Sunday, June 14, 2009


Three agents (white arrows) trying to arrest Khatami Students have mentioned they fear the Ansar Hezbollah agents who have appeared in the streets and are mostly Arab mercenaries. Also, police agents now break down the doors of homes when a demonstrator is allowed in to escape them. Meanwhile, Mousavi and the "greens" are using the same tactics used by the pro-Khomeini, anti-Shah, groups to bring the country to a standstill. Strikes, civil disobedience and "peaceful" demonstrations. The difference this time is that the Shah is no longer in charge to prevent helicopter gunships mowing down the demonstrators in the streets, which is the very likely outcome if Khamenei's back gets pinned to the wall by TRUTH and REALITY and like the rat he is, turns to mass murder to eradicate these and scare the populace from ever trying it again.

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