Sunday, October 26, 2008


READ carefully, "FOR MY SECURITY...." (meaning so nobody will know) O Email2 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Raiila Odinga,Leader of the 1982 Soviet backed Kenya Coup. Obama first cousin and family member, West German (Soviet) educated Raiila Odinga leads the Islamic backed, U.S. Senator Obama backed, run for president. Upon Odinga's failure 500,000 Christians are exiled, 1500 are massacred, women and children are burned alive in the churches they seek sanctuary from the violence. ASK YOURSELF HOW MANY OF US IN THE USA WILL ALSO SUFFER A COMMUNIST/LIBERAL COMBINATION OF AN OBAMA PRESIDENCY AND A FILIBUSTER PROOF SENATE. AND A LEFT-WING, SELF-SERVING CONGRESS WHEN ALL CHECKS AND BALANCES DISAPPEAR. The REAL Obama, who is running for USA President. Read the comment below the photo. My Islamic faith Behold the real ticket above. IRAN has endorsed Barack Hussein, as have Syria, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Hamas, Farrakhan. Barack Hussein would meet without preconditions with the leaders of all the enemies of America. Jesse Jackson recently bragged that Zionists would be put in the backseat under Barack Hussein. Barack Hussein uses 52 seconds to describe his disarming of America. Barack Hussein's primary influences are Communist: Davis, Alinsky, Ayers, and Muslim, his schooling, his uncle-daddies, Kenyan "relatives", trip to Kalashnikov Kulture with the Chandymanhandlers, Al-Mansour (representing the Saudis), Wright (representing Farrakhan and the backdoor to the terrorist formerly known as the world's greatest terrorist Muamar Gadaffi. Barack Hussein has been immersed in a life of despising America and Jews: Wright, Pfleuger--and who does he put at the pinnacle of his advisors but Brzezinski and McPeak--others having departed in hasty disgrace after being outed as Hamas ciphers. There is no real concealing of Israel's betrayal by Barack Hussein - - he would have sweet tea with the Holocaust denier who daily rails of their destruction. Besides, Barack Hussein is the Twelfth Imam and needs chaos to be brought from centuries of concealment in the Jamkaran well to his rightful reign. As terrorist Bill Ayers told Bill and Barack Hussein's buddy Hugo Chavez in Caracas in 2006, "Viva la revolution! Hasta la victoria siempre!" Barack Hussein prefers the Muslim call to prayer in perfect Arabic , which he calls "the sweetest sound on earth". And ACORN's presidental candidate: