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Not really the venue for this question but in keeping with a Persian saying "sparrows are free, so are stones" indicating "costs nothing to take a shot", I have a really good, political sub-plot, action adventure screenplay, based on a true, generally not known, real life, Palestinian plan to drive the Israelis into the sea or into a second Exodus. And three others. Studio level, $30+ million without major name stars. If anyone, for political or purely commercial reasons would like to discuss the project, please provide your Email contact to me via RegimeChangeIran by using the general Email contact shown on the site and putting the word MOVIE as the first word in the subject line.

OR LEAVE ME A COMMENT - PUTTING HOW TO REACH YOU AT THE END OF THIS MESSAGE COMING SOON: a new listing of nearly 100 of Iran's torturers in the prisons and elsewhere

Saturday, July 29, 2006


This afternoon Ahmad Batebi, was arrested in front of his home in Tehran by plain clothes secret service agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At 5 pm on Saturday evening, as Batebi and his wife Somaya, exited their apartment building they were accosted by several agents, forcing Batebi and Somaya back inside for interrogation and inspection of their home.

Somaya Batebi said that the agents spent 3 hours inspecting their apartment and finally gathered and confiscated Batebi’s personal property, including his computer, cellular phone, CD’s, several files and family photo albums.

In a phone call, Ahmad Batebi’s father expressed fear and concern for his son’s safety and wellbeing; Batebi’s father said that if his son’s situation is not clarified by tomorrow, Sunday, July 30th, he and other members of the Batebi will start a hunger strike.

Batebi’s father also stated that Ahmad himself had communicated that should he be illegally re-arrested, he would go on hunger strike during the initial hours of his detention.

It appears that after interrogation that Ahmad Batebi would have been transferred to detention center 209 of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

Ahmad Batebi was orginally arrested in 1999 during the massive student uprising in Tehran. He was arrested because of the humiliation the regime felt after this young man's photo appears on the cover of the Economist and has become a symbol of the Iranian student movement.

This photo appeared all over the world but sadly the western media failed to condemn the Iranian government for arresting this young man. Dr. Iman Foroutan also confirmed the report of his rearrest.

We need to spread the word on this arrest so the Iranian government will know the world is watching his fate.

Alan's Comment: Ahmad Batebi, general figurehead for the generic student movements in Iran, was reportedly in hiding and in fear for his life - yet he has been openly earning his living by selling advertising for a local newspaper for quite some time and his recent arrest was outside his own apartment, where he has been living with his wife! Does not sound like a fugitive to me.

In fact, the immediate announcement of a hunger strike by him and his family - while quite possibly a defensive reaction - smacks too much of a repeat performance of imprisoned journalist Akbar Ganji.

Ganji, truth be told now wanders the Western world, gathering information at the highes levels and making statements to divide and splinter the anti-Islamic regime Opposition groups.

What has been forgotten by the western intelligence agencies is that Ganji was a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and while posted in Turkey by the Mullahs, did untold harm to Iranian refugees fleeing their country. INCLUDING use of brutal torture in his interrogations!

Suddenly we have the makings of another clandestine "envoy" of the Mullahs, who will suffer - like Ganji - then be allowed to reach the Western world and be embraced by top level people, who currently willingly discuss secrets with "dissident" Ganji and will also do so with Batebi when he shows up.

Trojan horses did not go out of style in Hellenic times.

The Mullahs send them at us as often as they can sneak them in. Some get as far as Canada and get stuck. Others infiltrate into the hallowed halls of our CIA with a push and a shove from radical left wingers like Chomsky, who has "adopted" Ganji and promotes him.

NOTE: "Dissident" Ganji "dissed" the President of the USA and refused to meet with anyone at the White House when invited to do so during his trip to the USA. Soudn lie someone who wants a regime change? Or a Mullah plant, whose "minder" and sponsor, radical left-winger Chomsky has introduced to the wpoers that be, including our intelligence agencies.

Wake up people. "All is never what it seems" as CIA trainers repeatedly tell their students.

Yet we tend to ignore the warning flags with bleeding heart liberal carelessness of careerists, who have taken over so much of our critical international policy from skilled operatives with useful in the field experience and good instincts.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


United Nations & Hezbollah flags flying side by side at the Lebanese Observation post where four UN "observers" from Canada, Austria, Findland and one Chinese were reportedly killed by someone. Reports originally stated that the observation post, which had been there for 28-years, was hit by Hezbollah rockets but anti-Israel sources quickly stated that an Israeli smart bomb had destroyed it. Either scenario is possible. Hezbollah could have beeen worried that the UN observers "might" (though very doubtful based on UN track record) report Hezbollah movements to the Israelis. Africans from Ghana and a Chinese would prefer to support Israel and let down their Hezbollah neighbors among whom they had been living and toward whom they would naturally feel an affinity? Really? Not that this familiarity would prevent the Hezbollah from wiping them out "just in case". Equally likely though would be Israel intercepting radio traffic from the post to the Hezbollah and removing this UN spy center. Or possibly aiming fire to kill Hezbollah fighters placing themselves among the UN crew atop this hill inside th UN perimeter, whose reports on troop movements endangered the safety of Israeli forces operating in Lebanon. Many of you have read my article here on IAEA Chief, El-Baradei betraying his own colleagues at the IAEA by removing his top inspector Chris Charlier from working on the Iran nuclear inspections and banning him from access to the Iran files in Vienna. All at the request of Iran, whom the IAEA was supposed to be monitoring, not protecting - as has been the case. Or El-Baradei instructing Iran in the past on the details of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so as to show them how best to evade and avoid rules and regulations. A more blatant UN comfort and aid to the enemies of Israel shows in the video below of UN Ambulances being used by Palestinian ARMED fighters to move themselves and weapons around in Gaza. Ambulances have traditionaly been used for this purpose by Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah and the one destroyed by Israel in Lebanon recently - for which Kofi Annan complained bitterly - was probably carrying or thought to be carrying armed Hezbollah fighters. Watch the video below and shake you head in wonder how the UN even has the nerve to pretend to be an even handed world body instead of an anti-USA, anti-Jewish center of operations. Note: I am not Jewish myself but fairness dictates pulling UN or other unjustified anti-Jewish fallacies into the sunlight.

Monday, July 24, 2006


UPDATE TO STORY BELOW: REPORTS REACHING US FROM INSIDE IRAN STATE THAT THE NUMBER OF SUICIDE BOMBERS BEING SENT IS CLOSER TO SEVEN TRUCKLOADS THAN JUST 28 PEOPLE. EVEN THE ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT OF IRAN MEDIA HAS MADE MENTION OF A GATHERING OF THE HOMICIDERS AT THE MAIN CEMETARY OF BEHESHT ZAHRA IN TEHRAN AFTER WHICH THEY WILL GO BY TRUCK TO THE TURKISH BORDER, TRANSIT TURKEY TO SYRIA AND REACH LEBANON VIA SYRIA. TURKEY HAS SO FAR NOT DONE ANYTHING TO PREVENT THIS CONVOY WHICH APPARENTLY WILL LEAVE ON WEDNESDAY FROM TEHRAN IN THEIR DIRECTION. WHOSE FRIEND ARE THE TURKS REALLY? July 24, 2006 The Sun Nick Parker link to original article Teams of Iranian suicide bombers were heading for Lebanon’s war zone last night in a terrifying bid to spark meltdown in the Middle East. Twenty-seven martyrdom-seekers have been sent to Syria on their way to front line positions. The mad fanatics, belonging to the Iranian Martyrs of Islam World Movement, have been training for months to wreak maximum havoc on military and soft civilian targets. Their aim is to spark terror which will detonate all-out war and suck Western nations into a final bloody showdown. A spokesman for the martyrs group said yesterday: “Two teams of 18 and nine have gone to Syria separately. “They have been deployed on a voluntary basis in order to get to the areas of conflict in any way they can.” The man, named only as Mohammadi, claimed the 27 were picked from 55,000 who registered in Iran. They were briefed and have completed the “relevant courses” so that they could perform both military services and helping the wounded. Mohammadi added: “If Israel would decide to occupy Lebanon again, they will carry out martyrdom-seeking operations.” The would-be bombers are also trained to recruit local volunteers and create new cells of suicide attackers. All of them are fluent in Persian and Arabic, and some speak English. Mohammadi insisted that the MIWM group has no links with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Another Iranian source close to the group, named as Mohammad Ali Samadi declared: “The first two groups of esteshhadioun (volunteers of martyrdom) have already reached Lebanon. “They have received adequate training to fight beside their Lebanese brothers. They will identify Zionist targets and attack them with actions of martyrdom.” The fanatics also aim to avenge deaths and injuries to people like those caught in the Israeli air strikes on the southern Lebanese city of Tyre. The deployment of suicide squads will strengthen US claims that Iran is the power behind the current turmoil in Lebanon. Security has been stepped up amid fears of suicide attacks on soft targets in Beirut and areas close to the Israeli border where fighting is raging. A Lebanese security official said: “It is the nightmare we’ve been dreading.” Israeli troops yesterday seized two Hezbollah guerrillas during fighting in Maroun al-Ras. The death toll in the conflict continues to mount. At least three people died when Israeli warplanes struck a minibus carrying 16 villagers fleeing from Tairi in Lebanon. Hezbollah continued rocket attacks across northern Israel. Two people died as more than a dozen missiles hit Haifa. One was killed in a factory — on the day residents returned to work after a week of sheltering from the bombing. A total of 17 Israelis have been killed by Hezbollah rockets and 19 Israeli troops have died. And 381 Lebanese have been killed. A UN observer was injured in the crossfire. Italian Capt Roberto Punzo was hit in the stomach by shrapnel. He was last night undergoing surgery.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Like many of you I am waiting for Ahmadi-Nejad to make good on his statement he will announce the end of fear of Israeli nukes. So far, Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nassrallah has made similar noises and verbal hints but the Iranian President appears to have bitten his tongue. Possibly, while whatever he intended to disclose gets readied. Perhaps, though less likely, because he has had second thoughts with the imminent destruction of his Hezbollah children by an Israeli invasion - before they can have his intent prepared for activation by leading Israel to the heart of his project. Since the original information source was good, in that context, the only reasonable explanation - apart from those previously posited - to the Iranian announcement, focuses on two aspects: 1. The WMDs originating and moved from Iraq and stored in both Syria and Lebanon - at exact locations well-known to Western intelligence, being brought out of their storage (not launch) silos and other pre-constructed sites in both countries. 2. The likelihood of Ahmadi-Nejad sticking to an old plan to use ample fissionable material obtained from various countries to set off an underground nuclear detonation, claim nuclear weapon capability from inside the shrine of Imam Reza, Saint of Miracles in the holy city of Mashhad on August 22nd - the date Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven - and announce he has several nuclear missiles aimed at Israel. Again intelligence sources know he has at least four operationally sound nuclear warheads on mid-range Shahab 3 missiles he can deploy - not just against Israel and but nearly into Greece. The still being tested Shahab 4 and 5 could potentially reach mid-Europe but have not been sufficiently proved to risk wasting a still scarce Iranian nuclear device. Of course there is a third aspect - but to everyone's astonishment, probably way down the list on Ahmadi-Nejad's reasons for silence or hesitation - retaliation by Israel and the West.

To this fanatical believer in the Hojatieh principles that his beloved, sacred 12th Imam Mehdi will only return to redeem the world if there is enough suffering, pain, oppression, misery and bloodshed to make it worth the 'End of Times' Redeemer's notice, sacrificing the whole world or his own Iran to achieve this "higher purpose" is acceptable.

He would prefer, however, to go out with a bang by eliminating Israel and earning his place in Islamic history.

Irradiating his Hezbollah, Hamas or other Arab surrogates, proxies or allies means little or nothing to Ahmadi-Nejad in the broader picture, anymore than Pol Pot cared about killing millions of his countrymen, who may have had any modicum of intelligence or education with which to oppose him.

Here, most analysts and readers lose touch with reality. Not theirs - but that perceived by Ahmadi-Nejad and his neo-Iran sidekicks. What seems unthinkable to us stands as perfectly reasonable and totally acceptable to this Hojatieh lunatic fringe.

Equate them in your mind to the carricatured, long haired and bearded Christian billboard carriers screaming the words written on them: "Repent, the end of world is at hand!" The only difference, other than the religion, stems from the frenzied billboard proponents not having nuclear weapons, an armada of suicide bombers and control of a whole country's resources with which to "enforce" their fears, hopes or off-center minds/beliefs.

In the midst of this virulent, devastating threat to the world, it was sad to discover yesterday how limited our intelligence is about Ahmadi-Nejad and what the Iranian populace thinks and feels. Or how it manifests among decision makers.

U.S. Senators believe - or pretend to believe - that Ahmadi-Nejad is dearly loved inside Iran, that the populace is grateful to him for "giving them a life" and that he has NO OPPOSITION for whatever he does.

Last week they were astonished and amazed to see poster after poster of current time period, mass demonstrations against the regime and Ahmadi-Nejad when these were presented to them.

This aspect shows either an intentional withholding of evidence/truth from the Senate and Congress by the intelligence agencies in order to fan into flame the anti-Bush feeling being spread by Democrats or an abysmal dereliction of duty by the CIA and State Department in their briefings of the lawmakers.

QUOTE from President Lincoln they have forgotten. If the presenter, who showed the photos ,or even I, have this information, why does our legislative branch not receive it too? And continues to be under the misapprehension that the average Iranian Joe Six-pack would support Ahmadi-Nejad with his or her life? And then passes this disinformation on to his or her constituents?

Remember, the UNELECTED pre-Condi State Department is a vast bureaucracy, which openly says their role is to "negotiate" not act or invite action and tries to impose wishy-washy policies from fear of being wrong or creating a "ruckus". Or offending their liberal counterparts in Europe with whom they chat.

So many, both the old guard there and in the unelected CIA, which openly shows insubordination verging on sabotage, if not treason, to their Commander in Chief at every step - act not for the good of our nation but because they dislike the President or his policies.

Like the unelected MainStream Media (MSM) they impatiently decide what's best for our country - to hell with those in positions of responsibility they do not like. Then petulantly impose their opinions in damaging ways.

"Cutting off your nose to spite your face and too bad if it hurts our country " is the theme adopted by too many left of center proponents like these:

and spinmeister Kennedy

To inject a touch of humor into the increasingly nerve wracking situation the world faces, read these and the punchline at the end and try to have a good weekend:
They (including Senators etc.) Walk Among Us
Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old, still working fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it". For three days the fridge sat there without even one person looking twice at it. He eventually decided that people were too un-trusting of this deal. It looked too good to be true, so he changed the sign to read: "Fridge for sale $50". The next day someone stole it. Caution ... They Walk Among Us While looking at a house, my brother asked the real estate agent which direction was north because, he explained, he didn't want the sun waking him up every morning. She asked, "Does the sun rise in the North?" When my brother explained that the sun rises in the East, and has for some time, she shook her head and said, "Oh, I don't keep up with that stuff." They Walk Among Us! I used to work in technical support for a 24/7 call center. One day I got a call from an individual who asked what hours the call center was open. I told him, "The number you dialed is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." He responded, "Is that Eastern or Pacific time?" Wanting to end the call quickly, I said, "Uh, Pacific" . . . . . They Walk Among Us! My colleague and I were eating our lunch in our cafeteria, when we overheard one of the administrative assistants talking about the sunburn she got on her weekend drive to the shore. She drove down in a convertible, but "didn't think she'd get sunburned because the car was moving". . . . . . They Walk Among Us! My sister has a life saving tool in her car it's designed to cut through a seat belt if she gets trapped. She keeps it in the trunk . . They Walk Among Us! My friends and I were on a beer run and noticed that the cases were discounted 10%. Since it was a big party, we bought 2 cases. The cashier multiplied 2 times 10% and gave us a 20% discount. They Walk Among Us! I was hanging out with a friend when we saw a woman with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain. My friend said, "Wouldn't the chain rip out every time she turned her head?" I explained that a person's nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned. . . . . . They Walk Among Us! I couldn't find my luggage at the airport baggage area. So I went to the lost luggage office and told the woman there that my bags never showed up. She smiled and told me not to worry because she was a trained professional and I was in good hands. "Now," she asked me, "has your plane arrived yet? " . . . . . . They Walk Among Us! While working at a Pizza Parlor I observed a man ordering a small pizza to go. He appeared to be alone and the cook asked him if he would like it cut into 4 pieces or 6. He thought about it for some time before responding. "Just cut it into 4 pieces; I don't think I'm hungry enoughto eat 6 pieces". Yep, They Walk Among Us too. Where do you think we get the people who fill all the jobs? They walk among us, and reproduce! NOTE: A Farsi translation has been made of the "Know thy Enemy" article (as below) and of "Carter's Illegal Demands on the Shah" and will be posted very soon on the Bilingual-Farsi section.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


REPORTS FROM IRAN STATE: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad has declared he will make an announcement - earliest on Wednesday July 19th, 2006 or in the next few days which: "WILL LET THE MOSLEM WORLD AROUND THE GLOBE KNOW THAT AFTER THE ANNOUNCEMENT THEY WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ISRAEL'S NUCLEAR ARMS OR NUCLEAR CAPABILITY EVER AGAIN" This provides three possible scenarios: 1. Iran is about to nuke Israel. 2. Iran will declare they have nuclear capability with at least four missiles with NUCLEAR warheads (common knowledge in intelligence circles) that can easily reach all of Israel and threaten to use these against Israel if that country does not immediately cease attacks on the Hezbollah and Lebanon. 3. In the event that Israel does not immediately comply, Iran will declare war on Israel and fire nuclear missiles, which would not leave much of a country over which any more fighting is logical. HOPED FOR RESULT: Depending on the extent of damage to Israel and the ability of that country to continue as a nation in a radioactively polluted environment, already weak-kneed Western powers will call for creating non-aggression pacts with nuclear Iran. He has already told a group of Arabs meeting in Tehran around the time the Hezbollah/Hamas attacks began a similar general concept: RIA Novosti reported that just before the attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah on Israel. Ahmadinejad addressed a high-profile Muslim forum held in Tehran saying "the main issue faced by the Islamic world is Israel's existence. The Islamic countries should mobilize their efforts to do away with this issue," and that "all the conditions for eliminating the Zionist regime" are currently in place."

Friday, July 14, 2006

KNOW THY ENEMY - Both Within and Without

My friends, Now we are told that the two kidnapped American soldiers had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouth. They were brutally beheaded. They were tortured unmercifully while still alive by the disciples of Allah, and I hear no words of outrage from the "left" today. Not a single word from Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Howard Dean or Cindy Sheehan – not even the ex-Marine (“ex” applies to this particular traitorous Marine) Murtha.
If they speak at all, it is only to blame our president. Shame on the liberals. Shame on the Democrats. Shame on the MSM (mainstream media). Specially those like the New York Times, who please their terrorist readers more than their American ones. These two kidnapped men were U.S. Marines. They were America's finest. They were slaughtered by the "armed" enemy, by the insurgents who applaud Kerry and Murtha's proposals to retreat as coinciding with their own views and their plans to drive us into retreat and defeat. There is a growing chorus coming from the "left" today urging us to close Gitmo. At Gitmo we have detained 432 terrorists. These vermin are the worst scum on the planet. We are at war. Can I say that again? WE ARE AT WAR! At Gitmo these arrogant, bloodthirsty, murdering cowards have the following amenities: Air conditioning three meals per day they have their Qurans And, they have an army of ACLU types willing to do their bidding. At Gitmo they eat better than you and me. Yet, all we hear from the "left" today is that we must close Gitmo because of our abuse of those poor terrorists. That Bush and America are worse than the terrorists. Lies and audacity. Meanwhile, when our enemies detain our troops, America's best and America's bravest get slaughtered in the name of Allah. Where is the treasonous press today? Why aren't the headlines filled with rage for this subhuman enemy? My friends, allow me to share just a shred of truth with you: "Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Said differently? Many in this nation do not deserve the freedom these brave soldiers have provided us. Can you think of another time in history where there was such blindness, hypocrisy and lack of honor? Of the Michael Moores, of the Cindy (wanna-be Jane Fonda) Sheehans? I am depressed. I am discouraged. I want to fight back. I don't know what to do. I have never felt so uneasy or so helpless. I suppose this letter today is my way of coping with my sadness and anger. Please forgive me. Will America wake up in time? Will we find the courage to face this enemy and defeat him? If we sleep on, if we continue to give way to the "politically correct," I am afraid we will be overrun and our children will rise up and curse us. If there was ever a time to pray for common sense and sanity to guide us, not mindless left leaning election agendas, spouted by our treacherous and traitorous internal enemies consorting and supporting those who wish us harm, perhaps this is the time. Semper Fi, From an old and frustrated jarhead.

NOTE: After reading this article and the diatribe aimed at Bush, go to the article below about how the Democrats and Clinton helped Iran and started the Serbian War FOR PROFIT - as a contrast to the false accusations levelled by Sheehan and her ilk.

Words from one of this sad Marine's enemies:
(Sheehan Quote): "The star-spangled banner, which I can now see whipping in the wind outside of an airport terminal where I am writing this from does not fill me with pride: it fills me with shame and that flag symbolizes sorrow and corruption to me right now."
Response: Because as the "wanna-be Jane Fonda" of the War on Terror, for which you are far too ignorant and corrupt yourself, at least she was not paid to utter her Vietnam garbage as you are – you are the enemy of the USA and as such your comments are no different from those made by your buddy in Venezuela. An openly avowed enemy of the USA.
(Sheehan quote continued):"The flag represents so much lying, fixed elections, profiting by the war machine, high gas prices, spying on Americans, rapid erosion of our freedoms while Bush literally gets away with murder, torture and extreme rendition, contaminating the world with depleted uranium, and illegal and immoral wars that are responsible for killing so many."
"Lying" – look in the mirror Sheehan – you are a fount of lies. You spew these and other lunatic talking points to carry forward your one sided agenda. So, your motto would be "do as I say not as I do?" Telling lies is fine for you but others may not? And fine for your friends like Chavez, John Kerry or Michael Moore? Because they espouse your chosen position of enemy of the State just like the Taliban or Ossama bin Laden?
"Fixed Elections" – would you prefer no elections as is the case in many countries you support against the United States? Iraq finally had the closest thing to democratic elections in the lifetime of the country. Bad, bad Bush. Your friend Castro has elections? Chavez has had free and honest elections?

If you want to change the world, start with yourself – and your closest powerful friends. Let them set an example for everyone in Cuba and Venezuela – or else attack them as viciously as you do the USA – supposedly your own country.
Your bent buddy Carter (see the article here of Carter's Illegal Demands on the Shah of Iran) and note the suspicions of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office that Comrade Carter was likely a Soviet mole. Just your kind of guy!
"Profiting by the war machine" – only in America? Every other industrialized country in the world profits from their arms and war industries. Both with individuals receiving lucrative contracts and payment of lots of kickbacks. OK everywhere except in America? Or if Clinton does it Serbia? (READ THE ARTICLE BELOW THIS ONE)

How would you, in your ignorance and naïve experience of the rest of the world, know anything about it? Yet you set yourself up as a pundit on international affairs? Osmosis through kissing Chavez??

Is it Bush or Chavez the one in bed with Iran? Selling them military jets? Threatening to stop oil flow to the USA. That’s all good, Bush bad, bad! Cindy wise, Cindy good!
"High Gas Prices" – are nothing to do with your liberal, left-wing friends blocking every effort to build new refineries, prevent using our domestic resources, right? Just all bad boy Bush's fault.

The prices are not linked to the price of oil in the world? Nor potential price setting by the major oil companies? Of course, bad, bad Bush controls all the oil companies, right?

They have no independent minds and marketing policies that were there long before either Bush was President. This does not suit your talking points and ludicrous blame game so just ignore it. Right?
"Spying on Americans" – in your books, spying on America, which everyone does, including the Taliban, your Communist friends, Russia's former head of the KGB, Putin, Iran, China etc., etc., and etc., may not be opposed by any US Government actions trying to prevent this, even if it may harm the safety of Americans?

If it takes away an onion skin thin slice of our supposed freedoms – which allow you to continue to spew your nonsense – but will prevent another 9/11 attack or define and identify sleeper terrorist cells, then we should be more Catholic than the Pope? Our Constitution should become a suicide pact with ourselves? Or only with you?

Is your main worry in fact that maybe just maybe you may be caught consorting with the enemy in an illegal fashion if all the truth comes out? Is that your main concern?
Sheehan quote continued): “A symbol which used to represent hope to so many around the world now fills so many with disgust.”
People like these person?
(Sheehan quote continued): “What could our flag possibly represent to them when their women are being raped and burned to conceal crimes and entire families are being killed by soldiers whose uniforms carry that symbol? I am sure that the flag symbolizes death and destruction to them which I hope they are not confusing with freedom and democracy." Freedoms and democracy like the ones depicted here? Bosnia Atrocities "Rapid Erosion of our Freedoms" – you espouse and promote our “freedom to be killed” – over and over again - by our enemies, your friends. On our own soil? Because we blindly, illogically must consider freedoms and avoid gaining intelligence available inside America relative to contact by our enemies in and out of America with organizations or forces intent on destroying us?
You worry more about telephone privacy than the survival of U.S. citizens both inside and outside the country? Of course you do, you ARE the enemy. Part of it at least.
Another part, which misuses the "public need to know" to divulge information useful to America's enemies is the Main Stream Media, without which you could not have your chosen role or your 15-minutes of notoriety.

"While Bush gets away with murder" – killing the Islamikazi enemy has never been murder. If some US troops, minimal in number, who come from exactly the same demographics as the people who create crime waves inside America at a rate as high as or higher than the US battlefield death statistics, commit crimes overseas, then that is Bush's fault? The fault of any Administration?

Have you found fault with the United Nations rapes and corruption, yet? Or is Bush the only villain your cross eyes can see? Mentally cross-eyed, certainly.

Going through the rest of your fatuous comments wastes space and my time but as a question, what makes you, a silly little twit, who repudiated a valiant son, who enlisted and RE-enlisted, a pundit, expert or even a half-way competent commentator on what is and what is not a justifiable, legal and moral war? Your liberal (to be polite) squinting eyes have no way to tell reality from your adopted fantasy.

Lastly, before I move on to more serious enemies than your attempts to make money, your attempts to find a place in the artificial sunlight of the Bush-haters, what makes you any different – inside your operating arena – to the Black Cockroaches – as the Iranian women police have been nicknamed?

They operate on the similar side to your coin as you except that being against the Islamic government of Iran is evil, criminal and use or enjoyment of any freedoms are forbidden.

The freedoms you use to support our enemy, of which you try be a part - because nobody else will have you – would have you arrested, lashed, gang-raped (maybe not you, the way you look), then strung up on a crane and hanged. Hanging is so often a relief for the young men and women who get hoisted to die horribly. Often bringing their knees up to their chests in convulsions and expelling their body fluids in their agony.

They act viciously – just as you do – to achieve their unsavory aims – so what makes you any better than them? Nothing. You fall into the same category as the Black Cockroaches, simply in a different setting. You get away with treason, while those depicted below neither allow nor can their victims get away with saying or doing a hundredth of your actions against our country.

But they are your friends, friends of friends and can do no wrong, even if they deny their people any freedoms, Still better, are they, than bad, bad Bush? You say so and often. What does that make you? Other than despicable and an idiot.

Here, take a look at some of the members of your alter ego. They look like this to freedom lovers in Iran, which Bush tries to encourage and you sabotage with your ad hominem attacks on him and support of America's enemy. Enemies who are so brutal, your support of them – directly and indirectly – is mind boggling.

But how would you know what goes on outside your little head? In the rest of the real world, not your paid fantasies.

Sgt. Sahar Daryani 2nd Lieutenant Mariam Golhar 2nd Lieutenant Gol Mohammadi

Capt. Farideh Malaeki Maj. Shahla Ashtiani's picture will be added soon not that it looks very different from the ones above of her subordinates. As will all their Employee IDs. Hey! Sheehan! Would you rather be like this woman instead of defying the comforts and freedoms offered to you in America? This would be the least punishment you would face if you were to run off at the mouth elsewhere as you do now. If not, why encourage the enemy that does these things? Why not criticize the perpetrators of this savage brutality on this woman instead of a President who tries to protect you and others like you, most more deserving than you - despite your verbal diarrhea. Take a good look at what your anti-American buddies do to people like you in their own societies - the ones you prefer and praise compared to America: Compared to the woman they got off lightly - or did they? Maybe, maybe not. Tell me, Sheehan, tell me the difference between you and this man kissing the whip - other than gender. Show me the difference between your mind and his? His pleasure at inflicting idiotic, undeserved pain and yours? And when they are done with this, carve and burn into the bodies of their victims like this: When they have no more room on the canvas of their backs they have a go with heavy rods at their heads and feet with results like this: These are your buddies and our enemies who do these atrocities. Just in case, considering your own thick hide, you are sloughing this off as no big deal with your twisted logic, have a good look at a Kurdish victim of your friends. This is how he used to look before your buddies got hold of him and did to him physically what you do verbally to our country. You’re not that pretty to start with but I doubt if you would care swap places to look like this. There may be some so upset by your ranting who might wish you did. I will stick to and encourage only words. And not even you in your extreme lunacy would want to share the pain he went through – at the hands of your buddies and enemies of the USA, at least my rational mind would not think so but with your orbit out in space swinging you around and around who knows what you might enjoy as a public figure seeking a moment of fame or preferably notoriety. Does make you beutiful by copmparison,though, does it not? Those are not tattoos, they are missing chunks of flesh from his back and chest. And those were originally his male appendages. Your friends turned them into this.

And repeatedly slashed his body all over.

Luckily, America also has people like Linda (check out her site) who not only looks more attractive than you but like most of the sane part of the nation is loyal to her country. I have never met her but her support for our nation and our troops is real. I would not dishonor her by putting your face near hers for comparison and it’s not only her features but her clean soul which contrasts with the horrible excuse for one you present on a daily basis to the public and long suffering ones who feel like puking at the hatred you spew like sewage.

If you can utter what you do, then so can I put you in your place on behalf of the frustrated jarheads like the one who opened this article.





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Democrats Helped IRAN & Created the Serb War

F L A S H B A C K WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary Charles Smith SOFTWAR
Clinton's war in the former Yugoslavia started within days of his taking office in 1993. In 1993, Croat and Bosnian Serbs, backed by the Milosevic regime in Belgrade, were battling with Croat and Bosnia Muslims. The war was dominated by a U.N. arms embargo against the fractured Yugoslavia. No new weapons could get into the country to feed the widening civil war. The arm embargo was strictly enforced by NATO. Initially, the Serbs were winning. They out-gunned the larger Croat and Bosnian forces, because they were backed by tanks from their friend in Belgrade, Milosevic. Starting in 1993, the Croats and Bosnians suddenly acquired loads of Chinese-made artillery and anti-tank rockets. The new arms arrived in Bosnia on Iranian C-130 cargo planes, in violation of the NATO embargo. The Iranian arms shipments were credited with stopping a major Serbian offensive and costing Milosevic victory in the long war. Ironically, the same weapons also cost the former Clinton National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake, his bid to be CIA Director. During Senate hearings, Lake was forced to admit that the U.S. knew of the Iranian arms flights and did nothing to stop them. Lake, who was then up for the newly vacated CIA Directorship, admitted the misdeeds and resigned in disgrace. The sudden admission of a U.S./Iranian plot to arm the Muslims strained relations and embarrassed the Clinton administration. European allies and Russia had enforced the embargo with aircraft and naval warships. Yet, Iran did more than just send guns. Ali Fallahian, the top spy for Iran, was also sent into Yugoslavia along with the Chinese-made AK-47s, artillery and rocket launchers. Ali Fallahian was then head of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, or Vavak. Fallahian was known to also preside over the Iranian overseas operations planning committee. It is this committee that approves all Iranian sponsored terrorist attacks abroad. In 1996, the accidental discovery of a Vavak base in Bosnia by NATO forces provided the hard evidence of Iranian actions and of Fallahian's activities. NATO troops found a treasure trove of advanced communications and bugging devices from around the world purchased by Fallahian. The equipment was quickly tracked back to each respective supplier and thus the Germans re-constructed Fallahian's travels. Once in Europe, Fallahian drove anywhere he wanted, and frequently did. It was during one stop in Germany that Fallahian helped set up the assassination of Kurd rebel leaders exiled in Berlin. Fallahian also masterminded a huge buy of German, Russian and Japanese state-of-the-art listening devices, encryption and communications equipment, which was shipped to Iran in 1994 and 1995. This equipment was used to outfit both the Iranian and Bosnian intelligence services, some of which was found by the NATO forces in the Bosnian Vavak raid. In 1997, Fallahian was found guilty -- in absentia -- by the Germans for the assassination of Kurdish leaders in Berlin. The discovery of Fallahian, the advanced equipment, plans and hordes of Iranian spies on Euro soil finally shocked western Europe into demanding Bosnia disconnect itself from Tehran. Today, while American airpower hurls itself on the suburbs of Belgrade for CNN cameras, there is another war. The flashy shows of missile strikes and stealth attacks being played out in the skies dominate the press. The real dirty war in Kosovo is fought with an AK-47 or SKS rifle at close range. The initial supply of guns for the KLA was taken from the armories of the Yugoslavian and Albanian communist states as they disintegrated. The first batch of local guns was not enough to sustain a war. The aging equipment has since been re-enforced with brand new Chinese made rifles. In the 1980s, the CIA combined with Middle Eastern heroin smugglers and Chinese weapons makers to assist the Afghans during their long war against the ex-Soviet Union. The dirty war in Afghanistan bred the CIA trained, Saudi millionaire, Bin Laden. Bin Laden fought the Soviets with U.S. and Chinese made equipment. The KLA has rearmed using the same not-so-old religious connection through the Iranians and Chinese arms smugglers. The KLA "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" strategy includes drug smugglers well known to the CIA and former Albanian communists, now backing the KLA. Two benefactors from Clinton's dirty little war in Kosovo are Poly Technologies and NORINCO, both arms firms owned by Chinese Generals. Norinco SKS assault rifles currently grace the KLA forces operating inside Kosovo. NBC and CNN have shown KLA rebels, armed with Chinese SKS rifles and their distinctive, fixed, 10 round clip. You can see the same SKS rifles in the well known picture of Clinton reviewing Chinese troops in Tiananmen square on the cover of the book "Year of the Rat." Poly Tech is better known to the Clinton administration. Poly Technologies was busted in 1996 by U.S. Customs agents posing as drug dealers trying to buy a couple of AK-47s. The customs raid netted over 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s, hand grenades, anti-tank rockets and shoulder fired surface-to-air (SAM) missiles. The Chinese arsenal was hidden in a cargo container freshly unloaded from a COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company) ship, docked in Los Angeles. The Poly Tech workers have all been released by the inept Reno Dept. of Justice. Some fled the country and have returned to China. Following the fiasco, Clinton officials issued a statement, saying the arms were destined for "drug" dealers in the United States. Poly Tech is also known to Janet Reno for another reason. Charlie Trie and Poly Tech President Wang Jun met with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown after donating over $50,000 to the DNC. In fact, Poly Tech President Wang Jun met with Ms. General Reno's boss, Mr. Clinton, inside the White House just after that donation through Trie and Brown. In April 1996, Secretary Brown lost his life in the former Yugoslavia. Brown died in a plane crash just outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Brown died along with a host of the highest and mightiest of U.S. Corporate heads. The death of the Secretary came as a blow to the White House and to the criminal investigations of Ron Brown's Commerce Dept. It was well known that a Special Prosecutor was preparing heavy evidence of corruption. Brown's death stopped that investigation just before the 1996 election. The blow to the White House was displayed by Clinton himself who personally burst into tears at Ron's funeral. Clinton had just stepped out of his limo, laughing his guts out, when he noticed several TV cameras were focused on him. It was then Clinton burst into the "boo-hoos" for Brown. However, another Commerce employee was involved in the fatal Croatia trip. Ira Sockowitz, a DNC fundraiser, New York banker and co-worker of John Huang at the Commerce Dept. was scheduled to fly into Cilipi airport along with Brown. Curiously, Sockowitz chose to leave ahead of Brown on an advance flight instead of going with the Secretary on a flight packed with DNC fat-cats. After the crash, Sockowitz was the man in Croatia that identified Ron Brown's body. Once he was safely back in D.C., Ira Sockowitz collected a vast array of information on Bosnia and Croatia given to Ron Brown for that last flight. In August of 1996, Ira Sockowitz quietly took detailed bios of the Bosnian and Croatian leaders out of the secured facility at the Commerce Department to his new job at the Small Business Administration. These secret documents would join a host of other classified material from the Department of State, NSA, CIA, Commerce, Russia, and France. All hidden in a personal safe just before the 1996 Presidential election. There are many questions about that last fatal flight. For example, there were several interesting companies represented on Brown's trip into Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is an ex-Yugoslav submarine base and a few of the dead had their own under-water kills. For example, Stuart Tholan, President of Bechtel Corp., a well known contractor to the CIA and a prime contractor on sub base building for DOD. Another flyer was David Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer for Interguard Corp., a company that provides high tech security guards for Navy bases. Finally, there was Walter Murphy, Senior Vice President for AT&T Submarine Systems Sub Communications Systems. In July 1996, Secretary Kantor replaced Ron Brown and led a new delegation of corporate contributors to Bosnia. The list of big companies riding with Kantor is covered with blacked-out sections withheld by the Commerce Dept. Some of those traveling with Kantor include ABB, AT&T, Bechtel, Boeing, Enron, McDonalds, and Motorola. In his televised attempt to explain the NATO airstrikes, Clinton noted that there was some amount of money at stake in the crisis over Kosovo. So far, the Pentagon estimated we have spent $500 million in bombing Serbia. After the bombs, Clinton will propose a "re-building" package of U.S. aid to repair the Serb Police HQ and all the bridges destroyed by NATO forces. More billions to hand out as corporate pork. Yet, while the bombs fall and the innocent victims die, liberal lovers of Bill Clinton (Alan's note: like the Cindy Sheehans of the world and the Democrat Party) need to ask themselves, just what were we fighting for? Was it to save the Kosovo people or to protect the profits of war? RELATED ITEMS: Source documents

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BREAKING NEWS - Not Everything Is Politics

NATURE TO THE RESCUE - AGAIN The deadly sea snail venom that will take away your pain By Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor Times Online A NEW painkiller based on the venom of a sea snail will be available in Britain from today. Prialt, or ziconotide, is the result of more than 20 years’ research by a scientist born in the Philippines, Baldomera Olivera, who is a professor at the University of Utah. It is 1,000 times more potent than morphine but, unlike that drug, is not addictive. It is aimed at people suffering from severe, chronic pain who would normally require morphine. Given by injection into the fluid around the spine, it is the first non-opioid painkiller using this method of administration to be approved in Europe. Chronic pain is a common problem, surveys indicating that it is suffered by as many as one in seven people. Back pain and arthritis are the commonest causes, with headache and injury also affecting many people. Painkillers given by mouth, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, are the first resort. But those whose pain persists may be treated with painkillers injected into the spinal fluid, using a pump worn by the patient. Prialt, made by Eisai, is designed for these extreme cases. It is a synthetic version of the venom used by Conus magus, the Magician’s Cone Snail, to hunt prey. The two-inch snail, native to coral reefs in the Pacific, hunts by shooting out a thin wormlike tube into fish swimming by. The venom is injected into the fish, which are paralysed and can be swallowed whole. Professor Olivera used to collect the shells of the snails as a boy, then went on to study them. The venom was discovered by a teenager, Michael McIntosh, who started to help with the research soon after leaving school. Now, 25 years later, he is a research psychiatrist at the University of Utah and still works with Professor Olivera. Together they analysed the venom and identified one peptide (a short chain of amino acids) that stopped nerve cells sending signals to the brain. It acts by blocking the calcium channels on the nerves that transmit pain signals. Once the channels are blocked, calcium cannot enter the cells, and pain signals are blocked from travelling between nerve cells. Prialt was licensed in Europe by Elan, which sold it to Eisai, a Japanese pharmaceutical company best known in Britain for the Alzheimer drug Aricept. There may be more to come from the cone snail, Professor Olivera believes. There are 500 different types, and each produces as many as 100 toxins in its venom. He hopes that they will provide compounds to treat a wide range of conditions, from Parkinson’s disease to depression. ****************************************** FYI - story about Sheehan and real torture being worked on today and tomorrow. May post tonight if I can it done.

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El-Baradei betrays his own IAEA Staff and the West

MOHAMMAD EL-BARADEI WITH ALI LARIJANI (unedited photo) When Chris Charlier arrived in Iran in April of this year, he was received the same way as had always been the case in each of over 20 visits to the Islamic Republic of Iran. "Wherever we went , whatever we did, they always followed us, monitoring us with video cameras and capturing every single one of our conversations. Never letting us out of their sight for a second, watching everything over our shoulder". "How the devil were we supposed to rationally do our work" comments the 64-year old Belgian. Chris Charlier, who heads a team of 15 Atomic Energy inspectors of the IAEA has been inspecting the Islamic Republic's nuclear program since 2003. For the first time a Viennese based inspector speaks openly and under his own name about the conditions under which UN inspectors try to bring to light the darkness surrounding the Iranian nuclear program. The reason for his outspoken comments is because since April of this year he is for all practical purposes unemployed. Responsible for this is his Vienna based direct superior, Mohammad El-Baradei. When Baradei went to Tehran in April for consultations, the chief negotiator of the Shiite theocracy, Ali Larijani gave him an ultimatum to fire Chris Charlier. Iran's hasty demand. Mohammad El-Baradei acted swiftly in accepting the demand. Chris Charlier had made himself highly unpopular in Tehran since 2003. "I am not a politician, I am a technician and as such the only thing which interests me is whether Iran's nuclear program is a civil or military one", Charlier states. "The inspections have to reach an unambiguous conclusion". "I believe they are hiding what they are doing with their nuclear activities. It is probable they are doing things of which we have no knowledge," Charlier responds to a question as to whether Tehran operates a secret parallel nuclear program. Inside countless memos and work reports, Charlier notes the results of inspections and lists the tricks and deceptions of the Tehran rulers, which leads the inspectors in Vienna to a single conclusion: based on pieces of the puzzle gathered by Charlier, "Tehran is obviously making a bomb." "For that he is now paying the price" says one of his colleagues. "El-Baradei has sacrificed Charlier and set him to counting paper clips in Vienna till he eventually retires". The real reason is that in discussions with Mohammad El-Baradei, Charlier has always refused to close the Iran nuclear file and to absolve Tehran of effectively operating a military atomic program. No Access to Iranian Atomic Documents. In conversation, Charlier confirmed what European diplomats would only mention in secretive whispers. On his last visit to Tehran, Mohammad El-Baradei promised Ali Larijani, the most trusted person of Iran's Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei not only to remove Charlier, the team leader of the inspectors, but also to no longer allow him access to any documents in Vienna, relative to Iran's nuclear program . "As of April, I may no longer travel to Iran. As of April, I no longer have access to the Iranian Nuclear file," says Chris Charlier. Mohammad El-Baradei's capitulation to Iran has made huge waves at the IAEA in Vienna. The other inspectors are up in arms. "This totally bankrupts our work" says a Viennese inspector. "Mohammad El-Baradei folds vis-a-vis the Mullahs and leaves us standing in the rain. Why don't we just let Iran be in charge of inspecting their own nuclear program?" Mohammad El-Baradei is unavailable to respond about his attitude in the Charlier matter. A spokesman for El-Baradei confirms that Chris Charlier is no longer authorized to travel to Iran and Tehran demanded his removal. IAEA Tries to Prevent Publication In a long telephone conversation, shortly after the facts were confirmed by the IAEA, they tried to prevent publication. Publication would jeopardize Chris Charlier and additionally put at risk the work basis of our inspectors. "What work basis?" Chris Charlier, who sees it differently, asks. "Just conceding, without any need, to the extortion of Tehran, by itself puts an end to a working basis. This has "de facto" ended even a half-way rational inspection of the Iranian nuclear program by the IAEA. How necessary these inspections were was confirmed by statements coming from Tehran a long time ago. On August 1st, 2005, the brother of Iran's chief negotiator, Ali Larijani, spoke openly of the true nature of the Iranian nuclear program. Iran's news agency ILNA quoted him as saying "the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is dead. Iran's dispute with the West does not hinge on that but on whether we cease enriching uranium. It has nothing to do with whether we have the right to make bomb. We are not fighting with Europe about enrichment. If our bloodthirsty enemies like America and Israel threaten us, we have the right to defend ourselves with nuclear weapons and we are not going to give up this right". Consequence: Western Position Weakened Clear words, as above, out of Tehran that emphasize what putting the prominent IAEA inspector out in the cold implies. In coming negotiations by Western partners, the dismissal of Chris Charlier has weakened their hand. The results obtained by his inspection trips and of his colleagues have been the trump card in the nuclear poker game with the Islamic Republic. A trump card that the IAEA boss, Mohammad El-Baradei has dropped from his hand.

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WMDs Continue to be found or Identified in Iraq

Foreword by Alan: 1. Sifting through all the general documents captured or found in Iraq is so enormous a task and not high on the priority scale of those trying to stop the terrorists or rebuild the infrastructure, that items found years ago are only just finding the light of day through private parties sifting through them. The FBI has tens of thousands of untouched Title 3 type tapes in foreign languages that require vetting , translation, transcription and analysis - so being swamped is not a purely Iraq document situation. None of this is coincidentally and politically timely as the MSM and leftists scream now that their attack on the war has been blunted by evidence they did not expect to appear.
2. FYI on a different subject. The lunatic ravings and accusations of Cindy Sheehan and her buddies was enough to have me begin an article called "Know Thy Enemy". A letter from a frustrated Marine, which now introduces the article triggered an urgency to get it written. Other constraints have so far delayed this but the weekend should see it finished and posted - Monday or Tuesday at the latest. HOWEVER, please note the article includes some BRUTAL torture pictures, so do NOT read it if you have a weak stomach. I shall repeat the warning at the top of the article, too. These graphic photos became necessary to show what real torture is - as opposed to Sheehan's screams about Gitmo or Abu Ghraib and her denouncing President Bush as a torturer and murderer. Our Main Stream Media (MSM) prints her rantings, please share, post and pass the article, send lettes to editors etc., when you see it to spread it as widely as possible. cheers, Alan Iraqi Documents: UNMOVIC Knew Of Renewed WMD EffortsCaptain's Quarters ^ July 7, 2006 Captain Ed Posted on 07/07/2006 7:49:27 PM EDT by auzerais Iraqi Documents: UNMOVIC Knew Of Renewed WMD Efforts Continuing my review of the many documents released from the DocEx files over the last two days, I found yet another interesting piece of information regarding Saddam Hussein's pursuit of WMD. In a summary of a larger document, the translators found that Iraq had restarted its processing of castor-bean extraction, from which ricin can be developed -- and that UNMOVIC discovered it in December 2002. From CMPC-2003-003766-HT.pdf, with line breaks and emphases mine: Ricin toxin is found in the bean of the castor plant. UNMOVIC inspections since December 2002 have verified that the bombed caster oil extraction plant at Fallujah III has been reconstructed on a larger scale. Undeclared BW agents, there are a number of microorganisms and toxins that have been developed as BW agents by several countries, including Bacillus anthracis (anthrax), Clostridium bottalinum toxin, Yersinia pestis (plague), Francisella tularensis (tularemia), Brucella species (Brucellosis) Coxiella burnetti (Q fever) and Variola major (smallpox). Drying of BW Agents, BW agents are produced by a process that usually results in a liquid product, for example bacteria in an aqueous suspension, or toxins in an aquesous or organic solution. Bacterial BW agent production, this requires certain equipment, typically a fomenter and down stream processing equipment such as separators and settling tanks. Also required for the production of bacterial BW agents are nutrients that are dissolved in water and added to the fermenter. The lack of supporting documentation makes it difficult for UNMOVIC to confirm Iraq's figures on the quantities of bacterial BW agent produced. Genetic Engineering and Viral Research. Genetic Engineering, a process whereby an organism's genetic material is modified, has many medical and industrial applications. BW Agent Stimulants are chemicals or microorganisms that have very similar characteristics and properties to a biological warfare agent. UNMOVIC inspections and Iraqi declarations confirm that Iraq continues working with organisms that could be used as BW agent stimulates. The documents display after each section the actions that Iraq could take to help in resolving the issue and convincing the UN inspection teams that the activity have stopped or were fruitless and so on. So here we have confirmation that Iraq continued to work on WMD, and that the new UNMOVIC inspections verified that. We had previously heard from the mainstream media that UNMOVIC only found that the Iraqis still refused to cooperate fully with the inspections, but this puts a little different light on the situation as the UN found it as they debated how to deal with Iraq. Even with Saddam actively pursuing WMD, as it turns out, they refused to take any action except to propose extended inspections. Another point seems rather interesting here. The third paragraph seems to match up pretty well with the CIA/DIA description of the mobile laboratories discovered shortly after the invasion of Iraq: Common elements between the source’s description and the trailers include a control panel, fermentor, water tank, holding tank, and two sets of gas cylinders. One set of gas cylinders was reported to provide clean gases—oxygen and nitrogen—for production, and the other set captured exhaust gases, concealing signatures of BW agent production. The discovered trailers also incorporate air-stirred fermentors, which the source reported were part of the second-generation plant design. Once again, it looks like Saddam's own documentation makes it clear that he had never stopped working on WMD programs. This time, it also shows that UNMOVIC and the UNSC knew it.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU Alan's Note: One of the DEAD Zarghawi's major focus points was to organize terrorist cells in Eastern Europe, using hard to spot "White" recruits, who could then travel around Europe, Canada and the USA, set up organizations without attracting the same kind of attention as Arabs. Al-Qaeda's Recruitment Operations in the Balkans By Anes Alic
The recent arrest and pending trial in Bosnia of three young men believed to have been plotting terrorist attacks on Western targets in the capital of Sarajevo has sparked fears that al-Qaeda is recruiting "white Muslims" in the country. Bosnia's porous borders and weak law enforcement institutions, coupled with the presence of hundreds of Islamic fighters who arrived from Arab countries during the 1992-1995 war, make this small war-torn country an easy meeting point for al-Qaeda networks. During the pre-trial hearing on May 3 of Bosnia's first-ever terrorism case, three men—Mirsad Bektasevic, Cesur Abulkadir and Bajro Ikanovic—pleaded not guilty to charges of plotting a terrorist attack either in Bosnia or elsewhere. Two others—Senad Husanovic and Amir Bajric—who were charged with possession of explosives and believed to be heading up the alleged network's logistics, also pleaded not guilty and were released on bail. The five men, four of whom are teenagers, were arrested in October and December last year in the Sarajevo suburbs of Butmir and Hadzici. Bektasevic and Abdulkadir were arrested in late October in Butmir's apartment owned by Bektasevic's cousin. They also rented two apartments in Sarajevo center, an anonymous high-ranking Bosnian police source told The Jamestown Foundation. While Bektasevic is a Bosnian Muslim national with Swedish and Serbian citizenship, and Ikanovic is a Turkish national with Danish residency, the remaining suspects were all Bosnians. On October 20, 2005, agents found some 30 kilograms of explosives and dozens of guns in raids on three apartments used by the suspects. They also said that they found a suicide vest. Yet, the most significant piece of evidence discovered was a videotape showing the two men asking God for forgiveness for the sacrifice they were about to make. Two of the suspects—Bektasevic and Abdulkadir—were wearing face masks and had videotaped themselves making bombs, the police source said. Nevertheless, the first months of the investigation failed to turn up enough concrete evidence that the alleged network was plotting a terrorist attack in Bosnia, so the local authorities turned to Scotland Yard and the FBI for forensic assistance. FBI forensic tests on the face masks determined that they had been worn by Bektasevic and Abdulkadir, while Scotland Yard confirmed that the voice on the videotape belonged to Bektasevic.Faced with the new evidence, the two main suspects changed their original statements where they had denied plotting terrorist attacks, saying instead that they had intended to "warn" Bosnian and Western European authorities about Muslims suffering in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also said they were plotting to "warn" the Bosnian government to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq. Bosnia recently sent some 30 soldiers there as part of a de-mining unit, the source said. He also said the alleged network was most likely plotting an attack on the European Forces (EUFOR) base in Sarajevo, located just 100 meters from the house where the two main suspects were arrested.The investigation, however, has extended well beyond Bosnia, indicating the possibility of a "white al-Qaeda" network operating from Western to Southeastern Europe. Bektasevic operated under the code name Maximus and kept in touch with a group of at least three men in Britain, all of whom were arrested by British police in early November. The British police have not revealed details on the arrests. Days after the Sarajevo arrests, police in Copenhagen detained seven men and one woman, most of them Danish converts to Islam, on suspicion that they were planning suicide bombings somewhere in Europe. Four of the suspects arrested in Denmark have been released due to lack of evidence against them, while the other three have been released on bail. Evidence linked those arrested in Denmark to those arrested in Sarajevo (Slobodna Bosna, April 22). In the meantime, however, the trial in Bosnia has been postponed for at least three months while prosecutors and investigators attempt to collect more solid evidence against the five. Some experts say that the Bosnian authorities moved too quickly to arrest the five, preventing authorities from learning the intended target of the alleged terrorist plot and revealing the extent of a wider "white Muslim" network in Europe. Bosnian security agencies allegedly discussed the repercussions of making the arrests too soon, but chose to move to thwart a possible terrorist attack before it was too late (Vecernji List, April 26). While there is largely agreement that al-Qaeda is attempting to recruit white Muslims in Bosnia, there is some disagreement on the extent of these efforts. EUFOR says that it has no evidence that Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Balkans represent a bigger terrorist threat than any other country in Europe (, April 26). "We cannot exclude the existence of the threat in any country and that goes for BiH as well," EUFOR Commander Gian Marco Chiarini said. "However, at this moment EUFOR has no data that would lead us to the conclusion that the threat of terrorism and terrorist attacks is larger in BiH than elsewhere" (Dnevni Avaz, April 25). The U.S. State Department's 2005 report on terrorism, however, warned that while Bosnian authorities had been highly cooperative in the war on terrorism, Bosnia could be an attractive locale for terrorists because of its weak state comprised of semi-autonomous power centers. Additionally, while secular Bosnia is no friend to Islamic extremism, several hundred Arab mujahideen warriors who arrived in Bosnia to fight on the Bosnian Muslim side during the war are likely to be sympathetic to al-Qaeda. According to the Bosnian Foreign Ministry, it is believed that as many as 6,000 Arab volunteers arrived during the war. After the war, up to 400 of them acquired local citizenship, many of them marrying local women. They came from a variety of locations in the Middle East and North Africa, but largely from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Algeria. Perhaps most significantly, the pending terrorism trial has ignited a fierce debate about these naturalized citizens, prompting fears of a backlash. Bosnia-Herzegovina security agencies are actively investigating individuals and groups, including Al Hussein Imad, also known as Abu Hamza, the informal leader of naturalized Bosnian citizens, who recently warned that revoking citizenship from these Arab fighters could result in protests, blockades and other forms of unrest (Radio B92, May 26). Anonymous EUFOR sources told The Jamestown Foundation that Abu Hamza was believed to have recently formed an organization called "Ansarija" to provide legal assistance to former mujahideen threatened with deportation to their home countries. Abu Hamza told Bosnian FTV's 60 Minutes political talk show on April 18 that those being targeted for deportation could not be legally expelled as they faced charges in their countries of origin. The Syrian-born Abu Hamza is among those who are facing deportation. He arrived in Bosnia in the early 1990s as a student. Investigators say he lied on his citizenship application. Bosnian authorities have stepped up their investigation into how hundreds of Arabs obtained Bosnian citizenship. According to a high-ranking police source speaking to The Jamestown Foundation, 104 naturalized citizens are in the process of having their citizenship revoked. Yet, the whereabouts of 64 of those being targeted remain unknown. The Bosnian government believes that these people present a potential security threat, and Western intelligence agencies agree. Western agencies are cooperating with Bosnian authorities in the terrorism investigation and pressuring local officials to locate and conduct checks on the 64 naturalized citizens who remain unaccounted for — some of whom authorities believe may have been in touch with Bektasevic and the other suspects (Nezavisne Novine, May 25). Most of these naturalized citizens are believed to live in Sarajevo and the central Bosnian towns of Zenica, Tuzla and Travnik. Since late last year, police have conducted several raids in the mountains surrounding those towns, suspecting that militants have training camps there and caches of weapons and explosives. Thus far, however, nothing has turned up. Without a significant amount of technical and other assistance from Western intelligence and security forces, Bosnia is ill-equipped to prevent terrorist infiltration. Recent police reforms — including one significant reform that created a state-level police agency replacing the two separate Bosniak-Croat Federation and Republika Srpska agencies — are only embryonic and untested, as is cooperation between the present three agencies. Although Islamic extremism is not nearly as prevalent in Bosnia as it is in many Western European countries, the threat must also be measured against its security forces' counter-terrorism capabilities, which in this case are starting from ground zero. Furthermore, while secular Bosnia is far from being a sympathetic haven for Islamic extremist activities, its institutional weaknesses and its wartime history of having been "saved" in part by Arab mujahideen could make it an easy and symbolic meeting and recruitment point for a new, white al-Qaeda network.