Thursday, October 27, 2011


Adding insult to injury, Moslem students at a PRIVATE Catholic university are demanding a prayer location WITHOUT any Christian symbols since these offend them.

Is there ANY Moslem university, not just in the USA but anywhere in the world,  which will accept Christians or Jewish students? Let alone provide them with symbol free places to pray?

A Moslem apologist on TV tried to say that all the Islamic universities in the USA are PRIVATELY owned thus exempt from such consideration or allow non-Moslem students to attend, but a private Catholic one SHOULD accomodate Moslem students just because they are Moslems and demand things!

Nowhere in our Constitution or laws is there anything that obligates a private university of any religious denomination to accomodate people not of their religion or even allow them in as students. Protects the Islamic ones BUT they demand to be the tail that wags the dog!

Why? Because they know that the whole Obama regime will support their baseless "victim" claims and demands.

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