Monday, October 19, 2009


A brave young man at a private reception in New York protested this nutjob's participation in the killing of  so many protestors (over 1,000 counting those murdered under torture in the prisons - 700 names listed in the Multilingual section) who objected to his power grab and fraudulent election.

Like his counterpart, Oba-Hussein, he hides this truth - that the majority of the nation does not support him. The Turd never had support, Oba-Hussein has lost his in a rush of reality opening American eyes.

Is Oba-Hussein going to also force his thuggish Islamic-Marxist narcissistic policies on us as they do in Islamic Iran? He is already stifling  dissent, controlling the Media, taking control of the Internet to limit dissent by Bloggers, ceding our sovereignty to a global government and so and so on.

Sounds a bit like Islamic Iran to me with a layer of Communism "caking" us the people.

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