Friday, October 23, 2009


He tried to silence Humana when they sent out a warning to their members about the dangers of the health care plan, his Congressional cohorts removed mailing priviliges when Republicans tried to send out a comment to their constituents, he banned Fox News from being included in interviewing one of his czars (until the other networks said they would not participate if Fox were not allowed in. So he backed down!

While our soldiers get killed in Afghanistan, instead of listening to the EXPERT military (Obambi is TOTALLY ignorant on the subject ) the Marxist-Islamist jaunts off to Copenhagen to make money for his friends Mayor Daley, and his favorite Iran born advisor Valerie.

His  equally corrupt Senate leader changes the locks on his meeting room and BANS any Republican senators or their staff from knowing what is being secretly written into the healthcare disaster.

He has global desires which means he has  just ordered his Adminstration to cede our sovereignty to an international CLIMATE CHANGE organization that can OVERRIDE the USA governmment to implement their international mandate (just an excuse to wield their power) - ask Lord Monckton of Britain.

Already diagnosed publicly as a narcissist, he has proved himself a pathological even vicious liar who will say anything to try to fool us and have his way.

European and Russian leaders already consider him without merit and an incapable, arrogant person concerned only with self-aggrandisement and purposely destroying American to open the path for a global government in which he imagines he will play a leading role, for talking and talking and telling lies whenever he opens his mouth.

Note the two graphics after the video.

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