Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Khamenei has died.  The formal announcement is expected to be made tomorrow morning (Tehran time) .

Relative to this, all regime organizations including the official regime news agency "Seda va Sima"  are being draped in black.


خامنه ای مرد

احتمالاً خبر مرگ خامنه ای تا صبح فردا بوقت تهران اعلام خواهد شد.
در موازات مرگ وی، تمام ارکان رژیم از جمله صدا و سیمای رژیم سیاهپوش شده اند.

Will Oba-Hussein travel to Iran to pay his respects without preconditions?

AND has been met by his 72 Virgins (Helen Thomas look-alikes)?


Paul Klenk said...

Please, what are your sources for this news?

If true, it is very important that we have the facts and spread the word.



Paul Klenk said...

By the way, I have posted this news/rumor on Khamenei's Wikipedia talk page:

If you visit that page, you will see links to other articles about his death and/or coma.

Alan Peters said...

Greetings Paul,

My sources inside Iran would be dead if they were revealed and losing them would not be helpful.

AntiMullah breaks worldwide exclusives, breaking news, from time to time because of such contacts.

Voice of America and some other Blogs have now confirmed this with their sources.

Also read the previous post on this subject and the analysis of what happens now, in articles below it.

So far AntiMullah has a perfect score for what it reports and while it decorates some of the articles with graphics and humor, the kernel of news around which this is done is accurate and reliable.

We do not hold back news like the Mass Media does and have a stated aim of removing the current bloodthirsty regime in Iran from power.

And comment on any other country or Admnistration or group which promotes the Mullah regime and prevents the removal of the Islamic regime from Iran and freeing the people.

be happy, be well and thrive

Paul Klenk said...

You will notice, Alan, that Khamenei's Wikipedia page has now been updated to reflect these rumors.

Hopefully in a day or two we will have enough additional sources (or official sources) to change this from rumor to fact.

Here is a link to the article: