Saturday, October 07, 2006


Breaking news - Saturday (PST) - After Midnight Sunday - Tehran time (TT)

LATEST UPDATE - all phones in the area of the Ayatollah's house have been disconnected and his numbers, which worked till just now have a recording saying "they never existed".

Monitored from live communication with Iran and the Ayatollah Boroujerdi himself by Voice of Iran Radio (KRSI) and local citizens calling in from Tehran to KRSI. Shots were being fired around the Ayatollah's home at Sard (cold) Park, Avesta Avenue, Sard Street #9 close to Freedom Square. Fires are springing up in the region at major intersections. Ambulance sirens scream futiley as Tehran citizens pour toward that address blocking streets to prevent Security forces from getting close but also blocking the paramedics and ambulances. Distress calls from wounded men and women fill the air waves as what they describe as total war is erupting. KRSI, which covers all of Iran, constantly broadcasts calls for the populace to rise up, urging them to make the most of this opportunity. Said Ghayem-Maghami, the announcer of KRSI repeatedly urges all provinces, cities, professions to revolt against the current regime. He also broadcasts live all suggestions provided by Tehran citizens to wake everyone up and let them know something is up. Ayatollah Boroujerdi, blockaded on the roof of his home, has used the phone contact broadcast with KRSI to declare that anyone in the Security forces who respects him as their spiritual source should lay down their arms and not harm anyone. Other Ayatollahs like Mehdi Haeri have come on live to urge the people not to set gas stations on fire or do other damage as these sugestions phoned into KRSI come from the Security forces agents. Ayatollah Haeri added that fasting during this crisis in the month of Ramadan is not required, giving the example of the urgency of a house catching on fire compared to a lower urgency of fasting. He insisted that religion and politics has to be separate and that the populace should support the brve efforts of Ayatollah Boroujerdi. Meanwhile Mohssein Ejai, Minister of Information and Security (MOIS), has promised Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that he will bring him Ayatollah Boroujerdi's severed head before dawn. In the first serious clash with the old guard Mullahs, the Hojatieh fringe sect of the Ahmadi-Nejad administration sent security forces around 10 a.m. (Tehran time) Saturday, to arrest Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazeymeni Boroujerdi, son of the Ayatollah of the same name, killed by the Khomeini Islamic regime. His father was so respected by the late Shah of Iran that when questions about religion arose for which the Shah wanted advice, the monarch would drive down to the holy city of Qom to speak to the Ayatollah instead of ordering him to Tehran. The younger Ayatollah Boroujerdi recently declared that the national Administrative Government of Iran should be separated from the Clerics and become purely secular. Religion and Politics must be separated he said, live on KRSI. The current Islamic regime's reaction was to issue death warrant for him falsely claiming apostasy by him because he was said by them to have claimed to be the 12th Imam, who disappeared down a well 1300 years ago and will return to redeem the world. His followers resisted the efforts of the Security Agents sent during the afternoon to capture the Ayatollah and the on-going confrontation has resulted with multiple arrests, estimated by the Ayatollah himself in a live phone interview as being several thousand people. His people, who rushed to protect him also took several security agents hostage, finding bottles of acid in their pockets, intended to disfigure demonstrators. The mostly foreign, generally Arab national, Bassiji paramilitary forces, whose total role is to suppress any street demonstration and have been recently equipped with over $500 million of equipment and weaponry and appear in both civilian clothes and uniforms, attacked on motorcycles but were repulsed and several of their motorcycles set on fire. They brought in eight tanker trucks that propel boiling water onto demonstrators but streets were soon blocked and their efforts curtailed. Currently, regime forces have surrounded the area and blocked major access. Clashes at crossroads initially drove security forces back but reinforcements managed to set up a cordon and hold it. One panicked caller to KRSI at around 2:15 a.m. (TT) screamed that he had been spotted by the regime mercenaries and had been given refuge inside a nearby house but that the agents were kicking in the door. He pleaded with KRSI to give out his name and remind people that he was about to be arrested and might never be seen again. Several of those wounded and finding refuge in Ayatollah Boroujerdi's house were women. One an Armenian woman, not a Moslem, called on minorities and specially Armenians, to rush to the Ayatollah's support and to come into the streets. Another woman, a baby in her arms, a club in her hand was seen standing guard at Ayatollah Boroujerdi's ready to face anything the regime would throw at her. Including confiscating the bread and food that those at the residence required to break their Ramadan fast. Calls by Tehranis demanded Ahmad Hossein Khomeini, the Islamic regime founder's grandson and Ayatollah Montazeri, should join in the resistance and defend Ayatollah Boroujerdi. Other calls wanted the late Shah's son Reza Pahlavi to join the fray and call on the West to provide tangible support to his countrymen in their time of need at this moment of opportunity. Another caller mentioned that every single one of about 300,000 Bahais in Iran had been recently identified and listed, including their addresses, and wondered if this was an indicator that a slaughter of these thorns in the side of the Hojatieh as about to happen. Bahais claim to follow their spiritual leader is the 12th Imam, who has already returned. Meanwhile, in a dramatic gesture of defiance, Ayatollah Boroujerdi carrying his burial shroud and a sword paces the roof of his home.

Observers and analysts hope that if the resistance can survive through the night, in the morning, people who sleep unaware of what is going on will join the uprising. Some of those woken up at random by phone calls showed very little interest, responding that replacing one Mullah with another gets them nowhere, so why risk their lives.

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Godspeed .......... are there any American operatives working inside Iran that can be helpful?

M. Simon said...

Track back,

Rumor of Revolution in Iran

Anti-Mullah reports:

Monitored from live communication with Iran and the Ayatollah Boroujerdi himself by Voice of Iran Radio (KRSI) and local citizens calling in from Tehran to KRSI.


I also have links to Radio Free Europe reporting on the 6th.

M. Simon said...

Uh, Atlas,

If there aree any you don't want to know who or where they are.

BTW loved your bikini bit.

Steve Golay said...

Has the wire been tripped?

- Damascus to declare war on Israel over the Golan Heights, within the week?
- Hezboallah rearmed; the UN contingents, Leb. army, already tested and found wanting.
- By Jan. Iraq split in thirds.
- Moscow silencing (murdering) more critics. (It has already told Bush to back off regarding Georgia, etc.)
- Republicans bowing to a horrific defeat in November.
- Silenced news about the Ramadan riots in the Paris suburbs.
- Second roung of global violence over Danish 'cartoons'.
-Britian going Dhimmi.
- Moslem no-go areas all over Europe.
- North Korea testing a N. bomb: prototype of ones smuggled into Iran? (Who said Iran needs to build their own?)
- Latin America flaming into a Islamic-Marxist war zone (with Mexico's losing contendor refusing to back down).
- Is the US government holding back a report detailing the covenant between the Islamist and Hispanic gangs (there are reports of a significant uptick of conversions to Islam among Mexicans: in itself little, except when read as unintended signals of something else, bubbles of a brewing stew. Will there be a Islamist/Hispanic "no-go zone in LA"?
- US calls up the draft.
- There is at least one, maybe two, 'small scale' terrorist attacks on US soil as a signal for what's coming.
-An manhunt alert in the US (for N.. bomb smuggler) that may trigger national marshall law.
- China lands an exploratory force onto Taiwan.
- Japan declaring total rearmament.
- With Congress going Democrat - Articles of impeachment landing on Bush's desk - for war crimes.
- An Islamtist head of the UN by Jan.
- A (timely) riot on Temple Mount in which the Israeli Army enters the Mosque.
- Morocco gone over to the Islamists.
- With anything in Jordan: does not Syris owe it a revenge for Black September?
- Serious attempt of the Jihadists taking over Pakistan (most likely after another horrific terror attack in India).
- The Pope shot in Turkey in November.


wewsnu said...

I've never seen such an obvious mossad ran website.

Steve Golay said...

The Mossad is smart enough not to show its cards - or, you know the inner workings of Mossad, so much, you are showing yours!

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned this is just another Islamic ruse. What you see happening here is a bunch of mullahs who having recognized that there is no future for the IRI, are now trying to portray themselves as champions of freedom only to save their own skins (so people don't extermintate them after the fall of IRI).
Islam and freedom are diametrically opposed, in fact the word Islam itself means "submission" or "accepting subjugation". Therefore, to these f@$king "TAAZI" Muslims I say in their own ugly language "Lan astislim" meaning "Never shall I submit".
In other words, they can take their filthy pseudo-religion and shove it up their arseholes.
"Marg bar Eslaam o dar o dasteh-ash. Nang bar Mosalmaan."

Unknown said...


You are a fake and anti Iranian. The people singed this petition love Iran and would love to improve the relations between US and Iran.

You are the biggest fake and fraud!

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