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Update on Muslims and our school buses More information about Islamic Jihads plans on using our School Buses in terrorist activities in our country. Homeland Security: As Democrats hold more silly hearings to embarrassRepublicans, the FBI is warning local police to be alert for Muslimextremists hijacking school buses. Reality check, please. We wonder if any of the grandstanding politicians on Capitol Hill arethinking in terms of one of these nuts driving a fertilizer-filled yellow bus up to a government building — or, easier yet, a school. Of course not. They're too busy swooning over Valerie Plame to even notice we're still under threat from the Islamic terrorists they say we shouldn't be spying on. The FBI and Homeland Security Department last week sent out a bulletin to law enforcement across the country warning that Muslims with "ties to extremist groups" are signing up to be school bus drivers. They also noted "recent suspicious activity" by foreigners who drive schoolbuses or are licensed to drive them. Recent events come on top of several other school bus-related incidents involving Mideast men that raise suspicion of terror activity. They include last year's surprise boarding of a school bus in Florida by two Saudi men dressed in trench coats. Authorities suspect theywere making a dry run to see how easy it would be to hijack or blow upa school bus filled with American children. Previously, an Arab man from Detroit was caught trying to obtain a job as a school bus driver in New York using fake Social Security documents. Authorities fear the school massacre that took place in Beslan, Russia, in 2004 may be a dress rehearsal for what al-Qaida plans to do here. Chechen terrorists tied to al-Qaida seized a building in Beslanon the first day of school and slaughtered 338, including 172 kids. Three years later, schools and local police in this country are still unprepared to deal with such an assault. Most don't have response plans for handling a single active shooter, let alone a cell of trained terrorists. Yet terror cells secreted inside America may be planning to use buses as a Trojan horse to infiltrate school campuses and murder students and teachers. Floor plans for schools in Virginia, Texas and NewJersey have been recovered from terrorist hands in Iraq. Videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan show al-Qaida terrorists practicing the takeover of a school. Simultaneous attacks on schools in multiple states would follow Osama bin Laden's goal of crippling the U.S. economy. (And fit with Iran's retaliation plans should we attack them - as appears more and more likely). If multiple schoolswere hit, parents would drop out of the work force en masse to protect their children. A prolonged labor disruption would cost businesses billions of dollars in lost revenue. It's a grim picture. But don't think for a moment that al-Qaeda is above targeting school children. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said in his Gitmo confession that while he may not like killing kids, they're fair game in jihad. (Remember the hits on school children in Iraq and their slaughter, including stopping their buses and machine gunning occupants who were froma different sect than the gunment). He claims U.S. forces bombed and killed the children of bin Laden's top deputy, Ayman Zawahiri, and arrested and "abused" his own children. These people have nothing better to do than sit around and think of ways to kill us and our most precious resource, our children. They have many helpers placed inside U.S. cities who canvass targets and perform other logistics for such attacks. And these people will stop at nothing to pull them off. They're just waiting for the right time,when our guard is down. Are we witnessing Muslim men trying to obtain bus licenses what some alert (but ignored) agents witnessed before 9/11 when they noticed a number of Muslim men training to obtain pilot's licenses? Are schools and children the target of the next wave of terror attacks? Parents should be outraged that teh Democrats in Washington would continue to play politics with national security. Instead of using hearings to score partisan points, Congress would best serve constituents by using that power to investigate the terror threat to schools and how best to protect our children from attack. (And the rest of us). Don't Let The Memory Of The 9/11 "Pilot Students" Drift Away EXTREMISTS are Buying School Buses (and Ambulance type vehicles) An FBI bulletin stated. "Foreigners under recent investigation include "some with ties to extremist groups" who have been able to "purchase buses and acquire licenses." There is a very important fact that is not getting the attention it needs in the Extremists Driving School Buses in the USA story, the general impression all the news commentators have is that the 'extremists" are just getting school bus drivers licenses to work for a school, no they are buying the school buses for as little as $1,205.00, and they are saying they are for personal use!

This fact leads me back to the Muslims who are buying these used car/trucks. The dealers involved in buying such vehicles at the auto auctions around the USA, say you must have a vehicle dealer license to purchase such vehicles at auction and the auction is the main source for such sales. In the Tampa, Florida News it cited one such incident of a Muslim making such a purchse, it stated, "Upon running the used car dealer, Abdalla, for wants and drivers license information from Police Dept communications center, it was revealed that Abdalla Deiab was a know(n) affiliate of a terrorist organization and should be approached with caution." DUH!! Abdalla Deiab was buying used cars, vans, buses and ambulances at Auto Auctions all over the State of Florida, he used at least 4 Social Security Numbers with the last four numbers almost in sequence. * Lilly B* Offline Oh my God. I never even dreamed of such a thing. What a terrible thought. Our government needs to get it's priorities in order.


Long article/rant by a clearly peeved Communist. Worth the read for some of the statistical information.


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Direct Links to three longer but important articles posted to NEWS VIEWS to keep the Home Page somewhat less cluttered. CLICK ON EACH TO READ ARTICLES Iran's Suicide Brigades Secret Service Problems Terrorist Infiltrators



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China Controlling American Leftist Talking Points

MUST READ - MUST READ - MUST READ Are the Liberal Democrats and wacko leftists simply following or being paid to enact Chinese policies? Do I sound nuts, too? Read the article: posted on News Views about how two Chinese Colonels published a book with the description of the World Trade Center attack, using Ben Laden's name, THREE YEARS before the attack happened. Their assymetric anti-American tactics are now the talking points of the anti-Bush, anti-war crowd. Coincidence?

Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP)

Specially for Iran's buried sites. Specifications Weight, total 13,600 kg [30,000 lb] Weight, explosive 2,700 kg [6,000 lb] Length 6 m [20 feet] Diameter ?? Control short-span wings and trellis-type tail Penetration 60 meters [200 feet] through 5,000 psi reinforced concrete 40 meters [125 feet] through moderately hard rock 8 meters [25 feet] through 10,000 psi reinforced concrete Platforms B-52, B-2 Guidance GPS aided INS Schedule 2005 - Refine MOP concept and begin detailed weapon development and testing 2005 - statically emplaced Proof-of Principle test of payload effectiveness 2006 - static lethality demonstration against hard and deeply buried targets 2006 - scaled penetration and lethality testing 2007 - Conduct Massive Ordnance Penetrator Demonstration 2007 - full-scale performance demonstration against realistic hard and deeply buried targets


While complete physical destruction may be desired, for some hard and deeply buried targets this effect isn't practicable with current weapons and employment techniques. It may be possible, however, to deny or disrupt the mission or function of a facility. Functional defeat is facilitated through better data collection and intelligence preparation against the potential targets. The defeat process includes finding and identifying a facility, characterizing its function and physical layout, determining its vulnerabilities to available weapons, planning an attack, applying force, assessing damage, and, if necessary, suppressing reconstitution efforts and re-striking the facility. New more lethal defeat options for Hard and Deeply Buried Targets (HDBTs) like the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, that can overwhelm target characterization uncertainties, are being developed and demonstrated to provide a 10x increase in weapon lethality and improved penetration capability compared to inventory weapons.



Includes article on Keith Ellison (D-MN) - the dangers to us by our own are very seriouos ones.

Hilly Billy Combo Threat
The Usual Suspects
Darwinian Roots of Evil
And the spineless RINOs
(Republican In Name Only )

Any wonder that our enemies within have gained such strength when WE THE PEOPLE are so ignorant that we fail to know those we elect to office well enough to avoid the "should have been foreseen" consequences?

For instance Keith Ellison, (D-MN).

Take a look back earlier this year to Ellison's background: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday, January 26, 2007 Explosive Shocker on Muslim Keith Ellison and Threat to Senator Diane Feinstein!
Charlotte, NC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has learned that a bombshell shocker has been revealed by WorldNetDaily News, which has examined documents concerning Muslim Keith Ellison, D-MN, and a death-threat years ago to Senator Diane Feinstein, D-CA.

Researching documents going all the way back to the mid-1970s, WorldNetDaily uncovered police reports concerning an attempt to bomb the home of Diane Feinstein. At the time Feinstein was a San Francisco city supervisor.

A terrorist organization known as the 'New World Liberation Front' was wreaking havoc on the west coast, placing pipe bombs under police vehicles and murdering a bank customer with a shotgun.

This same organization placed a pipe bomb under the window of the room of Diane Feinstein's daughter.

Due to a rare overnight freeze, the bomb failed to detonate.

In 1995, Feinstein testified before the Senate that she had been so traumatized by that event that she bought a handgun and intended to use it protect her daughter and her husband, who at the time was dying of cancer.

It is interesting that Senator Feinstein is a fierce opponent to gun rights, receiving the grade of 'F-' from Gun Owners of America.

Yet when she herself felt her life and that of her family threatened, she did not turn solely to the police. She bought, possessed, and carried a firearm, a right guaranteed to ALL Americans under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

You will notice Feinstein's shocking support of gun rights in this story, a fact that apparently she has forgotten.

Enter Keith Ellison.

When the perpetrators of the crimes committed by the New World Liberation Front were identified and apprehended, it was discovered that the organization is a terrorist group connected with the Symbionese Liberation Army and that the main suspect in the attempt on the life of Feinstein's daughter was none other than one Sara Jane Olson, who went by the name of 'Kathleen Soliah.'

On the run from law enforcement officials for over 20 years, Olson was captured in St. Paul, Minn. in the year 1999. As it turns out Olson had powerful support from a group called 'Weather Underground,' which was formed as a radical group in the 1960s.

The group set up a legal defense fund for Olson, led by one of the group's founders, Bernadine Dohrn.

Now here is the most shocking fact of all. Keith Ellison joined Weather Underground and Bernadine Dohrn in promoting a fundraiser for the legal defense of Sara Jane Olson.

Not only that, but Ellison is on record as stating that the incarceration of Olson was nothing more than people trying to 'settle the score with those fighting for freedom during the 60s and 70s.'

Ellison then demanded that Olson be set free.

Thus, Muslim Keith Ellison is on record supporting the full and free release of a convicted terrorist who attempted to kill Diane Feinstein's daughter, and perhaps her entire family, with a pipe bomb.

The Liberty Sphere repeatedly warned readers about Ellison for quite some time prior to the November 2006 elections.

Those warnings went unheeded, as voters in Ellison's district in Minnesota elected a person of dubious reputation. Ellison has also been known to call for the release of cop-killers.

Yet he sits in the U.S. House of Representatives, in the same Democrat Party as that of Diane Feinstein.

Alan Note: I too felt sorry for Olson who had led a straight life for two decades but the focus is not on her life but on Ellison and his role in government and mindsets that clearly favor terrorism. It is but a short step from defending Olson, cop killers and similar people to defending Islamist terrorism by someone who is a Moslem. for whom Allah comes first and everything else comes second. Including the USA and all of us, since Islam does not recognize national sovreignty, national governments or borders or anything which gets inthe way of a global Caliphate of Moslem rule of the world through "sharia" religious laws of the Koran.
You chafe at the religious right in the USA? Try equating it to what I have just described.
For more details on the Weathermen go to:


BOMB SEARCHES ON BOARD FOR CNY TRAINS SYRACUSE - Federal inspectors will begin looking for bombs in the baggage of train passengers at several upstate New York rail stations starting next month, a Transportation Security Administration official said Wednesday. The first check will take place April 6 at the rail-bus terminal in Syracuse, said Federal Security Director Gary Milano. After that, unannounced inspections will occur periodically in Syracuse, Utica, Rome and eventually Albany, Milano said. The inspections are part of a new nationwide homeland security initiative and a shift after years of focusing on aviation and airport security, Milano said. "There is not a specific threat directed at either the rail system, or at Central New York. It's just high time we started doing this," Milano said. Terrorist attacks in recent years on rail systems in Madrid, London and Mumbai show that train security cannot be ignored, he said. For most train riders, the baggage checks will be similar to those at the airport.



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This video portrays a mixture of the Lunatic Left ATTITUDES and most probably paid agents and agitators of Islamic Jihadist movements, who want the USA to perish. And Islamic 'sharia' Koranic law to control the world.

I wonder how many of the ethnically American or European female supporters of these movements would want to have to wear Burkhas or be lashed for indecent exposure? Second thoughts, all concealing Burkhas might be an improvement for some.


CLICK ON TITLE/HEADING TO GO TO ARTICLE and scroll down and read other posts. Who'da thunk it? Yesterday, I received this little ray of sunshine: Congratulations, you have won a Thinking Blogger Award! Not just a meme, but an irresistable meme, and it came from my bestest buddy Wild Thing. Although I'm not much one for memes, (I've only done one a couple of years ago, because I was tagged by Dorman and it was all about music) I don't see how I can possibly resist it. So, I'm supposed to pass the award to five other blogs that "make me think" (and who haven't been tagged already), and link to the original post. I kinda wish it were blogs that make me laugh, but if there's a meme for that, please don't tag me. Okay... here goes... in no particular order... 1. The one and only Patrick al-Kafir at Clarity & Resolve, who has the blog I'd like to have, if only I was as witty, clever, charming and good looking... 2. The Sultan Knish, who writes so well on the issues that I care the most about. 3. AbbaGav, whose hard hitting and biting commentary pumps me up, and who should have won that other award I nominated him for. Sorry my frined, but this is the best I can do! 4. The original, not to be imitated, Van Helsing of Moonbattery, summing up the insanity in this crazy world we live in. 5. Finally, my dear friend Alan at Anti-Mullah, where you will always find the insight and information you want and need about Iran. So, there you have it my friends, five people who make me think. and now... I'm late for work!


Hat tip to Potlach
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The leader of a little-known, but deadly, Islamic fundamentalist terror group in Lebanon was sentenced in absentia to death by a Jordanian court this week. Shakir Al-Absi, leader of 'Fatah Al-Islam,' has been accused by Jordan of involvement in Al-Qaeda activities in Iraq , Lebanon and Jordan . He was previously sentenced to death under Jordanian law in 2002 for his part in the assassination of US diplomat Laurence Foley in Amman . His co-defendant in that case was the late Abu Musab Al-Zarkawi, leader of the Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq . Lebanese authorities say that Al-Absi and his Fatah Al-Islam organization were behind several bus bombings in a Christian village on February 13. Four Syrian nationals confessed to the bombings earlier this month, according to Lebanese government officials. The Lebanese Interior Minister, Hassan Al-Sabaa, declared, 'It is no secret that Fatah Al-Islam is Fatah Al-Intifada, and Fatah Al-Intifada is part of the Syrian intelligence-security apparatus.' Fatah Al-Intifada, also known as the Abu Musa Faction, was established in the Arab refugee camps of Lebanon in 1983 either directly by Syrian intelligence or with extensive Syrian support, which it enjoys until today. Fatah Al-Islam ostensibly broke ranks with Fatah Al-Intifada in 2006 over what a Fatah Al-Islam announcement called the 'apostate seculars' leading its parent organization. Syria claims it has issued orders for Al-Absi's arrest. Al-Absi was quoted by Al-Jazeera as saying that the accusations by Lebanon and Jordan against him and his organization are 'part of the American conspiracy against Lebanon and the Middle East .' He also claimed the charge that Fatah Al-Islam was involved in the bus bombings in a Christian Lebanese village is intended to pave the way for a military incursion into the refugee camps of Lebanon . Currently, Lebanese army forces maintain a tight security perimeter around the refugee camps; however, an old agreement reached between armed refugee factions and the Lebanese government prevents the soldiers from entering the camps under almost any pretext. With a center of activity in the northern Lebanese Nahr Al-Bard refugee camp, Fatah Al-Islam's stated goal is 'fighting the Jews and all who support them of the Zionist Crusaders of the West, and liberating our sacred [lands]. ... "[By] Allah, we did not take this step [of splitting from Fatah Al-Intifada] but only wishing for martyrdom.' The group - which adopted a black flag bearing the words 'There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the prophet of Allah' - reportedly has several hundred active members, but is known to be well armed and well financed. PLO and affiliated militia factions in the Lebanese refugee camps are emphatic that Fatah Al-Islam is a foreign import. A Nahr Al-Bard member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization was quoted by Al-Jazeera as saying, 'Fatah Al-Islam is not a legitimate Palestinian group. They are a foreign force. Whoever brought them here should take them out.'

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ALAN NOTE: Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) have been rebels for a long time. What is little known is the Tamils are the first to use suicide bombers against their enemies. Even less known is the origin of their commonly known political group name Tamil Tigers. The "Tigers" part came from a young US Marine smoking grass with a group of them - not knowing he was among the future leaders. When asked for a good name for their Tamil rebel movement he facetiously suggested an American footbal team type name and suggested Tigers. And Tamil Tigers they became and have remained. The Tamils have recently taken rebellion to a new level using aircraft to drop bombs on government and military faciligtes. Also a first. Meanwhile all this dos not make them any less dangerous or insidious: LTTE (Tamil Tigers) Supplied Forged Passports to World Trade Center Killer They supplied forged passports to Ramzi Yousef who bombed the World Trade Center, counter terrorism expert Aaron Mannes said. He was commenting on the report about the Tigers stealing Norwegian passports and selling them to al-Qaeda affiliates in the Daily News of March 20. Mannes in his commentary, published in the Counterterrorism Blog quoting Rohan Gunaratne, said the Sri Lankan terrorist group not only supplied forged passports to Yousef, it also smuggled weapons from Pakistan’s militants to their counterparts in Philippines. Yousef, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 bombing at New York ’s World Trade Center, was sentenced to a jail term of 240 years without parole and is spending his time in a US federal jail. The attack killed six and injured more than 1,000. After three days of deliberation in 1996, a federal jury convicted Yousef and Eyad Ismoil on murder and conspiracy charges for their roles in a plot by extremists to topple the Trade Center ’s two 110-story tower to punish the United States for its support of Israel . Yousef has also been implicated in bombing a Japanese air plane and a series of other terrorist activities connected with al- Qaeda activities including those in the Philippines . Writing further in the blog Mannes said: “The LTTE has an international network of support among the Tamil diaspora and, because of Sri Lanka ’s strategic location astride shipping lanes, it owns a fleet of sea-going vessels. So it is well positioned to play a role in trans-national criminal activity. The passport sales only highlights how terrorism is the tip of the iceberg of trans-national threats.” Mannes further wrote: “In the past I’ve written that the US should expand its efforts against the LTTE because it was morally consistent with targeting terrorists, it would contribute to stability on the Indian-subcontinent, and because the LTTE was embedded in international criminal networks that also service Islamist terrorists. It would appear, based on some high profiles arrests of LTTE operatives in the US that this has happened.”


House of Representatives has proposed this Bill - H. R. 1324 - aimed at the Islamic Iran Ghods (Qods) force, which is hell bent on killing various parties in Iraq. For more on the Qods activity in Iraq and about them (basically Islamic Iran's "special forces") for external opeations go to the article in News Views: You can click on the article title to go the site with the House Bill or read on below: To urge the Secretary of State to designate the Quds Force, a unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, as a foreign terrorist organization. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES March 5, 2007 Mr. SAXTON introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. A BILL To urge the Secretary of State to designate the Quds Force, a unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, as a foreign terrorist organization. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS. Congress finds the following: (1) The Quds Force, also known as the Qods Force, is a unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps which carries out military operations outside of Iran and is responsible for the export of terrorism for Iran. (2) The Quds Force provides weapons to and conducts paramilitary training and provides organizational, financial, and planning support for terrorist groups, namely Hamas, Hizbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), each of which is designated by the Secretary of State as a foreign terrorist organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189). (3) The Quds Force, which was previously called the Lebanon Corps, assisted Hizbollah in the suicide truck bomb attack on the United States Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983. (4) Reports indicate that the Quds Force, using a variety of tradecraft, collects intelligence and organizes operations of Shiite armed elements against United States military forces in Iraq. (5) An article published on February 1, 2007, in the Sobh-e Sadeq, considered the official publication of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, explicitly described the abduction of several American soldiers to the Al-Mahdi Army in Iraq and threatened that kidnapping Americans and taking them `to whatever destination is easier than procuring a container of trashy Chinese merchandise'. The article claimed the existence of professional and highly-skilled operational and security officers for the purpose of `ambushing American soldiers' and stressed that `it would be sufficient for it to simply loosen its purse strings a little. Then we would witness a line up of a variety of blue-eyed blonde soldiers, who would become grain to be fed to hungry gamecocks that are waiting for our signal. (6) The Quds Force provides support for terrorist organizations conducting operations against the State of Israel. (7) The Quds Force should be designated as a foreign terrorist organization in order to facilitate prosecution against its agents operating in the United States and abroad. (8) The Government of the United States should urge European, Arab, African, Asian, and other governments not to allow members of the Quds Force to enter their respective countries. SEC. 2. STATEMENT OF POLICY. Congress-- (1) urges the Secretary of State to designate the Quds Force (Qods Force), a unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, as a foreign terrorist organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189) in order to focus attention on the threat this organization poses to the United States and the international community; (2) condemns the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Quds Force; and (3) condemns the support provided by the Quds Force for Shiite armed elements reportedly conducting operations against United States military forces in Iraq and for terrorist organizations conducting operations against the State of Israel. Again: detailed article of Qods Iraqi Operations:

"DE-NIAL" Is not a River in Egypt but another Islamic Falsehood

The voice of the new imam at one of the largest mosques on the East Coast rang loud from the pulpit during Friday services: "The call to reform Islam is an alien call. " People who do not understand Islam are the ones seeking to change it, said Shaker Elsayed, the new spiritual leader at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington. "Ignorance comes from outside circles who know nothing about us." Though his role as the mosque's religious leader is a new one, Elsayed is well known as a civic activist in a large Muslim community that has been subject to sharp scrutiny ever since the Sept. 11 attacks. His face is a familiar one at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, where he has lent support to area Muslims he sees as victims of a federal witch hunt - from those prosecuted for immigration violations to soliciting treason. Now lets move overseas. Perhaps things are better there. JAKARTA - Indonesia's top Islamic council issued a religious edict on Friday forbidding any liberal interpretation of Islam in the world's most populous Muslim nation. "Religious liberalism is haram (forbidden)," said a fatwa, or doctrine, issued by the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI). "This is a reminder for Muslims to follow the religion in a correct way and not to try to deviate from the principles," said Ma'aruf Amin, chief the MUI's Fatwa Commission. Another fatwa banned inter-religious marriages in Indonesia where 85 percent of its 220 million follow Islam. but the prize goes to these bozos who never heard of Al-Qaeda. Sounds like the U.S Democratic leadership, who of late seems to have forgotten that there is a war on. The most senior Islamic cleric in Birmingham claimed yesterday that Muslims were being unjustly blamed in the war on terrorism and that the eight suspects in the two bombing attacks on London "could have been innocent passengers". Mohammad Naseem, the chairman of the city's central mosque, called Tony Blair a "liar" and "unreliable witness" and questioned whether CCTV footage issued of the suspected bombers was of the perpetrators. He said (emulating an ostrich) that Muslims "all over the world have never heard of an organisation called al-Qa'eda".


Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran's borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday. "The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran," the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably not yet made a final decision as to when an attack will be launched. He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran "that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost." He also said the U.S. Naval presence in the Persian Gulf has for the first time in the past four years reached the level that existed shortly before the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Col.-Gen. Leonid Ivashov, vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, said last week that the Pentagon is planning to deliver a massive air strike on Iran's military infrastructure in the near future. A new U.S. carrier battle group has been dispatched to the Gulf. The USS John C. Stennis, with a crew of 3,200 and around 80 fixed-wing aircraft, including F/A-18 Hornet and Superhornet fighter-bombers, eight support ships and four nuclear submarines are heading for the Gulf, where a similar group led by the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has been deployed since December 2006. The U.S. is also sending Patriot anti-missile systems to the region.



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CLICK ON THE TITLE TO SEE ORIGINAL SOUNDING OF ALARM What a huge sigh of relief and the subtle certainty that a huge potential disaster was averted. Worth two "huges" in a single sentence. And my thanks to various Federal authorities, who listened, understood and passed the alarm up the food chain. Based on Common Sense rather than immediately available hard facts. And thanks to the member funded Free Republic for also allowing the prominent posting of the article on their site which has some 250,000 members/supporters. Including all kinds of enquiring minds, military and civilian decision makers .......etc. The end result - Islamic Iran's President, Ahmadi-Nejad cancelling his trip to the United Nations appears to prove his original request was not without underhand intent. He asked for a visa - more or less easily granted to him as a so-called head of state visiting the UN, but he also demanded visas for 25 Security Agents. Not to accompany and guard him, but to stay on board the mysterious private/government aircraft (as opposed to commercial airline) on which planned to arrive, while he went to the UN. They would not pass through customs and not submit to any search. What would then be their purpose? To guard the aircraft? From whom? Or more likely to guard what the aircraft carried into the USA - which could otherwise not come close to our shores. a) Electronic surveillance devices to be used en route or while on the ground? Possibly to monitor airport communications or security measures for future anti-American operations in New York or enroute. b) These 25 persons - all clearly armed and dangerous could also hijack aircraft, take hostages or react on the tarmac when the UN voted (as it did) to apply further sanctions on Iran. c) So far nothing drastic. The REALLY dangerous threat was a nuclear one. Iran has both the technology and the fission material needed for an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) bomb. Simply put, this nuclear weapon releases an pulse emission that wipes out electronic circuits but causes no direct harm to human life. The circuits could be as "simple" as destroying controls of traffic lights/signals - vehicle accidents, tied up traffic, general discomfort possibly some fatal traffic accidents when trucks suddenly went out of control. A step further would be subways shutting down, or trains crashing. Ships would likely find themselves adrift and unable to steer or navigate without their computer assisted controls. Then escalating to higher levels, all computers in the stock exchange, including all back ups, as well as in banks and other vital financial activity would simply "die". Whereas no human would be harmed. Elevators in all buildings would become inoperable. Aircraft would suddenly have no air traffic instructions and their unshielded electronics would simply fry. Here there would be loss of human life in considerable numbers as many of them fell out of the sky. Military facilities have mostly shielded their electronics but the attack would be a "civilian" one not military. And there would be nothing against which the military could deploy. The Iranian aircraft could be shot down but then the Hojatieh sect Ahmadi-Nejad is on the fringe of a being a suicider himself, so what good would that do? Without a major loss of human life an attack on Iran would be considered "overkill" by the Nancy Pelosis and John Murthas in our government and their bleeding heart counterparts in Europe. His reasoning, justification? You refused me the technology (nuclear) I want for my country, so here have a taste of what it feels like to lose some of your own. Fair turnabout (in his mind) while he destroys all function for almost everything in New York. Remember all backup units get fried too, so replacing electronic activity is not tripping a switch to reactivate. In any event, from a "feel" of how Ahmadi-Nejad would think and plan a sting in return for the UN sanctions, my nerves were screaming holy murder at me. What if I were delusionally wrong? No harm no foul, he had his permission to show up on a commercial airline, visit the UN and make his speech. And if he had no ulterior motives other than make his speech, no big deal for him either. He did not need the 25 security agents for that - even by his own statements. BUT if he wanted to become famous as the destroyer of New York - quite in keeping with his apocalytic mind set - and set off the EMP bomb - perhaps have it done while he was still in the UN peeved at the new sanctions, the potential damage of allowing the private plane and his 25 agents, possibly all suicide bombers, was unthinkable. Compared to any disrespect he may have felt. What a relief that decision makers became aware of this and did the "right" thing. Perhaps my ability to sense the probable actions of people like him or Saddam Hussein came into play again. In the first Gulf war, I again had a similar feeling that Saddam Hussein, knowing he could not defeat our troops, would use some biological agent with slow incubation time to send sickeness back to the USA along with troops or equipment that had been there. Again, some people in charge at the time, CIA and DOD, saw the common sense logic behind the warning I sounded during several phone calls they made to me and used the guise of "agricultural" prevention of possible crop diseases, to build large concrete slabs, wash and disinfect all armored or other vehicles, equipment etc., and repainted them before they were repatriated to the USA. The bottom line - that special aircraft and the 25 special agents - were not permitted - so he cancelled his trip. NO point showing up to hear the UN slap him around without the planned reprisal. Conjecture? Yes. Likely scenario? Very much so! Horrible danger averted? You bet!

Ventriloquist - Change of Pace for Sunday

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CLICK ON TITLE TO GO TO THIS SITE - GREAT FOR ENQUIRING MINDS Also check out the Terror News Briefs - still being posted Daily - at: These are EACH a "Heading and a Link" so you can pick and choose which you wish to read in more depth - or not. Yet you can get a good overview by simply reading down the headings.


"Tourists are flocking to Dubai's luxury hotels". One reason for anti-Semitism not mentioned in the article below is that the Islamic Mullahs of Iran own several of the luxury hotels AND in the evenings "auction off" homeless Persian girls to tourists and locals - either for the night or to take home as sex slaves.

Tens of thousands of orphaned Persian girls in Iran - or abandoned wives or daughters, thrown out of the house to live in the streets, by an irritated husband or father (yes, husbands and fathers can do that with impunity under the Islamic laws of Iran) have no way to earn a living. The prettier ones are shipped by the Mullahs to Persian Gulf states - specially Dubai - where they are forced into the sec trade.

Compared to having to sell themselves for pennies to buy increasingly expensive food inside Iran, the Dubai situation is almost a blessing. If slavery can be termed a blessing. Which it cannot.

The corruption and heartless, unlimited misuse, torture and misery of humans by the Mullahs pervades every aspect of life in Iran. Despite their paid apologists around the world, specially in Canada, Europe and the USA, the "moralistic" Mullahs are the dirtiest, nastiest, most ruthless and hypocritical, government sponsored proponents of aboslute evil that the world has ever seen in modern times.

What does that make the ardent American supporters of Dubai? Self-serving and greedy might be the least opprobation to level at them. As the article relates, this support crosses party lines.


Tourists are flocking to Dubai's luxury hotels. But don't be fooled. Dubai, which is one of the seven princedoms of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), is anything but tolerant and progressive. To put it bluntly: They don't like Jews. In fact, Dubai, like the rest of the U.A.E., is blatantly anti-Semitic. It bars all Israeli citizens from ever setting foot in the country. People from other nations whose passport have stamps indicating they've even visited Israel must notify Dubai immigration authorities of the stamp before entering. Dubai is also actively involved in the Arab boycott of Israel: It bans all products made in Israel and even ones with parts made in Israel. But the emir of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, understands the value of using prominent Americans to legitimize his country and burnish its image in the American media. That's why former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been the objects of Dubai largesse. Their Dubai friends have given millions to each of their presidential libraries. And Bill Clinton has raked in more than $1 million for speeches he's given in Dubai and the U.A.E. Dubai's PR machine went into high gear after 9/11 - in part to distract attention from the extensive use the terrorists made of the emirate. More than half of the hijackers traveled to the United States via Dubai. The 9/11 Commission noted that $234,500 of the $300,000 wired to the hijackers and plot leaders in America came via Dubai banks. Several months after 9/11, Dubai's newest best friend began his public association with the country. In January 2002, Bill Clinton gave his first Dubai speech (for $300,000). He's been legitimizing the country ever since. Clinton was the rainmaker who introduced the emir to his friend and employer, Ron Berkle, the owner of Yucaipa companies and a major fund-raiser for Bill and Hillary. Last year, Yucaipa and the emir formed a new company, DIGL, for their joint ventures. So Bill Clinton is now an adviser and member of the board of directors of a company that is in partnership with the anti-Israeli government of Dubai. The Clintons won't reveal how much the former president pocketed for setting up this deal, except to report on Hillary's Senate disclosure form: "more than $1,000." A lot more. According to San Francisco Examiner columnist P.J. Corkery, Clinton makes $10 million a year from Yucaipa. Bill isn't alone in legitimizing Dubai. Other Clinton pals - including disgraced former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, ex-Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and Al and Tipper Gore - have attended highly publicized events there. So have some Republicans - including former Bush Sr. Chief of Staff John Sununu, presidential brother Neal Bush and Rudy Guiliani. Republican ex-Sen. Bob Dole and Democratic ex-Rep. Tom Downey lobby for Dubai; so does The Glover Park Group, home of Hillary Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson and former President Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart. Major U.S. business leaders populate the many conferences sponsored by Dubai and its industries. All of this helps legitimize Dubai. And no one mentions the problem with Israel. Bill Clinton even created a Dubai Scholars Program at the American University in Dubai under the sponsorship of the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. Laura Tyson, Clinton's chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, created a similar Dubai study program at the University of London. But not everyone is blind. Last month, the University of Connecticut correctly abandoned plans to open up a campus in Dubai after serious complaints about Dubai's state-imposed discrimination of people based on their national origin and religion and its documented violations of human rights. (For example, Human Rights Watch has said Dubai abuses tens of thousands of migrant workers from India and Pakistan.) The Clinton Foundation certainly wouldn't sponsor a program in America that banned Israeli students. It shouldn't sponsor one in Dubai, either.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

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As I mentioned before, the Russian Nuclear workers pulling out of the Bushehr nuclear site in Iran already clearly indicated they thought the site would be bombed pretty soon. Russian consulatants are reportedly also pulling out of many other places and returning to Russia. GardunehMehr said... Alan, I looked up Ma'ariv but it's in Hebrew. I don't know anyone who can read Hebrew.If one of the readers of this your blog could translate a couple of paragraphs of the article I would be very grateful . 5:43 PM wolfline said... (CHECK OUT HIS SITE FOR INTERESTING INFO) Here's the translation from Ma'ariv: Two weeks ago there were reports of two Iranian officers missing: Col. Amir Mahmad Shirazi and Brigadier General Mahmad Soultani, commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Gulf region. The official newspaper of the Corps accused Israel and the US of kidnapping the two and threatened to kidnap American and Israeli officers and to "throw them in the cockfighting arena". "Iran is on the defense", stated yesterday Nicholas Burns, US Under Secretary for Political Affairs, who also mentioned that Russia's refusal to supply uranium for the Bushar nuclear reactor, as well as the tightening economic sanctions on Iran, proves that "international pressure is working". It is worth mentioning that the Bush administration has decided to undermine the current Iranian government, and that the reports of mass desertions/defections (sorry, same word in Hebrew) of senior officers could be part of the psychological war waged against the ayatollah regime. In addition, a German news agency reported, quoting Novosty (Russian news agency), that the US is poised to attack targets located in Iran in two weeks' time. This information is based on Russian military experts' analysis, who claim that Washington has already decided to launch the attack on Friday, April 6th, and that within ten hours different types of missiles (including cruising ones) will pound 20 nuclear facilities in Iran. Also to be attacked are the central command of the Iranian army, Revolutionary Guards, and Iranian Navy bases, in order to prevent Iran from blocking the Straights of Hurmuz. Well, they have just blown the surprise element, haven't they...

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As opposed to Terrorism News on its own Anti-Terrorism News page (link in left column), this "War on Terror" includes items within the USA and more on European matters - also broader in subject matter. [AP] USA - FBI: Extremists seek school bus work "Suspected members of extremist groups have signed up as school bus drivers in the United States, counterterror officials said Friday, in a cautionary bulletin to police. An FBI spokesman said, "Parents and children have nothing to fear." [AP] NEBRASKA - Omaha businesses warned of suspicious mail from 'the Bishop' "Two letters sent to financial institutions in Omaha have been linked to the same person who has been sending threats and pipe bombs to businesses in the Midwest" [Fox 23 Tulsa] OKLAHOMA - Bomb Scare at TCC [Hoax device] " The "possible bomb" was two water bottles taped together with an unidentified liquid inside" [AP] PENNSYLANIA - Man guides police to bomb in 2nd floor apartment "Police found an elaborate explosive device made of propane, kerosene, acetone and lacquer thinner in a city Housing Authority apartment" "man police found trying to set a bag containing lighter fluid and a wick on fire Tuesday told officers he wanted to blow up the building" See also,0,2381387.story?coll=all-newslocalallentown-hed [MML] CALIFORNIA - Pipe Bomb Devices Found At Columbia College [4 pipe bombs] [AP] INDIANA - Woman finds suspicious device in mailbox, puts it in her SUV "Police say a woman who found a suspicious device in her mailbox put it in her sport utility vehicle and drove to a Goshen-area elementary school before calling authorities" [News Leader] VIRGINIA - Police seek man after suspicious incident "man is described as dark-skinned, with a thick foreign accent, about 5 feet, 3 inches in height, 140 to 150 pounds, with salt-and-pepper hair and mustache" "custodian found the man carrying what appeared to be a lunch box in the school as students arrived about 7 a.m., police reported. He was escorted out of the building after police say he failed to give a reason for being in the school" "Police do not necessarily suspect terrorism" See also [Press Democrat] CALIFORNIA - Pipe bomb found in SR [Courier-Journal] OHIO - Ohio plant lost small amount of radioactive material recently [Detroit Free Press] MICHIGAN - Suspicious package at UPS center wasn't bomb "UPS workers found the box earlier this morning and called police because a note on the package said a bomb was inside. He said workers tracked the package and determined it came from Missouri" [AP] NEW YORK - Apparent pipe-bomb found at upstate shopping mall,0,7886265.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork [Press Democrat] CALIFORNIA - Explosives team destroys cache of dynamite [Found hidden recently near school] [The Times] ILLINOIS - Lake County Government Center reopens following suspicious substance scare [false alarm] "Lake County police closed the County Government Center on Friday morning as part of an investigation of a possible biological agent in the complex's mailroom" [Vancouver Sun] CANADA - Explosives seized from cab in Richmond "Surrey RCMP reacted swiftly to prevent the delivery of a parcel containing dynamite when officers surrounded a taxi as it was proceeding along 132nd Ave" "police wouldn’t be releasing any further information on the incident as it was part of an ongoing investigation" [PA News] WASHINGTON D.C. - Man held after White House breach "66-year-old man who scaled a White House fence with a package " [BCN] CALIFORNIA - Suspicious package detonated outside Taraval Station [Calgary Sun] CANADA - Pipe bomb rocks Ramsay "woman is lucky to be alive after a pipe bomb deliberately planted under a car in Ramsay exploded while she was backing out of her driveway this morning" [] WASHINGTON - White powder found at Anacortes refinery "employee at the Shell Refinery in Anacortes found a white substance in an envelope Monday morning" [Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers ] WISCONSIN - ATF National Response Team Activated to Large Residential Fire in Wisconsin "police interviewed one witness who lives several blocks from Landmark and reported seeing someone dressed in black running away from the building moments after explosions that sparked the blaze about 4 a.m" See also International - [AP] PHILIPPINES - Unidentified men bomb 3 power transmission towers in southern Philippines [dpa] ZIMBABWE - Three police officers injured in Zimbabwe petrol bomb attack [Deutsche Presse-Agentur ] LEBANON - Police discover bomb near home of Lebanese political official [AP] ALGERIA - U.S. Embassy in Algeria warns of possible, unspecified threat against airplane carrying Westerners See also See also [AP] NEPAL - Assassination plot claimed: Nepal offers additional security to US envoys "Nepal’s government has offered additional security for US officials in this Himalayan nation after allegations of an assassination plot against an American diplomat surfaced last week"\03\13\story_13-3-2007_pg4_17 [AFP] AFGHANISTAN - Kabul bomb levels a row of shops [New York Times] PAKISTAN - Islamic Militants in Pakistan Bomb Targets Close to Home [Graphic photo] [Regnum] UKRAINE - Radioactive waste packaged 40 years ago in Uzbekistan found in Ukrainian gutter [Dawn] PAKISTAN - Gas pipeline blown up "A portion of the 6-inch diameter pipeline was blown up as an explosive device planted under the pipeline went off at 10:45am" [CNN] FRANCE - 3 ETA suspects arrested in France "The three men arrested are suspected of being part of an ETA cell that killed three people in various attacks between 1994 and 1997" [AP] COLUMBIA - Rebels abduct 9 geologists in Colombia "The geologists -- employees of Compania de Servicios Logisticos de Colombia -- were abducted Tuesday evening in the province of Choco by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, said Colonel Carlos Pinto, commander of the army's 15th brigade" [Reuters] ALGERIA - Bomb Kills Two Algerians "Two members of an Algerian Islamist militant group were killed when a roadside bomb they were planting outside Algiers exploded prematurely" [Brussels Journal] NETHERLANDS - Utrecht: Ethnic Riots after Dutchman is Killed by Police "After the death last Sunday of Rinie Mulder, a 54-year old indigenous Dutchman who was shot by a police officer, non-immigrant citizens went on a rampage, burning cars, looting shops and arsoning a community centre in “inverted Paris style riots.” According to our sources the police officer who killed Mulder is a woman of Moroccan origin" " intervened when Muslim youths harassed a pregnant native Dutch woman" See also [PTI] INDIA - One killed in ULFA bomb explosion in Assam "remote controlled device was planted inside a dustbin in front of a shop in Sonari market and it exploded at 7.15 am" [AP] MOROCCO - Police arrest 13, find bomb equipment after apparently bungled suicide bombing "Police have arrested 13 people allegedly linked to a man who blew himself up in a Casablanca Internet cafe and found bomb-making equipment on Wednesday" "Like the bomber, at least one of those arrested had been in prison on terrorism charges before being pardoned" [Belfast Telegraph] UNITED KINGDOM - Suspected 9/11 mastermind claims he intended to bomb sites in UK [AP] BELGIUM - Brussels main court building evacuated after bomb alert "after the discovery of a suspicious package sparked a bomb alert" [PTI] INDIA - 13 bombs found in Kanpur [AP] INDIA - 49 police officers killed in suspected rebel attack in eastern India, police say "Suspected communist rebels armed with rifles, hand grenades and petrol bombs attacked a police post in the jungles of eastern India on Thursday, killing at least 49 officers, police said" [RIA Novosti] RUSSIA - Militant base discovered in Chechnya "An active militant base has been discovered in the Shatoi district in southern Chechnya" [AP] IRAQ / IRAN - Bomb Believed to Be From Iran Found at Site Where 4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad,2933,258912,00.html [Reuters] EGYPT - Egyptian forces arrest Palestinian wearing explosives "A potential Palestinian suicide bomber and 10 Egyptians were arrested in the northern Sinai peninsula" [Xinhua] COLOMBIA - Three injured in bomb attack in Colombia "bomb exploded in front of the police headquarters in the northeastern Colombian province of Risaralda Thursday, injuring three people and damaging property" [Mid-Day] INDIA - IB sounds terror alert in Mumbai, yet again "The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has warned that Mumbai may be attacked in the next few days. In a communiqué to city security agencies including the police, the IB has said that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists will plant bombs at crowded places" "the intelligence is not airport specific" [sahara samay] INDIA - Bomb blast in Nandigram "At least 11 people were killed and 75 others injured " [CNN-IBN] INDIA - 5 injured in Guwahati bomb blast "At least five people have been seriously injured when a bomb exploded at Paltanbazar area in the heart of Guwahati city on Friday" " bomb was believed to be planted in a parked motorcycle in the parking space beside the busy road" [Reuters] SOMALIA - Bomb kills 7 on Mogadishu outskirts: police "A bomb killed seven civilians on Friday near Somalia's capital Mogadishu in the chaotic Horn of Africa " [The New Nation] BANGLADESH - 2 'terrorists'killed in crossfire with RAB at Savar [Ynet] ISRAEL - IDF arrests 24 suspects in West Bank,7340,L-3376777,00.html See also,7340,L-3377247,00.html [Pakistan Times] PAKISTAN - Girl Injured as 3-Bomb blasts Rock Quetta "Police sources told that the third blast was heard in the areas adjoining railway station" [Xinhua] IRAQ - Policeman killed in bomb attack in N Iraq [Press TV ] IRAQ - 350 ill from chlorine bombs in Iraq See also See also [Associated Press] PAKISTAN - Bomb blast at music market in northwestern Pakistani city wounds 2 men, police say [UNI] INDIA - Maoist arrested with huge explosives "for illegally possessing 290 detonators, 200 gelatin sticks and fuse wires" [AP] IRAQ - U.S. raids net 12 suspected insurgents [Xinhua] THAILAND - Insurgents shoot villagers in Thai South, killing 2 "group of insurgents armed with machine guns shot at local villagers in a Thai southern district which is near the curfew-imposed area on Saturday night, killing at least two and injuring more than 10 people" [Radio Australia] AFGHANISTAN - Taliban insurgents maim truck drivers "Taliban insurgents have chopped the noses and ears off at least five truck drivers in the east of the country as punishment for transporting supplies to US-led troops" [Los Angeles Times] PHILIPPINES - Fugitive linked to Al Qaeda is caught "Authorities recaptured a suspected member of a group linked to Al Qaeda who escaped from jail with a top terrorist operative nearly four years ago",1,6239980.story?coll=la-news-a_section [PTI] INDIA - Crude bomb explodes near Tata Motors site "crude bomb exploded on Sunday near the Tata Motors' small car project site, but there were no casualties" [AP] IRAQ - 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, 4 in one incident [AP] SERBIA - Serbian police crack down on alleged Muslim terrorist group, arrest 4 "Serbian police said Saturday they discovered the training camp of an alleged Muslim terrorist group in a tense southern region, and arrested four Serbian Muslims" [Associated Press] AFGHANISTAN - U.S. Embassy vehicle hit by roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan; several people wounded "A car bomb exploded next to a U.S. Embassy convoy on a busy road in Kabul on Monday, setting an embassy SUV on fire" "the U.S. ambassador was not in the convoy" [Reuters] THAILAND - Three Buddhist women dead in south Thailand attack [Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence] SRI LANKA - STF kills four LTTE cadres [Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence] SRI LANKA - Two civilians injured in LTTE mortar attack "A 15 year-old girl and a 65 year old woman were injured when LTTE terrorists launched a mortar attack " [Reuters] IRAQ - Security developments in Iraq, March 19 [Guardian] IRAQ - Bomber kills six at Baghdad mosque,,2037568,00.html [ dpa] TURKEY - Alleged PKK rebels charged with plans to bomb factories in Turkey "Twelve alleged members of the rebel Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) have been formally arrested for planning to carry out a series of bomb attacks on industrial targets in western Turkey" [Ynet] ISRAEL - IDF nabs 7 wanted terror suspects in West Bank overnight,7340,L-3378679,00.html [Ynet] ISRAEL - IDF arrests 13 wanted Palestinians,7340,L-3378181,00.html [Ynet] ISRAEL - Islamic Jihad explosives expert killed, 18 wounded in Gaza,7340,L-3378354,00.html [Ynet] ISRAEL - Palestinians hurl explosive device at IDF post in Hebron; no wounded,7340,L-3378622,00.html [AFP] SOMALIA - Roadside bomb hits UN convoy in Somalia "gunmen set off a roadside bomb and then opened fire, wounding three policemen" [New York Times] PAKISTAN - 58 Militants and Tribespeople Die in Fighting in Northern Pakistan "Fierce fighting between foreign militants and local tribesmen in northern Pakistan in the past few days has left at least 58 people dead" [AFP] INDIA - 6 militants 2 soldiers die "Six suspected Kashmiri militants and two Indian soldiers, one of them an officer, were killed during two gunbattles in Indian-administered Kashmir" [AFP] AFGHANISTAN - Troops kill three militants in Afghanistan "US-led coalition and Afghan troops killed three “suspected extremists” yesterday in a hunt for a militant said to have ordered assassinations and suicide bombings" [DPA] SWEDEN - Bomb Threat Against Swedish Nuclear Plant "The threat was made against the Forsmark plant, 140 kilometres north of the capital Stockholm" [Reuters] ISRAEL - Palestinian killed in gunbattle between IDF, Fatah gunmen "Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man on Wednesday in a gunbattle in the West Bank that broke out during a search for wanted militants",7340,L-3379219,00.html


"At least" five senior Iranian officers "disappear" in Turkey - TV Excerpt from report by Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on 22 March [Report by Gad Shimron: "Foreign reports: Five Iranian officers kidnapped"] At least five senior Iranian officers disappeared over the past few days during a visit to Turkey. The report, which is based on reports in the Turkish press, said it is believed that the five defected to the West. According to the information, which has so far not been confirmed by any official source, among the Iranians who have disappeared are officers with the rank of brigadier general.

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New Breed of European Censorship

New breed of censorship Criticizing Ahmadinejad politically incorrect among European leftists Published: 03.04.07, 17:56 / Israel Opinion The "Teapacks" band is planning to appear in the Eurovision Song Contest with a protest song that brings a message to mankind: It warns against a nuclear war and against insane leaders that can "push the button." Ostensibly, this is not a disputed topic, yet nonetheless, the Eurovision management is weighing the possibility of disqualifying Israel's participation. During the Cold War, anti-war messages were received enthusiastically by the cultured world and "Teapacks" would have been guaranteed an honorable spot on the stage. The fear of a nuclear war deeply penetrated people's awareness from both sides of the iron curtain and united them in their goal to prevent delusional leaders from pushing the button. But the Cold War is over, and with it the fear of a nuclear conflict between the superpowers. Liberal and leftist public opinion in the West, particularly in Europe, is now focusing its attention on other dangers, such as environmental pollution and global warming. T he fact that a handful of insane leaders are continuing to develop nuclear arms no longer interests them: The opposition to these leaders and to their delusional plans is viewed as a politically incorrect act. It is crystal clear to liberal leftists in Europe that humanity's number one enemy is US President George Bush, and not Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The latter has even benefited from a somewhat forgiving attitude in his capacity of spearheading the holy war against Bush's America. And thus, with a moral distortion that an honest person would find hard to comprehend, in today's Europe it is not politically correct to sing songs against nuclear bombs, because they are likely to hurt the Iranian regime's feelings (and perhaps also the North Koreans,) and to spark a political dispute. Other outrageous expressions disrupt the moral judgment prevalent in Europe and America. A bloodthirsty terrorist blows himself up every day in populated centers in Iraq, killing dozens and sometimes hundreds of innocent civilians, including a high number of women and children. No occupation resistance movement throughout history has ever set out for itself the goal of primarily killing its own people. Nonetheless, thus far, not a single demonstration has been held in European cities to protest the murderous terror acts being perpetrated in Iraq. Because if this terror can in any way be attributed to the US, even indirectly, then it is right and just. At least in the eyes of the spoiled West. Protesting Iranian actions inappropriate The idea that Bush's policies in Iraq, and the genocide that is being systematically carried out there by Muslim terrorists, can also be protested doesn't occur to a British intellectual who fervently reads "The Independent." Just as it doesn't occur to him that he can protest against Ahmadinejad's nuclear bomb as well as pollution of the atmosphere. Because one thing is certain: Had "Teapacks" proposed a song protesting global warming it would not have occurred to the organizers to disqualify the text. On the contrary, it would have been praised by all. We also have reasonable basis to assume that had Israel sent a utopian peace song depicting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a foolish conflict over the location of a falafel stand, our message would have been accepted by the commissars of European culture. Yet a protest, even if just implied, against the insanity of Iran's leader, is not appropriate for the Eurovision Song Contest. Heaven forbid. It's not anti-American and therefore not politically correct. T his is how political correctness has turned into a new breed of political censorship: Censorship that bans protest against politicians preparing for nuclear wars.,7340,L-3372165,00.html