Tuesday, October 20, 2009


With Britain being buried by Islamists to where showing national pride or the Britsh Union Jack flag is being increasingly banned to avoid offending other come-lately ethnicities, many of them born in England but not British in their minds, the same RESTRICTIONS are appearing in the USA (read on).

Frank Borelli
Editor In Chief
New American Truth

In this article we read about an apartment complex where the management has ordered residents to take down all flags. And while they say this applies to ALL flags – including sports penants, etc – they seem to be specifically targeting those flying American flags and are justifying their requirement for flags to be taken down because they’re worried the flags might offend someone in the culturally mixed community.

EXCUSE ME? This IS the United States of America, right? And we’re worried – ANYONE is worried – that flying an American Flag here might offend someone? Let me extend a cordial offer to anyone who is currently residing in the United States and is offended by the sight of an American flag: Go back to your own country or wherever else you think might be better.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not a person who SO loves the flag that I’ll go out and jump on someone who is burning one and beat them to the ground. Sure, I’d LIKE to – but I recognize that our First Amendment to the Constitution protects their right to free speach and that has been extended to a freedom of self-expression and that makes it LEGAL for them to burn a flag. It doesn’t make it RIGHT in my eyes, but it does make it LEGAL. I spent too many years in a uniform defending and upholding the Constitution to deprive someone of their rights now.

That said, THEY SHALL NOT DEPRIVE ME OF MINE EITHER. MY right of self-expression… freedom of speach gives ME the right to fly my American flag anywhere I darn well please. If someone doesn’t like it, tough schtuff!

The very people who own and management that apartment complex, who demand people remove American flags because they’re “worried about offending someone” should worry about offending Americans. Since when is it okay to spit in the face of an American but not anyone else in the world? Where is our pride? Where is our sense of honor? What has become of America if we accept being told we’re NOT allowed to be proud of our country; our heritage; who we are?

It’s time for all of us: every proud American to stand up and say, Get over it! We are Americans. We are proud of it. This is our flag. We will proudly fly it everywhere we go. If the sight of our American flag offends you, get the hell out of our country and go somewhere they fly a flag that doesn’t offend you.

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No Subject said...

I have always said that if someone wants to burn the president in effigy (who ever it may be at the time) that is your right. If you want to tear up a copy of the constitution, or the declaration of independence, feel free to prove yourself a fool. You might even be able to make a case for shooting an American bald eagle to show your dissatisfaction.

But when you desecrate the flag, you are spitting on the graves, and urinating in the blood of all the men and women who have given their lives to defend and protect all everything that flag stands for. If someone wants to define that as being part of their right to freedom of speech and expression, then they shouldn’t be surprised when someone else defines the broken and bloodied body of a flag burner as being part of their right to freedom of speech and expression.