Tuesday, April 24, 2007


SANE National Security Alert: Beware of Pigs! This is no joke. Immediate Threat Alerts! By Dave Gaubatz, Director What is a “Pig” and when is it a threat to our security? Why is the Pig so important to the war on Islam and Jihad, and why was the Pig so important to U.S. Federal Agent (retired) Dave Gaubatz when he went into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom to locate WMD sites? What is a “Pig” and when is it a threat to our security? The Pig is a very simple device used by contractors to clean water, sewage, oil, and gas pipes. The Pig is launched from fire hydrants or by removing a section of the main pipe. The Pig has been used by plumbers, sewage and water pipe specialists for many years. The Pig can be used to clean a pipeline 50 feet long or several hundred miles in length (oil/water/sewage). Notwithstanding the Pig’s use in industry, as a tool of mass destruction and terror it was known to only a handful of U.S. Government personnel. More importantly, its significance was known to Saddam Hussein and Islamic terrorist organizations. Even Iraqi citizens were aware of the Pig system. Chemical, Biological, and/or Nuclear weapons can be stored in the Pig and moved remotely through the thousands of miles of sewage, oil, and water pipes throughout Iraq. There is a reason the water and sewage pipes (infrastructure) were bombed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many people have theorized this was done by the US to cause the Iraqi people to suffer and to push to oust Saddam. This is not true. The sewage and water lines were bombed to hopefully destroy WMD that was hidden inside the pipes. When several journalists at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom questioned why the water and sewage lines were destroyed the U.S. military, the canned response was that it was not intentional and they had not meant to harm the Iraqi people by destroying the pipes. But, if truth be told, our military had the best of intentions when it sought to destroy the water and sewage systems (because we suspected WMD was located in the thousands of miles of pipes). The question I have had since then, especially as a Special Agent charged with investigating this possibility in Iraq, is why would no government official explain to the American people why it was done? The fact is that President Bush, his administration, and the military leadership failed to take into account that the WMD in Iraq was very mobile. It was mobile underground and it was mobile above ground, easily capable of being transported from Iraq to Iran, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia. By not being clear enough that we sought to destroy a dangerous regime with hostile intentions and capabilities, the American public quickly became disenchanted in a war, as Colonel T. Snodgrass has forcefully argued (here, here, here, here, here, and here), that has been fought not as a war but as an Urban Works project. We are publishing this report now at the SANE Works for US web journal because the Pig delivery system must be made known to local U.S. Law Enforcement officers, all U.S. Government personnel, and the American public. The terrorists throughout the world are very familiar with this simple method of delivering conventional and/or unconventional weapons anywhere and at anytime. The weapons can be placed into a Pig launching system from any section of a city and sent remotely to any location that has oil, water, gas, or sewage continuous pipelines. The weapons/explosives can then be detonated. Again, we are confronted with the question why the US government is not acting pro-actively to counter this threat? It is a fact that neither local state and city officials have been advised of this technology and its potential as a weapons delivery system nor has the public. The argument cannot be made that this would be disclosing secrets because the Jihadists already know of its potential. No, this is being kept from the American public not for national security reasons, but because those in charge in our government with prosecuting this war have determined that this should not really be a war. Thus, we are supposedly NOT at war with Islam, which is a noble and peaceful religion. We are at war instead with only a handful of radical Islamo-fascists, most of which are abroad. Moreover, the government “handlers” don’t want Americans to take a look at our domestic Muslim population and begin to ask serious questions. How many Islamic schools are teaching Shari’a – Islamic law? What does that Shari’a say about the existence of nations generally and America in particular? What about Jews and Christians? The answer to these questions would no doubt frighten the average American who has bought the government’s line that any discrimination against faithful Muslims in America would be “Islamophobia”. But I would argue as someone who has spent his professional life investigating terrorism and criminal acts against US interests that the American public needs to be aware of all possible terrorists attack systems because it is going to be the American public that will in the end be the eyes, ears, and mouths which guard the existing infrastructure and which demand the implementation of and improvements to the security systems not yet existing. Is a prevention available for a Pig delivered WMD? Yes, and it is not overly costly. Is such a system in place now to prevent this? To obtain the answer to this ask any plumber in any city. For my part, I have already briefed Congressman Curt Weldon and his Chief of Staff (Russ Caso) on this threat. Russ Caso said he had never heard of such a “thing”. If this is true that our Congressmen have not been briefed on some of the most basic attack methods of our enemies, how can we expect to win the “war on terrorism”? Until we confront the enemy, Muslims faithful to Shari’a and to the long-standing traditions of Islam, and until we confront the fact that our Muslim enemies are now living and working among us even while they are taking instruction from their leaders overseas and here in the Homeland, we will continue to be at risk for an atrocity that will make 9-11 a footnote in the description of this war.

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