Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Obama has a 43% approval!

The polling includes illegals, imprisoned and freed felons (neither of whom can vote), life long moochers from the public trough,  and is disproportionally weighted by computers to include more Democrats, not likely or even registered voters.

If you deduct  -5% for registered voters
-5% for those who will actually vote in November.

This'll be a blowout. 60% disapproval and 33% approval...his core base.

The 43% is also artifically inflated by the African-American community (12% of the population) which still has him at a 95% approval rate.

On the other side of the coin, the Democrat Party steals elections by letting felons and illegals and phantom registrants vote. Philly consistently records more votes than eligible voters and no one is every arrested for this felony.

Some interesting trends in Obama’s approval rating. These include:

--For the first time, Obama’s average weekly approval rating dropped below 40 percent among men. In the week ending Aug. 22, only 39 percent of males said they approved of the job Obama is doing. Among females, Obama’s approval rating was 46 percent.

--For the first time, Obama average weekly approval rating dropped below 40 percent among those in the 50-64 age bracket. Obama’s approval rating increases as the respondents grow younger. His most recent weekly approval rating was 37 percent among those 65 and older, 39 percent among those 50-64, 44 percent among Americans in the 30-49, and 52 percent among those 18-29.

--No region of the country gives Obama an approval rating above 50 percent. For the week ending Aug. 22, Obama’s approval rating was 37 percent in the South, 43 percent in the Midwest, 46 percent in the West, and 47 percent in the East. Obama’s 37 percent approval in the South marked the first time his average weekly approval dropped below 40 percent in any region of the country.

--When Americans are sorted into income groups, Obama wins the least approval from those on the bottom end of the middle-class. For the week ending Aug. 22, Americans earning between $2,000 and $4,999 per month gave him an approval rating of 39 percent. This is the first time Americans in any income bracket reported by Gallup gave Obama an approval rating of less than 40 percent.

No income bracket gave Obama an approval rating as high as 50 percent.

Among those earning less than $2,000 per month, his approval rating was 49 percent. Among those earning $5,000-$7,499 per month, his approval rating was 43 percent. And among those earning more than $7,500 per month his approval rating was 40 percent.

The process of choosing a president in this country is a disaster. A biased media shapes the public’s knowledge about the candidates. Liberal candidates are given a free pass on everything they have done, do, and plan to do. Normal candidates are given a highly intrusive exam that goes back to their early school days. An ignorant public gets interested in the election in late September of an election year. An improperly informed public goes to the polls the first Tuesday of November and votes with little intelligence and a lot of emotion.

The public has high hopes for a few months after the election. A few months later it is finally revealed that the president is human and has faults and won’t be saving the country.

The country is then stuck with a dud who does as much damage as he can until the next election, when the process starts over again.

When President Obama speaks about campaign contributions, it's hard to know which is worse: his hypocrisy or his mendacity. Let's start with the latter. In his weekly radio address on Saturday, the president went on about the supposed effects of the Supreme Court's January decision in the Citizens United case, which loosened restrictions on certain types of corporate political activity. Mr. Obama warned of a "corporate takeover of our democracy." With plenty of melodrama, he complained about "a flood of attack ads run by shadowy groups." He even claimed, "You don't know if it's a foreign-controlled corporation".

This coming from a candidate (Obama) who in mid-2008 had 144 social security numbers, both in his own name, his wife’s name, and his dead mother’s name.

Plus accepted Internet contributions to his campaign by credit card from someone who contributed - ON THE SAME CARD EACH TIME - but in the name of Saddam Hussein, Genghis Khan (the Mongol), Pol Pot, Stalin and another famous name. All such contributions were apparently accepted by the Obama campaign.

He reportedly has still to declare, or refuses, the sources of some $200 million in contributions from apparently undeclared foreign entities.

How else could he launder all those millions coming here from Africa and the Middle East?

Meantime he is either insane or malevolently evil to do what he is doing!

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