Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Initially there were less than 50 soldiers there to listen to Oba-Hussein, whom many regard as an usurper and ineligble to be in the Oval Office. 

None of them looked very happy nor pleased to see him. Not even the black soldier he set up for a photo-op (photo opportunity).

See for yourself in these photos of the event.

Embarrassed by the meager turn out, word went out for more to show up and Oba-Hussein eventually ended up with closer to 150 - at a FORT BLISS which has some 50,000 troops there!
No wonder, even in the days of his candidacy he announced that he cannot count on the military to protect us and wants a MILLION man Civilian Security Force to be gathered up, empowered and given budgets, equipment and ARMED EQUAL to the military.

Whom do you think will man this force? Yes, you guessed it. ACORN, Black Panthers, Union thugs and some new  ones he is creating to replace ACORN.

Also tens of thousands of Palestinians (HAMAS terrorists among them) he has imported - or are  in the pipeline - at taxpayer cost and owe their new lives to him, Jihadi Moslems of all ilk (78% approve of him and believe he is a Moslem himself).

In Contrast

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