Wednesday, February 10, 2010


By Alan Peters

It all depends to what degree Iran wants to leave its fingerprints directly on the events. The analysis below is a partial and not a comprehensive list.

Some givens:

1. Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei no longer has many Iranians in his personal bodyguards and is protected by the dregs of Palestinian prisons his son Mojtaba imported into Iran via flights into South Iran including into Kish Island.

2. Some 15,000 of these are the worst criminals he could find and the only triage was that they had to have bodybuilder physiques and preferably be in prison for murder or other vilent crimes.

3. These 15,000 crew hit squads were also used for the murder and  torture of the protestors and demostrators and Mojtaba not only participated frequently in torture sessions in Kahrizak prison but enjoyed raping the detainees.

Whether he limited himself just to girls and women has been hard to establish as young men and boys were treated as sex objects on a regular basis in all the prisons, specially the privately run 100 or so secret ones that report only to their bandit Mullah leaders and do not officialy exist.

He apparently personally took part in conducting horrible, barbaric tortures and enjoyed watching the gang rapes and frequently joined in, spending an inordinately unusual amount of time in the prisons, monitoring the torture of demonstrators.

3. His self-proclaimed, Imam father, Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei has put his faith on Palestinians and no Iranian can buy a yard of land around the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, which has been repopulated by Sunni (not Shia)  Palestinians! The shrine has enormous revenues he siphons off and is guarded by them.

4. This symbiotic Palestinian relationship leads to his hatred for Israel and serious declarations of imminent destruction of it.

5. 12th Imam, Hojatieh,  adherent Ahmadi-Nejad has his own lunatic pull toward annihilating Israel and earning his 72 virgins in paradise as an act of obeisance for the End Times 12th Imam. With less and less to lose every day in a no win position and clashing wills with Khamenei, Ahmadi-Nejad will tend to try to go out in a blaze of glory with a huge act of detruction in the name of Shia Islam.

6. Suppression of the demonstrations against the regime on Feb 11th, while perhaps brutal and at the cost of thousands of lives with machine gunfire coming from the new Revolutionary Guard acquisition of armed pilotless helicopters may be an almost side issue for Khamenei and Ahmadi-Nejad. They have a global stage on which they want to play, knowing they may not survive the peoples' rebellion on Feb 11th.

7. A Russian physicist,  who worked in Iran for ten years has just leaked that Iran already has nuclear weapon capability. In addition to the nuclear material they acquired as far back as the late 80's and  early 90's from Ukraine and had retrofitted onto their Shahab missiles by North Korea in reverse engineered nose cones.

8. With huge fortunes, Khamenei and some of the top regime Mullahs like Rafsanjani may flee the country or at least park their families in other countries. Khamenei was reported to have sent most of his and his wife's family to Russia some time back.

Other factors come into play but this provides a stage setting for what may be done by the Islamic regime, remembering that they are Shia as opposed to Saudi Arabia Sunnis. And they have hundreds of Al Qaeda sheltering in Iran and others with whom they are in contact in Yemen, whose northern mountain tribes are Shia descendants of Zeid, son of Imam Ali (the Prophet's son-in-law) and founder of the Shia sect of Islam.

Here are possible attacks or actions by the Islamic regime in Iran in no particular order of importance and could be in tandem or in combination:

1. A nuclear "test" by Iran on a target in the region, including on "enemy" naval warships as part of ostensibly protecting itself against a preceived invasion .

2. A nuclear missile or two sent at Israel, which is well within range and just one exploding in Central Israel would basically wipe out most of the the country's population and make the rest uninhabitable.

3. Nuclear missiles sent at New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., any one of them or all three, launched from retrofitted cargo ships, possibly rust buckets rebuilt in West Africa, probably Somalia and sailed close to these three ports, bringing them all into easy range.

MORE LIKELY than this very violent attack with lots of dead would be to launch missiles at Israel, and the  three U.S. cities above and explode nuclear EMP (Electro Magnentic Pulse) weapons above them. Optimum height to strength reportedly about 40,000 feet above them. The higher the wider the circumference but unless the force were also greater a lesser "damage" result.

Note Iran has had EMP capability for many years.

For "damage" read a disruption of any and all unshielded electronic circuitry - computers, traffic lights, trains, ships, automobiles, trucks, ports, subways to some degree, computer dependent equipment in hospitals, banks, Wall Street, cell phones, landline phones, radios, TV's, gas stations etc.,  just to name a limited number of obvious failures.

AND NOT ONE LIFE WOULD BE LOST from the explosions, which destroy cicruitry but do not harm human or animal life!

MEANWHILE - Yemeni Shia pro-Iran terrorists, perhaps assisted by Al Qaeda forces in Yemen, would attack (infiltrating overland) major Saudi Arabian oil installations, refineries and destroy as much of these as possible, thus harming Western economies and interests. Thus the Sunni Arabs, who consider Shia Moslems as infidels, would be punished and crippled.

Meanwhile Islamic Iran retaliation - for ensuing reaction by the West - might take the following forms and escalate:

a) An immediate  barrage of thousands of prepositioned short range rockets at Saudi and Persian Gulf States, specially oil and fianncial installations of buildings.

b) A similar barrage on Israel from Lebanon, Syria and  by Palestinian Hamas in Gaza and the 5,000 Palestinian Special Forces Obama has been training in Jordan with American Generals in charge.

c) Rockets fired at USA and Coalition troops in Iraq from within Iran.

d) Bomb attacks on US businesses around the world such as Starbucks, hamburger chains etc., and U.S. bank banches and where they can our Embassies and Consulates.


Attacks within THE USA:

Some estimated 40,000 Islamist suicide bombers have been gathered in the USA over the past 15-years, newly trained ones have been entering under a variety of visas in a steady flow during the last few years and are waiting instructins to deploy.

Targets will include as many soft targets as can be reached with the most terrifying results. Shjopping malls, IED explosives on our freeways hitting random targets but specifically tanker trucks.

Major and minor airport terminals will become dangerous to visit as suiciders kill air passengers as well as at major train and bus terminals.

Directed charge explosives will easily bring down electricity network towers crippling the nation's power grids.

PERHAPS WORST OF ALL is the terrorist kidnapping of our school children, which appears to have been in the planning stages for some time.

a) There are some 40 school buses which have "disappeared" around the nation, yes, they are no longer where they should be and nobody knows where they are.

b) An increasingly large number of school bus drivers are Afghan and other Islamic nationalities.

c) In the event a series of terrorist attacks and a sudden need to send children home rapidly, which school will carefully check out the drivers who show up? And how could they check the drivers' validity anyway? All the terrorists need to say is that they were sent to help with the emergency. Busloads of our children might never make it home either to be killed in a sadistic retaliation for an attack on Iran or as hostages.

d) School buses become excellent cover for terrorists to move arms and personnel among the children they steal, who become shields, or apparently empty with equipment and men hidden on the floor. Who has time to check out yellow school buses when chaos abounds?

Ambulances are regularly used to smuggle arms and people in Palestinian territories, often displaying United Nations emblems, so not a new idea.

AND FINALLY we face poisoned food and water. Apparently, a large number of slaughter houses are operated by Islamists. Examples of tainted food and food products on Supermarket shelves has reached the news from time to time. A concerted effort would fall into place as terrorists attack another soft target with rudimentary chemicals and easy access.

Think about this.


UncleZeb said...

Just found you site and really like it. As a migrane victim the blinking eye is a terrible distraction. I like you thoughts on Iran's possible intentions.

The Anartist said...

hmmm...what if they simply say they won't accept US Dollars for their oil anymore? Since they do control 40% of the world's oil production, that would be a lot more strategically damaging than any armed attack.

Michael Travis said...

Soooooo very intolerant of our Islamic brothers!

They need the electricity.....that's all!

(We do not "sarc".... we expect everyone to learn English, and understand the irony of it all)


Michael Travis

Alan Peters said...

Welcome Uncle Zeb.

And Veritas, they stopped accepting dollars a while ago, which put a dent into the Dollar value but since other naitons still contineu to buy oil in dollars the situation did not crash.

However, Oba-Hussein is destroying the dollar step by step so we may crash internally rather than externally.