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Newly released immigration documents indicate Obama Sr. was 2 years older.

Overshadowed by reaction to the release of Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate was the unearthing of half-century-old files that cast doubt on whether the age of the president's father indicated on the "new" Hawaii document is accurate.

The applications, memos and other documents from the Immigration and Naturalization Service acquired in a Freedom of Information Act request by Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent – which indicate Barack Obama Sr. would have been 27 at the time of his son's birth, not 25 – also suggest that the president's father did not (officially) leave the islands from the time of his August 1959 arrival until he departed for graduate studies at Harvard in June 1962.

Curiously, on an Aug. 17, 1962, application to extend his visa, Obama Sr. filled in a line asking him to list the names and addresses of children.

The only child he listed was Roy Obama, a son from his Kenyan wife, Kezia. At that time, Barack Obama Jr. was 1 year old but unknown to his father

Nationality: "British”. That’s all anyone needs to know.  NOT NATURAL BORN! NOT ELIGIBLE!

(Foreign invader like Khomeini in Iran back in 1979. Certainly acts in a very similar fashion toward his chosen country).

Overshadowed by reaction to the release of Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate was the unearthing of half-century-old files that cast doubt on whether the age of the president's father indicated on the NEW Hawaii document is accurate.




In case you missed it earlier, also check this out!


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TREASON? Requires a legal definition but with other aspects of this White House could well rise to that level.


Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Administration

Friday, April 29, 2011
By Edwin Mora

( -- Three people convicted of crimes as a result of a terrorism-related investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) were later naturalized as U.S. citizens by the Obama administration, according to federal auditors.

The March 2011 audit (released on April 21, 2011) by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), entitled Criminal Alien Statistics: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests and Costs, shows that three individuals were among “defendants where the investigation involved an identified link to international terrorism but they were charged with violating other statutes [not directly related to terrorism], including fraud, immigration, drugs, false statements, and general conspiracy charges,” referred by DOJ as Category II terrorism-related cases.

The three individuals in question can be found in a DOJ list of unsealed terrorism-related investigations conducted from Sept. 11, 2001 through Mar. 18, 2010. There are 403 defendants on that list of which, according to the GAO, at least 43 percent were aliens--both legal (26 percent) and illegal (17 percent)--at the time they were charged with crimes.

“Prosecuting terror-related targets using Category II offenses and others is often an effective method--and sometimes the only available method--of deterring and disrupting potential terrorist planning and support activities,” explained the DOJ in the document that listed the defendants.

Alan Note: Obama has also issued visas for to Moslem Brotherhood leaders who were banned from America for their terrorist activities and also to a myriad Iranian brutal clerics and Palestinian terrorists - but now - in Obama's eyes - are buddies of his and thus should come in and HELP HIM disrupt other nations toward a Moslem Caliphate, where he would a hero and not the FAILURE he is in the USA.


Staff members of GAO's Homeland Security and Justice team who worked on the audit told in an e-mail that the three individuals were naturalized as U.S. citizens under President Barack Obama.

“One of the individuals was naturalized in late 2009. The other two were naturalized in 2010,” says the e-mail from the GAO". (On Obama's watch!)

Full article and all names: 

Thursday, April 28, 2011



From intelligence agencies around the world, the verdict on President Obama’s newly-released certificate of live birth from Hawaii is in: the certificate is a rank forgery on the same level as the Niger “yellow cake” uranium and Iraq Oil Ministry forged documents.

Intelligence and law enforcement services are experts on fake documents since they have to deal with large numbers of counterfeit documents, such as birth certificates, passports, identity cards and driver’s licenses, as well as currency. Intelligence agencies are also experts at forging their own documents for their clandestine agents.

Within 24-hours of the release of the long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, intelligence agencies from Britain and China to Germany and Russia examined the document and concluded it was a forgery based on the fact that Barack H. Obama Sr.’s race, listed as “African,” was a monumental error, considering that not only the United States, but other English-speaking nations described Africans and those of African descent as either “Negroes” or “blacks” in 1961.

Wayne Madsen is the investigative reporter who broke the “Obama was a longtime member of Chicago gay man’s club” story last year and also wrote about the still unsolved murder of Obama’s Chicago gay lover Donald Young. Two weeks ago Madsen said his sources told him he’s on the White House’s death list.

In a new report on Obama’s birth certificate that was released with great fanfare yesterday, Madsen says intelligence agencies around the world have scrutinized the birth certificate and decided it’s fake because of one word on the document. The word “African” was used to designate the race of Obama’s Kenyan father, at a time when neither the U.S. nor the British government (Kenya was a British colony) used that term. Instead, in 1961 the U.S. and the U.K. governments would use “Negro” and “black,” respectively, to refer to Barack Obama Sr.

Alan Note: then why in heaven does the British MI 6 or perhaps MI 5 not dig into the Foreign Office, Kenya Archives and bring out the real Kenyan Birth document that is ledgered and stored there?





Obama is ‘not’ Constitutionally Eligible to be President (Lafayette Hill, PA – 04/28/11) -

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama on August 21, 2008 challenging Obama’s lack of “Constitutionally Eligibility” to serve as President of the United States stated that Obama’s release of this document that Obama calls his long form Birth Certificate raises further questions of the legitimacy of the document itself. Moreover, even if it were a legitimate birth certificate, which it is not, it still does not answer the question of Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility.

Berg said, “The Birth Certificate issued by Obama on national Television, has missing factors:

Mother’s address;
length and weight of baby;
and where the signature of Stanley Ann Dunham appears, it says “mother or informant”.

Additionally, the authenticity of the document itself is already being questioned for many reasons”

Berg continued, “Even if Obama could produce a long form Birth Certificate, which is highly doubted, it fails to answer the questions into Obama’s adoption in Indonesia.”

Berg said, “I have received many calls claiming Obama could not have lost his U.S. citizenship by his mother’s acts of expatriation.

In part this is true, however, the Nationality Act of 1940, revised 1952, Section 318(a) states, “A former citizen of the United States expatriated through the expatriation of such person’s parent or parents and who has not acquired the nationality of another country by any affirmative act other than the expatriation of his parent or parents may be naturalized upon filing a petition for naturalization before reaching age of Twenty-Five [25] years and upon compliance with all requirements of the naturalization laws with the following exceptions:

(b) No former citizen of the United States, expatriated through the expatriation of such person’s parent or parents shall be obliged to comply with the requirements of the immigration laws, if he has not acquired the nationality of another country by any affirmative act other than the expatriation of his parent or parents, and if he has come or shall come to the United States before reaching the age of twenty-five years.

(c) After his naturalization such person shall have the same citizenship status as if he had not been expatriated.”

Berg continues, “Renewing an Indonesian Passport after the age of 18 is an affirmative act, as you are swearing allegiance to another Country.

Soetoro/Obama renewed his Indonesian Passport when he traveled to Pakistan that is why he had to stop in Indonesia first.

Remember, in 1981, Dunham was divorcing Soetoro in Hawaii and was not in Indonesia. Obama/Soetoro admits to traveling to Indonesia first and then onto Pakistan. Soetoro/Obama claims in his book “Dreams from my father” that he stopped in Indonesia to visit his mother. But again, his mother was not in Indonesia, she was in Hawaii with Maya, divorcing Lolo Soetoro. In addition, the State Department has stated in response to a FOIA [Freedom of Information] request that they do not have a U.S. Passport application on file for Barack H. Obama.”

Berg said, “Despite the above however, Indonesia required Obama/Soetoro to do a bit more upon his 18th birthday. In fact the Indonesian law gives until the age of Twenty-One [21]. Soetoro/Obama would have had to sign an Affidavit relinquishing his Indonesian citizenship and said Affidavit had to be sent to the Indonesian Government before reclaiming any U.S. citizenship he may have once held.

When it comes to the citizenship of individuals in other countries, we are prevented from interfering, Hague Convention 1930. During the late 60′s all the way up until 2006 Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship.

In 2006, Indonesia changed their laws to permit dual citizenship; however, Indonesia has had its battles with enforcing their new law permitting dual citizenship.

From the legal research we have done, it appears that Soetoro became an Indonesian citizen. When Soetoro/Obama was approximately four [4] years old his parents divorced and thereafter, Soetoro/Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia.

Evidence points to the fact that Lolo Soetoro either signed a government form legally ‘acknowledging’ Soetoro/Obama as his son or ‘adopted’ Soetoro, either of which changed any citizenship status Soetoro/Obama had to a “natural” citizen of Indonesia.

At the time Barry Soetoro was in Indonesia, all Indonesian students were required to carry government identity cards or Karty Tanda Pendudaks, as well as family card identification called a Kartu Keluarga. The Kartu Keluarga is a family card which bears the legal names and citizenship status of all family members.

Soetoro/Obama was registered in a public school as an Indonesian citizen by the name of Barry Soetoro as they did not allow foreign students to attend their public schools in the late 1960’s or 1970’s, and any time a child was registered for a public school, the child’s name and citizenship status were verified through the Indonesian Government.

So no way for Soetoro/Obama to have attended school in Jakarta, Indonesia legally unless he was an Indonesian citizen, as Indonesia was under tight rule and was a Police State.

See Constitution of Republic of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia 1945), Law No. 62 of 1958.

These facts indicate that Obama/Soetoro is an Indonesian citizen, and therefore he is not eligible to be President of the United States. and his father was listed as Lolo Soetoro, M.A according to the Indonesian school records. Indonesia Constitution of Republic of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia 1945), Chapter 13, Law No. 62 of 1958 (all citizens of Indonesia have a right to education). T

Under Indonesian law, when a male acknowledges a child as his son, it deems the son, in this case Soetoro/Obama, an Indonesian State citizen. See Constitution of Republic of Indonesia, Law No. 62 of 1958 concerning Immigration Affairs and Indonesian Civil Code (Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Perdata) (KUHPer) (Burgerlijk Wetboek voor Indonesie).

Furthermore, under the Indonesian adoption law, once an Indonesian citizen adopts a child, the adoption severs the child’s relationship to the birth parents, and the adopted child is given the same status as a natural child and the child takes the name of his step-father, in this case, Soetoro. See Indonesian Constitution, Article 2.

The Indonesian citizenship law was designed to prevent apatride (stateless) or bipatride (dual) citizenship. Indonesian regulations recognized neither apatride nor bipatride (stateless or dual) citizenship. Since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship; neither did the United States (since the United States only permitted dual citizenship when ‘both’ countries agree); and since Obama/Soetoro was a “natural” citizen of Indonesia, the United States would not step in or interfere with the laws of Indonesia. Hague Convention of 1930.”

As a result of Soetoro/Obama’s Indonesian ‘natural’ citizenship status, Soetoro/Obama could never regain U.S. ‘natural born’ status, if he in fact he ever held such, which we doubt.

Soetoro/Obama could have only become ‘naturalized’ if the proper paperwork were filed with the U.S. State Department, after going through U.S. Immigration upon his return to the United States; in which case, Soetoro/Obama would have received a Certification of Citizenship indicating ‘naturalized’.

Berg continued, “Regardless, we have been unable to locate any records indicating that Soetoro/Obama attempted to and/or actually did take the proper steps through the State Department in order to be here in our Country legally”.

Further, there is no evidence that Soetoro/Obama ever ‘legally’ changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama – therefore his legal name is still ‘Barry Soetoro’.


For Further Information Contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531

Cell (610) 662-3005

(610) 825-3134

(800) 993-PHIL [7445]

Fax (610) 834-7659


By Manda Zand Ervin  (speaker in video)

Meanwhile, in case you missed the video in the Easter article down the page, here is an American who has similar feelings about radical Moslems/Mullahs, for slightly different reasons than Manda's politely spoken ones.

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Superimposed new Obambi alleged birth document over Susan Nordyke's.

The Honolulu Advertiser published photostats of the original long-form birth certificates of twin daughters born to Eleanor Nordyke at Kapi'olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital Aug. 5, 1961, one day after Obama was supposedly born at the same facility.


Obama: "good enough for the Press and people in general"!

See Video analysis below

In trying to deal with the 'birther" questions and produce a document of birth, Obama has damned himself. In the new, apparently "genuine" version, there is NOTHING there that might have embarrassed him and caused him to avoid providing this document from the very beginning.

Nor to have Lt. Col. Laykin arrested and languish in prison because Obama refused to show his birth certificate and convince him that Obama is a legitimate commander-in-chief. Which including blocking Laykin's legal rights to "discovery" subpoena of facts in preparing a defense. The reason given by the military courts being that divulging the birth certificate would EMBARRASS the President. So he went to prison without being able to defend himself.

What is there in the "new" document, released by the White House as the "real deal", that is even REMOTELY embarrassing? Other than the FALSITY of the whole document - as shown up in the videos below.

Certainly not enough to throw someone in prison to protect it coming out.

THIS IS THE MOST CONVINCING INDICATOR THAT THIS DOCUMENT IS PATENTLY FALSE. All it shows is Obama's self-serving, narcissistic perfidy and disregard for our laws and Constitution.

Had Obama been smart he would have had the forgers insert some small "embarrassment" and then point to it as the reason he spent a fortune, reportedly in the SEVEN figures, on private and government lawyers to prevent his birth certificate (or a slew of other documents) becoming available to the public.

People may have laughed at him but for being so silly but his new document could have become believable!


Any accompanying validating letter from Hawaii is even easier to forge!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


HE HAS BLOCKED development of EVERY SOURCE OF ENERGY WE HAVE INSIDE AMERICA INCLUDING OIL, NATURAL GAS AND COAL. Gas was under $2 a gallon when Obama took over and is now around $5 a gallon and even OVER $6 PER GALLON at some gas stations, not in Europe but here in the USA.

Fuel provides transportaion for foods and other essential items in our lives - so these are also rising like a rocket. Bulk coffee prices have tripled. Glenn Beck warned us repeatedly to note and take action to build a reserve of essential foods and household needs. Did you listen? No? I tried - within limits of my budgets and home storage space

If any other of our presidents had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel To go
Plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a Hypocrite?

In a nutshell :

If any other of our presidents had doubled the National debt, which had
taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would You have

If any other of our presidents had then proposed to Double the debt again
Within 10 Years, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had criticized a state law that he admitted
He never even read, would you think that he is just an ignorant hot Head?

If any other of our presidents joined the country of Mexico and sued A state
In the United States to force that state to continue to allow illegal
Immigration, Would you question his patriotism and wonder who's
side he was on?

If any other of our presidents had pronounced the Marine Corps like Marine Corpse, would you think him an idiot?

It's far worse to misspell "potato" as Dan Quayle did?

If any other of our presidents had put 87,000 workers out of
work by Arbitrarily placing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling on
companies That Have one of the best safety records of any industry
because one foreign Company had an accident, would you have

If any other of our presidents had used a forged document
as the Basis of The moratorium that would render 87000 American workers
Unemployed would you Support him?

If any other of our presidents had been the first President to need A
Teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, Would
You have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own
And is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If any other of our presidents had spent hundreds of thousands of Dollars to
Take his First Lady to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had reduced your retirement plan Holdings of
GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, Would you
have approved?

If any other of our presidents had made a joke at the expense of the Special
Olympics, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had given Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of
Inexpensive And incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given
Him a thoughtful And historically significant gift, would you have

If any other of our presidents had given the Queen of England an IPod Containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought it a proud Moment For America? No wonder he was not invited to Katie & William's wedding!

If any other of our presidents had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, Would
You have approved?

If any other of our presidents had visited Austria and  made Reference to the
Nonexistent "Austrian language," would you have brushed It off as a minor

If any other of our presidents had filled his cabinet and circle of Advisers
With people who cannot seem to keep current in their income Taxes, would you
Have approved?

If any other of our presidents had stated that there were 57 states In the
United States , wouldn't you have had second thoughts about his Capabilities?

If any other of our presidents would have flown all the way to Denmark to
Make a five minute speech about how the Olympics would benefit Him (walking
out his front door in his home town), would you not have Thought he was a
Self important, conceited, egotistical jerk?

If any other of our presidents had been so Spanish illiterate as to Refer to
"Cinco de Cuatro" in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was The 5th of
May (Cinco de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried Again, wouldn't
You have winced in embarrassment?

If any other of our presidents had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel To go Plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a Hypocrite?

If any other of our presidents' administrations had okayed Air Force One
Flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in Downtown
Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they
Actually get what happened on 9-11?

If any other of our presidents had failed to send relief aid to Flood
Victims throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made Homeless than
In New Orleans , would you want it made into a major ongoing Political issue
With claims of racism and incompetence?

If any other of our presidents had created the position of over 32 Czars Who
Report directly to him, bypassing the House and Senate on much of what Is
Happening in America , would you have ever approved?

If any other of our presidents had ordered the firing of the CEO of A major
Corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do So, would
You have approved?

So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant
and impressive?

Can't think of anything? Don't worry. He's done all this in 24 months -- so
you have that much time to come up with an answer.

Every statement and action in this email is factual and directly attributable to Barrack Obama. Every bumble is a matter of record and completely verifiable.


"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Obama talking about gas prices back in 2008 !  No vision, no principle, no real plans....

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As part of his Moslem "taghiyah" (lies), Obama attended a Baptist Church founded by slaves as an orchestrated show of "honoring" Easter, yet, though he has proclaimed major days of other religions such as Islamic Ramadan, he "forgot to do an Easter proclamation thus by comparison  insulting ALL Christians.

Obama made a video message to the people of Iran for the Persian (Zoroastrian) holiday of Nowruz but didn’t make a video for Easter.

President Obama delivered official messages for Passover, Ramadan and Diwali. But for Easter? Not so much.

The White House came under fire this week for neglecting to issue official statements for either Easter or Good Friday, though Mr. Obama did take time Friday to address Earth Day, a celebration observed by tens of thousands of pagan worshippers of the earth goddess Gaia.

Obama has had a difficult official relationship with Easter.

His 2010 Easter proclamation was criticized because he attempted to include other faiths in what is a uniquely Christian holiday.

This was not equal-opportunity multiculturalism; his Ramadan message did not include a shout-out to American Jews, for example, even though his 2011 Passover message bizarrely related the holiday to the current Arab uprisings.

Likewise, Mr. Obama’s 2009 message stated that, “while we worship in different ways, we also remember the shared spirit of humanity that inhabits us all - Jews and Christians, Muslims and Hindus, believers and nonbelievers alike.” He also quoted passages from a historic 1945 sermon delivered by a chaplain in the wake of the fierce fighting on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima but edited out any mention of Jesus.


Many observant Americans remember then-candidate Barack Obama’s statement campaigning before the Pennsylvania primary when he characterized those who opposed him as “bitter” and clinging to religion “as a way to explain their frustrations.” The statement seemed to confirm the belief that Mr. Obama viewed church goers as unsophisticated bumpkins who were too simple to understand the historic nature of his candidacy.

•0bama belonged to America hater, Rev. Wright's (a former Muslim) church for twenty years. Many congregants are Muslims.

•0bama holds Muslim celebrations in the WH but canceled the National Day of Prayer.

•0bama required that the cross be covered when he gave a speech at Notre Dame.

•Christian symbol covered up during Obama’s Georgetown speech

•Barack Obama Mocks And Makes Fun Of The Bible (video 2:09)

•Obama: " We are no longer a Christian nation . . . " (video 1:27)

And REPEATEDLY OMITS/“Forgetsunder God in the pledge! Thus insulting the Constitution and America!

Any doubts left about his radical mindsets?


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See how fast you react to stimulus. You'll be surprised at how slow you really are.


Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands, showing their
outrage with Arizona 's controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere.

In the small town of Guadalupe , AZ, south of Phoenix , Manuel Renaldo is
one of those who is punishing Arizona by leaving. As he loaded his stolen car
with his belongings and family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an
interpreter "It's a matter of principle. I refuse to be supported by a state
that treats me like a criminal."

The effects of the exodus are being felt by Arizona retailers who are
reporting dwindling thefts of beer, spray paint, and ammunition. Also hit hard
are the state’s hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and
emergency room visits.

Tattoo parlors are in a state of panic.

Renaldo told a reporter through an interpreter "He and his family are moving to
California , which is a state that will support him and his family with

Kind of brings a tear to your eye....huh!


1.New York: Longtime Gambino Associate Sentenced in New York on Murder and Assault Charges

Joseph Watts, a longtime associate of the Gambino organized crime family, was sentenced in to 13 years in prison for participating in murder and assault conspiracies in order to maintain and increase his influence in the Gambino family.

2.Indianapolis: Latin Kings Member Indicted in Indiana on Murder-Related Racketeering Charges

Ivan Quiroz, an alleged member of the Almighty Latin Kings and Queen Nation, was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of using and carrying a firearm to commit murder in connection with his alleged role in a racketeering conspiracy.

3.Albuquerque: Kewa Pueblo Man Detained on Federal Murder Charge

A United States Magistrate Judge found that there was probable cause to support a criminal complaint charging Dennis J. Lovato with murder. Lovato, a member of the Pueblo of Kewa, faces up to life imprisonment, a maximum $250,000 fine, and up to five years of supervised release.

4.Boston: Executive Guilty in $9 Million Kickback and Bribery Scheme Involving Naval Funds

Anjan Dutta-Gupta, the founder and president of a technology services company with offices in Rhode Island and Georgia, pled guilty to bribery of a public official in connection with an alleged kickback scheme of more than $9 million of naval funds.

5.Minneapolis: Florida Man Sentenced in South Dakota in Connection with Faking Death for Insurance Money

Vij Misir was sentenced to 36 months in prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud. His ex-wife and co-defendant, Rajmatee Kapadia, pled guilty to the same charge. The couple faked Misir’s death to make claims on life insurance policies totaling $7 million in coverage.

6.Detroit: Michigan Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty in $7 Million Ponzi Scheme

Dante DeMiro pled guilty to five counts of bank and wire fraud in connection with his operation of a Ponzi scheme that caused more than $7 million in losses.

7.Washington Field: Somali Hostage Negotiator Charged with Piracy in Attack on Merchant Ship

Ali Mohamed Ali was arrested and indicted for conspiracy to commit piracy and other charges that allege he acted as a negotiator on behalf of Somali pirates during the takeover of a merchant ship in the Gulf of Aden that started on Nov. 7, 2008 and lasted for 71 days.

8.Houston: Last Defendant Charged as a Result of HTRA Investigation of Local Bar Sentenced to Prison for Drug Dealing

Wilson Sauzo, the last of four defendants charged and convicted as a result of a human trafficking investigation at a Houston area bar, was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for drug trafficking.

9.Salt Lake City: GSA Investing in Salt Lake City’s New Energy Future

The U.S. General Services Administration will break ground on the new Federal Bureau of Investigation field office building located at 5425 West Amelia Earhart Drive, Salt Lake City. The new office will be a high-performing green building and is expected to save or create more than 500 construction jobs, a great majority of which will be filled by the local community.

10.Pittsburgh: Major Cocaine Supplier is 39th to Plead Guilty

Eric Alford pled guilty to two counts of violating federal drug laws. Alford was the 39th defendant out of 56 original defendants to plead guilty to charges from the four separate but related indictments.

Alan note: And a reminiscence for those of us who were in Kabul - perhaps at the palace rather than the embassy - but on the team.


Hover over any of the locations and see the temperature and altitude as well as cloud formations


China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings - GOODBYE DOLLAR VALUE!

All those who were hoping global stock markets would surge tomorrow based on a ridiculous rumor that China would revalue the CNY by 10% will have to wait.

Instead, China has decided to serve the world another surprise.

Following last week's announcement by PBoC Governor Zhou Xiaochuan that the country's excessive stockpile of USD reserves has to be urgently diversified, today we get a sense of just how big the upcoming Chinese defection from the "buy US debt" Nash equilibrium will be.

Not surprisingly, China appears to be getting ready to cut its USD reserves by roughly the amount of dollars that was recently printed by the Fed, or $2 trilion or so. And to think that this comes just as news that the Japanese pension fund will soon be dumping who knows what.

So, once again, how about that "end of QE" again? (THANK YOU OBAMA!)



Saturday, April 23, 2011



Obama's low-life, Socialist, thuggish hoodlum behavior in the White House, with which he is getting away, encourages this kind of mentality and lifestyle among those for whom he is a role model!


Just show the original long form!

Snopes' Certification of Live Birth was supposedly issued in August, 1961 but the Revision date is 11/01.

What is REALLY interesting is the light blue time stamp that reveals the actual date of issuance as Jun 6 2007. See the picture for the highlighted area showing the time stamp from the back side where it bleeds through. Hold it up to a mirror and you can see the date!

Regardless of all this - possibly controversial detail - the ONE major factor that is being avoided is the "African" mention under father's race. In those days it would have been Negro - however politically incorrect this may be today. At the same time the Kenyan ARAB father may have had a hand in having it noted as African rather than Negro.

Seen from the back

This fits reports that Obama revised his Hawai document - whatever it was - around the time he decided to run for the White House AND THIS IS NOT THE TRUE COPY OF ANYTHING PREVIOUSLY VALID.

And finally here is a comparison of a real and false document:



The document below may or may not be valid and defenders of Obama will argue it has been "discredited" but until Great Britain officially declares it false after checking the ledgers kept in the Foreign Office and that particular Certificate Number is incorrect, then this is as believable as anything presented by Obama trying to provide a Hawaii birthplace.

However, what is insidious is the effort to dismiss ANY question about the origins of the man who sits in the Oval Office with a huge organization of America-hating Overseas groups, among them Communist, Marxist-Islamist and Socialist conglomerates.

Including dissembling facts, such as Kirsten Powers of the New York Post did recently on Fox, when she plaintively stated that "after all Obama's mother was an American" as proof he should be left alone by birthers or anyone who wants to know anything about the man driving America into the ground.

Setting aside his father being a British subject and thus indelibly invalidating his being a natural born citizen, what she failed to acknowledge was that the law of the land at the time of his birth did not allow a mother's nationality to pass to a child unless she had resided in the USA for five years after attaining the age of 16-years. Obama was born OUTSIDE that parameter and could not attain or adopt American citizenship from his mother.

Efforts of his grandparents to register him as born in the USA had nothing to do (as mocked by his supporters to discredit the false newspaper posts) with his future role as usurper of the White House but simply give their grandchild an easy path to an American Citizenship. Specially as  anchor baby regulations were not in force at that time.

Finally, Kirsten and those who attack Donald Trump  for his curiosity about the person sitting in the Oval Office with his weird radical czars and un-American cultural view of our nation and repeated (inept to put it very kindly) but always apocalyptically destructive actions, should perhaps emerge from their self-serving cocoon of blindness and show some desire for reality truth, not the myths presented to befuddle us and avoid disturbing the power the Left enjoys from the probably treasonous and felonious occupant of the White House.

Lt. Colonel Laykin languishes in military prison for asking questions, which would embarrass Obama and requesting proof of his eligibility to occupy that office. He was denied due process of his Constitutional rights by not being allowed "discovery" to obtain records to prove his innocence! Again, to avoid embarrassing Obama!

Whatever he may be hiding, Obama's own lawyers have claimed in Court that it would be a “particularly serious embarrassment".

Barack Obama claims “particularly serious embarrassment will result from turning over the requested documentation” in the Berg case and has filed a request for dismissal and a protective order. .... Their reasoning for requesting a protective order is that revealing the information (birth certificate, passports, citizenship in other countries) would “cause a defined and serious injury” to Obama and/or the DNC. They say revealing these documents raises a “legitimate privacy concern” and the above mentioned risk that “particularly serious embarrassment will result from turning over the requested documentation.”   

Wake up America! That is not the America way, it is the dictatorial repression of Stalin or Castro or Hugo Chavez being used in our America against "we the people".

Obama's WTF (win the future) really stands for a much more commonly used interpretation of W...T...F... (What The F**k!) are you going to do about it?

Until you wake up, America, and still have something to wake up to, the answer seems to be NOTHING but lick his toes! Yuck!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Photo of pen  being handed out inside Iran which states that as long as Israel exists the 12th Imam of End Times will not reappear

Photo of Supreme Ruler "Ayatoilet" Khamenei and a dog with the question: "which of these is more unclean"

Also photo of AhmadiNutjob and his Chief of Staff Mashaei who just lost his post under pressure from the ayatoilet.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Watch for organized violence in Bahrain any time now (our Thursday night/their Friday morning). Nine people killed in Ahwaz, Khuzestan, South Iran Thursday by Islamic regime but Saudi instigation involved in clash.

Shia Iran retaliating with major oganized unrest against Sunni ruler of Bahrain that Sunni Saudi Arabia is protecting.

Irony is that the Bahrain monarch has his family roots in the Persian city of Isfahan and is ethnically a Persian!!!

Until early last century , Bahrain used to be a province of Iran so having a man of Persian origin turned Sunni ruler is not that strange. Iran gave up claims to the province to save about $6,000,000 annually in costs of governing it. A relatively huge sum in those days.

About 70% of Bahrainis are Shia so is about 30% of the Saudi population - mostly found in the North East and Eastern areas of Saudi Arabia. It's the Saudi Achilles heel for which Iran is aiming its spear.

Shias refer to Sunnis as the Barbarian period of Islam and consider themselves as more refined. True enough of the pre-Khomeini Persians, where during the Pahlavi monarchy Iran had a form of "Islam Light", referred to as the Shahanshahi Islam.

None of the Jihadi violence was tolerated by the Shah, though he gave Moslems and any other religion including Jews, complete freedom of worship without persecution or hinderance. But without allowing them to impose any religious fanaticism on the rest of the population.





By Jim Kouri

A U.S. businessman and his New York-based company and two others and their company in California were indicted today in Washington, D.C., on charges of illegally exporting millions of dollars worth of computer-related equipment from the United States to Iran via the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Jeng “Jay” Shih, 53, a U.S. citizen, and his Queens, New York company, Sunrise Technologies and Trading Company, were indicted in the District of Columbia on 27 counts relating to the illegal export of computer-related equipment to Iran without first having obtained the required license from the Department of Treasury.

The indictment charges Shih and his company with one count of conspiracy; 13 counts of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA); 13 counts of making or causing to be made false statements to the United States; and one allegation for criminal forfeiture of property and proceeds derived from these offenses.

Shih was arrested on a criminal complaint in New York on April 6, 2011, and had his initial appearance in court in New York on April 7, 2011. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine for each of the IEEPA counts and five years for each false statement count.

In addition, Massoud Habibion, 48, aka “Matt Habibion” and “Matt Habi,” and Mohsen Motamedian, 43, aka “Max Motamedian” and “Max Ehsan,” both U.S. citizens, and their Costa Mesa, California, company, Online Micro LLC, were indicted in the District of Columbia on 32 counts relating to the illegal export of computer-related equipment to Iran without the required license from the Department of Treasury.

Habibion was charged with one count of conspiracy, 14 counts of violating IEEPA, 14 counts of making or causing false statements to the United States and four counts of obstruction of justice. Motamedian was charged with one count of conspiracy, 14 counts of violating IEEPA, 14 counts of making or causing false statements to the United States and one count of obstruction of justice.

Habibion and Motamedian were arrested on a criminal complaint in California on April 7, 2011, and had their initial appearance in court in the Central District of California on April 7, 2011. If convicted, both defendants face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and $1 million fine for each of the IEEPA counts, and five years for each false statement and 20 years for each obstruction of justice count.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the Shih criminal complaint, in 2006, Commerce Department agents conducted an outreach visit to Shih’s business in New York where they met Shih and informed him about U.S. laws governing the export of goods from the United States to other countries, particularly embargoed countries like Iran. In April 2010, ICE-Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents seized hundreds of laptop computers that originated from Sunrise and were destined for Dubai, UAE. Communications related to these shipments indicated that the purchasers were located in Iran, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit alleges that agents subsequently identified a company in Dubai that was purchasing millions of dollars of computers from U.S. companies for export to Iran, through Dubai. ICE-HSI agents arrested one of the company’s agents, who pleaded guilty in December 2010 and began cooperating with the government. In interviews with agents, this individual indicated that he and his company in Dubai had purchased millions worth of laptops from Shih in recent years for shipment to Iran, averaging $700,000 worth of computers each month. The affidavit alleges that agents also obtained documents indicating that more than 1,000 computers had been shipped by Shih’s company to Dubai and later to Iran, between April 9, 2010, and May 28, 2010, alone.

In February 2011, the cooperating individual met with Shih in New York. In recorded conversations, Shih allegedly told the individual he was aware of the U.S. embargo against Iran and U.S. export control laws. According to the affidavit, Shih also told the cooperating individual how to avoid detection when shipping goods to Iran by using fake invoices and indicated that he treated the seizure of some of his shipments as a “loss” when reporting business income and loses on his U.S. taxes.

The affidavit filed in support of the complaint against Habibion and Motamedian alleges that a company in Dubai, referenced above, purchased millions of dollars worth of laptop computers from Online Micro and that these computers were subsequently shipped to Iran. According to the affidavit, the agent for the Dubai company, who was arrested, pleaded guilty and began cooperating with the government, told federal agents that Habibion and Motamedian sold roughly $300,000 worth of computers to the Dubai company each month and that Habibion and Motamedian fully understood that the computers were destined for Iran.

In December 2010, the cooperating individual met with Habibion and Motamedian, wherein these defendants allegedly instructed the cooperating individual to make fake invoices to conceal that Iran was the destination of the shipments and to indicate that the end-users were in Dubai.

In addition, the affidavit alleges that in a Jan. 5, 2011, meeting, Habibion told the cooperating individual to lie to federal agents about conducting business in Iran, stating, “If they ask you, for instance, ‘Do you do business in Tehran?’ ‘No, I don't have any business in Tehran. I go there to visit my family, but I have no business there.’ They will ask such questions, it is part of their routine.”


WASHINGTON  – Three U.S. citizens and their two companies were indicted on Thursday for illegally exporting millions of dollars worth of computers to Iran via the United Arab Emirates, the Justice Department said.

It said Jeng Shih, 53, and his New York company, Sunrise Technologies and Trading Company, were charged with 27 counts over exports of the equipment without obtaining the required Treasury Department licenses.

Massoud Habibion, 48, and Mohsen Motamedian, 43, and their firm in Costa Mesa, California, Online Micro LLC, also were indicted in federal court in Washington, D.C., on 32 counts for illegal exports, conspiracy, false statements and obstructing justice.

As part of the investigation, U.S. government agents identified a company in Dubai that had purchased computers worth millions of dollars from U.S. companies for export to Iran, through Dubai, Justice Department officials said.

They said one of the Dubai company's employees, who was not identified, pleaded guilty in U.S. court and began cooperating in the investigation.

The employee said laptops worth millions of dollars had been purchased from Shih for shipment to Iran, averaging $700,000 worth of computers each month, the officials said.

Federal agents also obtained documents that more than 1,000 computers had been shipped by Shih's company to Dubai and later to Iran just in April and May last year.

In February, the employee met with Shih in New York and recorded conversations in which Shih allegedly said how he used fake invoices on shipments to Iran, the officials said.

They said the Dubai company also bought laptops worth millions of dollars from the California firm for shipment to Iran.

The employee said Habibion and Motamedian sold about $300,000 worth of computers to the Dubai company each month and knew that the computers were going to Iran.

At a January 5 meeting, Habibion allegedly told the employee to lie to federal agents about doing business in Iran, urging him to say, "I go there to visit my family, but I have no business there," according to court documents.

Alan note: There are reportedly  other "players" in this activity and possibly a South America transit point.

ALSO recently:

Iranian man accused of illegal metal exports
By Nedra Pickler

February 1, 2011

WASHINGTON — U.S. authorities announced Tuesday that they have charged an Iranian businessman who they say acted as a "lifeline" to his country's missile program by smuggling metals and other vital materials from the United States in violation of a trade embargo.

The Justice Department said 36-year-old Milad Jafari is at large and believed to be in Iran. He was secretly charged with conspiracy, illegal export and smuggling last July and the 11-count indictment was unsealed Tuesday.

Federal officials said Jafari ran businesses in Istanbul and Tehran that would buy metals like steel and aluminum alloy from U.S. companies and export them through Turkey to hide their true destination, since exports to Iran are prohibited without authorization from the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department said that between 2007 and late 2008, Jafari's network facilitated more than $7 million in transactions for subordinates of Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization.

The Treasury Department described a family procurement business run by Jafari; his father Mohammad Javad Jafari; and brother, Mani Jafari; with his mother, Mahin Falsafi, handling the network's bank accounts. Jafari's Turkish associates, Muammer Kuntay Duransoy and Cagri Duransoy, helped with the transactions, Treasury said.

The Treasury Department on Tuesday designated the six individuals and five companies in the Jafari network as proliferators of weapons of mass destruction which freezes their assets in the United States in an attempt to isolate them from doing further business in this country.

"The Jafari network has established itself as a lifeline for Iran's missile program by providing essential materials and support for AIO," said Stuart Levey, Treasury's undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

The indictment alleged that in July 2006 Sanam Industrial Group, a subordinate of the AIO that has been sanctioned by the United States and United Nations for involvement in nuclear and ballistic missile activities, had requested that Jafari's company get a quote for 660 pounds of specialized steel welding wire. Less than a year later, Jafari's company paid a Nevada company $38,000 for that exact order while assuring the company that the wire would not be exported from Turkey or used for nuclear or ballistic weapons-related applications, the indictment said.

The charging documents also said that in 2007, Jafari's company ordered 4,410 pounds of high-grade, temperature-resistant stainless steel used in aerospace applications from an Ohio company, assuring the seller that it would not be shipped to Iran. The indictment said that a year earlier, Heavy Metals Industries in Iran placed an order with Jafari's company for 3,410 pounds of precipitation hardening steel.

Both shipments were detained by the Department of Commerce's Office of Export Enforcement before they left the United States.

But the indictment said Jafari and his associates were able to get several other shipments of other materials to Iran via Turkey. Those shipments included 1,366 pounds of commercial bronze bars from Texas, electronic testing equipment from Illinois and 6.6 pounds of custom-made brazing alloy from a California company. The indictment also noted that Jafari arranged to export fiber-optic equipment from Pennsylvania and aerosol generators from Minnesota.

The indictment sought forfeiture of $177,867.92 in connection with Jafari's alleged crimes

"Shutting down the illegal acquisition of material destined for use in weapons programs is among the highest priorities in the FBI," said Sean Joyce, executive assistant director of the FBI's National Security Branch that investigated the case. "We'll continue to pursue illegal acquisition efforts and protect our nation from the grave threat these WMD-related activities pose to our national security."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



BREAKING NEWS - IRAN دستگیری ده‌‌ها افسر نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران به اتهام تلاش برای کودتا

Dateline, Iran April 20th

Tens of  officers from the Revolutionary Guard Ground Forces (IRGC) have been arrested and charged with an effort to overthrow the regime.

دستگیری ده‌‌ها افسر نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران به اتهام تلاش برای کودتا

Reports from Iran indicate 37 officers have been arrested yesterday and transfered to Gohardasht prison. The allegedly intended to take over 130 locations in Tehran and control of regime military bases. Today 66  were transfered to an IRGC prison. There is no informatioin as to the fate of others arrested.

It appears likely that all this resulted from clashes with the Ministry of Information and Intelligence (MOIS) relative to the recent arrests and an effort to protect IRGC information and prevent it's seizure by the Ministry.
طبق اخبار دریافتی شب گذشته 37 نفر از افسران نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران پس از دستگیری به اتهام تلاش برای انجام کودتا علیه نظام به زندان گوهردشت منتقل شده‌اند. افراد دستگیر شده متهم هستند که قرار بوده در ۱۳۰ نقطه تهران مبادرت به تسخیر پایگاه‌های رژیم کنند. این زندانیان قرار است امروز به زندان ۶۶ سپاه منتقل شدند. اطلاعی از وضعیت بقیه دستگیرشدگان در دست نیست.  گفته می‌شود به احتمال زیاد درگیری‌ به وجود آمده در وزارت اطلاعات هم در رابطه با دستگیری‌های اخیر و تلاش حفاظت اطلاعات سپاه پاسداران برای در اختیار گرفتن وزارت اطلاعات است.


Correction of some "revisionist history" from close inside knowledge of both the Pahlavi and Mossadegh families, details of which have no need to be disclosed here.

"Reza Khan" as he is disparagingly named by one of the LEFT-WING speakers, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty,  had NO INTENTION of being a monarch when he took over from the Qajar monarchy, whose reigning monarch was an inept teenager living mostly in Paris rather than in Iran.

Reza Shah wanted to form a republic but the CLERGY insisted he maintain millenia of tradition and proclaim himself Shah and assume a crown instead of the Presidency he wished to form.

Another of the most common fallacies (as menioned in this video) about the late Shah's Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh is that he was "DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED" to that position. In fact that is NOT the case. Mossadegh, a prominent member of the previous Qajar dynasty was appointed to the post by the late-Shah, as was the custom in those days, and was RATIFIED by the Iranian Parliament.

His animosity toward the Shah was a family one and he wanted to overthrow the Pahlavis and restore the Qajars to power.

When Mossadegh was given oil advice by one of his oil rained, experienced Qajar relatives (Farmafarmaian) after the latter left the meeting he ordered his arrest. The latter was advised of the order and asked the Shah's help. To save his life he was immediately issued a passport, hand-delivered by a Colonel, and put on a plane leaving the country.

Mossadegh was NOT a kind nor thinking man but in reality a despotic, foul-mouthed autocrat far worse than the Shah ever was in the eyes of his worst enemy and it was the Shah's "graciousness" which pardoned him from being hanged after his trial as condemned and instead exiled to his property to live out the rest of his life.

Secondly, what is mentioned in the video, but again skimmed over, was that the Soviet supporting Iranian Communist (Tudeh) party backed Mossadegh when he opposed British oil interests and nationalized Iranian oil - while still under the rule of the Shah and with the monarch's full approval and support, but then privately offered contol of Iranian oil to the Soviets in return for support for the restoration of the Qajar dynasty under his leadership.


And which only recently has been granted by the Islamic regime under Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei and president Ahmadi-Nejad as barter for protected REFUGE in Russia should the need arise for them to flee the country.

As the thirtieth anniversary of the Iranian revolution approached Al Jazeera ran a special series of programmes from the Islamic Republic

READER COMMENT: Wow! The Islamic regime survived like a parasite till now. This video was made many years ago. More and more Iranians are regretting the Islamic revolution. We are deeply sorry for ourselves.


Alan note: I also knew the Shah, his senior ministers and top military. The naive mostly under 25-year old (65%) Iranian people regretably got what they asked for. Careful what you wish!

There's an apt, wry Persian joke. A young man wished for his mother to pass on so his aged father would find a young wife, who would then become his sex partner. But instead his father died and his mother married a young stud for herself but who used the boy as a sex slavey. The boy's lament is: "Look at what we wished for but look at what we actually got"!


Barbara Walters





By Isabel Sanchez

HAVANA — Fidel Castro confirmed his exit from the Communist Party leadership on Tuesday, ceding power to his brother Raul as delegates prepare to vote on changes that could bring term limits to key posts.

The move came after the sixth Communist Party Congress approved a flurry of measures on Monday aimed at keeping Cuba's centrally planned economy from collapse but without any broad embrace of market-oriented change.



From the Internet:

"Kapiolani is a not for profit hospital, send a small donation check with an attachment that the check is be donated in the name of doctor that birthed Obama in 1961 as indicated on hospital records. Tell them to notate the name of the birth doctor in the memo section of the check before accpting the donation.

I got my check back with a short note that the hospital did not have any records that would prove Obama was born there."

Maybe a multi-millionaire with a very large check or a group of people that put forth a huge donation with the same stipulations will garner enough press interest to at least ask the idiot in the White House why he would withold such a minute detail of his life when the poor sick children at Kapiolani Hospital need the upgrades that these donations could buy. Most politicians would not be able to overcome such a charge by the media but who knows....

Sunday, April 17, 2011




A mid-level cleric in Iran, Hojat-ol-Eslam Saeidi, trying hard to provide some legitimacy the current Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei, who did not have enough religious status (being himself a Hojat-ol-Eslam instead of an Ayatollah let alone a Grand Ayatollah requirement) to legally replace Ayatollah Khomeini as religious head of state, has gone on TV to declare that at the moment of emerging from his mother's womb, the newborn immediately cried out "Ya Ali" or "Yo Ali" calling on the founder of the Shia sect of Islam! Making him a holy figure from the first breath of his birth. (18th minute of the Persian language news VOA video at the above link).

Also from Iran, while acknowledging they are building centrifuge parts at the location recently disclosed by the MEK, for which their Camp Ashraf in Iraq, where these  anti-Mullah exiles are refugees, was attacked under Iranian pressure - the Mullah regime has refused permission for any inspection of the factory  by nuclear inspectors.

Without clarifying which airlines will not be able to receive refueling in Iran, the Mullah regime is retaliating against countries which have ceased refueling Iranian airlines at overseas airports.

Meanwhile, Mahdi end times 12ther, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi (nickname Crocodile) is dislosing the Freemasonry is alive and well in Islamic Iran but flying an Islamic flag instead of operating as an Iranian branch of that society.

Iranian officials repeat their aim to set up an Islamic Iranian Persian language Internet network which will restore the Persian (Farsi) language to prominence as Moslems use it.

A Russian built Sokhoi military jet of the Islamic Iranian Airforce has crashed into a mountain some 180 kilometers west of the city of Shiraz, killing the pilot. Crash attributed to mechanical malfunction.


"Islamophobia" = knowing more about Islam than they want us to know!



Having woven in and concealed about $105 BILLION in one slush fund and another $20 billion slush fund in the Health Department, scattered around the 2,000 plus page ObamaCare bill - both amounts hidden and passed by Pelosi in "you've got to pass it to know what's in it" fraudulent shove it down their throats, Democrat single party control, Obama feels secure that he has the money ALREADY PASSED and not required to be reconfirmed by Congress, to operate his Health care bill.

And Health Secretary Sibellius' $20 billion slush is being used to fund and pay off some LameStream Media as well as others to provide support for Obama's re-election and promote his narcisstic desires, even when it is against the will of "we the people" .

 As the child in the first video states "Obama does not care".

Unable and inexperienced enough to govern, he has to rely on hoodlum tactics to get his way and now quickly starts the only thing he understands at all - corrupt campaigning - to try to hide his failure to handlle any serious matters in the world. Which his moronic actions have caused to take place and unless  some grown ups can take control will bring about  a Moslem Caliphate and crash of the USA as his proudly cherished legacy!

Strong words? Not even near what this evil-personified "domestic terrorist" (anti-Christ if you are religious) has descended on American heads and all over the global scene. Much to his delight, possibly past the point of rescue even if and when adults can get a foothold to repair his damage!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



How many lies have been told and policies changed to cover for Obama's lack of eligibility?

(Apr. 13, 2011) — This is in response to an article from FactCheck Blog, “Donald, You’re Fired!”, posted on April 9, 2011. Excerpts from their article are included for ease of rebuttal–an educational effort.

If FactCheck staffers worked for us, we’d have to say: “FactCheck, You’re fired–for incompetence, blatant obfuscation, and use of Alinsky tactics!” When it comes to getting facts straight, FactCheck fails miserably, again, and again, and again.

Point by Point Rebuttal

FactCheck said:

Trump claims the president’s grandmother says Obama was born in Kenya. In fact, the recording to which he refers shows Sarah Obama repeatedly saying through a translator: “He was born in America.”

TRUTH: She said this only after a “long pause” during which a conversation in a Kenyan tongue took place in the background, between several men and Sarah Obama, right after she very clearly stated that she was present in Kenya at his birth. Did these men intimidate her into changing her story? You be the judge. Many benefits subsequently flowed to the Obama family, such as a paved road, electricity, and piped-in water after they supported Obama in his endeavors. Early on, Kenyans did not realize the importance of a US birth for any presidential candidate.

FactCheck produced a supposed transcript of the conversation between Mr. McRae and Sarah Obama. But there’s no translation of the conversation in a Kenyan dialect that can be heard in the background, between what sounds like several men and Sarah Obama.

FactCheck transcribed another part of the conversation thusly:

Translator: Sir, she says he was born in Hawaii.

McRae: OK.

Translator: Yeah, in 1960 this was Hawaii, where his father, his father was also marrying there. This was Hawaii.

Obama claims that he was born in 1961. But Sarah said 1960.

FactCheck said:

Trump claims that no hospital in Hawaii has a record of Obama’s birth. Hospital records are confidential under federal law, but Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Medical Center has published a letter from Obama calling it “the place of my birth,” thus publicly confirming it as his birthplace.

TRUTH: The hospital promptly removed that letter from its website, where it had been used for fundraising, after its provenance was questioned and after persons who know stated that if the letter is fraudulent, the hospital would be in violation of the law. The letter is now hidden from view.

Senator Slom of Hawaii has repeatedly asked to see it but has not been allowed to see it. He is told, but does not know for certain, that the letter is on display in a private office for safekeeping.

The White House will NOT confirm that the letter was written by, signed by, or sent by the POTUS. Numerous articles preceding the revelation of this letter, which named Kapiolani as his birth place, said that he was born at Queen’s Medical–another hospital altogether.

FactCheck said:

Trump insists that the official “Certification of Live Birth” that Obama produced in 2008 is “not a birth certificate.” That’s wrong. The U.S. Department of State uses “birth certificate” as a generic term to include the official Hawaii document, which satisfies legal requirements for proving citizenship and obtaining a passport.

TRUTH: The “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) that was posted as a digital image on partisan blogs (Daily Kos and FactCheck) and in a campaign ad (Fight the Smears) is NOT an “official Certification of Live Birth” nor is it a “birth certificate.” Obama did not produce it; it was released by his campaign, not by Obama. It’s a digital image.

When originally released, that digital image was modified, because the identification number on it was redacted. It says at the bottom of the image, “Any alterations invalidate this certificate.” It was altered; therefore, it is invalid.

It matters not what the State Dept. calls such documents, when they’re in three-dimensional form. The state of Hawaii did not, in 2007, consider a “certification of live birth” to be the same as a “birth certificate” or a “certificate of birth.”

It also matters not whether the State Dept. would accept a COLB (in 3-D form) to satisfy “legal requirements for proving citizenship and obtaining a passport.” Natural born citizenship differs from simple citizenship, which is sufficient to receive a passport.

No doubt, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a US passport. No doubt, today he is a US citizen. However, he is not and never can be eligible for the presidency, short of a Constitutional amendment.

Schwarzenegger is a citizen; he is NOT a “natural born” citizen, which is the standard for POTUS eligibility. As such, he has the same status as Obama: Ineligible, not a NATURAL BORN citizen.

The president has NEVER released any officially certified document that proves that he was born in Hawaii, to the parents he claims, at the time and on the date he claims, at Kapiolani or at Queen’s Medical. He has never produced a “birth certificate”, a “certification of live birth”, a “certificate of live birth”, a “certificate of birth”, or even a “hospital birth certificate”.

FactCheck said:

Trump claims that there’s no signature or certification number on the document released by Obama. Wrong again. Photos of the document, which we posted in 2008, clearly show those details.

TRUTH: The “document” released by the Obama campaign is a digital image that has no certification number and no signature. Who would accept as a “document” a digital image released to partisan blogs and posted on a DNC-affiliated Obama campaign website? Trump refers to the image released by Obama’s campaign, not to photos on a partisan blog, which have no PROVENance. Has Obama or his campaign ever referenced those photographs on FactCheck blog or given them the nod as being authentic? If so, kindly, someone, supply a link.

In fact, no photograph that FactCheck produced of the document, which they claim is the source for the digital image posted on blogs and Obama’s campaign website, shows a certifying signature. They do not show a photograph of the entire back side of the document. Therefore, nobody can say with certainty what that cropped image of a signature block represents.

There is a certification number on photos of the front of the alleged document, which FactCheck blog posted weeks after they posted the original digital image, and only after others (mostly bloggers) questioned the missing certification number.

When bloggers questioned other details, FactCheck blog reduced the size and resolution of the photos and removed all embedded identifying properties. [See their story and note the difference between the claimed resolution and the actual resolution.] Is this how a nonpartisan factchecking organization should behave? Shouldn’t they be more than happy to answer questions? Shouldn’t they welcome examination of their claims? What about transparency? Why have no other members of the media been allowed to see and examine the document that FactCheck blog claims to have photographed?

Why hasn’t Obama presented this “certified document” to judges in any of the court cases addressing his ineligibility? Why have his lawyers fought discovery, if that COLB is a truthful representation of what’s on file in Hawaii?

FactCheck said:

Trump says newspaper announcements of Obama’s birth that appeared in Hawaii newspapers in 1961 ‘probably’ were placed there fraudulently by his now-deceased American grandparents. Actually, a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information came straight from the state health department.

TRUTH: Nobody knows with CERTAINTY that those announcements actually ran in newspapers in Hawaii in 1961. But even if they did, FactCheck blog, please NAME the “state health department official” and the “former managing editor” [Shapiro? See below.] who said that these announcements came only from the Hawaiian Department of Health (HDOH) and tell us upon what they base their knowledge about how things worked in 1961.

Nobody has ever seen these newspaper announcements in reality. That is, nobody has seen any newspaper. They have seen (again) digital images that are SAID to have come from microfilms at the State Library and at the Honolulu Advertiser.

A factchecker would investigate and then NAME the librarian who copied the images from microfilm at the State Library and sent them to a NAMED individual who sent them to the BLOGS where they first appeared.

A factchecker would locate and publish the underlying evidence that supports the provenance of the images, such as the letter or email making the request, the letter or email accompanying the images, and the receipt of payment for the copies.

A factchecker would investigate and then NAME the person at the Honolulu Advertiser who copied the images from microfilm at the newspaper and sent them to a NAMED person, who released them to BLOGS where they first appeared.

Why haven’t these birth announcement images been presented to any of the judges in any of the ineligibility lawsuits, if they are real? In fact, as blogger jbjd pointed out, the closest these images came to being entered into any court filing by Obama’s lawyers was in a footnote, which has no evidentiary value.

Nobody has stated with certainty that the only way a birth could be listed in those announcements in 1961 was if the HDOH sent the name to the newspaper.

Finally–there’s no PROOF whatsoever that the “son” announced in those newspapers (even if the images are authentic) is the person who is now president.

There’s no PROOF who the mother was. Barack Hussein Obama (BHO Sr.) had three if not four or more wives. Any of them could have been the “Mrs.” referred to in the announcements. BHO Sr. had many sons. Any of them could have been the son referred to in those announcements. BHO Sr. never lived at the address listed in the announcements. No place of birth is identified in those announcements.

So even if legitimate (which is in doubt until someone shows a contemporaneous, 3-D newspaper) the announcements do NOT prove that the POTUS was born in Hawaii.

But if BHO Sr. is his father, Obama is NOT a natural born citizen; so it doesn’t matter where he was born.

FactCheck said:

Trump claims “nobody knew” Obama when he was growing up and “nobody ever comes forward” who knew him as a child. “If I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten,” Trump said. Well, two retired kindergarten teachers in a 2009 news story fondly recall teaching a young Barack Obama.

TRUTH: While the usual set of “friends” and “teachers” put themselves forward, repeatedly, to claim that they knew him as a child, numerous discrepancies in their various reports raise suspicions. For example, he attended third grade in two countries, on opposite sides of the world.

Strangely enough, the Dept. of Education in Hawaii cannot locate Obama’s kindergarten records. A picture was produced supposedly showing Obama in kindergarten. The story (click link, above) says the caption identifying a certain child as Obama was written on the back of the photo. However, the back of the photo with the caption is conveniently not shown.

The two retired teachers were actually student teachers who said that they did not teach Obama at the same time. One says she assisted his kindergarten teacher during the first part of that school year, while the other says she assisted his kindergarten teacher during the second part of the school year. Of course, the records are missing.

One student teacher described him as “heavy build”, which certainly does not sound like the POTUS. (Look at the photo: He looks thin, not “heavy build”, and his head looks pasted on. A tropical climate, but he alone wears long sleeves.) These women did not know each other at the time but met later, became good friends, compared notes (according to the 2009 story), and were Obama supporters. His actual kindergarten teacher, if the story is true, was Alice Sakai, who died in 2006, and so conveniently cannot be interviewed.

These two student teachers, Obama supporters and good friends, had the same photograph that was already published in the 2008 story. They claimed that Alice Sakai sent the photo to one of them; but of course, she cannot confirm that as true, being sadly deceased.

FactCheck said:

The evidence that Obama was born in the U.S.A. is so overwhelming that we haven’t had much to say lately about the sort of bogus claims that Trump repeats. Hawaii’s top official in charge of vital records stated long ago, for example, that the confidential records underlying Obama’s official birth certificate show that he was born in Hawaii and is “a natural born American citizen.”

TRUTH: There is NO EVIDENCE that Obama was born in the U.S.A. None. If there were, he would have presented it to the courts. If EVIDENCE existed, a MORAL INDIVIDUAL would present it instead of hiding it.

A MORAL INDIVIDUAL would not have allowed a patriot like LTC. LAKIN to be sent to PRISON.

Obama is not a “natural born American citizen.” He may be a US citizen now; but he never was a “natural born” citizen of the USA, unless he’s not telling the truth about the identity of his father.

The father that Obama claims, BHO Sr., was never a US citizen, never an aspiring immigrant, never a permanent resident. Thus, Obama was (as his website indicated) born a British subject, later a Kenyan citizen, and later still an Indonesian citizen (as AP evidence shows). Obama’s site also referred to him as a “native” (not natural born) citizen of the USA.

If he was born outside the USA, he was not even a US citizen at birth. He may now be a naturalized citizen; but if so, he is ineligible for the presidency. No documentation has been found to verify that he ever changed his status: his foreign citizenships may remain active.

FactCheck said:

But when a leading prospect for the Republican presidential nomination embraces and repeats these spurious claims and groundless conspiracy theories on national television, we are forced to wade into this swamp once again. For details of where Trump goes wrong, and full documentation of the facts, please read on to our Analysis section.

TRUTH: No truly nonpartisan, factchecking organization would use terms such as “spurious”, “groundless conspiracy theories” or “swamp” when describing one side of an argument to be analyzed with an open mind and resolved via the presentation of facts. By using such terms, they prove their partisan BIAS.

FactCheck said:

Trump echoed claims that are often repeated by those who wish to believe Obama is not a natural-born American citizen.

TRUTH: We don’t “wish to believe” that Obama is not a natural born citizen; we know that he’s not, unless he’s lying about his father’s identity. Blood AND Soil. The two requirements: Birth on US soil to two US citizen parents. No allegiance to any other country or sovereign, ever, as documented in a detailed analysis by Leo Donofrio, Esq.

FactCheck said:

The proof of Obama’s citizenship has long been apparent to us and, we think, to any reasonable person with a mind open to evidence.

TRUTH: “Citizenship” is not the issue; natural born citizenship is the issue. FactCheck blog has provided no admissible ”evidence” of Obama’s natural born citizenship, to the people or to the courts. What’s apparent to FactCheck is not apparent to REASONABLE persons with open minds who wish only to see PROOF of Obama’s eligibility, which any serious employer would require.

FactCheck said:

The proof is not just the official birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii and made public by the Obama campaign in 2008.

TRUTH: There is no such document. No such document has EVER been presented. It’s a digital image on a partisan blog and in a campaign advertisement. No official birth certificate has ever been presented to any court of law. Nor has any such document been shown to We the People or to our elected representatives or to journalists in the mainstream media.

FactCheck said:

As we wrote when we published detailed photographs of that document in our “Born in the U.S.A.” article, that document constitutes legal proof of citizenship sufficient to meet all U.S. Department of State requirements for issuance of a passport.

TRUTH: The photographs are hardly detailed, especially after being downsized. Notice the conveniently placed shadows and the flares of light that obscure pertinent information. Is this how a reasonable person would photograph a document?

Requirements for obtaining a passport are not the same as requirements for the presidency, as FactCheck well knows. A passport is available to any “citizen”, including naturalized citizens, who are ineligible for the presidency. They are comparing apples and oranges in a transparent and deliberate attempt to reframe the issue. The issue is NATURAL BORN citizenship. See how cleverly they mislead, these so-called, self-proclaimed, “nonpartisan” factcheckers?

FactCheck said:

There also were public announcements of Obama’s birth published in Hawaii newspapers shortly after his birth in 1961.

TRUTH: Nobody has ever produced a newspaper from 1961 that contains that announcement.

FactCheck said:

And the state’s top vital records official, Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, issued a statement in 2009 stating that she had “seen the original vital records maintained on file” and that those records, which are confidential under state law, verify that “Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai‘i and is a natural-born American citizen.”

TRUTH: The vital records, plural, themselves purport to verify that he was born in Hawaii. An affidavit “verifies” a claim, when “to verify” is used in the legal sense of the word. Fukino claimed to have consulted the Hawaiian Attorney General prior to releasing her statement. It was a carefully parsed press release that does not DESCRIBE the contents of those vital records. Obama can release these records. All he has to do is make the request. But he does not.

That these records, whatever they are, “verify” that Obama is a “natural-born American citizen” is Fukino’s interpretation, which is certainly open to argument. What does she mean by “natural-born American citizen” as compared to the requirement of the US Constitution, which is “natural born citizen of the United States?” Is Mexico, arguably, America? Yes, it is. Is Canada? Yes, it is. Is Argentina? Yes, it is.

FactCheck said:

A reporter for an Indianapolis television station filed this story shortly after Obama was elected in November, 2008. And in it Sarah Obama tells (again, through translators) of her grandson’s first visit to Kenya — when he was 25 years old.

TRUTH: That would have been 1986 or 1987, if this is correct. 1983, according to Sarah Obama in another story. 1985, according to Kezia. 1988, according to Obama and one of his biographers. Stories vary, as usual. See our timeline for more details.

FactCheck said:

It’s true that the rather poor image that the Obama campaign at first made public showed only one side of the document (the official signature was on the reverse) and the campaign unaccountably obliterated the number, for reasons never fully explained. But when we pressed the campaign for a better image, we were allowed to come to campaign headquarters and photograph it for ourselves, which we did.

TRUTH: The “rather poor” FactCheck photos show only one side of that purported document. Who exactly are “we?” Will those persons sign affidavits attesting, under oath, that what FactCheck wrote about visiting that document is absolutely true? Will FactCheck provide evidence that the persons who examined the document have the expertise to determine its authenticity? Did FactCheck ever ask the HDOH if they produced and certified that document? Did the HDOH ever state that they produced and certified that document? NO, they did not!

FactCheck said:

Had Trump looked at our 2008 article, he would see the signature stamp of Alvin Onaka, certifying that the document is “a true copy or abstract of the record on file,” issued to Obama June 7, 2007 as he was preparing to run for president.

TRUTH: Trump would have seen no such thing because FactCheck did not photograph the entire back side of the supposed document, making it impossible to validate their claims. There’s no context for the signature stamp and the date shown in their article. Why didn’t they photograph the entire back side?

FactCheck said:

Furthermore, the serial number (actually a “certificate” number) shows quite clearly in our photos. The number is 151 1961 – 010641, for whatever that’s worth.

TRUTH: It’s not worth much. Can they explain why the number is out of sequence with the numbers of the Nordyke twins? Did they even try to explain this discrepancy, as real factcheckers would?

FactCheck said:

We were amused to see Trump make a show recently of producing what he said was his own “birth certificate,” which wasn’t an official document and wouldn’t qualify him for a passport [a non sequitur]. “It took me one hour to get my birth certificate,” he told the conservative-leaning news site Newsmax [Newsmax is conservative? Who knew?]. “It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the president still hasn’t produced his birth certificate.”

TRUTH: FactCheck shouldn’t be amused; they were punked. Trump did this to demonstrate bias in the mainstream media, many of whom immediately jumped on Trump for presenting a non-official document. Ironic, considering they’ve never vetted Obama’s “document”, never asked to examine forensically that so-called document.

They might have asked Obama to request another COLB from Hawaii, to be certified and delivered directly to a media source that’s unimpeachable, although who that might be in the age of Obama, is hard to say.

They might have asked him, very simply, why he didn’t produce that document to any court of law. Can there be any explanation other than that it’s “embarrassing” or that it’s not legitimate so, therefore, it’s a crime to present it in court?

FactCheck said:

Trump’s “birth certificate” was actually an unofficial “Certificate of Birth” generated by Jamaica Hospital Medical Center (in Queens, N.Y. — not the island nation) stating that Trump was born there June 14, 1946. But because it was not “issued by the city, county or state” as required by the State Department, it does not constitute legal proof of citizenship sufficient to obtain a passport. When confronted with these facts, Trump later coughed up what he said was his official birth record issued by New York City’s Bureau of Records and Statistics. It is a certified photocopy of a “Certificate of Birth” signed by a physician. This one does appear to meet State Department requirements. And so does Obama’s.


Trump showed the media an actual 3-D document, and so his evidence is very different from Obama’s lack of evidence. FactCheck and others in the media went for Trump’s bait…hook, line, and sinker.

Obama’s COLB is actually an unofficial digital image that would be accepted by NOBODY as proof of identity or birth. Try getting a passport by showing a digital image on a blog. A photoshopped image at that.

FactCheck said:
It’s also true that at least one news story (which was later corrected) incorrectly reported a different hospital as the birthplace, allowing Obama’s foes to engage in unfounded speculation that family members disagreed.

TRUTH: Multiple sources stated that Obama was born at Queen’s Medical. A student journalist interviewed Maya Soetoro. He reported that Queen’s Medical Center was the site of Obama’s birth. He has never, so far as we know, “corrected” that article. (FactCheck refers to another story.) It’s insulting to this student journalist to assume that he was lax in his research and reporting, simply because he was a student. There are (or were, prior to Internet scrubbing) MANY citations of Queen’s Medical as Obama’s place of birth.

FactCheck said:

It is also true that Kapi’olani can’t legally release individually identifiable health information without that person’s permission because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

TRUTH: Kapiolani hospital posted a letter claiming that Obama was born there on a fundraising website, so they already released the information. Illegally? Why doesn’t FactCheck ask Obama to give Kapiolani permission to release the information, again?

FactCheck said:

It’s also very simple to make a false claim.

TRUTH: They should know.

FactCheck said:

Advertiser, Nov. 9, 2008: Advertiser columnist and former Star-Bulletin managing editor Dave Shapiro was not at either paper in 1961, but he remembers how the birth notices process worked years later when both papers were jointly operated by the Hawaii Newspaper Agency — which no longer exists. “Those were listings that came over from the state Department of Health,” he said. ‘”They would send the same thing to both papers.”

TRUTH: Mr. Shapiro is a FORMER employee of the newspaper and he admits that he did not know how the process worked in 1961. He spoke only about how it “worked years later.” While he says that some listings were sent from the Dept. of Health, he did not say that there could be no other source for these listings.

FactCheck said:

Our job is simply to assess evidence and call out falsehoods and factual mistakes when we find them.

TRUTH: Physician, heal thyself.

FactCheck said:

Nov. 1, 2008: Of all the nutty rumors, baseless conspiracy theories and sheer disinformation that we’ve dealt with at during campaign 2008, perhaps the goofiest is the claim that Barack Obama is not a “natural-born citizen” and therefore not eligible to be president under the constitution.

TRUTH: If the “facts” that Obama himself has presented regarding his parentage are true, the FACT is that he is NOT a natural born citizen of the US and, therefore, is NOT eligible to be president under the Constitution.

FactCheck (a project of the Annenberg Foundation, for which Obama worked) and others are free to continue to ridicule, in Alinsky fashion, Donald Trump and all “birthers” who seek only to verify that every candidate for the presidency is eligible. Eligible to SERVE us, We the People. TRUTH will out.

We close with wisdom from Barack Hussein Obama II himself:

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.