Sunday, February 03, 2008


Iran a Prison The video below, in Persian (Farsi), needs to be watched by everyone! It is this kind of unwanted publicity here for the Mullahs that has caused them to FORBID public executions, as per spokesman Ali Jamshidi, without permission of the "Mullah of Justice", Mahmoud Shahroudi, wrongly called Minister of Justice, as would be the appellation in a civilized society, not one running on and imposing mindsets, customs and Dark Ages rules from 1,400 years ago. However, Shahroudi has recently been coming out against Ahmadi-Nejad's bloodlust. And his spokesman has added that executions should not impact the psyche of the population negatively, specially the youth. Contradicting the "instill abject fear" of the presidential "turd". (If you take the Iranian president's last name initials "A-N" it corresponds to "an" the Persian word for "turd"!) I watched a public execution once, decades ago, of the kind used in Islamic Iran, where the hanging is not a drop and neck snap but a "string 'em up" or drop off a table or off a tail gate "choke and strangle to death". What has been visually missing is the death struggle, the knees rising to the chest in agony, the legs kicking around, linked together by ankle chains though they may be. And what is not seen in any of the videos, the sudden emptying of the bowels, the sperm ejaculation and the release of bladder fluids. The video below has a three person hanging section where the middle person (in black outfit) does exactly all that. The knees up in agony and the protracted length of time of the choking strangling body in agony till death clearly portrayed. Clearly nobody paid a bribe for him. The ones that appear to go quietly are those who have been heavily drugged after bribes are paid to the executioners to ease the end or to hang their weight onto the legs as they drop and finish it off more quickly. (Note the one with a very elongated neck almost certainly caused by this "hanging on"). The other reason for apparently smooth deaths is that the struggles are not filmed by those who take the stills or videos because they are horrified at attending the gruesome hangings. Unlike stonings to death, where everyone participates to get their share of points for a path to paradise, watching the hanged body contort and struggle, earns no such points and most of the Iranian populace is drawn toward hangings but find themselves sickened by what they see. Also why at the beginning of the revolution in 1979, Iranians refused to man firing squads and execute fellow countryment. Khomeini had to use the 2,000 or so Palestinians who came to Iran with Arafart, to beg for money, to do the job. They initially forced the Khomeini prison guards to watch then gradually threatened them with being shot if they did not help execute. After a few kills, and under threat of being shot themselves, the Iranians succumbed and then became inured. Apart from graphic visuals, the sheer number of hangings shown in this short video speaks volumes. In January 2008, the Mullahs hanged some 24 men and women in the first 20-days and have not stopped since. About one hanging a day! Ignoring international protests. Another seven were executed in the past week keeping up the one a day rythm of OFFICIALLY REPORTED executions. Many, many more happen in the provinces and remote areas without any trace in the press or Mullah Justice announcements.

In Sanandaj, a provincial Kurdish town, a student was arrested and died shortly afterwards under torture. TO PREVENT AN AUTOPSY, the body was returned for burial to the family ENCASED INSIDE A CONCRETE BLOCK! Any injury marks on the body could be claimed on the effort to extract it from the thick concrete.

A PREVIOUS SANANDAJ STUDENT'S BODY REMAINS AFTER ARREST, TORTURE AND DEATH EXPLAINS THE CONCRETE BLOCKBefore TortureAfter 2 After 1 After 4 Look for three minority Bahais, working with children, to be executed soon. They posted bond after their first arrest but were recently rearrested for endangering national security and disruptive activity. The charges stem from the fact they taught the kids under their care the principles of their Bahai religion. This video is also going up on the Multilingual page which the Mullahs and their people appear to visit frequently.


Right Truth said...

It says the video is no longer available. I'll check back and hope this is just a temporary glitch. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

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