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I suggest you take a look at this video of a teenager stoned to death for spending the night away from her home and for having a Sunni boyfriend, who was not of her Zeidi (non-Moslem) sect. Moslems were OUTRAGED - but not for this cruel death, similar to those they regularly impose themselves, but because the Zeidis are accused of stoning her for having converted to Islam. They killed a Moslem, so that's outrageous! Only Moslems are permitted to stone Moslems to death? (About 24 Zeidis were then murdered in revenge) What would you think of an American city, group, cult, or "religion" that OFFICIALLY permitted murder to be a satisfying, accepted part of their daily life style?

Defensively denying this fact and calling themselves "peaceful people" but in practise as easily tolerating and promoting murder as many do with Mormon polygamy or sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Islamic MURDER: (two video examples below) is not only tolerated but advocated and wherever possible implemented by this Mohammaden "ism", not of peace but of pieces.

Mohammadenism, which for generations used to be the general name for Islam, is no more a religion than Communism and Naziism and no more spiritual than Atheism.

It is a brutal social code in the name of "Allah," which was the name of the largest IDOL statue in Mecca.

Numerous statues and idols, which were worshipped at the time by the residents of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, were destroyed by Prophet Mohammad who retained one, the largest and most popular idol, called Allah by the locals and then based the Mohammedan "god" on it.

Not all Moslems are murderers but all Moslems (through their religion) implicitly or complicitly condone murder in the name if the idol-god Allah.

And not just plain old murder but as vicious kinds as possible. As the next two videos show. (The one I had showing execution by impaling a man on a wooden pole up his backside has been removed by the original site and I cannot find it).
17-year old Du'a Khalil Aswad beaten to death
(short edited version below)
Full length video can be seen via the link at the end of this article
"PEACEFUL Islamic Justice"

Click on Eye

The threat of Islamic "justice" is clearly the reason why the woman in the video below, being arrested by the "Morals" police in Islamic Iran is so terrified and tries so hard to resist.


FULL VIDEO IN DETAIL - ===============================================


muslimsarepussies said...

muslims men are cowards and pigs... shit in their mouths whenever possible.

I dare anyo ne of you pussy muslim pigs to try that crap here in the grdeatest place on earth- AMERICA... we American men would beat the piss out of you- just jlike were doing in the middleshit east...

you deserve what you have coming to you - your America's whipping post- we own you, we beat you like the stupid sub-human pigs that you are...

Allah sucks American DICK

Captain USpace said...

These people are barbaric, if it is their culture, it is barbaric and inferior...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
fathers may kill their daughters

if they feel dishonored
like when she dates the wrong boy

... said...

Its funny how some people say ignorance is bliss...its not. Obviously, supporters of this website don't know the difference between religion and culture-different cultures. Mohmmadenism or watever its called is not even Islam. And that "idol" in Mecca is called Kaa'ba not God. Its not an idol, its not God. And for those dumbasses who say ignorant remarks about Allah are referring to the same God that they believe in. If u want to say something have some real proof to back it up. What happened to that girl is wrong and it DEFINITELY does not happen on a regular basis in Islamic cultures.

... said...

O and by the way, it seems like many Americans are worried about Muslims taking over...don't worry about that, Muslims don't have nuclear bombs or missles that can travel across the atlantic. America can simply wipe out an entire country if it chooses so don't worry about a take over. You watch too many movies...Oh yea, and just because someone comes from another country-raised by certain traditions, wanting to keep those traditions, that doesn't mean that the person wants America to "cater" to their differences or change and adapt to "their" ways-that person just wants to hold on to the culture, and that person has every right to... Just like Americans go to visit or even live in other Arab Muslim countries like EGYPT or MOROCCO, wearing their miniskirts and low cut shirts. Let's see my comments get banned from this website. By the way, before you assume I'm an Arab terrorist who wants to manipulate people as part of a diabolical plan to "take over" America (Israel has that part covered by the way) I'm an American as well-just not ignorant or naive...and I'm not easily swayed by the media.

Christianna said...

Damned, cursed Muslim/Islam son of a bastards..what you do to women!! That poor young woman and that poor elderly man they cut his head off. I loathe you Islam bastards...You belong in HELL!!

Christianna said...

Damned, cursed Muslim/Islam son of a bastards..what you do to women!! That poor young woman and that poor elderly man they cut his head off. I loathe you Islam bastards...You belong in HELL!!

No Dhimmi said...

Thanks for the blogs - we need as many courageous people as possible to fight back this heinous cult.

Islam is evil, Muslim fanatics are ORCS pouring out of Middle Earth, and "Allah" is the name for their collective megalomania and dementia.

Check out this scary site:

The Truth About Islam

RN4JC said...

What do you mean honor killing comes to the US? It has been here for years. We have had two of these in three of these in the Detroit area that are known. How many are unreported?

RN4JC said...

I stand corrected. There are a lot more of these honor killings than I realized. I just did a search on it. I am so glad that islam is a religion of peace, or they would REALLY be violent.

Fardeen Bunglowala said...

This is Anti-Islam. Allah tells us in the Quran not to kill our daughters, like the pre-Islamic pagans.

Please don't mix culture with Islam.

I condemn such pathetic acts in the name of religion.

Unknown said...

you people are complete brainwashed idiots. That girl isn't even muslim. The people that stoned her aren't even muslims and you dumb idiots are labeling them muslims and associating this whole disgusting act with Islam.

God damn you freakin liars.

Unknown said...

People who killed her are not even muslims:

For the brainwashed islamophobe who wrote lies in this blog, heres a little INFORMATION for you:

Unknown said...


1. For touching Mount Sinai Exodus 19:13
2. For taking "accursed things" Joshua 7:1-26
3. For cursing or blaspheming Leviticus 24:16
4. For adultery (including urban rape victims who fail to scream loud enough) Deuteronomy 22:23-24
5. For animals (like an ox that gores a human) Exodus 21:28
6. For a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night Deuteronomy 22:13-21
7. For worshipping other gods Deuteronomy 17:2-5
8. For preaching the wrong religion Deuteronomy 13:5-10
9. For disobeying parents Deuteronomy 21:18-21
10. For witches and wizards Leviticus 20:27
11. For giving your children to Molech Leviticus 20:2
12. For breaking the Sabbath Numbers 15:32-56
13. For cursing the king 1 Kings 21:10

Unknown said...

and they point fingers at Islam.

Anonymous said...

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It's me again said...

The Islamic is a culture of poverty and ignorance. Men who have no real power, economic power or hope of it, take crazy power over what they can, that is, the women in their families. This happens in many poor countries. Kitchen fires burn brides whose doweries have been run through by improvident, greedy husbands in India, for example. The difference is that outside the Moslem world, men are punished for these murders, while in the Muslim world, they are praised for them. We need to have total economic sanctions placed upon any country that make ANY KIND OF MURDER LEGAL. They are outlaw nations. No one should trade with them, have internet connections with them, allow television to be beamed to stations there. They are rogue nations and should be totally excluded from the ranks of civilized humanity. Certainly they should not be allowed to come to this country for any reason whatsoever. They can not import their lawlessness here. The should not attend American Universities, come to America for medical treatment or vacations or any other purpose.

If they change their laws and grant freedom and legal protection under the law to all their citizens, then we can change this status. But no more enforced veils, no more female circumcision, no more legal beating and killing of female relatives, a marriage age of at least 18 years, and consent to be married must be in writing and witnessed by a legal representative of the girl. No more 9 year olds getting married or having their silence deemded as consent! Girls would have to be allowed public education along with boys, even if not in the same classrooms, but for the same number of years, and offered the same curriculum, not basket weaving and belly dancing! Having sex with any woman who does not want to have sex with you would have to be rape and punishable by law. No more blaming the victim.

When the Islamic countries extend basic civil rights to their citizens, then they can rejoin the world community. Until then, let them rot over there with their unpurchased oil, by themselves.

Katherine Day