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Coming next - the really mind boggling secret life of Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei (self promoted to Imam Khamenei on a par with revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini)

DO YOU KNOW? (Statistical view of the Mullah regime - written as an Iranian speaking)

Do you know that the eight year war that took place in our country brought about approximately $125 billion in losses annually, but that Ahmadinejad’s actions (as President) have resulted in annual losses of $188 billion? MORE THAN A WAR!

Do you know that Ahmadinejad’s government purchases gas from the government of Turkemenistan for $350 per thousand square meters and sells it to Turkey for $200? Do you know that Turkemenistan’s offer was initially $140 but delays in negotiations led to $350 (Sarmayeh newspaper dated 14/10/87-Iranian calendar)?

Do you know that Ahmadinejad’s economic losses are so great that each Iranian family (70 million people) would have to contribute 1.5 grams of gold to pay for it? (From the article entitled Ahmadinejad’s Damaged Opportunities and Economic Losses)

Do you know that building refineries in Ahmadinejad’s government has had an annual progress rate of 1.5% which will take 67 years to build? (Sarmayeh newspaper 2/14/88-Iranian calendar)

Do you know how many factories were built during the Shahanshah Aryamehr's rule?

Here are a few:

Tabriz tractors,
small and large workshops,
the entire industrial city of Khorasan and Ghazvin,
77% of Bandar Shapur’s petrochemical factory,
40% of the initial building of the famous Chahbahar Pier,
major dam building projects,
major national electrical projects consisting of selling electricity to surrounding countries,
metro project,
plans for over and under ground trains,
organizations for repairing ships
put out to the Caspian Sea,
Bandar Abbas and
Oman Sea.

All of these preparations and projects were carried out without much advertisement. Do you know how much the people worked at modernization to their own disadvantage by allowing themselves to be caught in the claws of some mullahs and clerics such as Hossein Moussavi, Khatami and Ahmadinejad?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are crediting all the residual projects from the time of the Shah to the Islamic Republic.

Do you know that during Mirhossein Moussavi’s presidency (under Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini) the Abadan oil refinery began oil production within 98 days by economizing on subsidized rice, but that more than 6000 people were hung and hundreds of thousands of people died during the war?

Do you know how many people were hung during this person’s presidency or how many CHILDREN  hung plastic keys made in China around their necks and WERE SENT out into the mine fields to clear them with their bodies - only to blow up or become disabled?

Do you know that the Emirates and Qatar use shared gas fields and pump more than 12 thousand billion tomans? (900 toumans = $1). The negligence of the ninth government to invest has led the neighbors in the south and the north to abuse the wealth of the Iranian people; this is no less than turning over Iranian soil to foreigners. (Oil Ministry – Sarmayeh newspaper – 2/10 & 2/21/88 – Iranian calendar)

Do you know that these same countries did not dare to touch one cubic meter of this oil without the sole permission of the Shah after 1349 (Iranian calendar – equivalent to 2509 royal calendar) and before 1357 (Iranian calendar – equivalent to 2517 royal calendar)? Do you also know that the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf did not dare to use the name Arabian Gulf in international conferences but that the Islamic government leaders now sit under that name.

We have not only lost privileges, but are proud of those lost privileges.

Do you know that Ahmadinejad offered to sell oil to Kenya with a 30% discount during his most recent trip to that country? (The Economist – Esfand 1387 – Iranian calendar) This is the same oil that the Shah cancelled agreements for among oil consortiums and companies from 1349 (Iranian calendar equivalent to 2509 royal calendar) with great political maneuvering.

He said in 1973 (Gregorian calendar) that “contracts with oil companies will never be renewed again. The oil companies are plotting our demise and have brought on the clerics in order to plunder our oil through these misfits.” The Shah gave up his throne but never gave up oil.

Do you know that the Iranian Omid satellite project was begun in the previous Monarchy regime and most of its work was completed during Khatami’s presidency?

Just like all the other projects such as metro, roads, construction, Chah Bahar etc. which were taken from development plans designed during the Shah’s time and which have taken 30 years instead of 5 to reach completion with much more expense.

Do you know that Ahmadinejad’s government showed the people another previously completed project instead of the excavation of the Alborz tunnel between Shiraz and Isfahan, therefore fooling the people? (Etemad newspaper 10/2/88 – Iranian calendar) These continue to be projects designed during the Shah’s regime which they are taking credit for.

Do you know that the Bafgh-Mashad railroad took three years to complete and was 1000 kilometers in length?

But less than 50 kilometers of railroad have been completed annually during Ahmadinejad’s presidency. Khatami has proven that he was a bigger liar than Ahmadinejad. He stole “Conversations Among Civilizations” from the Shahbanou of Iran but was still afraid to implement it. He told the people thousands of lies. It’s no wonder he is nicknamed “Fariba Khanoom” (Fariba is a female name meaning one who seduces and “Khanoom” means lady.)

Do you know that Iran ranks fourth in the world for inflation? We have the Toodeh, Mujahed, National Front and intellectuals to thank.

Do you know that despite the fact that annual incomes increased to four times what they were during Khatami’s presidency during Ahmadinejad’s presidency, the budget for scientific research was reduced by 4.5? (Budget Laws of 1386 and 1387 – Iranian calendar)

What was so special about what Khatami did anyway? Most of the money is being spent in Somalia and Palestine. They build hospitals in Yemen while their own people are homeless and hungry on the streets.

The people of Chahbahar and Masjed Soleiman live in squallor and the earthquake victims from over a decade ago still do not have tents.

Do you know that the European Union, consisting of more than 30 wealthy countries gave $640 million to Pakistan, but Ahmadinejad alone gave them tens of millions? (Sarmayeh newspaper 21/9/88 – Iranian calendar). They are giving what is rightfully ours to others.

Do you know that the wealth and credibility that Ahmadinejad destroyed was capable of employing 25 million? That translates to zero unemployment in addition to foreign employment within Iran. (Sarmayeh newspaper – 10/2/88 – Iranian calendar)

Ever since they came to power in 1979, they dictated that employment should not go to foreigners and specialists, however millions of Russians were hired during Moussavi’s presidency.

Many Afghan thiefs came to Iran under the pretext of specialists; these plunders did not take place merely during Ahmadinejad’s presidency. These people are all the same.

The 30 million addicts and homeless people (NO EXAGGERATION) did not happen solely during Ahmadinejad’s presidency. Khatami, Moussavi and Rafsanjani are all equally to blame.

Do you know that Ahmadinejad did not designate the metro budget solely to the city of Tehran? When he was mayor, the 350 bilion toman budget that was specified for building the metro, freeways, and traffic reduction etc. was (just like Oba-Hussein) used to give loans to taxi drivers, provide fasting meals in the streets, and give assistance to religious committees. (Parliamentary research report). These are the same people who threatened people with arrests. What did Khatami tell the students? Do you remember the tip Moussavi gave his British and Russian bosses? These people are all the same.

Do you know that during Khatami’s eight year presidency $17 billion was taken from the treasury reserves and used to build oil, petrochemical and gas technology?

But in the 3.5 years of Ahmadinejad’s presidency, $81 billion has been taken with not much to show for it. (Sarmayeh newspaper – 21/9/88 – Iranian calendar). However, those oil, petrochemical and gas technologies have been built in African countries and Palestine.

There is not one thing that can be shown as far as these industries are concerned that have benefitted Iran.

I don’t understand why people are promoting the fact that the green movement will spread like algae with no further explanation.

One scum is just like the other; why are we simple enough to accept that? They must all go; green, red or black is all the same. They are all demonic and mean betrayers.

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