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Hope to post Farsi language translation soon.

Women of Iran, do not get discouraged by Nancy Pelosi being a traitor to all women, or Condi Rice appearing also be about to betray the 150,000 of you arrested for "poor dress" as per Islamic sharia law.

Shot across the bows of Iranian women by Ahmadi-Nejad. Clearly he and his regime has been listening to and frightened by exhortations on an Iranian program for Iranian women to arise and confront his regime.

Can you imagine the effort needed to arrest 150,000 people in about one or two days? Specially all of the same gender? Or the anger and fear behind this move?

Here is my message to Iranian women as I said on the Iranian program - except more organized:

1. You do not have to hit the streets and be arrested and beaten up or raped and abused to effectively counter the Mullahs.

2. You ARE far more powerful than you believe. You can make life a living hell for the men. With some caution as the Mullahs have made divorce so easy for the men.

Ending up abandoned and penniless on the street does NOT help the overthrow of the Mullahs, so be smart, not reckless.

3. Protest the misreatment of your sisters to your men. Aggravate them, make their home life miserable till they pay attention. You know how to nag and embarrass them - specially referencing their manhood and pride.

4. Women are the keepers of family secrets, all those that appear at home when the men return from work or their outside duties. They may not tell you everything but they do talk or you overhear their conversations with colleagues.

4. As long as the men can operate and do harm to your sisters (and brothers) in the DARK of secrets you help keep, then they are immune. And you are an accessory to the crimes they commit.

Yes, if ever they are tried for their crimes YOU will probably be at their side for hiding their crimes. When the current regime goes away, as it will. YOU will not find a sympathetic or forgiving situation for not speaking up to defend your sisters.

You could well hang in a noose alongside your husbands, your men folk whose secrets you keep, which allows them to do unspeakably horrible things to your sisters and brothers.

5. You want America and theWest to help free you but they want to see some movement from you to tell them you deserve the help.

Again, you do NOT have to come into the streets and get hurt to show your active desire for freedom. Just stop hiding the truth and let it cross the borders to the West.

6. Make notes of everything you see and hear. Whether it is the car number plate of a government official, where he or she works, possibly one of your neighbors, their direct phone numbers, their office address, their home address, the streets they take to go t work and return home.

EVERY personal detail about them and their families - even if those are YOUR family. This may end up being the only way you can save your family in the long run.

The USA has several naval aircraft carrier groups near Iranian shores - with hundreds of aircraft and thousands of Marines. These were not brought close for fun. So choose which side you are on. Or want to be on.

7. While collecting information, talk to women in your neighborhood you believe will think as you do or feel as you should. Some stupid ones will betray you if you are not careful, so be wise but also take small risks.

8. Finally find ways of getting all personal information you collect to us in the West. Hakhah TV, KRSI (Radio Sedaye Iran) and, we will pass them on.

You can do this through various channels, short Emails (only text not pictures, save the pictures for later when things change and such proof is needed) giving this bit by bit to family members outside Iran, occasional phone calls to anywhere outside Iran which can pass the information on to us.

The fight for freedom cannot be all free from any danger. It is not without risk but freedom is not free.

Remember that if you can help drag the horrible regime acitivities into daylight, if those who do all these horrible things find everything they do appearing in detail all over the Internet, all over the world, they will first hesitate and later be afraid to go on doing harm.

YOU will have played a major role in saving your Sisters and helpng overthrow the insane regime of Ahmadi-Nejad and his Passdars and his Hojatieh ayatollahs who care nothing about your lives or your survival.

Your death, if in their crazy minds it helps bring back the 12th Imam (Imam Zaman) then you better die fast or they will kill you. They offer you no safety now, no future. Only continued death, oppression and misery. Rape and beatings as part of the misery for the women of Islamic Iran.

Do not blame anyone else but yourself if YOU do not do something, even small things like the ones suggested here, to earn your freedom.

If the man in this video can do something that he does, you can, too.

Your resitance movement will not get results overnight but as it builds in woman power, the power of the crazy ayatollahs will equally become less and less.

This formula or template is meant as a general guide to how to think. You have to adjust it to each individual home, family and neighborhood. Only you know how best to implement it. How to make it the most effective. How to expand it. How to get the results all freedom loving women in Iran yearn for.

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