Thursday, December 31, 2009


Few slogans but the cry rings out "I will kill, I will kill anyone who kills my brother (fellow protester)". Fair warning to the riot police, Bassiji and Revolutionary Guards.

Notice how even a white haired, balding man has joined in the confrontations.

Burning the Suppression Forces' motorcycles has become a prime, satisfying target.

And finally as the video shows, it is now a confrontation and NOT a protest demonstration.

On a sad side issue, when are we likely to see something like this happening here in the USA? How far can we be pushed with unread bills passing, taking away our money, our jobs and our freedoms before we protest and then confront?

Are we past the point of rescue or can we still save our nation after the lunatics in power leave?

Capture of a Bassiji thug

Another Capture. Some crowd members try to protect him and shout for him to be let go and finally to take him away from there.

Another angle on a capture and fires

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