Thursday, December 25, 2008


From the Music Room in Buckingham Palace

And to think that Channel 4 News invited murderer, thug, low-life islamic iran "president", Ahmaghi-Nejad the Turd to broadcast a Christmas message, when he is executing Christians for being Christians and persecuting those he does not kill on the flimsiest of excuses.

And the theme of his message is that Jesus would be against "bullying" by western governments. What a farce.

Apostasy for switching to Christianity (or any other peaceful faith) from islam's faith, not of peace but body pieces, is an easy one as being born in Iran (except for Armenians, Assyrians and Jews) renders you automatically a Moslem. And a death sentence.

For those minorities above, or their priests and pastors, "disturbing the peace" or "activity against the regime", without requiring any further proof than the accusation, then being dragged into the kangaroo "religious" courts where a Mullah rules as he pleases, facts not withstanding, happy to remove a non-Moslem from this world or remove him from his family and thus take away their breadwinner.

Is it God's plan to allow the islamist activists to grow to such a proportion that we have no choice but to rise up against them? Like excising a deadly cancer that without surgery will kill us.

In the reverse way that the iranian Turd president believes he has to cause enough pain, suffering, death, oppression and disaster in the world, to get his 12th Imam's attention (to emerge from the well into which he disappeared as a boy 1,400 years ago) and have him return to redeem the globe and turn it into one big islamic caliphate.

Good grief! When are we going to wake up?

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