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Islamic Regime of Iran's Supreme Ruler, Ali Khamenei's, opinion on talks with the USA! Note: One of the key Islamic negotiatiors today, Qomi, is a Commander of the Qods (Jerusalem) Brigade - the Islamic Regime's "special forces" for overseas oprations, and personally heavily involved in the supply of weapons into Iraq. And into Syria and Lebanon.
Whatever he says and promises will be believable. Right? Wrong!

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THE TRUTH ABOUT SYRIA By Barry Rubin Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007 Among the biggest world problems and greatest threats are terrorism, radical Islamism, and Middle East crises. Among its greatest challenges are the Iraq issue, the growing power of Iran, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. In all of these issues, Syria plays a central role; in most of them it is one of the greatest or the number-one obstacle. Today, Syria sponsors terrorist groups that attack the United States, Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon. Syria is central to America’s current role in the world, the dangers it faces, and the wars that engage it. This book provides a comprehensive explanation of Syria’s regime, interests, policies, and society. In turn, Syria provides a model for understanding the Arab and Muslim worlds today. While the Syrian regime poses as being desirous of peace and engagement with the West, in fact its institutions, ideology, propaganda, and activities go in the exact opposite direction. To survive, the minority-dominated, dictatorial, and economically incompetent government needs radicalism, instability, anti-Americanism, and using Israel as a scapegoat. The Truth About Syria explains how the country has run; how it tries to attack U.S. interests; and why the regime is incapable of another type of policy. Barry Rubin has been a writer and analyst on the Middle East for more than 30 years. He was written 23 books and edited an additional 32 books on the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy. Dr. Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, the world’s largest journal on the region. The Truth About Syria has the official publication date of May 29. $24.95/$31.00 Canada304 pp. ISBN - 10: 1-4039-8273-2; ISBN-13: 978-10439-8273-5.To order from Amazon: <> For more information on the book: <> Review copies-- "Ellis Trevor" <> Publicity information-- "William Smith" Professor Barry Rubin,Director, Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) CenterEditor, Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) JournalEditor, Turkish Studies

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Hey! Europe. Hey! Democrats. Hey! Liberal Bleeding Hearts. These nukes are coming at you - via the Islam you try to appease and gratify to ineffectively try to avoid a much lesser evil inside your countries.
What this cartoon fails to show is a large monster, El-Baradei, Chief of the International Atomic Energy arm of the UN, swinging a club at the little UN guy to make his job even more difficult.
He already removed Charlier, his chief investigator, last year on Iran's request, because he had found proof that Iran was developing nuclear weapons.
Now he lobbies for Iran to be allowed to keep some centrifuges operational. Why? So they can work out kinks in their system and then go full blast?
Or is it so that satellites which can pick up the high pitch whine of centrifuges even undreground ones, should Iran apparently concede and halt nuclear operations, be then attributed to these "research units" to explain away a full scale operation.
He repeatedly spent a ton of time educating Islamic Iran on how to avoid, evade and circumvent IAEA regulations.
Don't believe me about El-Baradei? Look at his lovey-dovey, kissy-kissy embrace with the head of Iran's national security and nuclear program Larijani below.
(Still trying to get a photo and more details of Baradei's wife, reportedly the daughter or close relative of an Iranian Ayatollah!)
El-Baradei to Larijani: "I am here to inspect and regulate and prevent your illegal nuclear activity". Sure, ex-Moslem military General, sure you are.
Larijani: " give me a kiss, first".

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Mullahs Beware the Eagle's Tears


Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers.

Directive for emergencies apparently gives authority without congressional oversight.

President Bush has signed a directive granting extraordinary powers to the office of the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.

The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive" was signed May 9th, notes Jerome R. Corsi in a WND column.

It was issued with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive.

The directive establishes under the office of the president a new national continuity coordinator whose job is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a national emergency.

"Catastrophic emergency" is loosely defined as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."

Corsi says the president can assume the power to direct any and all government and business activities until the emergency is declared over.

The directive says the assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, currently Frances Fragos Townsend, would be designated as the national continuity coordinator.

Corsi says the directive makes no attempt to reconcile the powers created for the national continuity coordinator with the National Emergency Act, which requires that such proclamation "shall immediately be transmitted to the Congress and published in the Federal Register."

A Congressional Research Service study notes the National Emergency Act sets up Congress as a balance empowered to "modify, rescind, or render dormant" such emergency authority if Congress believes the president has acted inappropriately.

But the new directive appears to supersede the National Emergency Act by creating the new position of national continuity coordinator without any specific act of Congress authorizing the position, Corsi says.

The directive also makes no reference to Congress and its language appears to negate any requirement that the president submit to Congress a determination that a national emergency exists.

It suggests instead that the powers of the directive can be implemented without any congressional approval or oversight.

Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke affirmed to Corsi the Homeland Security Department would implement the requirements of the order under Townsend's direction.

The White House declined to comment on the directive.

Alan Note: The assumption of total power to handle a major national disaster by the White House is ONE, very necessary, side of the coin should terrorists create a major emergency, where trying to get through normal red tape would make it impossible to respond effectively.

Remember, Winston Churchill bombed and sank the French navy to prevent it falling into German hands. Some 1,300 French sailors lost their lives. Vichy France was an ally of Hitler's forces and thus an "enemy". The French population was not in favor of the Vichy. Very much like the situation in Iran where 85% of the population (at least) are against the Mullah/Ahmadi-Nejad regime.

The OTHER SIDE of the coin is that the White House can use the same power to obliterate Iran - similarly to the French Navy -without having to go through procedures that might obstruct such action at the moment.

Mullahs beware! You will not be dealing with the Democrats who have supported America's enemies and cut off their own nose to spite Bush's American face. You will face an angry cowboy at your own risk.

The worse the damage in the USA the incredibly harsher and widely destructive the response - without the obstacle of Mullah and Terrorism supporters having any say to soften the blows.

AND the presently unsure American population will hate you so much they will support anything President Bush decides, even dropping nuclear bombs on Iran or other axis of evil countries.

Beware the Tears of the Eagle!

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Courtesy of Devolve


NEWS VIEWS (click here) link to good article on the Khalil Gibran school opening in New York with apparent intentions of becoming a 'madrasseh" against the wishes of the residents of the area chosen for it. And teaching Arabic as a pre-requisite (for reading the Koran?) and under the guise of Arabic history, to inculcate students with Arabic "propaganda" in the form of revisionist history. Famous for his dissertations on spirituality, Khalil Gibran has changed profile and apparently wants to turn his fame into promoting his Islamic roots. NEWS VIEWS General Page Link (click here) carries longer articles of interest and as far as possible to educate on th eincursions by radical Islam into our society, culture - to the exclusion of our own.


A short sampling out of some 60 items on today's AntiTerror News page to show you how useful this section is. It covers several major terror countries not just Iraq. The "heading and link only" format provides an easy way to scroll down to view articles that interest you at their original sources and not bother with articles you do not want to read. Or spend time scrolling through sixty long articles. Terror News is a Daily post and provides you with a quick over view of what has happened or is happening. If you are interested in International events this should become a daily place to visit. There are Atom and RSS feeds on each AntiMullah page for your use. Happy browsing. (Los Angeles) Al-Qaida still considers Los Angeles top target (Iran/USA) Navy Assembles 9 Warships Off Iranian Coast in Surprise Show of Force in Gulf,2933,274955,00.html (Pakistan) Confrontation at an Islamabad mosque - Religious students stockpile arms, abduct police in Pakistani capital (Lebanon) Palestinians flee after truce in Lebanon camp;_ylt=Au_LWOg50T6dyhHwSxZLFB4wuecA Lebanon: A haven for terror?;_ylt=AoPEgV.pfc1W6ISXnWvBwhvagGIB (UK/Iran) I wouldn’t rule out attack on Iran, says Cameron How terrorism finds root in the West UK Lesson Plan Concerns Muslim Educators,,-6654496,00.html ANTI-TERROR NEWS PAGE (for all the links)

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Nature has created these Al-Qaeda heart attack vegetables! And probably a death sentence to any vendor selling these. An AP item about Sunni rebels fighting against al Qaeda in Iraq describes the situation in parts of the country: American commanders cite…that in Baqouba, al-Qaida has warned street vendors not to place tomatoes beside cucumbers because the vegetables are different genders.
What about carrots?
(Like with much sharia law, which stems from the ignorance of the 14th century, the Al Qaeda enforcers do not know that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. Of course, if two cucumbers are touching inappropriately, then you’d really better watch out. Gay means death under Sharia law! Hat tip:

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A good look at what Islam preaches and insists must exist and how it approaches freedom and aggression. Any opposition, even passively, to the spread of Islam is considered war against Islam and merits death. Freedom - except under the sharia law of Islam is nonsense and not freedom. Total obedience to Allah is the ONLY acceptable freedom. (Read more in the first article below). Islamic Freedom - click here Although discussing Islam in and around India, the details of what is demanded by Islam for it to be correctly followed as in the following article is mind boggling. Life Style DEMANDED by Islam - click here More information about HAMAS More about HAMAS - click here Details of FBI press releases, rewards for top terrorists and a revue of major files handled since January. FBI Press Releases & Rewards - click here Islamic Jihadists using paintball guns to practise urban attacks on USA streets to eventually emulate Iraqi type terror in USA cities - but with real weapons. Using paintguns they can practise and hone their skills without breaking any laws - whether through the activity or possession of weapons. The latter have, in many cases, been ammassed and hidden (reportedly by/in mosques) for when they get the green light to attack our soft targets. Suicide bombers in our malls and shopping centers, IED explosives along our freeways, dirty bombs of various kinds (not only nuclear radiation but biochemical or Sarin gas types). Urban Terrorists Openly Practising in USA - click here

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But does the West care? Should it? Only if you take them at their word of feeling bad about Human Rights and Women's Rights - instead of their selfish personal political and financial rights/interests that dictate actions other than the well being of the murdered, oppressed and tortured in the Islamic Regime of Iran. Courtesy Zane-Irani Mass executions in Baluchistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran - Balochistan Peoples Front: "Following the Amnesty International's appeal for saving the lives of 700 Baluch who had received death sentences from the Supreme Court of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran decided to transfer the innocent Baluch people to other cities of Iran and execute them without releasing their identities." گزارشگران: يك دختر 12 ساله بلوچ به نام رويا ساراني كه از محل امتحانات براي مدرسه راهنمايي عازم منزلش بود توسط رگبار گلوله هاي عمدي و ناجوانمردانه مامورين انتظامي در مقابل منزلش بطرز فجيعي كشته شد. َA 12 year old Iranian Baluch girl, Roya Sarani, was shot and killed by the security forces of the Islamic Iranian regime.

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Inside the KGB: Myth and Reality. - book reviews Washington Monthly, April, 1991 by Maxim Kniazkov Inside the KGB: Myth and Reality. Vladimir Kuzichkin. Pantheon, $25.00. There is certainly no lack of books about the KGB in the West. John Barron, Stanislav Levchenko, Oleg Gordievsky, and scores of other experts on Soviet espionage have contributed immensely to the understanding of what is going on in the huge building dominating Dzerzhinsky Square in Moscow. Yet Vladimir Kuzichkin’s book offers a glance at the KGB from quite an unusual angle. Up to now this agency has been almost universally portrayed as an omnipotent, unscrupulous, and highly effective intelligence service for which no task is too difficult. This is partly true. But as Soviets like myself understand, the KGB is not a separate island within Soviet society. It is an integral part. Therefore, all the ills of the society-corruption, patronage, overwhelming bureaucracy, and lack of initiative—do not spare the KGB. As it appears from Kuzichkin’s book, the KGB suffers as much from the incompetent intrusions of Communist party apparatchiks as any other institution in the Soviet Union. For years I lived under the misapprehension that the KGB was probably the only remaining Soviet institution that doesn’t do its hiring by nepotism. Kuzichkin’s book shattered that illusion. For example, he mentions the name of Valery Maisuradze, the son of the KGB deputy chief in Georgia, who surely made his way to the First Directorate with help from his father. (Why did he prefer the First Directorate to staying in his native Georgia? Because it promises lucrative careers overseas. Intelligence work means dollars instead of worthless rubles.) Coincidence or not, about 10 years ago a person named Valery Maisuradze came to the TASS news agency of the USSR, where I had worked for more than 13 years; after a brief stint at the foreign desk he went straight to our bureau in London, where he worked for several years before the British swept him away during one of their regular purges of the Soviet community. We were not friends, but I talked to him a couple of times and edited a lot of his news stories. My opinion: Nothing can be further apart than this man and everything that is associated with the word intelligence.” If this Maisuradze and the one mentioned in the book are the same person, I feel sorry for the KGB. Nepotism is a very dangerous disease, capable of destroying any institution. It can never be limited. Once a relative of a high official is accepted to a lucrative position, say, at the KGB, there will be scores of other bureaucrats wanting the same favor. It is hard to say no without offending them and making highly placed enemies. So even if this process started at the KGB only 10 years ago, its intelligence-gathering capacities should be significantly eroded by now. Would all these sons and in-laws risk their dollar salaries to obtain useful information or recruit an agent? I bet they wouldn’t, especially since they have highly placed relatives to protect them. So they probably prefer to clip newspapers, send Moscow phony reports, and collect their hard-currency paychecks. That’s why the KGB, as Kuzichkin points out, can count its recruited agents in any given country on the fingers of one hand. Those grandsons and nephews want to protect their dollars and rubles regardless of their performance. In part, this is what lies behind the recent aggressive speeches by KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov, who viciously attacked the reformist forces in the Soviet Union. Besides offering a window into the KGB culture, Kuzichkin provides these revelations: * Worried by the rapprochement between Teheran and Washington in 1961, the Kremlin ordered the KGB to assassinate the Shah. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was to be killed by the explosion of a powerful bomb hidden in a car parked on one of his usual routes. A radio-operated detonator had to be triggered by an unnamed illegal KGB agent who worked undercover in Iran. Only a miracle saved the life of the Iranian monarch. When the Shah’s motorcade passed near the Volkswagen stuffed with explosives, the agent, obviously nervous, pressed the button on the remote control device but didn’t hold it long enough for the signal to go through. The car drove on, oblivious. * In 1979, before the Soviet invasion, the KGB tried to assassinate Afghani leader Hafizullah Amin, who had ousted and killed Afghanistan’s pro-Moscow president, Noor Mohammed Taraki. This task was assigned to KGB Lt. Colonel Mikhail Talybov. Posing as an Afghani citizen, he was sent to Kabul and managed to infiltrate the staff of the presidential palace. Working in the kitchen as a cook, Talybov on several occasions added poison to Amin’s food and drinks. But the Afghani ruler was smart enough never to drink from only one glass or eat from one dish at a time. Talybov’s mission came to nothing. (Had this operation succeeded, one wonders what course the events in Afghanistan might have taken.) * Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, appointed foreign minister of Iran in 1979, was an agent of the Soviet military intelligence service in his youth, having been recruited while studying in the United States. But Ghotbzadeh eventually grew disillusioned with communism and stopped all cooperation with the USSR. Moreover, he developed an acute animosity toward the Soviets, which he showed amply during his tenure as foreign minister. The Kremlin was so angry with him that it ordered the KGB to destroy him politically, and if possible, physically. The natural course of events played into the hands of the KGB. Ghotbzadch fell out of grace with Ayatollah Khomeini and was arrested. Nevertheless, the KGB decided to hammer one more nail into his coffin. Its residency in Teheran fabricated a false CIA cable to an unnamed American agent in Iran. The contents of the dispatch made it clear that this agent was in fact the former Iranian foreign minister. The KGB planted the parcel containing the cable in a way that the Iranian security service could easily discover it. Ghotbzadeh was shot in September of 1982.

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15 May 2007: The threat of a “coordinated, al Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack” against and within the United States is “extremely high,” stated one intelligence source interviewed yesterday by the Northeast Intelligence Network. In particular, there is a “higher than average concern right now, for the time period through the end of May,” including but not specific to the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. The threat is for planned attacks “possibly like those we saw in the Madrid and London attacks,” a reference to the coordinated terrorist bomb blasts that hit Madrid’s commuter train system on March 11, 2004 and London's public transportation system on July 7, 2005 respectively. This veteran official, speaking under the customary condition of anonymity, said that despite this growing concern among high-level intelligence officials, he knows of no plans to raise the color-coded threat level in the U.S., and added that American interests outside of the U.S. considered to be at higher risk are already on increased alert status. “The threat obviously lacks the required specificity but warrants increased vigilance inside the U.S. as well as within other [Western] countries.” When asked what specific information is behind this increased concern, this official said that “there are several key indicators,” but maintained a narrow course of explanation. “The information developed from foreign intelligence sources, fruits of interrogation of certain al Qaeda figures, and other communications” appear to be the major factors in this assessment. “The intelligence surrounding the successful air strike that killed Taliban leader Mullah DADULLAH is also significant beyond the obvious,” he added. ABC World News reported yesterday that the day before he was killed by U.S. forces, DADULLAH said in a videotaped interview that he was training American and British citizens to carry out suicide missions in their home countries. In the interview conducted by Afghanistan news sources, the now deceased Taliban leader stated, “We will be executing attacks in Britain and the U.S. to demonstrate our sincerity to destroy their cities as they have destroyed our cities.” DADULLAH added that it is “our religious and moral duty to train suicide bombers against the nuclear power of the infidels, and they will be used when they are needed, whether they are one, 10 or 20.” “We know that al Qaeda has trained and equipped assets inside the U.S., and we believe that some of these assets are at a high level of readiness to execute whatever plans might be in the works in the U.S. There are comparative concerns in Great Britain, France and Germany as well,” he added. Simplicity might be key Although al Qaeda continues to demonstrate a high level of interest in the aviation industry, successes in the use of chlorine bombs, truck bombs and traditional explosives should be considered. “The potential for destruction and loss of life in coordinated attacks using such readily accessible materials and conveyances must never be underestimated.” When asked about potential targets or areas of concern, this source confirmed al Qaeda’s quest to deliver “the most bang for their efforts” in terms of mass casualties as well as striking at targets important to our infrastructure and economy. “The same applies to targets overseas,” he added. And, “in the near term,” based on current assessments.


FREE REPUBLIC ( FREEPER, JEFF HEAD GIVES US A LOOK AT CHINA'S RISING NAVAL STRENGTH. Alan Note: Additionally, the Chinese have taken over the management of almost every port at the end of every sea lane. Ships do not travel just anyhow, they follow "water lanes" similar to air corridors used by aircraft when flying from country to country or continent to continent. Think of these as sea or air "freeways". Having control of either or both ends of these, gives the Chinese huge strategic and even tactical power. They think long term, as evidenced in their huge investments in Africa, specially in countries with mining assets.

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So you get a good idea of what this is all about. Norwegian Iranian visiting his mother in Iran received 130 lashes for having a drink. Coming to a neighborhood near you if you allow Islamic sharia law and Islam to take hold in Europe and America. The man is in a Norwegian hospital trying to recover from ghastly wounds whose visible scars he is likely to carry all his life - on top of his mental, emotional and spiritual scars.
Photos courtesy Iran Focus-Iran
Why? The question should be answered by just taking a look at your neighborhood mosque or Islamic day school. Which teach the penalties shown in the photos above. Because this country does not “discriminate” in its immigration policy, we now have several million Muslims in this country (the exact number is disputed but we can safely say it is at least 3 million and others suggest it might be as high as 6 million). Take a look at these statistics from a US government open source web site: Demographic Facts> Mosques in the United States: 1,209 American Muslims associated with a mosque: 2 million Increase in number of mosques since 1994: over 25% Proportion of mosques founded since 1980: 62% Average number of Muslims associated with each mosque in the United States: 1,625 U.S. mosque participants who are converts: 30% American Muslims who "strongly agree" that they should participate in American institutions and the political process: 70% U.S. mosques attended by a single ethnic group: 7% U.S. mosques that have some Asian, African-American, and Arab members: nearly 90% Ethnic origins of regular participants in U.S. mosques: South Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghani) = 33% African-America = 30% Arab = 25% Sub-Saharan African = 3.4% European (Bosnian, Tartar, Kosovar, etc.) = 2.1% White American = 1.6% Southeast Asian (Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino) = 1.3% Caribbean = 1.2% Turkish = 1.1% Iranian = 0.7% Hispanic/Latino = 0.6% U.S. mosques that feel they strictly follow the Koran and Sunnah: 90% U.S. mosques that feel the Koran should be interpreted with consideration of its purposes and modern circumstances: 71% U.S. mosques that provide some assistance to the needy: nearly 70 % U.S. mosques with a full-time school: over 20% (this figure is very low with the increase in the last two years of mosque related libraries with "madrasseh" (schools) and mosque operated schools outside the location of the mosque itself. Almost without exception these schools preach sedition and terrorism against their host countries as Islam does not recognize nationalities nor geographical borders. Everyone must obey only Allah and no other law or government. The photos show the least of the punishments for disobeying 'god'. Death is the next step and decided by Imams and clerics, who claim to speak for Allah.


A day in this man's life: help prepare breakfast with his men, do some camp chores, slit the throats of some of the 30 Afghan prisoners he holds, help with lunch, slit the rest of the throats.

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MUST WATCH VIDEO - FIRST ONE I HAVE SEEN THAT MAKES ME WONDER Watch how there are multiple "flashes/flickers" of bright light right before the object simply disappears. UFO - China - video powered by Metacafe

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WOMEN OF IRAN ARISE!زنان ایران برخیزید

This Farsi (Persian) language article, a translation of three English posts is also on the Multilingual page but invites greater focus by being here, till other articles edge it down. ترجمه چند مقاله انگلیسی در باره زنان ایران از سایت انگلیسی انتی ملا
زنان ایران برخیزید! اگر این مرد یک پا که در ویدیو انتهای مقاله دیده میشود میتواند اینکارها را بکند، شما نیز خواهید توانست آنچه لازم است بکنید. زنان ایران نباید با اقدام امثال خانم نانسی پلوسی و کوندی رایس که خیانت به همه زنان میکنند امید و شهامت خود را از دست بدهند. صد و پنجاه هزار ، بله درست فهمیدید صد و پنجاه هزار نفر از شما را دستگیر میکنند، زیرا لباستان مطابق قانون مورد پسند این اسلامیست ها نبوده.
کاملأ واضح است که احمدی نژاد از یک برنامه ای که زنان را به قیام و برخورد با رژیم او تشویق میکرد ترسید و به درهم شکستن و ترسانیدن زنان پرداخت. تنها تصور کنید چه میزانی از کار و کوشش را باید صرف دستگیری صد و پنجاه هزار زن در عرض یکی یا دو روز کرد؟ و مخصوصأ خشم و نفرنی که لازمه آنست را در نظر بگیرید. پیام من به زنان ایران همانطور که در برنامه تلویزیون ایرانی خود گفته ام علاوه بر اینکه باید تشکیلات خود را تنظیم کنند چنین اس 1- لازم نیست که شما زنان به خیابانها برای اعتراض بروید تا توسط آخوندها دستگیر بشوید و کتک بخورید و یا مورد تجاوز قرار گیرید و از شما هتک حرمت بشود، تا بتوانید بگونه ای مؤثر با رژیم مقابله و برخورد کنید. 2- باید باور کنید که بسیار بیش از آنچه تصور میکنید دارای قدرت هستید. شما قادرید زندگی را برای مردان تخلف کار و بی توجه به سرنوشت زنان به جهنم تبدیل کنید. البته هوشیارانه زیرا ملاها طلاق را برای مردان آسان کرده اند لذا بهتر است با هوشمندی اینکارها را بکنید. باید بدانید اینکه عاقبت فقیر و تنها در خیابانها بمانید کمکی به راندن ملاها از قدرت نخواهد کرد. لذا هوشیار باشید نه سهل انگار. 3- به مردان خود مکررآ شکایت و اعتراض بر رفتار بدی که نسبت به خواهران هموطنتان میشود بکنید. آنان را بر ضد این جنایات تحریک کنید و با شکایت های خود راحتی و آرامش را از آنان سلب کنید تا ناچارأ دست از بی تفاوتی بردارند و به شما توجه کنند و با شما همراهی کنند. شما این کار را بلدید که چگونه به آنان بابت عدم همکاریشان با زنان غرولند کنید و به آنان سرکوفت بزنید. مخصوصأ به مردانگی و غرور آنان حمله کنید. 4- زنان صندوق اسرار خانواده اند ، همه آنچه که در غیاب مردان در خانه و محله اتفاق می افتد و یا آن اخباری که مردان چون به خانه باز گردند در اختیارشما میگذارند، حتی اگر مستقیمأ به شما نگویند شما غیر مستقیم از گفتگوی آنان با دیگران این اسرار را می فهمید. تا وقتی شما این اسرار را در سکوت نگهدارید و آنچه آنان در تاریکی میکنند باز نکرده و پنهان کنید آنان به جنایات خود در تاریکی ادامه میدهند اما چون این رژیم که محکوم به رفتن است رفت آنوقت دیگر کسی نخواهد بود که بر شما و خانواده شما ترحم کند زیرا شما بر آنان رحمی نکرده اید. اما اگر از جنایات مردان خود جلوگیری کنید آنان را از خطر محفوظ داشته اید با سکوت خود اجازه ندهید که آنان به جنایات وحشتناک بر علیه خواهران و برادران هموطن شما بدستور مشتی آخوند وحشی ادامه دهند و برای خانواده شما بدبختی درست کنند. 5- شما منتظرید آمریکا یا غرب به کمک شما بیاید اما ابتدا آنها منتظرند از جانب شما حرکتی ببینند تا به آنها ثابت شود که لیاقت این کار را دارید. باز هم تکرار میکنم لزومی ندارد به تظاهرات در خیابانها بپردازید تا آزادی بدست آورید ، بلکه لازم است با کوشش شما ، خبر اسرار مخفیانه جنایات رژیم و بد بختی شما از دست این حکومت از مرزها بگذرد و به دنیای غرب برسد. از همه اطلاعاتی که ممکن است بنوعی بدرد خور باشد نت برداری کنید، مانند شماره ماشین و یا اسم یا اسامی مستعارهر مأمور دولت که بد رفتاری میکند و آذار میدهد و یا محل کار و خانه آنها و یا اگر همسایه شما هستند، و اگر میتوانید شماره تلفن آنها را بدست آورید و یا اینکه مسیر و زمان رفت و آمد آنان را بدست آورید. هر ذره کوچک اطلاعات چون با ذرات دیگر ادغام خواهد شد دریائی از اطلاعات در اختیارمان میگذارد تا اولأ از آنها استفاده کنیم ثانیأ راه مبارزه با آنها را بیابیم و بعد هم با مجموعه این اطلاعات به براندازی رژیم و تنبیه جنایات کاران میتوان پرداخت . هر نوع اطلاعات در مورد آنها و فامیلشان و حتی اگر فامیل خود شما باشند را یاد داشت کنید. یادتان باشد که ممکن است این اطلاعات یک روز تنها راه نجات آنها باشد. آمریکا چندین ناو هواپیما بر در مرزهای آبی ایران دارد با صدها هواپیماهای جنگی و هزاران نظامی هوا دریا. بیاد داشته باشید که اینها را برای تفریح به آنجا نیاورده لذا انتخاب اینکه شما در کدام صف مبارزه هستید با شماست 7- در ضمن اینکه اطلاعات جمع آوری میکنید با زنان همسایه و فامیل خود تماس بگیرید و به گفتگو بپردازید مخصوصأ با آنها که تصور میکیند همفکر شما هستند. مواظب افراد احمق و کم شعور باشید چون طرفداران این رژیم تنها احمقها هستند و ممکن است به شما خیانت کنند. بهر جهت ناچارید کمی خطرکنید اما خیلی هوشیارانه این کار را بکنید ، همیشه جای فرار برای خود بگذارید که بتوانید سخن خود را بگونه ای عوض کنید. 8- دست آخر هم راهی بیابید که بتوانید اطلاعات جمع آوری شده را برای ما در غرب بفرستید . فعلآ تا اطلاع ثانوی به تلویزیون هخا یا رادیو صدای ایران یا به سایت اینرنتی انتی ملا دات کام تا ارتباطات دیگری در اختیار ما قرار گیرد . ما هم آنها را منتشر خواهیم کرد. این کار را از طرق مختلف میتوانید بکنید. از طریق ایمیل های کوتاه که تنها نوشته است بدون عکس زیرا با کند کردن اینترنت در ایران فرستادن عکس بسیار مشکل و وقت گیر است . بهتر است عکسها را برای بعد نگهدارید.برای وقتی که اثبات از طریق عکس لازم است. بهترین راه اینست که این ایمیلها را ذره ذره برای اقوام خود در خارج بفرستید. و گاهی با تلفن بهر جای دنیا که ممکن است بفرستید تا آنها هم برای ما بفرستند. باید دانست که جنگ برای آزادی نمیتواند خالی از خطر باشد اما باید دانست که آزادی مجانی بدست نمی آید. بیاد داشته باشید که اگر بتوانید کمک کنید که اعمال این رژیم جنایت کار از تاریکی به روشنائی کشیده شده و در معرض دید عموم قرار گیرد و اگر آنان که این جنایات را مرتکب میشوند ببینند که جزئیات کار و اطلاعات در باره آنان با اسم و رسم و مشخصات و جزئیات جنایاتشان بلافاصله در اینترنت گذاشته شده و همه دنیا به آن دست رسی دارند و همه کشورها میتوانند از سابقه آنها با خبر شوند لذا در صورت احتیاج هیچ جای دنیا جای نخواهند داشت، ابتدا مردد میشوند و بعد میترسند که به مردم صدمه بزنند. شما در این صورت رلی بزرگ در نجات خواهران خود بازی کرده اید و کمک کرده اید که رژیم جنون آمیز احمدی نژاد سرنگون شود، البته همراه با پاسدارانش و آیت الله های حجتیه اش که کوچکترین اعتنائی به سرنوشت شما و نجاتتان ندارند. بیاد داشته باشید که در ذهن دیوانه آنها مرگ شما اگر بتواند موجب آوردن امام دوازدهم آنها بشود پسندیده است و بهتر میدانند که شما بمیرید. نه برای امروز و نه برای فردای شما هیچ تضمینی ندارند بلکه مرگی مداوم را همراه با ظلم و ستم و بدبختی بشما هدیه میکنند . تجاوز به ناموس و کتک خوردن بخشی از زندگی نکبت بار زن مسلمان ایرانست. هیچ کس جز خود را مقصر ندان ، اگر کاری ولو بسیار کوچک همانند همین پیشنهاد من در حق خود نمی کنی که آزادی را بدست آوری، پس مقصری. به مردی که در این ودیو او را می بینید توجه کنید اگر او قادر است آن کارها را بکند شما هم قادر خواهید بود. بیاد داشته باشید که حرکت مقاومتی شما یک شبه نتیجه نخواهد داد. اما همچنان که قدرت شما را بالا میبرد ، قدرت آیت الله های دیوانه بهمان نسبت کم و کمتر خواهد شد. این فرمول یا الگوئی است که بطور کلی راهنمائی میکند و باید در هر مورد خاصی آنرا خود تنظیم و تطبیق دهید، برای هر خانه یا هر خانواده یا در هر محله باید بهترین راه را برای مقاومت پیدا کرد و فهمید چگونه میتواند بیشتر مؤثر باشد و چطور میتوان آنرا توسعه بخشید و چگونه باید آنرا بکار برد تا زنان آزادی خواه ایران به آرزوی خود برسنذ. صد و پنجاه هزار زن در ایران دستگیر شدند. توجه کنید ، نانسی پلوسی میخواهد با این اسلامی هائی که از قرون سیاه وسطی آمده اند حرف بزند ؟ یعنی به ایران پرواز کند که با اینها مذاکره کند؟ واقعأ جالب است . خانم پلوسی لطفأ کمی شعور پیدا کنید ! کمی لیاقت پیدا کنید و از زنان حمایت کنید آیا فراموش کرده اید که خود شما هم یک زن هستید؟ یا دست کم قبلآ لااقل یک زن بودید. آهای خانم کوندی رایس جنابعالی هم باندازه خانم سکرتری استیت زن هستید. شما هم پیشنهاد مذاکره با این حیوانات را داده اید. سرکار خانم باور کنید آنها در موضع خود ایستادگی خواهند کرد صرفنظر از هر نوع بحث و جدلی که با شما داشته باشند. یا باید باور کنیم که شما خود و مملکت تان را هم در موقعیتی قرار میدهید که وحشیانه مورد حمله قرار گیرید. نه تنها شما بلکه هیچکس قادر نخواهد بود با این لاشخوران اسلامی ایران که اشتهای سیری ناپذیر دارند کاری بکند یا از پس آنها بر آید. بلکه تنها کاری که با این رشوه دادن به اینها خواهید کرد اینست که دندان های اینها را تیزتر خواهید کرد. بسیار آسان تر است که با اتحاد جماهیر شوروی سابق منطقی صحبت کرد تا با این اسلامی های کفتار صفت. آی گروه های مبارز برای حقوق زنان در غرب، این سکوت و کری شما بهر چیست؟ آیا اگر این فجایع هنوز به دم خانه شما نرسیده دیگر اشکالی ندارد کمی پائین تر تصویر زنی را می بینید که او را دستگیر کرده اند زیرا زیباست. تهران بیست و ششم آپریل – حدود صد و پنجاه هزار زن در ایران توقیف شده اند بعنوان اینکه رعایت قوانین شدید پوشش اسلامی را نکرده اید ، مقامات بالای پلیس اعلام کرده اند " در چهار روز اولیه [از هنگام دستور قانون پوشش] ما صد و پنجاه هزار زن که پوشش اسلامی کامل نداشتند را دستگیرکردیم ، البته بعد از اینکه به خطاهائی که به آنها دیکته شد کتبأ اعتراف کردند و امضاء دادند که پوزش می طلبند، بعضی رها شدند. " تیمسار اسماعیل احمدی مقدم این مطالب را به خبرنگاران گفته است. تعدادی از زنان که هنوز بدرستی معلوم نیست که چند نفر هستند به زندان منتقل شدند این زنان را به اجبار تحت روان درمانی قرار داده اند.( البته از طریق نمونه های مرسوم مانند تجاوز ناموسی مکرر و کتک زدن و اهانت که از نظر آنها درمانی است برای آموزش اینکه آنها را در مورد رفتارشان در اماکن عمومی بهراسانند. در اصل همانند گولاگها در اتحاد جماهیر شوروی و تیمارستانها .) بنا بگفته مقدم " هنوز 13 نفر از زنان ایران در زندانها نگهداری میشود و باید محاکمه شوند در حالیکه گفته میشود خیلی بیش از این ها از تعداد صدوپنجاه هزار نفر در زندانها باقی مانده اند
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Detailed Killing Video


Monday, May 07, 2007


If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
There may even be a worse case.
You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.
(Alan note: currently, becoming slaves of Islam - but slaves of any oppressor including the Democrats, who are selling us out).
Barak Obama grew up a Moslem

Ahmadi-Nutjob grew up a Moslem

Nancy Pelosi has yet to grow up - mentally .

She thinks Mohammadenism is a peaceful "ism".

And the liberal, pro-Democrat media like ABC NEWS DEFIES TRUTH and insists the ALBANIANS (otherwise known as the White Al-Qaeda) were not terrorists and certainly not Islamic ones.

(New Jersey) Report: Fort Dix Terror Plot Foiled - six ethnic Albanianswere arrested in an alleged terror plot against Fort Dix, the Army andNational Guard training center in New Jersey, including Fort Monmouth -Three of the six were brothers and members of an Islamic radical group

Sunday, May 06, 2007


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO GO TO THE ARTICLES Islamists Inside Britain's MI5 Inelligence Service? America Under Islamic Control Coming Sooner Who would have imagined this news? Top post on current Anti-Terror News SINGAPORE Bank Cuts Off Iran Ties WOMEN OF IRAN ARISE (FARSI) Heads up for non-Persian speakers. Do not be surprised to see Farsi translations/versions of articles on the Home Page occasionally when they need extra focus.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I suggest you take a look at this video of a teenager stoned to death for spending the night away from her home and for having a Sunni boyfriend, who was not of her Zeidi (non-Moslem) sect. Moslems were OUTRAGED - but not for this cruel death, similar to those they regularly impose themselves, but because the Zeidis are accused of stoning her for having converted to Islam. They killed a Moslem, so that's outrageous! Only Moslems are permitted to stone Moslems to death? (About 24 Zeidis were then murdered in revenge) What would you think of an American city, group, cult, or "religion" that OFFICIALLY permitted murder to be a satisfying, accepted part of their daily life style?

Defensively denying this fact and calling themselves "peaceful people" but in practise as easily tolerating and promoting murder as many do with Mormon polygamy or sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Islamic MURDER: (two video examples below) is not only tolerated but advocated and wherever possible implemented by this Mohammaden "ism", not of peace but of pieces.

Mohammadenism, which for generations used to be the general name for Islam, is no more a religion than Communism and Naziism and no more spiritual than Atheism.

It is a brutal social code in the name of "Allah," which was the name of the largest IDOL statue in Mecca.

Numerous statues and idols, which were worshipped at the time by the residents of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, were destroyed by Prophet Mohammad who retained one, the largest and most popular idol, called Allah by the locals and then based the Mohammedan "god" on it.

Not all Moslems are murderers but all Moslems (through their religion) implicitly or complicitly condone murder in the name if the idol-god Allah.

And not just plain old murder but as vicious kinds as possible. As the next two videos show. (The one I had showing execution by impaling a man on a wooden pole up his backside has been removed by the original site and I cannot find it).
17-year old Du'a Khalil Aswad beaten to death
(short edited version below)
Full length video can be seen via the link at the end of this article
"PEACEFUL Islamic Justice"

Click on Eye

The threat of Islamic "justice" is clearly the reason why the woman in the video below, being arrested by the "Morals" police in Islamic Iran is so terrified and tries so hard to resist.


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Friday, May 04, 2007




US: Al Qaeda spokesman killed, not chief US: Al Qaeda spokesman killed, not chiefThursday, May 3, 2007The US military has said it in fact killed Al-Qaeda’s ‘Minister ofInformation” in Iraq and not the leader of the Al-Qaeda-led ‘Islamic Statein Iraq’, as claimed earlier by the Iraqi Interior MinistrySenior Qaeda figure killed not Iraq insurgent chief: USBy AFP BAGHDAD, May 3, 2007 (AFP) - The US military killed a senior Al-Qaedafigure this week in Iraq but the dead man was not the group’s chief aswas claimed by Iraqi officials, spokesman Major General William Caldwellsaid on Thursday. Caldwell told reporters that US forces killed Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s“senior information minister,” whom he identified as Muharib Abdul Latifal-Juburi, early on Tuesday just north of Baghdad. The militant played key roles in the kidnapping and murder of US peaceactivist Tom Fox and American journalist Jill Carroll in 2006 amongother high profile actions, Caldwell said. Previously, Iraqi officials had reported that the dead militant was AbuAyyub al-Masri, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. But Caldwell said that US officials would have immediately been able toidentify Masri’s corpse, and that they were positive they had in factkilled Abdul Latif, a lesser but still senior figure. “We killed him on a target objective at 1:42 am west of Taji on May 1,”Caldwell said. “This is the individual that has caused some confusionand was the senior Al-Qaeda person killed.” “His was the only body we took at the site,” he added. “DNA testing and photo identification confirmed this yesterday (Wednesday).” Caldwell said the confusion arose when Abdul Latif’s body was releasedfor burial to a tribal member who was subsequently arrested at a policecheckpoint as he left the city with the corpse. Afterwards, Iraq’s interior ministry announced that Masri — anEgyptian bomb-maker and the alleged head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq — had been killed. On Thursday Iraqi officials added to the confusion by claiming that Abdul Latif was also known as “Abu Omar al-Baghdadi,” and led theso-called “Islamic State of Iraq,” an insurgent umbrella group. The interior ministry’s operations director, Brigadier General AbdelKarim Khalaf, said Iraqis who knew Abdul Latif had confirmed that hisvoice appeared on Al-Qaeda recordings released in Baghdadi’s name. “These are the confirmations we have so far on the identity of this manand his position within the groups of Al-Qaeda,” he added. US spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Chris Garver said the military couldnot say if the two men were the same. “There is no evidence to link Latifto Baghdadi,” he said. “Could he be? Possible. Can we prove it? No.” Al-Qaeda itself confirmed the US version of events in an Internet message. “We announce news of the martydom of the sheikh and fighter AbuAbdullah al-Juburi,” the Islamic State in Iraq, an alliance of Sunni groupsheaded by the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda, said on a known jihadi website. “Our guide Abu Omar al-Baghdadi is well,” it added. It said the spokesman was killed along with three comrades in an“enemy” air strike after they had tried in vain for more than eight hours tocapture the men in a raid on a house. Caldwell said the slain militant was a major figure in the movement whoafter kidnapping foreigners went to Syria between May and September2006 to help finance the organisation and recruit fighters. Abdul Latif had been detained by US forces in 2003 before being released a year later. The Al-Qaeda official’s death was the culmination of a three-day“Operation Rat Trap” from April 28 to 30 and resulted in the death of 15suspected insurgents and the detention of 95 others, the US military said. Since February 14, US and Iraqi forces have been engaged in “OperationFardh al-Qanoon” (Imposing Law), under which American troop reinforcements have surged into violent districts. Thursday’s announcement came as a key international conference on Iraqin the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh overwhelmingly adopted afive-year plan aimed at rescuing the war-ravaged country from chaos and bankruptcy. UN chief Ban Ki-moon said that debt reduction of 30 billion dollars hadbeen pledged by countries at the conference. In Baghdad, four Asians working for the US government — two Indians, aFilipino and a Nepalese — were killed in a rocket attack on Baghdad’sheavily fortified Green Zone, the American embassy reported on Thursday. Five people were killed and 55 wounded in two car bombings in Kirkuk, apolice official in the northern oil city said. Twenty-eight women andchildren were among the wounded when one of the bombs exploded near a police station.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


(UK) Sharia Courts Now Starting in Britain NOW MUSLIMS GET THEIR OWN LAWS IN BRITAIN Monday April 30,2007 By Paul Jeeves London — The Daily Express Other related postings: MUSLIM radicals have established their own draconian court systems in Britain . Controversial Sharia courts have been set up in major towns and cities to impose Islamic law and enable Muslims to shun the legitimate British legal system. Last night religious leaders and politicians expressed outrage that Sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in our society. Critics insisted that the Govern­ment is allowing a two-tier legal system to flourish in the name of political correctness and that the authority of UK justice is being undermined. The Daily Express can reveal that one of the controversial courts has been set up in the home town of the 7/7 London bombings ringleader. Mohammed Siddique Khan was responsible for the Edgware Road Circle Line explosion which killed six people and injured 120. Our investigation has found that the Sharia court system has been set up in the heart of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire , and that it is a model for others across the country which are operating outside the British legal process. The Dewsbury court is called the Sharee Council — another term for Sharia — and operates as a Muslim judiciary making decisions by which attendees must abide. In many countries, hard-line interpretations of the Islamic law allow people to be stoned to death, beheaded or have their limbs amputated. Non-Muslims are excluded from the secretive court which is registered as a charity to receive British tax benefits. Although the court has no official legal standing, scales of justice adorn a sign outside a former pub building which has been converted by the Islamic Institute of Great Britain. Last night the Sharia courts were blasted by both Christian and Muslim groups for their non-democratic attempts to establish their legal system. Mark Wallace, campaign man­ager of the Freedom Association said: “British society must be one of free speech, free personal choice, democratic freedom and fairness. “If individual Muslims wish to inform their decisions by the teachings of Sharia, that is fine, but they must do it within the structures of British law and they must understand that sharia will never be acceptable as the legal system of the UK .” His views were echoed by the Muslim Council of Britain, whose spokesman Inayat Bunglawala said: “We believe one legal code should apply for all citizens of the UK . There is no place for multiple legal systems for people of different religious or ethnic backgrounds.” Dewsbury councillor Imtiaz Ameen, a Muslim, said: “Some people advocate total Sharia law but you cannot have it being the case in any country that there is one law for one and one law for another.” Critics say the Government has not done enough to stop radical Muslim groups establishing their brand of law. Liberal thinkers in the Government claim that the law enables full-face veil-wearing Muslim women who are afraid of British courts to gain justice the “traditional way”. But one insider told the Daily Express that the Sharia court, which is run from the backroom of a Madrasa — an Islamic education centre — in Dewsbury is just one of “dozens” operating in Asian communities. And a leading Muslim commentator claimed similar courts exist in every major city across Britain . The Madrasa — which is a former pub situated less than a mile from the one-time home of London bombing mastermind Khan — sits as a court every other weekend and hears up to 10 cases a day. Four Muslim scholars, who have spent their life studying and preaching the Koran, sit in judgment on an array of cases alongside a Muslim solicitor whose role is to advise on the implications of their rulings in British law. The operation is headed by prominent scholar Sheikh Yaqub Munshi. Accounts for the Dewsbury court’s parent company the Islamic Research Institute of Great Britain, show that it was registered in Dewsbury as a charity in 1996 with the ethos of promoting the advancement of Islamic religion and education in the United Kingdom . Charitable status allows the organisation to claim tax relief and apply for government grants and trustee funding. Between April 1999 and April 2004 its gross annual turnover rocketed from £2,500 to above £177,000. At the end of the last financial year it recorded total funds of £255,000 but it is not known if or how it charges for use of the service. At the moment, the leaders insist they only deal with civil matters such as Muslim divorces, wedding dowries and asset sharing. But the secretive Muslim-only nature of the dealings will provoke fears that radical Sharia law could be allowed to spread across the Muslim population. The source said: “These courts take the law into their own hands and dish out punishment for bad behaviour. “I have not heard of physical punishments being used but those in the wrong are often ordered to pay compensation. Many who have no respect for British law are the most stringent observers of Sharia law.” Sheikh Yaqub admitted that in­troducing Sharia law into the UK has been his goal since moving to Britain from Paki­stan in the 1960s. But he insisted its main aim is to help repressed women who are trapped in bad or violent marriages and who dare not use British law. He said: “Ever since I arrived here in the 1960s there has been a case of women being forced to get married, others forced to get married, but unhappy afterwards. Until now there was no organisation which could Islamically solve their problems.” Sharia is derived from the Arabic translation Sariah and outlines Islamic law according to the Koran. The term means “way” or “path” and gives the Islamic framework within which people must regulate their lives according to the Muslim faith. After the Sharia court has ruled in judgment, solicitors process matters officially through UK courts on their clients’ behalf. Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, said: “Sharia courts now operate in most larger cities, with different sectarian and ethnic groups operating their own courts that cater to their specific needs according to their tradition.” Philip Davies, the Tory MP for Shipley, said: “I am ab­solutely appalled and find the prospect of such courts totally terrifying. Places like this should be closed down or else everybody will want to establish their own courts. “How many more places like this are there in the UK ? Who knows where it could all end? It simply cannot be tolerated.” Alan note: The excuse that the sharia courts are there to "help" some women forced into marriage is a poor apolgy for the harsh, almost merciless aspects of this set of Islamic laws - interpreted at will by clerical individuals in a multitiude of varying and often contradictory decisions. Virtually all of which condemn women and mete out horrific punishment. In England the Moslem Council has also demanded the British Education Authorities to impose sharia law in all schools so that Moslem students should be comfortable going to school. No gymnastics, no dances, clothing must be modest according to Moslem teachings (burkhas, chadors etc.), no swimming, no mixing of girls and boys thus no co-educational activities or classes. This 'tail wagging the dog' demand blindly ignores the British culture that has been there for centuries and demands the English change thier ways to accomodate a relatively small number of newcomers. Remind you of anything? Of a cancer, perhaps, that grows in the body in which it receives sustenance only to eventually kill it? Or a flesh eating virus that attacks its host? Neither cares about the host body and both insist on changing it to the "new" formats. Either become a body with strange, sick growths or missing chunks of flesh eaten away, or live under the threat of even worse suffering spreading death - till you, all of you - the infidel, die anyway as must all unbelievers. Accept the dominance of the flesh eating virus and cancerous intrusions through the country we have now invaded and infiltrated or everyone will become lethally infected. The name of the cancer or the flesh eating virus is - in both cases - "Islam" as violently purveyed by throwbacks to the 13th Century. Yes, there are Islamic "sheeples" (sheep people) as there are in all religions in all societies, who are non-violent (the so-called peacceful ones) but they also never confront the violent Islamic ones, nor protest the violence. So are they true examples of Islam or just the back cover of the real Moslems? If you cannot 'feel' all this, try to imagine a group forcing you to live according to the Biblical Old Testament laws and the habits and customs of the culture (or lack of it) in those long gone days. WAKE UP EUROPE! WAKE UP AMERICA! Before you go past the point of no return, become "Islamically" terminally ill where nothing will be able to save you, your culture and your way of life. Remember Islam does NOT accept freedom of anything. Not of behavior, not of nationality, not of worship, not equality of men and women, not of civil law, not of civil liberties. Nor freedom of choice. Specially NOT freedom to choose anything other than what some smelly men tell you is the will of Allah.