Thursday, April 26, 2007

VERY COSTLY "FREE" SPEECH [live links at link, also internet radio] Wednesday, April 25, 2007Storm Track Infiltration: WordPress Hosting Terror Sites Ain’t free speech wonderful in time of war! Or is it sedition? The Jawa Report did a little digging and found out that terrorist & jihadist websites are hosted by San Francisco based Alan note: The San Francisco area has long been a center for Afghan and Iranian Islamists/Jihadists. Partly because of the size of those "foreign" communities and the liberal government administrations there. . Terrorists - websites of known terror organizations, terrorists, or those acting in their name. * Islamic Courts Union (al Qaeda linked former government of Somalia—aka, “African Taliban”) * Daniel al Jughaifi (personal website of indicted (Update: he plead guilty two days ago) American jihadi Daniel Joseph Maldonado) * Amreekan (literature by convicted terrorist Sheik Nasir bin Hamid al Fahd who famously issued a fatwa granting al Qaeda the right to use WMD against the U.S.) Terror supporters - Few terror supporters actually say, “We support terrorism” and these blogs are no exception. What they do is define terror in such a way as to exclude every organization listed by the U.S. State Department as specially designated terrorist enteties. Most of these blogs, though, openly support terror organizations such as al Qaeda in Iraq, the Islamic Courts Union of Somalia, or the Taliban. * Caravan of Martyrs (al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia support)* Ignored Puzzle (general Salafi-Sunni terror supporter) * Muslim in Kenya (supporter of al Qaeda backed Somalian ICU) * al Jihad (terrorist propaganda) * Truthline (general terror supporters) * Moderates Refuted (general terror supporters / followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed) * Naseeha (al Qaeda support) I wonder when this country and the free world will wake up to the fact that we are fighting a war. But for now, that’s asking a bit too much. Specially with the Democrat take over of Congress and Senate, creating a terror friendly environment which the Bush Administration can no longer easily handle.

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