Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Islamic Support for Obama Outside this mosque in Anaheim, California (State College Drive) we finally got definitive evidence of two things: 1. Word has been out in the Islamic community worldwide for some time (specially Indonesia and Malaysia) to begin overt support for Obama. 2. We heard rumors of the Islamic Republic of Iran also passing the word to their American agents and clerics to support Obama but had nothing tangible till now. 3. The photo above was taken during the last week of March, 2008 by an AntiMullah person who happened to see this woman and was delighted to have a camera on hand. 4. Don't be misled by there only being one person. Mosques have been told to get the message across effectively rather than to hold demonstrations, since there was no protest involved where numbers rather than a "bilingual" sign become important. Note the "bilingual" aspect uses English lettering for Persian (not Arabic) words to reach a broader audience than writing it in Farsi (Persian) fonts. Meanwhile AntiMullah individual visits have doubled in the past month as people increasingly realize we offer good common sense comments and warnings. And visitors from all over the world browse several pages to end up doubling the indvidual visits. In these languages Languages 040208 AntiMullah does not seek, encourage or discourage comments as we try to offer educational information about subjects that many people do not know deeply and offer it in good faith, not for applause, fame (or notoriety) and certainly not fortune. We receive no income from the site nor for the site. Here is a positive comment we received this week, posted to the site rather than by Email and want to share the pat on the back we are enjoying. The Word-Drum said... Alan, When I last lived in The Netherlands, my neighborhood was 50% Muslim. Friday nights the police took to hovering over the local mosque in a chopper, shining a flood light down on those departing. They started to do house to house searches, looking for illegals (and terrorist). After Theo was murdered (I had left by then) there were many instances of fighting back against Islamization by Dutch youth (burning mosques, but not hurting anyone). I don't think they will give up so easily. Likewise throughout Europe. Even in the UK it won't be a walk in the park for the Muslims. Of course it is a very dark situation, with politicians and left-wing journalist. The Dutch though seemingly extremely liberal, don't fully embrace foreigners. A mistrust and frustration with Islam is growing. The work you do is very important and I value your website very much. If it goes down that way in Europe it won't be your fault. Alan, you are The Man and the truth will keep us free (I pray). God Bless My Friend The above comment came in response to the article below: EYE OPENER click here


Right Truth said...

I appreciate the work that you do. Spreading information is a noble goal. Without information the people of the world have no idea what is going on, what they must prepare to fight against. Thank you.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Fred P. said...


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Ali.mostaque said...

Very difficult to say which will be the worst candidate; lessor of two, three evil thing:

1) Hilary is an Israel prodigy, but not surprising given her senatorial seat.

2) McCain is a nutjob.

3) Obama is part of the establishment, with Lieberman being his mentor, backed by Soros money and advised by Brzezinski who organized the overthrow of the Shah, with British help----so I understand if there is animosity towards him from exile Iranian groups. Of course he wants to legitimate the mullahs by talking with them---so another reason to dislike him.

But, but, but the other candidates people-----what will they be like? Really what will they be like? Not an endorsement for Obama of course----I thought the best option was Ron Paul.

mistakensedation said...

so receiving islamic support is a bad thing?
why would that be?
i believe if each and every one of you actually would pick up the koran and read it you would be amazed and startled by the fact that it is not a scary religion that we should be afraid of.
by the way, i am not muslim, i am christian.
oh wow, a christian defending islam, i guess i must be evil too, right?
seriously, i am just so sick and tired of the arrogance in america after 9/11.
radical islam to me does not exist because ISLAM CONDEMNS SUICIDE AND MURDER.
so please people, pick up a book and read it before making false judgements.
we tend to forget that AMERICA is a country where there are many people of different colors and religions and their voices must be heard.
you people really put the saying of America being a country that was built on hate and racism to truth.
you should be ashamed of yourselves.

i hope barack obama takes the presidential election.

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