Francisco based Alan note: The San Francisco area has long been a center for Afghan and Iranian Islamists/Jihadists. Partly because of the size of those "foreign" communities and the liberal government administrations there. . Terrorists - websites of known terror organizations, terrorists, or those acting in their name. * Islamic Courts Union (al Qaeda linked former government of Somalia—aka, “African Taliban”) * Daniel al Jughaifi (personal website of indicted (Update: he plead guilty two days ago) American jihadi Daniel Joseph Maldonado) * Amreekan (literature by convicted terrorist Sheik Nasir bin Hamid al Fahd who famously issued a fatwa granting al Qaeda the right to use WMD against the U.S.) Terror supporters - Few terror supporters actually say, “We support terrorism” and these blogs are no exception. What they do is define terror in such a way as to exclude every organization listed by the U.S. State Department as specially designated terrorist enteties. Most of these blogs, though, openly support terror organizations such as al Qaeda in Iraq, the Islamic Courts Union of Somalia, or the Taliban. * Caravan of Martyrs (al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia support)* Ignored Puzzle (general Salafi-Sunni terror supporter) * Muslim in Kenya (supporter of al Qaeda backed Somalian ICU) * al Jihad (terrorist propaganda) * Truthline (general terror supporters) * Moderates Refuted (general terror supporters / followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed) * Naseeha (al Qaeda support) I wonder when this country and the free world will wake up to the fact that we are fighting a war. But for now, that’s asking a bit too much. Specially with the Democrat take over of Congress and Senate, creating a terror friendly environment which the Bush Administration can no longer easily handle.


HEY! NANCY PELOSI - WANT TO TALK TO THESE ISLAMIC THROW BACKS ON THE DARK AGES? FLY TO TEHRAN TO NEGOTIATE? REALLY? GET A BRAIN! GET A BACKBONE AND DEFEND WOMEN OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU ARE ONE? OR AT LEAST WERE ONE. HEY! CONDI RICE - YOU ARE A WOMAN AS MUCH AS SECRETARY OF STATE! YOU PROPOSE TALKS WITH THESE ANIMALS? BELIEVE THEY WILL ABIDE BY ANY AGREEMENT YOU REACH WITH THEM? OR ARE YOU OPENING YOURSELF AND OUR COUNTRY TO BEING SAVAGELY "F****D", TOO? Not YOU nor anyone else can reason with predators like these Islamic Iranian scavenger predators with strong jaws you will allow to grow stronger and fiercer by accomodating them. Easier to reason with the Soviet Bear than with these Islamic Iranian Hyenas HEY! WOMENS RIGHTS GROUPS. WHY THE DEAFENING SILENCE? NOT IN YOUR BACK YARD, SO OK? SCROLL DOWN FOR ONE PICTURE OF A WOMAN BEING ARRESTED. FOR LOOKING LOVELY? Tehran, 26 April (AKI) - Some 150,000 women have been detained in Iran for violating strict new Islamic dress code rules, the country's top police officer has announced. "During the first four days [since the code came into effect] we have picked up 150,000 women who were not properly veiled, but many of them were released after they signed an admission of guilt and a formal apology," General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam told journalists. An unspecified number of the women taken into custody were also forced to undergo psychological counseling (through the standard multiple RAPES, BEATINGS AND ABUSE "therapy" to teach/terrify them how to behave in public. SHADES OF SOVIET GULAGS AND MENTAL INSTITUTIONS FOR DISSIDENTS!), Moghaddam said. “Only 13 of these women are still being held and they will have to stand trial," he explained. Excerpt - go to for the rest of the article. (scroll down)

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SANE National Security Alert: Beware of Pigs! This is no joke. Immediate Threat Alerts! By Dave Gaubatz, Director What is a “Pig” and when is it a threat to our security? Why is the Pig so important to the war on Islam and Jihad, and why was the Pig so important to U.S. Federal Agent (retired) Dave Gaubatz when he went into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom to locate WMD sites? What is a “Pig” and when is it a threat to our security? The Pig is a very simple device used by contractors to clean water, sewage, oil, and gas pipes. The Pig is launched from fire hydrants or by removing a section of the main pipe. The Pig has been used by plumbers, sewage and water pipe specialists for many years. The Pig can be used to clean a pipeline 50 feet long or several hundred miles in length (oil/water/sewage). Notwithstanding the Pig’s use in industry, as a tool of mass destruction and terror it was known to only a handful of U.S. Government personnel. More importantly, its significance was known to Saddam Hussein and Islamic terrorist organizations. Even Iraqi citizens were aware of the Pig system. Chemical, Biological, and/or Nuclear weapons can be stored in the Pig and moved remotely through the thousands of miles of sewage, oil, and water pipes throughout Iraq. There is a reason the water and sewage pipes (infrastructure) were bombed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many people have theorized this was done by the US to cause the Iraqi people to suffer and to push to oust Saddam. This is not true. The sewage and water lines were bombed to hopefully destroy WMD that was hidden inside the pipes. When several journalists at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom questioned why the water and sewage lines were destroyed the U.S. military, the canned response was that it was not intentional and they had not meant to harm the Iraqi people by destroying the pipes. But, if truth be told, our military had the best of intentions when it sought to destroy the water and sewage systems (because we suspected WMD was located in the thousands of miles of pipes). The question I have had since then, especially as a Special Agent charged with investigating this possibility in Iraq, is why would no government official explain to the American people why it was done? The fact is that President Bush, his administration, and the military leadership failed to take into account that the WMD in Iraq was very mobile. It was mobile underground and it was mobile above ground, easily capable of being transported from Iraq to Iran, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia. By not being clear enough that we sought to destroy a dangerous regime with hostile intentions and capabilities, the American public quickly became disenchanted in a war, as Colonel T. Snodgrass has forcefully argued (here, here, here, here, here, and here), that has been fought not as a war but as an Urban Works project. We are publishing this report now at the SANE Works for US web journal because the Pig delivery system must be made known to local U.S. Law Enforcement officers, all U.S. Government personnel, and the American public. The terrorists throughout the world are very familiar with this simple method of delivering conventional and/or unconventional weapons anywhere and at anytime. The weapons can be placed into a Pig launching system from any section of a city and sent remotely to any location that has oil, water, gas, or sewage continuous pipelines. The weapons/explosives can then be detonated. Again, we are confronted with the question why the US government is not acting pro-actively to counter this threat? It is a fact that neither local state and city officials have been advised of this technology and its potential as a weapons delivery system nor has the public. The argument cannot be made that this would be disclosing secrets because the Jihadists already know of its potential. No, this is being kept from the American public not for national security reasons, but because those in charge in our government with prosecuting this war have determined that this should not really be a war. Thus, we are supposedly NOT at war with Islam, which is a noble and peaceful religion. We are at war instead with only a handful of radical Islamo-fascists, most of which are abroad. Moreover, the government “handlers” don’t want Americans to take a look at our domestic Muslim population and begin to ask serious questions. How many Islamic schools are teaching Shari’a – Islamic law? What does that Shari’a say about the existence of nations generally and America in particular? What about Jews and Christians? The answer to these questions would no doubt frighten the average American who has bought the government’s line that any discrimination against faithful Muslims in America would be “Islamophobia”. But I would argue as someone who has spent his professional life investigating terrorism and criminal acts against US interests that the American public needs to be aware of all possible terrorists attack systems because it is going to be the American public that will in the end be the eyes, ears, and mouths which guard the existing infrastructure and which demand the implementation of and improvements to the security systems not yet existing. Is a prevention available for a Pig delivered WMD? Yes, and it is not overly costly. Is such a system in place now to prevent this? To obtain the answer to this ask any plumber in any city. For my part, I have already briefed Congressman Curt Weldon and his Chief of Staff (Russ Caso) on this threat. Russ Caso said he had never heard of such a “thing”. If this is true that our Congressmen have not been briefed on some of the most basic attack methods of our enemies, how can we expect to win the “war on terrorism”? Until we confront the enemy, Muslims faithful to Shari’a and to the long-standing traditions of Islam, and until we confront the fact that our Muslim enemies are now living and working among us even while they are taking instruction from their leaders overseas and here in the Homeland, we will continue to be at risk for an atrocity that will make 9-11 a footnote in the description of this war.


Saddam's secrets Uploaded by drzz

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A large, high-ranking Syrian delegation of 40 generals on secret mission to Tehran Debka ^ 04/23/07 Led by Maj. Gen. Yahya L. Solayman, War Planning chief at the Syrian armed forces General Staff, the delegation represents all branches of the Syrian armed forces. On their arrival on April 18, the Syrian officers went straight into conference with Iranian defense minister Brig. Gen. Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar, Revolutionary Commanders chief Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim-Safavi and dep. chief of staff Maj. Gen. Hassani Sa’di, who is Iran’s chief of military war preparations. The Syrian visitors were taken around RG and armed forces training installations and given a display of the latest Iranian weapons systems, including stealth missiles, electronic warfare appliances and undersea missiles and torpedoes. They also visited the big Imam Ali training base in N. Tehran, where hundreds of Lebanese Hizballah and Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami terrorists are taking courses. In Washington and Jerusalem, there is little doubt that the two allies timed the Syrian delegation’s mission to Tehran as a rejoinder to US defense secretary Robert Gates’ Middle East tour last week. Israel sees four causes for concern: 1. The unusually large size of the Syrian delegation and the presence of operations officers from the various army corps. 2. The elevated positions of the Iranian officials hosting the Syrians: the top men with responsibility for preparing the RGs and armed forces for armed conflict. US and Israeli intelligence experts agreed in their talks during Gates’ two-day visit to Israel last week on the object of the Syrian mission: to tighten operational coordination at the highest level between the Syria military and Iran’s armed forces and Revolutionary Guards. 3. The installations and weapons shown the Syrian officers. The intelligence estimate is that they saw the weapons systems soon to be consigned by Iran to the Syrian army and Hizballah, as well as the types of assistance pledged for Syria in the event of a military showdown with the United States or Israel. Syrian-Iranian consultations must also be presumed to have cleared the routes by which these weapons would reach Syria and Hizballah in a military contingency. During the 2006 Hizballah-Israel war, Iran ran an airlift to Damascus through Turkish airspace and over the Mediterranean . 4. The unusual length of the visit. Monday, April 23 the Syrian officers were still busy in Tehran after six days and showed no sign of leaving.

NO PUNCHES PULLED (good repeat)

NO PUNCHES PULLED (Originally posted August 2006) A visitor to AntiMullah pulled up this article from the archives while being a welcome guest. Well worth reading it again. ALSO READ " what-would-losing-fight-to-islam-mean.html " (click on blue link) after reading this. Insight of a Sergeant Major (The author, J.D. Pendry, is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major who writes for Random House.) NO PUNCHES PULLED HERE Jimmy Carter, you're the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You're the Runner-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, you played "ring around the Lewinsky" while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia, and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses embolden the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately they grew bolder, until 9/11. John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam. Your military service, like your life, is more fiction than fact. You've accused our Soldiers of terrorizing women and in Iraq. You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time... the same words you used to describe Vietnam. You're a fake.You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did the Vietnamese. Iraq, like Vietnam is another war that you were for, before you were against it. John Murtha, you said our military was broken. You said we can't win militarily in Iraq. You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof. And said we should redeploy to Okinawa. Okinawa, John? And the Democrats call you their military expert. Are you sure you didn't suffer a traumatic brain injury while you were off building your war hero resume? You're a sad, pitiable, corrupt and washed up politician. You're not a Marine sir. You wouldn't amount to a pimple on a real Marine's ass. You're a phony and a disgrace. Run away John. Dick Durbin, you accused our Soldiers at Guantanamo of being Nazis, tenders of Soviet style gulags and as bad as the regime of Pol Pot who murdered two million of his own people after your party abandoned South East Asia to the Communists. Now you want to abandon the Iraqis to the same fate. History was not a good teacher for you, was it? See Dick run. Ted Kennedy, for days on end you held poster sized pictures from Abu Ghraib in front of any available television camera. Al Jazeera quoted you saying that Iraqis torture chambers were open under new management. Did you see the news this week Teddy? The Islamic Nazis demonstrate real torture for you again. If you truly supported our troops, you'd show the world poster-sized pictures of that atrocity and demand the annihilation of it. Your legislation stripped support from the South Vietnamese which led to a communist victory there. You're a bloated fool bent on repeating the same historical blunder that turned freedom-seeking people over to homicidal, genocidal maniacs. To paraphrase John Murtha, all while sitting on you wide, gin-soaked rear-end in Washington. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer et al ad nauseam. Every time you stand in front of television cameras and broadcast to the Islamic Nazis that we went to war because our President lied. That the war is wrong and our Soldiers are torturers. That we should leave Iraq, you give the Islamic butchers - the same ones that tortured and mutilated American Soldiers - cause to think that we will run away again and all they have to do is hang on a little longer. American news media, the New York Times particularly. Each time you publish stories about national defense secrets and our intelligence gathering methods, you become one with the sub-human pieces of camel dung that torture and mutilate the bodies of American Soldiers. You can't strike up the courage to publish cartoons, but you can help Al Qaeda destroy my country. Actually, you are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda is. Think about that each time you face Mecca to admire your Pulitzer.You are America's axis of idiots. Your collective stupidity will destroy us. Self-serving politics and terrorist abetting news scoops are more important to you than our national security or the lives of innocent civilians and Soldiers. It bothers you that defending ourselves gets in the way of your elitist sport of politics and your ignorant editorializing. There is as much blood on your hands as is on the hands of murdering terrorists. Don't ever doubt that. Your frolics will only serve to extend this war as they extended Vietnam. If you want our Soldiers home, as you claim, knock off the crap and try supporting your country ahead of supporting your silly political aims and aiding our enemies. Yes, I'm questioning your patriotism. Your loyalty ends with 'self'. I'm also questioning why you're stealing air that decent Americans could be breathing. You don't deserve the protection of our men and women in uniform. You need to run away from this war and this country. Leave the war to the people who have the will to see it through and the country to people who are willing to defend it. No Commander in Chief, you don't get off the hook either. Our country has two enemies. Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who attempt it from within. Your Soldiers are dealing with the outside force. It's your obligation to support them by confronting the axis of idiots. America must hear it from you that these people are harming our country, abetting the enemy and endangering our safety. Well up a little anger please, and channel it toward the appropriate target. You must prosecute those who leak national security secrets to the media. You must prosecute those in the media who knowingly publish those secrets. Our Soldiers need you to confront the enemy that they cannot. They need you to do it now!


Too often we use the word "hero" for a dog or some relatively minor act by a child. This co-pilot is among the real heroes. Surmounting incredible challenges to achieve his reponsibiities. Having to save his own life did not hurt but he is a hero.

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FINALLY SOMEONE IN AMERICA WOKE UP! BUT TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS - IF NOT THOUSANDS - OF "RELIGIOUS" INFILTRATORS ARE ALREADY HERE AND IN PLACE - WAITING FOR THE SIGNAL TO "GO!" - DISRUPTIVELY, DESTRUCTIVELY AND DESPICABLY. Homeland Security Department officials have discovered widespread fraud in a religious worker visa program that allows thousands of foreigners a year to enter the U.S. and remain here. Last year, the officials found that 33 percent of the visas that investigators examined were granted based on fraudulent information, USA Today reports. “We found that the program had been compromised and the fraud rate was excessively high,” Emilio Gonzalez, head of Citizen and Immigration Services at Homeland Security, told USA Today. The visa program was established in 1990 to allow churches, synagogues and mosques to hire qualified foreigners to fill open jobs. Applicants for a religious visa must have a sponsor in the U.S. Now Homeland Security plans to implement new regulations in an effort to prevent radical groups from using the visa program to get terrorists into the U.S. The regulations will allow inspectors and Customs officials to investigate religious organizations sponsoring applicants to assure that they are legitimate. They will also demand more proof from applicants that they are qualified for the job they’re seeking, and require proof of employment after one year on the job before extending a visa.

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BILINGUAL LETTER RECEIVED - FARSI VERSION click here (all in one long text - paragraphs by AntiMullah) Dear Mr. Allain Peter, I heard that Mrs. Nancy Pelosi is coming to Iran. Of course we Iranian know why. Please help us to reach Americans and give our message to whoever listens to us. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi wants to come to Iran, Who doesn’t know why? Who doesn’t know it is a long time that the road to white house is passing through Ayatollah’s door step. Thanks to some stupid American diplomats. Who doesn’t know, that time and again, these stupid politicians, act fast to implore and kiss the Mullah’s ass. An example is Mrs. Albright’s stupid Apology that cost her to be scorned by the Mullah’s. These politicians made it clear to the Mullah’s that we are not in power any more, and you are in control. You are the real supper power and we are a puppet in your finger’s tip. Please have mercy and send us to white house. She is coming to accept the Mullah’s request of years, the same request that some honorable politician did not accepted. She is coming to do a despicable acceptance in hurry to sell every right Iranian people as a human have especially Iranian women, for Mullah’s help on sending them to white house . Shame on her. Nancy Pelosi forgot that right after 9/11 these same honorable people under such a savage regime came out to the street with candles to send their condolences to American people and this regime tortured them for it. Now Nancy Pelosi is coming to auction all the human rights these innocent people may have. Who doesn’t know what the Mullah’s asked during these years? They send their meassages with every linkage to U.S and now she is going to use it for reaching to the white house. The Mullah’s sent a clear massage 1- Support our terrorist, tyranny, inhumane regime. It means do not let any sound of opposition in your soil. Nobody should tell anything against whatever we do in Iran. 2- Do not talk about human rights in Iran. If we stoned Iranian women, we don’t want to here your voice, if we executed our children in streets corner, keep quiet and ask your united nation to shut up too. If we rape the women in our prisons and hit them to dead like Zahra Kazemmi, you don’t let any picture in your TVs, if we ordered one savage Pasdar rape a little girl in prison before we execute her and the next morning we ask the price of bullets that we killed her with, from her parents, you continue the silence that you have now. If you see the pictures of our torture and street corner execution that makes the Nazi’s look good turn your head, if we make the Hezbollah’s army in another country to fight with countries like Israel, it is not your business don’t put your nose there. If we swoop up the Iranian wealth and let them live under the poverty line, of course all super power love it, so keep the silence and don’t let any body put our picture on any magazine’s cover so we are not force to assassinate them, like Rafsanjani did. This is the road to white house and we have the key to it. This is why Mrs. Nancy Pelosi wants to cover herself with Islamic dress and come to Iran to kiss the Mullah’s ass and open the way to white house for Democrats. She is the passenger of the inhumane and indecency and shamelessness road. If thou feel not for others’ pain, Thou shall not deserve to be humane. I heard that Ayatollahs didn’t give her a visa, if it could be true for the first time I could clap for them although it sure will be with the order of some other countries like China and Russia. But just to slap on Nancy Pelosi’s face I could respect them. She has such a childish excitement from her foolish thought that she wouldn’t leave any respect for America. Parisa
------------------------------------------------------ ALAN COMMENT:

Terrorist Al-Qaeda claim they won the recent elections for the Democrats, similarly to the Soviets trying but failing to get Jimmy Carter re-elected.


“The ISI – the Iraqi State of Islam and of the jihad fighters – hereby announces to the nation the appointment of its ministers, after Allah has enabled your brothers, the jihad fighters, who took the Oath of the Scented, to declare this state, and to appoint Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi asCommander [of the Believers]. “The following is the current composition of the government: 1. Sheikh Abu Abd Al-Rahman Al-Falahi – Deputy Commander of the Believers; 2. Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir – Minister of War; 3. Sheikh Abu Othman Al-Tamimi – Minister of Justice; 4. Abu Bakr Al-Jubouri – Minister of Public Relations; 5. Abu Abd Al-Jabar Al-Janabi – Minister of General Security; 6. Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Mashhadani – Minister of Information; 7. Abu Abd Al-Qader Al-’Isawi – Minister for Shahids and Prisoners; 8. Engineer Abu Ahmad Al-Janabi – Minister of Oil; 9. Mustafa Al-A’raji – Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries; 10. Dr. Abu Abdallah Al-Zaydi – Minister of Health. “May Allah protect them all, and help them carry out their duties...” The video can be viewed at: To view images from the video visit:

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OUR DESIGNATED INTEL AND ANTI-TERROR AUTHORITIES AND OUR MASS MEDIA seem to have a penchant for taking the enemy into our bosom and then promoting their activities. READ ABOUT TRITA PARSI who is constantly invited to expound on the Islamic Regime in Iran by American and European TV and Radio stations that seem to be oblivious to his being a clear pro-Mullah apologist (at best) and "formal" lobbyist (in discernable reality). Unless you follow the Clinton "depends on what is, is" approach and try to pars his activities (pun intended). Robert William (Bob) Ney is a current federal prisoner and a former Ohio Congressman from 1995 until November 3, 2006. On October 13, 2006 Ney pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and making false statements in relation to the Jack Abramoff lobbying and bribery scandal. Ney reportedly received bribes from Abramoff, other lobbyists, and two foreign businessmen - a felon and an arms dealer - in exchange for using his position to advance their interests. Conspicuously missing from this dossier of disservice to the country was Ney’s assistance in the creation of a Washington-based lobbying enterprise for the Iranian theocratic regime, The National Iranian-American Council (NIAC). NIAC is part of an extensive US lobbying web that objectively furthers the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This article will address the creation of NIAC, Tehran’s role, NIAC’s connection to Iran’s oil mafia, and NIAC attempts to penetrate US political system. Creation of NIAC The National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) was founded thanks to the efforts of four non Iranian-Americans: Roy Coffee, Dave DiStefano, Rep. Bob Ney, and Trita Parsi. Coffee and DiStefano, both Washington lobbyists, were investigated by the Justice Department for arranging a trip to London for Bob Ney, where he met a Syrian arms dealer and convicted felon involved in a conspiracy to circumvent sanctions to sell US-made aircraft parts to Tehran. Roy Coffee sent a letter to the Dallas Morning News in February 2006 to justify his relationship with the two London-based felons. Part of the letter discussed the founding of NIAC: “Back in the spring or summer of 2002, a good friend of mine from law school, Darius Baghai, had just returned from visiting relatives in Iran for the first time since his family left before the revolution. He spoke with me about how the economy of Iran was humming …….From this, I took Darius in to visit with Mr. Ney. What was to be a 15 minute meeting became a 1 1/2 hour meeting as they spoke passionately about their hopes for the Iranian people. They also spoke in Farsi a great deal - I’m sure talking smack about me. From that meeting, Darius, Dave and I began to work with Trita Parsi, another Iranian-American to try to form a political action committee of Iranian-Americans to pursue a strategy of normalization of relations between the two countries…. The 4 of us worked very hard for about 9 months to form this committee.” At the time, Trita Parsi was a Swedish-Iranian graduate student in his early twenties, best known for ties to Iran’s ambassador in Sweden. A successful self-promoter, he soon attached himself as a part-time aide to Congressman Ney before he was appointed president of NIAC. The New Lobby NIAC’s predecessor, the American-Iranian Council (AIC), was established in the 1990s with backing from multinational oil companies. For many years, it spear-headed pro-Tehran lobbying effort in the US. AIC president Houshang Amirahmadi had been an active pro-Tehran player since early 1980s. While residing in US, he was also a presidential candidate in Iran’s elections, and officially collaborated with different Iranian institutions and notably the foreign ministry. In 1999 and 2000 Trita Parsi was helping Amirahmadi to organize lobbying events in Washington. In 2001, the pro-Iran lobby in the United States became intensely active to prevent the renewal of the Iran Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA), and to lift U.S. sanctions on Iran. Despite extraordinary pressure from the lobby, ILSA passed overwhelmingly. Prior to his imprisonment in March 2007, Bob Ney led Congressional efforts to defeat ILSA and initiate Tehran-friendly policies in concert with AIC. Disappointed and angered by the ILSA vote, Ney began to plan for the next battle of the war. “The ILSA vote doesn’t look very promising, but that doesn’t mean the struggle should stop on this entire issue. It is a matter of education and re-education and people getting together and forming a citizen’s lobby to make sure that members of Congress and their offices are educated on this issue,” Ney told AIC in a June 2001 speech. While Ney was hard at work “forming a citizen’s lobby,” Trita Parsi claimed that the majority of lawmakers voted against their true wills. In a tone apologetic to Tehran, he expressed his hope that the Iranian regime understood that he and his colleagues had worked hard to prevent this result: “Hopefully, Tehran will recognize that an honest attempt was made to defeat or at least weaken the sanctions. The call for a review and Speaker Hastert’s pledge to insist on Congressional action based on the review must also be interpreted by Tehran as a step in the right direction” (Iran Analysis July 2001 Peyvand Iran News) This failure to block the renewal of ILSA in 2001 marked the start of a new era for the pro-Iran lobby in the United States. The lobbyists recognized that they must broadly reach out to Iranian-Americans.NIAC was created to put those plans in motion. Trita Parsi was the regime’s trusted man within the new network. Tehran’s faith in Parsi was so profound that in 2003 when Iran decided to send a highly secret proposal for negotiations to the White House, Parsi was called on to arrange the delivery of the message through Bob Ney to Karl Rove. Parsi, moreover, was among the few chosen men (along with Mahallati, Iran’s former ambassador to UN) to present the results of a shady Tehran-friendly poll of the Iranian population which indicated the popularity of Iran’s nuclear program. Trita Parsi and the Regime’s Inner Circle During the eight years of Rafsanjani’s presidency, which ended in 1997, the Iranian regime had attempted without success to attract the Iranian Diaspora to its cause. Khatami’s presidency recharged Tehran’s efforts. With the Supreme Leader’s direct involvement, the High Council for Iranian Compatriots Overseas was created in 2000. The President heads the Council, and the Foreign Minister serves as its deputy director. The Ministry of Intelligence and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance collaborate to implement the decisions of the council. The objective was to create a network of organizations to infiltrate and seemingly represent the Iranian community abroad, and promote policies favorable to the Iranian government. Tehran anticipated that this strategy would neutralize opposition activities abroad and legitimize the new lobby. State-sanctioned Iranian newspapers started a campaign to promote Trita Parsi and NIAC. Pro-government publications outside Iran followed suit. The former head of the Iran interest in Washington, Ambassador Faramarze Fathnejad, was thrilled with the efforts of Trita Parsi and NIAC, and underlined “the importance of relation with Iranian organizations in the U.S. and specially pointed to NIAC and his young leader who is a consultant to CNN and has been very successful in his efforts.” The Iran Ambassador even claimed 20,000 strong membership for NIAC (while only 150 is claimed by NIAC itself)! But token rhetorical support would not alone turn an inexperienced graduate student and a corrupt Washington politician into a lobbying enterprise. Entities with ample financial resources and direct access to Iran’s top leaders had to enter the scene. This is where Siamak Namazi, an important figures of this new lobbying enterprise and a prominent member of the Iranian oil Mafia, enters the scene. Trita Parsi and Namazi worked closely on developing the details of a grand plan to create an Iranian-American “Citizen’s Lobby.” They traveled to Iran together They organized joint conferences and meetings. In 1999, they co-authored a seminal paper, that provided the roadmap for the organization that later became NIAC. Namazi, along with his sister Pari and brother Babak, control the Atieh enterprise in Iran and its three sister companies Atieh Roshan, Atieh Bahar and Atieh Associates, as well as numerous other direct and indirect partnerships, including Azar Energy, Menas companies in England, Atieh Dadeh Pardaz, FTZ Corporate services and MES Middle East Strategies.. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Baquer Namazi (their father) is the Chairman of Hamyaran, identified by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars as a “resource center” in Tehran for Iranian non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Atieh claims to be a “fully private strategic consulting firm that assists companies better understand the Iranian market, develop business and stay ahead of [the] competition.” People familiar with the oil industry in Iran understand the coded language, After all, rulers in every country in the Middle East use outside consultants to negotiate the discrete terms of lucrative oil contracts. Atieh’s customers include the foreign corporations who wish to do business in Iran. One Atieh Bahar customer, Norway’s Statoil, has been publicly identified as a participant in a scheme to bribe Iranian government officials by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice. A number of high officials in the company were fired and the company had to pay tens of millions of dollars in penalties to the US and Norwegian governments for “payments to an Iranian official in 2002 and 2003 in order to induce him to use his influence to obtain the award to Statoil of a contract to develop phases 6, 7 and 8 of the Iranian South Pars gas field.” The most recent debacle of Atieh enterprise was in March 2007 when the CEO of the French oil company Total SA was charged with having bribed senior Iranian officials to secure contracts. Total is a major customer of the Namazi’s Atieh enterprise. Tehran’s trust in Namazi is further evidenced by the fact that his company provides the network and computer services for almost all Iranian banks, the Majles (parliament), and other important institutions. Namazi’s groups monitor nearly all Iranian economic or political activities and have access to the country’s most sensitive data. This is a clear indication of his prominent place inside the inner circle of power in Tehran. While representing Tehran, Namazi, disguised as a scholar travels to the US to seemingly pursue academic activities . He succeeded so well that the Congressionally-funded National Endowment for Democracy awarded him a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship in 2005. This link between the Iranian oil Mafia and “scholarly” pursuits in the US is hardly isolated. Three former Iranian deputy foreign ministers currently live in Boston posing as “scholars”: Mohammad Mahallati who was also the Iranian ambassador to the UN in the late 1980s, Farhad Atai and, Abbas Maleki. In addition to his diplomatic past, Maleki has been one of the most important figures within the Iranian oil Mafia. The Roadmap In 1999, Parsi and Namazi presented a joint paper titled “Iranian-Americans: The bridge between two nations” at a conference organized by the Iranian government in Cypress. This report contains the manifesto and the roadmap for the new Iranian lobby in the US. The authors argue that “an Iranian-American lobby is needed in order to create a balance between the competing Middle Eastern lobbies. Without it, Iran-bashing may become popular in Congress again.” The “competing lobby” was AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). The pillars of the road map were: · To have the appearance of a citizen’s lobby · To mimic the Jewish lobby in the US · To impede Iranian opposition activities · To infiltrate the US political system · To break the taboo of working with the Iran’s cleric rulers for the Iranian Diaspora · To improve the image of the Iran’s government abroad. In their report, Namazi and Parsi acknowledged that problems of organizing a pro-regime lobby within the Iranian-American community: “This group’s role has not been utilized any where close to its potential, however, for several reasons: A good portion of them were against the IRI [Islamic Republic of Iran], therefore would not do anything to help.” “The point is, [Iranian Americans] were not about to form a lobby group that would benefit the establishment in Tehran, or benefit the Iranian-Americans themselves as a community, nor was it for the most part interested in forming a pressure group against the Islamic Republic.” This was also underlined by Roy Coffee, one of the NIAC’s founders: “We [NIAC’s founders] found that most Iranians do not want to get involved in politics because of their experiences in Iran during and after the revolution. They have come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their children and don’t want to get involved.” The lack of participation by the Iranian American community in this lobby has been overcome with a sophisticated machine of professional lobbyists and “friendly” circles who favor a rapprochement with the Iranian regime. Tehran’s Advice: Mimic Jewish Lobby in Washington One of the hallmarks of the new lobby was its desire to rival the “Israeli Lobby” in the United States. This aspiration led to the creation of the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC), loosely modeled after similar organizations created by AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). Three of IAPAC’s board members came from the AIC’s leadership. In their 1999 paper, Parsi and Namazi analyzed at length the techniques used by AIPAC, and suggested that the same approach should be taken to create an Iranian lobby in Washington: “Creating similar types of seminars and intern opportunities to Iranian-American youth may not improve Iran-US relations in the short run, but it will help integrate the Iranian-American community into the political life of America. In the long run, a strong and active Iranian- American lobby, partly established through these seminars and by the participants of these programs, may serve to ensure that the US and Iran never find themselves in violent opposition to each other again.” Trita Parsi has been reciting this comparison to the Israeli lobby since the late 1990’s, about the time that the High Council was formed in Tehran. At the beginning his tone was more contentious and resembled the mullah’s usual rhetoric, but more recently he has toned down his anti-Israeli remarks, at least in English. The government-owned newspaper Aftab published an interview with Trita Parsi on December 28, 2006 that underscores Parsi’s efforts on behalf of the Iranian regime. Translation: “The conflict between Iran and the West on Iran’s nuclear file has entered a critical state. The government must now utilize all the possible resources to defend the national interest. In this, we have not paid enough attention to the potentially significant influence of the Iranian American society in moderating the extremist policies of the White House. In comparison of this untouched potential to the influence of the Jewish lobby in directing the policies of Washington in supporting Israel, we see the difference between what is and what could be.” Siamak Namazi began sounding similar theme: “I propose that we should start showing up to the leadership training seminars and other events organized by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) for their youth. Not only will this create an opportunity to learn the fine skills of community organization and grassroots lobbying, but it also takes away from AIPAC’s ability to spread misinformation about Iran through a deliberate campaign to further its own political agenda.” Not Lobbyists? As Ney’s criminal bribery and lobbying fiasco became more public, NIAC’s president Trita Parsi began to downplay NIAC’s lobbying activities. (NIAC is registered as a 501 c3, to which certain legal restrictions apply.) Furthermore, being lobbied by a former aid would have added to Ney’s already complicated situation. Asked in 2005 whether his group lobbied the US Congress, Trita Parsi told an interviewer: “Our group does not do any lobbying at all. We do not contact the Congressmen to support or oppose a bill.” Since its creation, however, NIAC has strived to penetrate the US political system in accordance with the roadmap Namazi and Parsi established in 1999. As the Washington Post reported on June 25, 2006: “The NIAC helped persuade a dozen conservative House members to sign a letter to President Bush earlier this month calling for unconditional negotiations with Iran’s regime.” The external communications of Parsi and other NIAC leaders shed further light on NIAC’s lobbying activities. “The NIAC members have educational and experimental knowledge on the lobbying process and politics in America.” “.. we must establish connections on Capitol Hill to establish early-warning systems about proposed votes or bills that may oppose the best interests of Iranian-Americans.” Bob Ney, Roy Coffee, and Dave DiStefano arranged numerous workshops, training classes, seminars and speeches in which they themselves and others with experience prepared members and affiliates of NIAC to lobby and influence Congress. Parsi, Namazi and Ney organized public gatherings and discrete and exclusive $1,000 per plate fundraiser events. They even developed a training manual for lobbyists, a copy of which was sent to this writer by a former NIAC member. NIAC itself admits that “In 2002, Congressman Ney benefited from letters sent by Iranian-Americans through NIAC’s Legislative Action Center in support of his resolution on US-Iran relations.” Infiltrating Congress Trita Parsi, Namazi and their backers fully intended to infiltrate the US Congress. One of the methods they boast of involves recruiting young Iranian Americans to serve as Congressional interns or pages by offering room, board and financial incentives. NIAC’s website brags of success stories in this venture. NIAC claims to have drafted the young Iranian American Press Secretary for Rep. Marcy Kaptur to help in improving the lobbying skills of NIAC members and affiliates. Similarly, an Iranian American student in the University of Minnesota received a financial scholarship in his senior year and becomes an intern in Senator Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) Washington office. Another intern, a graduate of University of South Florida, was placed in Congressman Jim Davis’ (D-FL) Washington, D.C. office. Expanding the operation to penetrate the US political system, NIAC has now formally implemented a paid trainee program and is actively in search for unwary Iranian American youth. Conclusion Since the early 1990’s, Tehran has embarked on developing a sophisticated lobbying enterprise in the United States. Iran’s government has devoted significant manpower and financial resources to this cause. This lobbying enterprise consists of a complex, intermingled web of entities and organizations with significant overlap of leadership, and heavy involvement of the notoriously mafia-like inner circles of the Iranian regime. Disguised as scholars, many of the former Iranian government officials reside in the US and constitute an important piece of the lobby machine. NIAC and its major figures, such as Bob Ney and Trita Parsi are effective nodes of Tehran’s efforts to manipulate US policy toward self-serving ends. Article writer, Hassan Daioleslam is an independent researcher and writer who has worked closely with two experienced investigative reporters inside Iran to explore and expose Iran lobbying enterprise in the United States. Alan note: a document has surfaced recently apparently an order from Iran's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei to pay the operator of a Persian language TV in the USA the sum of US $2,500,000 as a bonus for the station's activities during the previous year. In another effort to discredit an anti-mullah satellite TV station that had built up a viewership of about 4.5 million around the USA, Europe and was transmitting into Iran, about $4 million was poured into mullah-friendly media in the USA and Europe. All in the space of a few months around the time of Ahmadi-Nejad's election/appointment. That TV station was promoting Iranians to come into the streets during the elections - while foreign press was abundant - to protest the Mullah regime. The PR campaign was so effective that even anti-Islamic regime of Iran organizations were taken in and ostracized the operator of that loyal, anti-mullah TV station and spoke against him. The opportunity passed after Ahmadi-Nejad's ruthless administration replaced the old guard, comparatively less intense one and would deal with any such demonstration with as much bloodshed as it took. Just the way he arrested 1,000 peaceful teachers to quell their demand for fair pay. Not anti-regime reasons. In addition to Trita Parsi, reports from within Iran appear to indicate that Abbas Fakhravar and Akbar Ganji were provided with bullet-proof as possible cover and background stories to infiltrate the USA for the Mullahs. We in the USA do not have the intelligence assets or capabilty to check out the carefully and patiently crafted cover being provided, nor do our Western minds accept that the "alleged" physical pressure on either of these two would be done to add credence to the cover stories. Or could be staged. Bullet proof for outsiders but more easily pierced when abstracts of their MOIS files fall into non-sympathetic hands through Iranian sources. Who can access the truth and pierce the veil of the cover stories. Some of which is almost public knowledge anyway. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The mullahs' rule came down on women's rights, liberties, culture, family and private lives like a huge avalanche.
PERSIAN LANGUAGE VERSION LINK click here Badly beaten Woman Prisoner
- Executing thousands of female opponents, which is unprecedented anywhere in the world. In a recent demonstration by teachers asking for better and equal pay, some 10,000 demonstrators, mostly women, showed up. Some 1,000 women teachers were arrested in one fell swoop by the Suppression forces and transferred to various prisons. The head of Islamic Iran's National Prisons Organization recently admitted there were over 100 "independent" prisons around the country, each run for their own use by various so-called security or intelligence organizations. Most are only quasi-official and some definitely "illegal" if such a word can be applied to the Islamic administration of Ahmadi-Nejad in particular and the Mullahs in general, where their very presence has illegal roots and foundation. Add to these the latest Bassiji or Suppression forces prisons. The Mobile ones built on 40 ton container trucks that can be brought close to anti-government protests and people shoveled into them by the dozen. Then driven anywhere where the human contents can disappear into mass graves. After suffering the worst possible tortures but where their screams in the wilderness cannot be heard by anyone. Anyone have a doubt that among the thousand women teachers arrested any but the oldest or ugliest escaped rape? Or other forms of sexual abuse? If so, dream on. Or better still get a grip on Mullah reality.

NOTE: One way of dealing with these mobile prisons is to puncture their tires when they arrive on scene and before they can drive off with their victims.

The late Shah's SAVAK (transformed into today's mullah version called SAVAMA by the clerics) was a pussycat compared to current variations operating under VEVAK (translating the Farsi acronym VEVAK to the English one of MOIS - Ministry of Information & Security); - Torturing tens of thousands of women political prisoners. The huge number of women among the political prisoners is staggering and unprecedented - other than when slavery was an integral part of society.

And when the Mullahs decide they are afraid of a group or groups - like the MEK for instance - and slaughter some 30,000 of them in their prisons in the 1980s, many of them women, it is a short step to also deal with "innocent" protestors in the same way.

Like the teachers, or workers who have not been paid for months and know the money is no longer there to pay them. Or their factories and ability to earn a living being put out of business and closed down by the unbridled import of cheap, very lowest quality Chinese goods flooding the market.

- Executing pregnant women, the torture of mothers in front of their children and raping women in front of their menfolk.

Many wondered what caused former President Khatami to buckle and stop promoting "reform" during his second term and become nothing more than a tool to fool the West that the Mullahs had an "elected" - thus democratic - form of government.

Reports from Iran say he was summoned to Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei's office, where, to his astonishment, he found all the women of his immediate family already gathered. On his way inside, he had been surprised to find some forty or fifty extra bodyguards outside the office.

Once inside, he was given an offer he could not refuse.

Either stop your reformist nonsense or sit and watch repeated gang rape of your women by the dozens of guards waiting outside.

Would you rather live with those shameful scenes for the rest of your life or co-operate with us and do what we tell you?

(There were rumors that Janet Reno was also reined in during her second term as Attorney General by the Clinton administration in a similar fashion when she was allegedly presented with a video of her sexually engaged with two female prostitutes, apparently hired to put her into this compromising position).

"Reforms" - which were a watered down version of the Mullah tyranny anyway, came to a screeching halt and activist students, hopeful followers and others who had put their lives on the line for Khatami, all found themselves betrayed and abandoned.

Pregnant women being executed goes back to the early days of the revolution when women prisoners were used as free prostitutes for the prison guards and the clerics in charge.

And for the 2,000 or so Palestinians Yasser Arafat had brought with him or imported later, who manned the firing squads Khomeini used to slaughter so many true Iranians. So unlike his own foreign national origins.

Teen and pre-teen girls (virgins must not be executed under Islamic law) who died during their brutal sexual abuse, were thrown on the piles of bodies of those already executed in the morning and received a couple of bullets in their long dead bodies to hide the barbarous agony to which they had been subjected.

Adding insult to injury their parents had to pay for those bullets, as did all families for each bullet used by the firing squads.

Female prisoners were allowed to live for as long as they did not get pregnant and died if they did - to hide their abuse and impregnation - inside a prison where no other men could, nor should, have touched them.

Traumatized children, if their sanity prevailed, who watched their mothers being abused sexually, tortured and screaming in pain would likely grow up fearful of the regime and not confront it in the future.

And bear witness to husbands, brothers, fathers and other men who might otherwise oppose the Mullahs if not available to view the proceedings themselves. - Degrading women's social and economic standing to second class citizens.

Unlike at the time of the late-Shah, women have - except for the token instances to the contrary - lost their freedoms and rights.

Husbands can divorce wives at will, throw them or even recalcitrant daughters out of the house into the streets, refuse to take care of their basic needs beyond minimal food, sometimes not even doing that.

Women have nowhere to complain nor a judicial system which will protect them. Men dominate and their word is worth more than that of a woman.

In one notorious case in which the Western world became involved, a woman defending herself and her daughter against rape by a local official ended up stabbing him and was condemned to death for murder.

Nothing she said was given credence and self-defense was no defense. Only international intervention spared her from hanging.

In other instances, women who have been raped have either been hanged for adultery or stoned for it. Male influence plays a large role in these executions.

Do Iranian women still think life was worse under the late-Shah, as differentiated from simply a monarchy in general?

They still inherit a lesser share than men but with a new twist, if from a non-Moslem family, married to a Moslem, they additionally have even that reduced further under Islamic Iran's often vague and fluctuating legal decisions.

In brief, there is little or nothing in a woman's life in Islamic Iran which measures up to a man's. She does not even have the right to her own children to whom she gave birth. They belong to the father.

These headings illustrate some of the differences:

- Imposing gender apartheid

Women are banned from "male "events, such as sports games like soccer, where they are not permitted to enter a stadium where matches occur.

They are often banned from the very mosques that regulate their lives and insist on their following sharia law. Some Imams simply refuse to grant them entry.

- Controlling women's presence in the streets

Unless willing to risk encounters with morals police or accusations of immorality by men in general and clerics in particular, who are happy to label her a whore at the slightest excuse, a woman has to watch her behavior.

Arguably the same applies in Western countries but nowhere near the intensity found in Moslem Iran or other Islamic regimes.

- Imposing compulsory veiling, controlling the color and forms of women's attire

After toying with the idea for quite some time, Iran appears to have finally decided to design a national costume for men and women to differentiate themselves from other Moslems and create a national identity.

Somewhat along the Communist Chinese mentality of uniform clothing to have everyone dress in only one way and remove all forms of individuality.

The "chador" literally meaning "tent" which Iranian Islam imposes on women, who feel obliged to use it to cover whatever they wear beneath it, presently acts as the Chinese type "equalizer". Usually black, they serve as a loose 'burkha" found in Afghanistan and some African Moslem countries.

Once again, Islamic Iran has injected a twist. Memories of Hitler and Nazis who are clearly heroes to Islam, and the Jewish yellow star they imposed, the color and type of your clothing will indicate your religion! To allow Moslems to avoid contact with infidels, who could pollute them!

In pre-Pahlavi monarchies and early in the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi himself, by religious tenet, non-Moslems were not allowed to leave their homes when it rained as the rain might flow from their clothes onto the pavement where a Moslem would pass or splash onto Moslems and - either way - pollute them!

- Lacerating and splashing acid on women's faces because of their clothing and make up

For a long time, morals police would punish a woman whose hair protruded from under the front of her head scarf in public by stapling the scarf to her forehead. Using several staples to ram home their insistence of decent Islamic appearance.

Suppression or Bassiji forces would use the excuse of illegal gathering or use of make-up or improper clothing to punish women by splashing them, in the face and upper body with concentrated acid.

The permanent, ugly disfigurement branded the woman as a "whore" and punished her to where a man would no longer want her - with or without make-up.

Acid is used generally by the Suppression forces on both men and women.

When the MOIS wanted to arrest Ayatollah Boroujerdi and ended up in a stand off, his followers captured several of the Bassijis and found them all carrying glass bottles filled with concentrated acid to use on his supporters.

While it used to be a vital part of Iranian culture, before Khomeini took over, to guard and protect women, specially those of your family - and still is in ordinary households - this aspect has begun to disappear other than in the form of fanatical repression of women.

Now, women have become not only fair game but preferred targets for the Suppression forces, who take sadistic pleasure in wielding tire irons, full force, at women.

Ruthless deterrent aimed at physically and psychologically keeping everyone off the streets and toeing the regime line obediently.

However, Iranian women have a strong independent streak in their weave and waft. Not naturally drawn to religion or to the clerics themselves, better educated women show their resentment by wearing bright colors and stylish versions of "acceptable" clothing.

With pressure through imposition of fanatical Islamic mores and tenets reaching unsupportable levels for many women, there was a video of a "correctly" dressed young Iranian woman in trousers and long jackets and head scarf, turning on a black chador clad morals policewoman and kicking the blazes out of her before leaving and escaping.

Because women have culturally been a "protected" class - though dependent on men - till recently they have been braver in protesting against the Mullahs, not fully realizing their "immunity" no longer holds true.

- Promoting polygamy and temporary marriage, justified by the mullahs' disgraceful Sharia The Prophet Mohammad originally instituted polygamy - four official wives and as many concubines as you could afford, to compensate for the explosion of girls and women in his Arab tribal populations and society when he banned infanticide of newborn girls.

India still has occurrences of female infanticide in provincial or poorer parts of society , where a wet cloth is placed over the mouth and nose of a female infant, who chokes and dies. Arabs simply dug a hole in the sand and buried the newborns alive.

An unforeseen consequence of his banning the killing of virgin girls - by which he achieved his intended edict - was the incredible suffering of the very young girls imprisoned and condemned to die by the Khomeini regime and in the decades of Mullah rule after that.

Because of limitations on earning a living, marriage becomes the only haven for a woman - as it used to be in Western countries as late as the early 1900s. The difference here is a capable woman does not have the same opportunities to earn and live her own life without a man.

Polygamy helps some women but for others, as they grow older or less patient with the husband's male dominance, they find themselves "divorced" with no legal formality and on the wrong side of the front door with only an option of finding a generous relative or living as a street person.

There are tens of thousands of abandoned wives and daughters living as homeless street people in the capital city of Tehran alone.

Add to this heart wrenching situation nearly half a million abandoned children of both sexes. The women and children have nowhere to turn and must earn a living selling themselves, running drugs or living hand to mouth, any way they can, to survive.

Clearly selling their bodies is an immediate result but not for the older women who find themselves thrown literally into the street with no income and no government charity or social safety net to look after them.

Adding another reason why an estimated 30% of Islamic Iranians are heavy illegal drug users. Also remember that about 65% of the population is under the age of 30-years or thereabouts.

-Applying medieval and painful punishments such as stoning, whose victims are primarily women Justice in Islamic Iran vacillates among the different courts and their clerical judges, with religious law judges able to impose their will according to very subjective views of Islamic law. Similar to the Inquisition of times long gone by.

While the Supreme Court has to approve all hangings or executions, here again they decide by whim rather than by tangible law.

A mentally retarded, underage (14-years old) girl was condemned to death and hanged in a North Iran town for annoying the cleric who was her judge.

He went out of his way to carry her file to Tehran and get the approval of the Supreme Court.

Her original sin was to have a lover. The cleric quickly left the area and her family has no way to level charges at him for executing an underage victim. Forbidden officially by Iran's laws but as events repeatedly show, easily circumvented by a cleric acting as a religious judge.

On the other side of the Supreme court coin, some Revolutionary Guard members conducted gruesome killings of some 18 people in a one year period.

The court found the vigilantes were not guilty because their victims were allegedly involved in "un-Islamic" activities. The killers said they believed Islam let them spill the blood of anyone engaged in illicit activities if they issued two warnings to the victims.

According to their confessions, the killers put some of their victims in pits and stoned them to death. Others were suffocated. One man was even buried alive while others had their bodies dumped in the desert to be eaten by wild animals.

The accused, who were all members of an Islamic paramilitary force, told the court their understanding of the teachings of one Islamic cleric allowed them to kill immoral people if they had ignored two warnings to stop their bad behavior.

But there was no judicial process to determine the guilt of the victims in these cases. Pure vigilante justice.

Lower courts have condemned these men to death five times but the Supreme court has also repeatedly overruled the verdicts. One of the condemned must have a powerful person looking out for them.

Women never get a break. Their word or testimony is only worth HALF that of a man. Need I say more?

As a reflection, in the days of the late Shah, the shoe was pretty much on the other foot and men had to be very careful not to be accused by a woman. Or expect long and protracted problems in the courts, which gave the women an edge if any doubt existed.

- Injustice and discrimination in economic participation, employment and education.

Sexist discrimination which would create outcry to the heavens in the USA or even Europe, is a part of everyday life in Islamic Iran, where women are second class citizens as a matter of course, deprived of the right they used to have, to pursue any career or business they chose to have. The Mullahs have restricted women into a limited category of professions and careers.

Again, women may often only do something with the approval and permission of the senior male member of the family. They cannot leave the country without the permission of their husband or if unmarried from the senior male member of the family. Often an uncle. - Selling innocent girls' body parts due to impoverishment, hunger and many other calamities

A trade in kidneys and transplant body parts is rampant and there are agencies whose whole existence is the laboratory testing of candidates for sale of transplant material. They buy and sell body parts as others might buy and sell rice or cookies.

This trade has been captured on tape and posted on the Internet and if memory serves also on the AntiMullah site, too.

But the most prevalent "body" trade is the human sex trade both inside the country and to the Gulf States.

With so many desperate abandoned women and children available the "religious" Islamic clerics have personally set up brothels using orphans who come hoping to be "cared for" by them. Or sent to them by parents, hearing by word of mouth (recruitment) the clerics may care for their daughters when they can no longer afford to feed them.

Sex slavery out of Islamic Iran predominates in the region and with the Mullah regime investing in huge, modern hotels in Dubai they hold auctions of Persian girls and boys every evening in the basement.

Since Islam allows "temporary" marriages of as little as a few minutes, the girls are "married off" for an hour, a night or for the right price - forever - as sex slaves to Arabs who want to use them and/or to sell them off.

Democratic Speaker of Congress

NANCY PELOSI's eagerness to forget she is a woman and to feel sympathy for the plight of womanhood in Islamic Iran and visit and negotiate with the Mullahs comes as a distinct shock. And a betrayal of what she claims to stand for. The photo may seem funny. For Iran's women, life increasingly invites miserable death. With death often a welcome relief from prolonged suffering. Ahmadi-Nejad wants all women to feel like this female looks. And control Iranian men via their women folk.

Sunday, April 15, 2007



If today’s Middle East Times is any indication, it must be fatwa season in Malaysia:

-First, a museum exhibit on ghosts and the supernatural was canceled after a fatwa was issued against it:

The National Fatwa Council Thursday reportedly ruled that exhibitions on ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural beings were forbidden, as they could undermine the faith of Muslims.

“Supernatural beings are beyond the comprehension of the human mind. We don’t want to expose Muslims to supernatural and superstitious beliefs,” council chair Abdul Shukor Husin was quoted as saying in the Malay-language daily Berita Harian Friday.

Abdul Shukor said that the council’s decision would be presented to all of Malaysia’s state governments for gazetting as religious law.

“Only state governments have the power to take action, especially concerning the ghostly exhibitions,” he said.

So, if I read this correctly, the National Fatwa Council (NFC) wants Malaysia’s state governments to ban any future exhibits on the supernatural.

If they succeed, I wonder what other types of exhibits would fail to pass muster as well.

But that’s only half the fatwa fun, for the NFC also found time to decry Internet trading:

National Fatwa Council chairman Abdul Shukor Husin said that non-Muslim investment schemes accessed through the Internet pay interest and guarantee a steady profit, which is banned under Islamic or Sharia law.

“We advise those making investments via the Internet to stop immediately,” Abdul Shukor was quoted as saying in Malay-language daily Berita Harian.

“There are many alternative investment schemes based on Islamic principles initiated by the government which Muslims can participate in,” he said.

Islamic funds ban the earning of interest and cannot invest in companies associated with tobacco, alcohol, or gambling, which are considered taboo by Muslims.

Yes, these are relatively minor and even silly instances of Islamist censorship and intolerance. What makes them important is that they are symptoms of a broader culture war within most Islamic societies.

For the last several decades, Islamist extremism exported from the Middle East has encroached on traditionally tolerant customs and practices throughout the Muslim world.

The rise of jihadist terror organizations such as Al Qaeda is merely a reflection of this process.

If radical Islamists succeed in remaking the Muslim world in their image, the consequences for intellectual freedom worldwide would be disastrous.


Muslims Charged With Firebombing Montreal Jewish Center Here’s a surprise about the recent firebombing attack in Montreal: apparently it was Muslims who did it: Two Montreal men have been accused of a raft of attacks against the city’s Jewish community, including the firebombing of a Snowdon community centre that police are treating as a hate-related crime. Omar Bulphred, 21, and Azim Ibragimov, 23, appeared briefly in Quebec Court on Friday to be arraigned on charges stemming from incidents that began last fall. Both were denied bail. Because of references to "radical Islam," the powers-that-be at YouTube partially deleted parts 1 and 5 of "Confrontation at Concordia". Joe Malchow has uploaded all five parts of the documentary at Power Line Video. Below is part 1; see parts 2-5 there.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


After my two hour interview with a TV program, which also included an exhortation to Iranian women, specially inside Iran, to rally and form neighborhood watch type groups - for FUTURE purposes - an analysis on the state of women under Mullah rule and some actions for them to take, will be here tomorrow. Already "here" are some articles on NEWS VIEWS - one about China testing the "food weapon" against the USA along the lines of "black tar heroin" they flooded into the USA to destroy our youth a couple of decades ago. Always check NEWS VIEWS - link in left hand column and read the large number of headings to world events under "Anti-Terror News" also with a link in the left hand column.


BEIRUT - The Palestine Liberation Organisation has adopted measures to “isolate” Fatah Al Islam, an Islamist grouping blamed for deadly bombings in Lebanon, the PLO representative in Beirut said. “We are attempting to isolate Fatah Al Islam because we do not want the Palestinians to be perceived as an element of instability in Lebanon,” Abbas Ziki told AFP in an interview on Friday. Last month, Lebanese Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh said detained members of Fatah Al Islam had admitted carrying out bus bombings in a mountain village on February 13 that killed three people. But Fatah Al Islam, a small grouping which first came to be known last November and which is based in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr Al Bared in northern Lebanon, has denied any involvement in the attacks, Ziki said. Lebanese authorities were holding 15 members of the Islamist grouping over the bus attacks. Outlining the steps being taken, Ziki said the PLO military and political factions were determined to contain Fatah Al Islam, although without resorting to violence. “We have named a new military command, created a joint intervention force and released funds,” said Ziki. He said the measures involve close PLO cooperation with the Lebanese armed forces which do not have access to the camps that are controlled by Palestinian armed factions. Ziki said the funds are “a financial assistance for the people of Nahr Al Bared and the reactivation of medical and social services” in a bid to counter the growing Islamist wave in the camp. “They (Islamists) are attracting young people by using enormous financial means, they are teaching them how to handle arms at a time when the Palestinian Authority is facing a financial blockade,” he said. “We want to cut the grass under the feet of the Islamists,” he said. “Poverty has spread in the camps... and the refugees are deprived of their most elementary civic and human rights,” said Ziki. Lebanon has been shaken by a spate of political violence over the past three years, notably a series of assassinations targeting figures opposed to the country’s once-dominant neighbour Syria. Lebanese authorities say Fatah Al Islam is manipulated by Syrian intelligence services. The Islamist grouping denies links with the Al Qaeda international terror network, although its leaders have said that the two groups “follow the same (religious) line and methodology.” The bus bombings “have stirred bad memories and we have all understood that Fatah Al Islam wants to harm civil peace in Lebanon and disturb the new-found harmony between the Palestinians and the Lebanese,” Ziki said. Ziki reopened the PLO office in Beirut in 2006 after it had been closed since the 1982 Israeli invasion. The PLO had established a “state within a state” in Lebanon from 1969 until the Israeli invasion of the country in 1982, at the height of the Lebanese civil war.

Thursday, April 12, 2007



iSLAMic TERROR IN OHIO -Breaking News

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A federal grand jury indicted a U.S. citizen on charges of joining al- Qaida and conspiring to bomb European tourist resorts and U.S. government facilities and military bases overseas, officials said Thursday.
The investigation of Christopher Paul, 43, spanned four years, three continents and at least eight countries, FBI agent Tim Murphy said shortly before the Columbus man appeared before a federal judge.
Paul had trained with al-Qaida in the early 1990s and told al-Qaida members in Pakistan and Afghanistan that he was dedicated to committing violent jihad, according to the indictment issued Wednesday.
"The indictment of Christopher Paul paints a disturbing picture of an American who traveled overseas to train as a violet jihadist, joined the ranks of al-Qaida and provided military instruction and support to radial cohorts both here and abroad," Assistant U.S. Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said in a statement.
Paul, who was arrested Wednesday outside his apartment, is charged with providing material support to terrorists, conspiracy to provide support to terrorists and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.
In court Thursday, Magistrate Judge Terence Kemp asked Paul if he understood the charges. "Yes, sir," Paul replied.
Prosecutors asked that he be held without bond, and Kemp set another hearing Friday on the issue. Paul's lawyer, Don Wolery, did not return a message seeking comment before the hearing.
The indictment says Paul traveled to Germany about April 1999 to train co-conspirators to use explosives to attack European and U.S. targets, including government buildings and vacation spots frequented by American tourists.
It does not name specific resorts or buildings that might have been targeted, but gives U.S. embassies, military bases and consular premises in Europe as examples.
Paul later sent a wire transfer of $1,760 from a financial institution in the U.S. to an alleged co-conspirator in Germany, prosecutors allege.
A fax machine in him home contained names, phone numbers and contact information for key al-Qaida leadership and associates, according to the indictment.
Paul also is accused of storing material at his father's house in Columbus, including a book on improvised land mines, money from countries in the Middle East and a letter to his parents explaining that he would be "on the front lines," according to the indictment.
His sister, Sandra Laws, answered the door at the home and said she and her father live there. She said the family will be speaking to Paul's attorney later Thursday and declined further comment.
No charges are expected against family members, authorities said. Paul was born Paul Kenyatta Laws. He legally changed his name to Abdulmalek Kenyatta in 1989, then to Christopher Paul in 1994, according to the indictment.
After finishing his al-Qaida training in the early 1990s, he returned to Columbus to teach martial arts at a mosque, the indictment said.
Two other Columbus men have been charged in federal investigators' terrorism investigation.
Lyman Faris was sentenced in 2003 to 20 years in prison for a plot to topple the Brooklyn Bridge.
Nuradin Abdi, accused of plotting to blow up a Columbus-area shopping mall, is awaiting trial on charges including conspiring to aid terrorists.